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DSC 0086Founded in 1974 by Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Wiccan church and 200-acre nature preserve dedicated to networking, community celebrations, spiritual healing and education. Circle Sanctuary sponsors gatherings and workshops at the Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve in the forested hills of southwestern Wisconsin, USA.

Our vibrant community converges in person at classesFull Moon circles, seasonal sabbats, volunteer days, Sacred Fire Circles and at our annual week-long Pagan Spirit Gathering. Circle Sanctuary also keeps in touch with national and international Pagan communities through our email announcement lists and through our quarterly CIRCLE Magazine.

We also advocate religious freedom through the Lady Liberty League and participate in interfaith dialogues. We serve active and retired troops through our military ministries, and we also operate a 20-acre green cemetery.

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PSG 2015 Special Statement

  • psg 2015 smallThis year a flash flood brought a premature end to our Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG). This act of nature was far beyond Circle Sanctuary’s ability to control or prevent the circumstances requiring PSG’s early close.  We give thanks to those who have sent and are sending support to the PSG community in so many different ways.

    Over the past weeks, all of us have traveled back to our homes and have begun the difficult process of cleaning up: mourning losses, celebrating the heroics and connections that kept our community safe, and preparing to move forward.  After many hours of poring over information and engaging in a series of long discussions, and many sleepless nights, Circle Sanctuary's PSG leadership team has developed the following avenues of support that Circle Sanctuary, as a church, can offer to the PSG community.


Green Spirit Festival

  • Our Sacred Land and the Rhythm Withings logo 2014

    July 31 - August 2, 2015
    at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
    near Barneveld, Wisconsin
    Coordinated by Blodie

    This festival is also known as Lammas or Lughnassadh, this is the ancient Celtic fire festival marking the height of Summer and the first reaping of the harvest. Come and celebrate with us!!



CIRCLE Magazine

  • A quarterly journal of articles, rituals, news, & more of interest to Wiccans, Pagans and other followers of Nature-based spirituality.


    Issue #121
    Bardic Pathways

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