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Blue Marble with Rev. Char Bear 2023

Every month Rev. Char Bear and friends are keeping it real, sharing personal stories about climate impacts, climate solutions and various eco-activist adventures. Tune in to resonate with how we all can manifest good magic for the planet.

3rd Fridays at 8:00 pm Eastern

January 20, 2023:  Just Transitions Keeping It Real
This month focuses on just transitions, including funds for loss and damages.  This was a big focus of the UN's COP27 in Egypt in 2022, and it remains a local and global issue going forward.  The key is who is at the table making decisions?  Kick off the new solar year resolving to be an eco-justice advocate!

February 17, 2023:  Stoking your home forge with clean energy heat pumps
This month focuses on home heat pumps.  February is Imbolc month, associated usually with the Goddess Brigid and the elements of water and fire.  An emerging source of heat that is replacing polluting gas heaters is the home heat pump.  This podcast will give a down and dirty overview of what they are, how you get them, and how they work to stoke your home's clean energy forge.

March 17, 2023:  Quality Water for Life
This month focuses on Water security and the UN Water Conference March 22-24, 2023.  90% of today's climate disasters are water related.  2018-2028 was resolved by the UN to be an International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development, and this conference will be a midterm comprehensive review.  Bear will walk you through what matters and what you can do to honor this essential element of water.

April 21, 2023:  Earth Day and US Climate Action Summit 2023
This month focuses on Earth Day and the US Climate Action Summit on April 19, 2023.  Why do we care about these summits?  Are they just more blah blah blah, or do they actually make a difference?  As people of green faith, how can we add serious energy to these national efforts to push climate solutions and eco-justice?

May 19, 2023:  The Future of Food
This month focuses on the future of food undergoing transformation.  The continued pandemic(s), climate change and rising hunger are tied to fragile food systems that degrade the environment and undermine public health.  Bear shares new research from the Global Alliance for the Future of Food about how food systems transformation provides real hope for a better future.

June 16, 2023:  Youth Environmental Leadership Training  
This month Bear highlights two international programs for youth environmental leadership: Roots and Shoots and also Faith for Earth Empathy Leadership Programme (FEEL).  Learn what these are, what they do well, and what you can do to help empower upcoming generations.

July 21, 2023:   Home Electrification Solutions
Special guest, Mary Williams, and Char Bear talk about real world experience working with home electrification solutions, small steps to big, from community choice energy for all to the IRA incentives that help now.

August 18, 2023:   Climate Change in the Evergreen State
Circle Minister, artist, educator and activist, Dree Amandi, joins Bear in talking about living in a time of climate change in the Evergreen State.

September 14, 2023 (special date!!):   Blue Marble Special: Circle Sanctuary Represents at PWR 2023!
This month's special episode features Circle Sanctuary's delegates to the Parliament of the World's Religions that took place in Chicago, August 2023. They will share their experiences about being a key part of such an important and historic event!

September 15, 2023:   Protecting biodiversity in a time of climate change
Special guest Theo LeQuesne, Ph.D. with the Center for Biodiversity's Climate Law Institute. 

October 20, 2023:   Rev. Laura González
In this episode, Rev. Laura González, Priestess of the Goddess and Minister of Circle Sanctuary, joins Rev. Char in discussing misogyny and eco-feminism/ eco-activism, and highlighting Laura's knowledge of working with Indigenous traditions of sustainability.

November 11, 2023:   Rev. Chip Brown
This episode, Bear is joined by special guest, Rev. Chip Brown of Circle Sanctuary, minister, leader and advocate, who will tell us about the sustainable land/build projects he's been involved with and their progress.'

December 15, 2023:   Jess LeClair, Ph.D.
This episode, Jess LeClair, Ph.D. will talk about nursing for planetary health.

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