Circle Classics: Rev. Selena Fox - Sacred Cave Ritual

Circle Classics: Rev. Selena Fox - Sacred Cave Ritual
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CD: This is a recording of the Sacred Cave Ritual facilitated by Selena Fox at the 1995 Pagan Spirit Gathering. Includes invocations, chanting, drumming, and guided imagery. Tracks: 1) Returning to the Ancient Ways, 2) Chant of the Wise Ones, 3) Spirit of the Cave Attunement, 4) Ancient Ones, 5) Circle of Life Blessing, 6) Mother Earth Heartbeat, 7) Sacred Earth Names, 8) Healing Light, 9) Soul of the Earth, 10) Thanksgivings, 11) Old People, New People. Produced by Todd Alan and Fireseed Publishing.

2019 release includes updated cover art and convenient cardboard sleeve packaging. 

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