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2021 Circle Sanctuary Calendar
Featuring photos of Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve as well as reminders of upcoming festivals, Ful..
Alan, Jim & Selena Fox - Circle Magick Songs
This songbook goes with the tape by the same name. Buy it to learn to play the songs or to sing alon..
Circle Classics - 2 pack: Magick Mirror-Past Life Journey/Magical Journeys
CD: Two half-hour meditations guided by Dr. Dennis Carpenter, for relaxation & lessons from the ..
Circle Classics - Circle Magick Music
CD: Circle's first album recorded in 1976 by Jim Alan and Selena Fox, with classic songs and chants ..
Circle Classics - Songs of Pagan Folk
This early recording of Circle members includes the beautiful voice of Jim Alan, two chants by Selen..
Circle Classics: Dr. Dennis Carpenter - Magick Mirror - Past Life Journey
CD: Two half-hour meditations guided by Dr. Dennis Carpenter, for relaxation & lessons from the ..
Circle Classics: Rev. Selena Fox - Magical Journeys
Two half-hour meditations guided by Selena Fox, for balancing aspects of Nature & questing. Reco..
Circle Classics: Rev. Selena Fox - Sacred Cave Ritual
CD: This is a recording of the Sacred Cave Ritual facilitated by Selena Fox at the 1995 Pagan Spirit..
Circle Sanctuary Mug
Get your official Circle Sanctuary hot drink mug today! With each sip of your favorite beverage..
Fox , Selena - Goddess Communion: Rituals and Meditations
Transcripts of nine meditations and rituals, including: Great Goddess Chantdance, Isis Healing Templ..
Fox , Selena - Pagans in Recovery Resource Packet
Includes a summary report of Selena's thesis findings, published as an article in the Summer 1995 is..
Fox, Selena - Planetary Healing Rituals
Transcripts of meditations, rituals, and prayers for a healthier world, plus a listing of ritual ide..
Fox, Selena - When Goddess is God: Pagans, Recovery, and Alcoholics Anonymous
60 page thesis, softcover, spiral bound. Complete report on the Pagans in Recovery Experiences Proje..
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