Trash & Recycling

Trash & Recycling

The PSG community prides itself on our respect for nature and the environment.  Please help us reduce our environmental impact by reducing, reusing and recycling whenever possible during the week. 

PSG has daily trash & recycling pickups along all of the major roads.  

Please separate out your trash:

  • General Recycling, including metal cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles and containers should all go together.
  • Aluminum Cans should be kept separate from the general recycling.
  • Paper Trash can be either recycled or burned in your firepit, if you have one.  This includes brown paper bags, newspaper, flattened cardboard & paperboard (e.g. juice containers, cereal boxes)
  • Regular Trash (food waste, flexible plastic food packaging, foam cups etc) should NOT be burned or placed in recycling. 

Bag your items securely and deliver them to the pick-up crew when trash collection passes your campsite.  The last trash pickup will be on Saturday at 5pm.  

DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND at the end of the Gathering!  There will be both a dumpster for trash and a container for recycling near the gate for final disposals before you leave the campsite.  Do not leave anything at your campsite, on the side of the road or at hand-washing stations.