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Veterans Ridge at Circle Cemetery

Gravestones with pentacles issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) mark the remains of deceased Pagan veterans at Circle Cemetery, a national Pagan cemetery maintained by Circle Sanctuary at its headquarters near Barneveld, Wisconsin. These pentacle-inscribed veteran memorial markers, which were among the first in the nation issued by the VA, were dedicated in a public ceremony on Memorial Day, 2007. The veteran gravestones are along Veterans Ridge, located in the original part of Circle Cemetery. Veterans Ridge has become a place of pilgrimage for honoring deceased veterans memorialized by pentacle gravestones and in remembrance of the Veteran Pentacle Quest victory. The cemetery is open for visitors at events Circle Sanctuary sponsors throughout the year.

In Remembrance:

Wiccan and Pagan Veterans with cremains interred and marked by VA-issued Pentacle gravestone.

  • Jerome Birnbaum (1935-2005) of Utah & New York - US Army - interred January 2006
  • Sgt. Patrick Stewart of Nevada (1970-2005) - US Army National Guard, US Army - interred Memorial Day 2007
  • A. Douglas Wilkey (1934-2003) of Kentucky - US Air Force - interred Memorial Day 2007
  • ATR3 Ronald Lee Naanes Sr. (1939-2007) of Indiana - US Navy - interred August 2008
  • Sgt. Jeffrey Koslow (1947-2003) of Ohio - US Army - interred Samhain 2008
  • Joel Gainer of Wisconsin (1948-2009) - US Army - interred May 2009
  • Lcpl. Eric Erickson of Wisconsin (1956-2009) - US Marines - interred July 2009
  • Bruce Kirk Parsons (1947-2010) of Wisconsin - US Navy - interred Samhain 2010
  • Captain Dennis Wayne Presser (1958-2013) of Wisconsin - US Army, US Army National Guard - interred 2013

Druid & Pagan Veterans with cremains interred and marked by a VA-issued Awen Gravestone:

  • Sgt. Daniel W. Moeller (1951-2018) of Wisconsin -  US Army - interred October 2018

Remembering Pagan War Dead

Images from Veterans' Ridge

CIMG9648-small CIMG9678-small CIMG9680-small
Selena with Vase Veteran Jeff Koslow Veteran Doug Wilkey
CIMG9683-small CIMG9684-small CIMG9685-small
Veteran Jerome Birnbaum Sculpture by Pagan Vet Eric Erickson Veterans' Ridge
CIMG9688-small CIMG9696-small CIMG9720-small
Veteran Ron Naanes Veteran Patrick Stewart Altar on Veterans' Ridge

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