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This year's art is by long-time PSG and Circle Community member Colleen Koziara, who sends along the following musings about her creative process: 

"So, each year, for the past 7 years now Sharon and I play a wee little game.  She calls sometime between Nov and Jan and says, "so we are working on this PSG theme, and I keep getting….. ", and then she will describe her feeling, and the images or the words or usually a song or lyrics that have made their home in her mind for some unknown reason.  Sometimes the theme is already decided at this point by the Circle PSG Organization Team, sometimes not.  What is interesting is that usually within the same period I have had some "image/movie/song" driving me crazy as well (usually an image) and every time, without fail, there is a consistency, a synchronicity to the two things.  So, off I go to ponder things and consider images and off she goes to consider stuff and work with everyone at Circle on the Theme and sometimes she gets back to me first and sometimes it is the other way around, but each and every year, the theme and the image go together perfectly despite never having actually worked the process together at any point or even started with the same concept.  

This year was no different at that start, Sharon called with a song in her head,  Soulshine…. I had, just that day, finished a piece that blended all the elements together and made them a unified whole.  I was at the time giving deep consideration to the constant polarization in … well, just about everything in our world, right now.  Additionally, I have been working with Chante' for 7 years now and was preparing for my 4th year vision quest, so I had been doing much work towards that experience for several months including a year review and visioning for the new year coming.  The focus in my mind was much on the change I hoped to foster in myself and my work this year.  2017 was seemingly the year of the individual.  From the world stage to our very own PSG logo of individual hands, everything in the world seemed to be about working to get our own individual selves SEEN.  While not a bad thing, it seemed to me that it went much too far and somehow along the way we all forgot about the connection beneath the differences that should have mattered most of all, and instead it became a divisive label fest of epic proportions. The song Soulshine - made that all just flow away!  Everything is one and everything shines! Glows! Beams even!! and its all ONE!

As Sharon's call usually does, everything came slamming happily together and within hours my arty brain, and whatever the heck it connects to out there to get the images I paint, had gone from seeing my most recent painting with Sharon's concept to seeing an entirely new image, one upon the other, everything connected (the image you are seeing now) and I was ready to go.  Told Sharon about it and she said, sounds awesome, go for it! So, a Googling foray ended in a stack of black and white outlines of humans and creatures and I gathered those up along with a couple canvases and some paints and packed them all up with the intention of using my two days of scheduled downtime after my vision quest to create the image and allow that liminal space to bring itself into the art.  

Vision quests are not a thing that can be planned.  Spirit will do as it chooses and each one brings a person to the brink of life/death for a purpose.  A purpose that is usually not apparent even to the one going through it, though sometimes (most times) their teacher understands.   With each year that passes the challenges increase and this year, no exception, left me in a position that severely compromised my body in general and my respiratory system specifically and required a couple serious days of recuperation.  Recoup days that, had I not been on an island in the northwoods, 100 miles and a boat ride from the nearest hospital, would likely have included an ER Visit, oxygen and a few other interventions.  

So, on day two recouping, drinking tea and focusing on the simple and yet profound mechanisms of breathing, I sat down, and transferred all the creatures in their layer positions on the canvas.  Breathing in and out with and for each and they were drawn. Feeling all their breaths coming together as one creature.  I healed, and they looked pretty good so far!

I worked on the creatures and their colors and connections on and off for a few more days in between work and then cleared my calendar for a full evening to finish up.  What was left to do was the dark of the universe and the web and its transition from colors and chakras to light and stars and on into the darkness.  The final bit connecting all the beings to the whole of everything. 

I turned off all media and lit my candles and set the song Soul Shine on repeat and I began to paint, all the time chanting in my mind "Oxygenate" for Kathryn.  You see, the evening that I sat to complete this painting was the evening that Kathryn was in her final surgery and just before I headed into the studio, I had read the request for us all to think "oxygenate" for her.  So, since the painting had been conceived as a song (created by breath) and been born as a wish for my own restored breath, it seemed that it should end that way as well.  

What seemed like a few hours into the painting, the colors all complete, the stars and the universe the only piece left to do, everything freed up and just flowed like nobody's business!  It was one of those times when I was most definitely nothing more than a brush holder, and something else was painting the image.  Each dot was in just the right spot and nothing needed a redo.  Each brushstroke landed just where it needed to be and was just the right color, it was like it was breathing itself into existence.  And then it was just done.  Done and I was happy with it! (that is NOT usually the case, just fyi).  I cleaned my brushes and put out the candles, left the studio and picked up my phone to see that I had been in the studio for less than 2 hours, not the four or five I had thought, and that while I was there, Kathryn had passed over.  I would like to thank her very much for the Kick she gave this year's PSG Logo.  It would not have turned out nearly as beautiful without her help.  I didn't know she painted with anything but words, but maybe from that side words and colors are one and the same.

Maybe this year, we can take a lesson from our community's loss and this image and remember that what is really important in life is not how many ways we can show others we stand apart and are different, but how many ways we can come together.  Maybe we can remember that our bodies, with all their idiosyncrasies and differences that matter not in the least, are but vessels and that our spirits are as boundless as the universe. Maybe we can remember this year that despite all the things in this world that we have to fight over and disagree about, sometimes the best thing that can happen to us all is to let it all go and just breathe, because that is where true magic lies.  

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin   All My Relations

Finally, I would like to thank Spirit.  Sharing experiences like this publicly is not my way, nor how I have been taught that this should work.  This year is different, maybe it is different because it so desperately needs to be different if we are to grow.  The lessons this year have been most profound and meaningful and I will remember."