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Family Center

Family Center – Modified Plans for PSG 2024

The Family Center has been a place where children ages 2-6 and Tweens ages 7-12 could come to fill their days at PSG. This year, we will be modifying our normal practices.   

This year, within Family Camp there will be a shaded and fenced-in Child Area and a Tween Pavilion. Children and their parents can use these areas to make connections, create community and help fill their days with positive, productive and Fun! experiences. 

This Family Center will be available for use by families from dawn to dusk but there will be at least three time slots daily when families can most expect to find others making use of the area: 

  • 8am – 10am Freeplay.  Some toys, games, and craft materials will be provided.  Feel free to bring your own! 
  • 1 – 2:30pm Structured Programming:  Parents and children can expect a structured program at this time. Parents must attend with their children (2-6) or identify another responsible adult or teen to attend the program with their child. Tweens (7 - 12) may attend programming on their own at the discretion of their parents.  
  • 3 –  4:30pm Freeplay

A Family Camp meeting will be held on Monday morning to help parents understand the Family Center, be made aware of guidelines, and to make plans for sharing child minding during the week. Parents who plan to utilize the area should also plan on contributing volunteer time.  

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