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Imbolc Lore & Rituals

imbolcCelebrating the Seasons
by Selena Fox

Imbolc, also known as Candlemas and Groundhog's Day, occurs at the beginning of February. It marks the middle of Winter and holds the promise of Spring. The Goddess manifests as the Maiden and Brigid. The Groundhog is a manifestation of the God. Colors are White, and sometimes Red. It is a festival of spiritual purification and dedication.

Thoroughly clean your altar and/or temple room. Do a self purification rite with Elemental tools -- cleanse your body with salt (Earth), your thoughts with incense (Air), your will with a candle flame (Fire), your emotions with water (Water), and your spiritual body with a healing crystal (Spirit). Bless candles that you will be using for rituals throughout the year. Invoke Brigid for creative inspiration. Take a Nature walk and look for the first signs of Spring. Reflect upon/reaffirm spiritual vows and commitments you have made.


Audio Workshops & Rituals

  • Sacred Work with Brigid (January 19, 2016): Selena Fox and Pagan priestess and author Byron Ballard share perspectives, experiences, and personal and community ways of working with Celtic Goddess Brigid at Her sacred time of Imbolc and throughout the year.
  • Brigid, Bards, & Imbolc Inspirations (January 26, 2016): Selena Fox and singer-songwriter Celia celebrate Brigid, Celtic Goddess of Creative inspiration and Her sacred fire festival of Imbolc. 
  • Candle Meditations (February 2, 2016): Selena Fox celebrates Imbolc and Candlemas by guiding Candle meditations and talking about ways of working with candles and candlelight to enhance spiritual practice.
  • Brigid Fire (CSNP: Nature Spirituality on January 19, 2020): Attuning to Brigid as Fire Goddess through sacred work with candle flames, hearth fires, bonfires, solar rays, and Fire in the Head inspiration.
  • Brigid of Sacred Waters (CSNP: Nature Spirituality on January 22, 2020): Since ancient times, Brigid has been a Goddess of Sacred Springs and Holy Wells. Learn about some of these sacred sites associated with Her and some ways of working with Brigid as Goddess of Sacred Waters for healing, wisdom, inspiration, and wellness.
  • Imbolc Brigid Night Healing Ritual (CSNP: Nature Spirituality on January 29, 2020): Connect with the Celtic Goddess Brigid at Her sacred time of Imbolc through incantations and meditations in this ritual of healing for self, others, and Planet Earth.

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