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CiCircle barn and farmhousercle Sanctuary

Street Address: PO Box 9
City, State, ZIP Barneveld, WI 53507
Telephone: (608) 924-2216

Circle Sanctuary land is currently CLOSED to visitors on a drop-in basis.  We monitor email, voicemail, and social media regularly, and will return your messages as soon as we can.


Rev. Selena Fox - Senior Minister, Endorser, & Executive Director

Dr. Dennis Carpenter - Assistant Executive Director

Rev. Sharon Stewart - Festivals Manager, Office Coordinator

Rev. Messina Duggan - Pagan Spirit Gathering Manager

Rev. Bob Paxton - Web/IT Worker, Land & Facilities Maintenance

Rev. Casey Pope - Social Media Coordinator & Lady Liberty League Case Manager

Rev. Judith Seizys - Graphic Designer

Rev. Minerva Duggan - Lady Liberty League Legal Specialist & Assistant Director

Rev. River Higginbotham - Ministry Training Program Coordinator

Rev. Eric Eldritch - Ministry Training Program Coordinator

Rev. Debra Rose - CSNP Host

Rev. Laura González - CSNP Host

Robin Umber - Archivist

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Call or Email us:
Phone: (608) 924-2216

Mailing Address:
Circle Sanctuary
PO Box 9
Barneveld, WI 53507

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