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Alan, Jim & Selena Fox - Circle Magick Songs
This songbook goes with the tape by the same name. Buy it to learn to play the songs or to sing alon..
Fox , Selena - Goddess Communion: Rituals and Meditations
Transcripts of nine meditations and rituals, including: Great Goddess Chantdance, Isis Healing Templ..
Fox , Selena - Pagans in Recovery Resource Packet
Includes a summary report of Selena's thesis findings, published as an article in the Summer 1995 is..
Fox, Selena - Planetary Healing Rituals
Transcripts of meditations, rituals, and prayers for a healthier world, plus a listing of ritual ide..
Fox, Selena - When Goddess is God: Pagans, Recovery, and Alcoholics Anonymous
60 page thesis, softcover, spiral bound. Complete report on the Pagans in Recovery Experiences Proje..
Weinstein, Marion - Marion Weinstein's Handy Guide to Tarot Cards
Tarot cards provide a system of psychic development and divination (looking into the future). They a..
Weinstein, Marion - Marion Weinstein's Handy Guide to The I Ching
The I Ching is a timeless Chinese oracle designed for decision-making and problem solving as relevan..
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