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MinistRY Training Intensive with Selena Fox

Ministry Training Intensive with Selena Fox Pagan Leadership Institute at PSG 2024
4:45-6pm Monday through Thursday

PSG 2024: Pagan Leadership Institute – Ministry Intensive

Wheel of the Year: Creating & Leading Group Rituals & Celebrations by Selena Fox

Monday: Wheel of the Year: Sacred Times & Places

Considerations of location, timing, environmental factors, spiritual traditions, group size & diversity in designing & facilitating seasonal rites, traditions, & festivals. Incorporating myth and magic in developing a Wheel of the Year framework of eight Sabbats. Exploring other types of Pagan seasonal celebration patterns, including Full Moons.

Tuesday: Wheel of the Year: Folkways Old & New

Discovering and incorporating seasonal folk customs, myths, lore, symbols, and traditions from a variety of old Pagan cultures and religions into contemporary Sabbat rites and celebrations.  Resources to aid this work and exploration of ways to refreshen old traditions.

Wednesday: Wheel of the Year: Sabbat Rites & Revels

Working with chants, meditations, rites, symbols, lore and customs for celebrating the beginnings and midpoints of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. 

Thursday: Wheel of the Year: Evolving Pagan Culture & Community

Creating and facilitating seasonal rituals and celebrations – online and in person to enrich and evolve Pagan culture as a whole as well as on-going Pagan groups, multi-tradition Pagan gatherings, and interfaith Ecospiritual events. Special considerations in working with seasonal celebrations globally, across generations, and in cyberspace. Resources for further study. 

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