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Overview of Wiccan/Pagan Religion in the USA

Wiccan/Pagan religious holidays are among those accommodated by many public and private institutions throughout the USA, including by public school systems, universities and colleges, hospitals, military installations, correctional institutions, work places.

Wiccan/Pagan religious accommodation guidelines are part of the Technical Reference Manual of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, US Department of Justice.

There are more than forty Wiccan/Pagan worship circles at US military installations across the USA, on ships, and around the world, including in war zones.  There are thousands of Wiccans and Pagans on active duty in all branches of the US Armed Forces.

The Pentacle, Wiccan/Pagan religious emblem, is among the emblems of belief authorized by the US Department of Veterans Affairs to be included on grave markers it issues for deceased veterans.  There are more than 100 VA-issued pentacle grave markers at public and private cemeteries across the USA, including 8 at Arlington National Cemetery.

Wiccan soldiers have had their religious designation on dog tags/military ID tags for more than fifty years.

Wiccan/Pagan religious leaders are doing chaplaincy work and other forms of ministry in hospitals, birthing centers, hospices, prisons, college/university campuses, military installations, law enforcement and first responder agencies, and other institutions.

Pagan Studies is an academic field.  Research is being done and courses taught at a variety of public and private universities and colleges across the country.  The Contemporary Pagan Studies  Group is part of the American Academy of Religion.

Wiccan and Pagan churches, temples, and other religious organizations have federal 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

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