psg-2019-logo-480This year's PSG t-shirt design comes from long-time Circle and PSG Community member Colleen Koziara.  Pre-orders for shirts are no longer available; a modest number of extra shirts will be for sale in the Info Tent.  Shirts S-XL are $23 each, and sizes 2X - 5X are $26 each.

Our artist's statement about the creation process for this year's design:

Rise Up!

The painting of the PSG logo art each year is a very intuitive process for me. Sharon lets me know what the theme is and shares whatever written, poetic, musical or dreamed experiences/inspirations she has had regarding the theme and then we just let it take me where it will. 

This year the feeling and energy behind this theme was quite overpowering and most definitely Fully In Charge of the image created (down to choosing the canvas for goodness sake!!!  )

What do we need to rise up from? Right now in our world, oh so very much. How do we do that? Most often only through sheer will power and against our innate desire to stay in what we know. What are we rising to? Towards? From the start I understood it was without question to be the Moon. Specifically, the Moon ringed. Old Farmers Almanac wisdom says that the ringed moon is a sign of rain. Cooling healing life giving rain. We are called to Rise Up.  Rise Up towards the gentle light and receptive feminine cyclical healing of the Moon.  We are to Rise Up to the healing of the Mother, Mother as Moon thru the aide of Mother as Earth. It is time to Begin Again. As individuals. As a Community. As a Society. The darkness in the depths of where we were have provided the impetus for us to change our course. It may feel, have felt at first, like destruction, but it was what was needed to help us make the choice to be strong and change our course. Like an Ancient Tree ravaged in a forest fire, our roots, set into healthy soil are our hidden strength. The seeds we have planted along the way, sometimes lost to our sight , and all but forgotten in our hustle and bustle too-connected-yet-Totally-Disconnected world are our Hope and Future. Heated to germination through that same fire that we thought had destroyed us, see us Rise Up! And as those first cotyldons appear, what do we see, but our own Sun! Our ever-light powerful masculine Sun, internal and external, reborn. No longer burning alone, focused only on self, as unchallenged ruler of all things. But instead Rising Up to connect with the Moon. No longer hidden within us because we feared our own power, and yet no longer overpowering the entire World, but Rising Up. Rising Up from Lone-ness, darkness, and the abuses of uncontrolled power and self-focus to acknowledgement, connection, welcome and balance. Both within and without. A balance that required the trials and challenges and destruction just passed to be truly valued. A new day, a new life, a new way. A way filled with connection and balance and the attainment of unity. 

Unity of dream and doing.             Unity of body and mind.                Unity of above and below.            Unity of within and without.              
It is finished. The past is behind us. That which was, is gone. Done.
Choose a new way, your Best Way. 
and RISE UP! 

These thoughts and understandings came in final contemplation of the piece, during the creation there was only the call of the Art. 

I tell all the seniors I help to create that no one can do art wrong. Each time a painting is made, two things happen. 
1. The Artist speaks thru paint and says exactly what they/their spirit needed to, or was called to say. 
And, 2. Each person that views the piece sees exactly what they need to see. Nothing more. Nothing less. 
Each of these things is equally valid and important, and neither is ever negated because it disagrees with the view of the other. 
So, you have a glimpse of what I experienced during this creation. 
The important question now is: What do you see? 

 About our Theme, RISE UP!, from MoonFeather, PSG Manager:

We are proud to announce the tme and logo artwork for PSG 2019! This Year's theme is Rise Up!

Inspiration for this theme came from many places and sources, but especially from songs entitled Rise Up from musicians such as our own Spiraly Rythm, Cheryl Crow, and Andra Dray.

Listening to the words in these songs reminded us so much of amazing PSG community:
*From Andra Dray, "All we need, all we need is hope. And for that we have each other. And for that we have each other. We will rise. We will rise."
*And from Cheryl Crow's song we felt the sense of renewal: "Well the sun's gonna rise, when it's everything or nothing, and nothing seems all right, the sun's gonna rise up with you."
*And from Spiral Rhythm we hear the words of empowerment, "love can change the world", fight enemies with words", "lead by example", and "Rise Up Pagan Children!"

All these songs made us feel such joy and we realized the common denominator was "Rise Up!"

These songs were sent off to the amazing artist, Colleen Koziara of Mystical Willow Productions for her to once again do her magic to produce the artwork for our logo.

Please join us as we move to our new location for PSG 2019, Hannon's Camp America, as we come together with hope, renewal, joy, and empowerment and Rise Up together as tribe celebrating the Summer Solstice!