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imbolc 2024

Imbolc event splash

February 3, 2024
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld WI
Coordinated by Lisa

Renewal and Healing

With the return of the light, we emerge from the dark of Winter and begin our journey towards Spring, turning our attention to the flow of the life force within and around us. Energy begins to flow upward into the branches of the trees as they prepare to bud, and plants peek out from under the cover of snow and fallen leaves. As we tap into the flow of this energy of renewal and healing, we welcome you to join us at our Imbolc Festival.


9:30 AM Gate Opens for Arrivals and Mingling
Coffee and tea will be available.  Please check in at the Temple Room in the Barn.
10 AM Announcements
Gather for opening announcements about the day’s events and movement to get our energy flowing.
10:30 AM

Family Activities until Noon in the House with McKenzie and Rev. Florence
Glow-in-the-dark rune magic! Learn about runes and paint them with glow-in-the-dark paints to practice charging up your magic. 

Art and Poetry Sharing with Rev. Judith
Bring your own artwork, poetry, or song lyrics to share. Read from your favorite poets or bring CDs or streaming of your favorite songs about Brigid and the season of Imbolc.

11 AM

Workshop: The Magic of Trees with Truly (Paul Herrick)
Join us in the Temple Room as we explore the lore and magic of trees.


Please bring your own sack lunch and container for drinks.  Please, no peanut products!  The Resource Shop above the Temple Room will be open during lunch.

1 PM

Workshop: Healing and Renewal with Brigid with Rev. Selena Fox
Sacred work with Brigid for personal healing and renewal through traditions connected with Brigid sacred waters, flames, and land through meditation, ritual, and Nature communion.  Bring a journal or notebook and pen for noting guidance and ideas.  In person participation in this workshop included with in person registration.  Workshop available through livestream via zoom - register here!

Family Activities in the House with McKenzie and Rev. Florence
Poetry time - Brigid loves poetry. Learn simple techniques for writing poems. If it’s not too cold, we’ll include a nature walk in our creative process.

2 PM Break
Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be available in the Temple Room.
2:30 PM

Crafting in the Temple Room – Making Wands with Kristol                                                                                                                                      Using inspiration from the morning workshop, create your own magical tree wand to use in focusing your energy and intention in this season of renewal, growth and healing.

Family Activities in the House with McKenzie and Rev. Florence
Imbolc celebrates returning light and heat--what better to celebrate than with some volcano magic? We'll create a snow volcano, add our wishes for the coming spring, and set it off as part of the children's ritual. We'll also learn a little about chemical reactions. 

3:30 PM Break and Ritual Preparation
4 PM

Burning of the Greens with Rev. Selena
Join in farewell to Yule with the traditional burning of Yule evergreens at our bonfire circle.  Bring your own from home if you wish.

4:30 PM

Imbolc  Ritualwith Heather and Arthur
Gather in the Temple Room for a ritual to celebrate the returning of the light and our emergence from Winter’s slumber into the time of growth and renewal.

5:30 PM

Clean-up and Departures
The day is not done until the last task is complete.  Teamwork makes the dream work and builds community.  Please stay to help with take down and clean up.


    • A sack lunch and snacks for you and your family -- please, no peanut products as a community member has a severe allergy!
    • Your own bottle or cup for water, and/or a mug for coffee
    • Your own artwork, poetry, or song lyrics to share. Read from your favorite poets or bring CDs or streaming of your favorite songs about Brigid and the season of Imbolc.
    • Warm clothing for Wisconsin Winter: heavy coat, hat, scarf, gloves, warm socks and snow boots. Some events will be outdoors.
    • Separate pair of shoes or warm slippers to wear in the Temple Room to keep the floor dry and free of mud.
    • Yule Greens to cast into the fire as part of the annual Burning of the Greens (optional)
    • Willow branches will be provided for the wand-making workshop, but if you have a branch you would like to work with, feel free to bring your own.
    • Brigid images and symbols (optional)
    • Jar with lid for collecting water from Brigid’s Spring (optional)
    • A notebook and pen to take notes during workshops.

    REGISTRATION - is closed for this event

    Registration for this event is limited. Please register online to guarantee you will be able to attend.

    Cancellations received before February 1st will be refunded minus 50% processing fee.  Cancellations received on February 1st or later will not be refunded.  Please refer to Circle's cancellation policy if you should need to cancel your event registration.


    For any questions, please contact the Circle office.

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