Rituals and Celebrations

psg-ritual-fire-danceLarge & small group community rituals and other celebrations happen throughout the week of PSG.


  • Opening Ritual: will be held on Sunday evening, June 14. It will include a candlelight processional, a site blessing, a welcoming of Summer, and the lighting of the Gathering's Sacred Fire with the remains of last year's fire. Facilitated by Selena Fox and members of the Circle Sanctuary Community.
  • Closing Ritual: will take place on Sunday, June 21 and will include thanksgivings, blessings for safe travel, and farewell songs. Faciliated by Selena and MoonFeather.
  • Summer Solstice Sun Morning Ritual: will be held on Saturday, June 20, and will include Sun invocations, chanting, and meditation around the Sacred Fire. By Selena Fox & others.
  • Summer Solstice Community Ritual: our main Summer Solstice community ritual will be held Saturday evening, June 20.
  • Candlelight Labyrinth Ritual: A transformative, walking meditation through an all-night labyrinth formed by lighted candles.
  • Rainbow Ritual: Details TBA
  • Magical Gift Circle: A spiritual gift exchange. Everyone taking part will give and receive a gift. Bring a sacred item (i.e., a ritual tool, an amulet, necklace, a divinity statue, a hand-made ritual object, an altar piece, etc.) that has special meaning to you to give away. Bless your gift and include with it your name and something about its spiritual significance. Wrap it in opaque paper, cloth, or other covering.
  • Warrior Blessing Ritual: The Warrior Blessing Ritual is celebration to Honor All who have served in the Military. Reaching into the past to bring the forefront memories of those who have served, are serving in the military. We also celebrate those who are 1st Responders. During the ritual the Pagan Military Service Ribbon (PMSR) will be awarded to military veterans and active duty.
  • Sacred Hunt Ritual: An Ecstatic Ritual for Spiritual Transformation. This is an ecstatic ritual that utilizes physical exertion and the elements of firelight, a woodland setting, and intense drumming to facilitate consciousness alteration for the purpose of spiritual transformation or awareness. It involves an alchemical melding of the work of the Villagers (Yin element), Hunters (Yang element) and Drummers (Flux). The Hunt can be a personal odyssey to overcome challenges to spiritual evolution, eliminate toxic or unnecessary elements in one's life, or to quest for something integral to personal growth. Participation entails additional attendance at a prior orientation meeting as well as a debriefing meeting the day following.
  • Tribal Drum & Dance Ritual: Connecting with our ancestors through the pulse of the drum and the rhythms of our body. A ritual to open the Bonfire Circle and bless it as a sacred space for drumming and dancing.
  • Women's Ritual: Details TBA
  • Men's Ritual: Details TBA
  • All-Gender Ritual: Details TBA
  • Daughters of the Dark Moon: Have you found yourself dancing with the Darkness? Do you see in yourself the power of the fourth face, the Dark Moon? When we began meeting in 2013, we were a group of women who felt we didn't belong in the usual Maiden/Mother/Crone archetypal groups. We felt that the place of transformation and change, the power to remake and unmake lives daily within us. As we evolved, we realized that the Dark calls to more than just women: transgender people, genderfluid people, gender nonconforming people, men - all who hear the call of the Dark Goddess are welcome. Does your spirit spin so strong it is a whirldwind or fire storm, finding itself almost uncontainable within your mere shell of a body? It is you for whom this group meets. Come and bring your most primal power and join us. Let us gather and see what the Darkness does birth.
  • Sages' Wisdom Meeting: Daily networking and conversation for the Sages in our community: Mature men who may be past their procreative stage but have gathered worldly experience & wisdom to serve as guides to the next generations.
  • Crones' Rite of Passage: After an intense week of preparation, women who have decided to move into the third phase of the Goddess will be welcomed into community as Crone. Please join us in honoring the wise women of our tribe and supporting them with your energy as they start their new journey. All are welcome. With the Crone Temple of Wisdom being Sacred Feminine space our gentleman friends will be seated around the circle. We ask that all Crones arrive at approximately 6pm for pictures and final details. Guests can arrive any time before 7pm. Please bring chairs, a loving heart, and positive energy.
  • Saging Ritual: The Saging Ritual celebrates the male elders of our community who wish to mark their passage to this important life stage. We honor the time when a man reaches the point in his maturity and experience where he is taking a less active physical part, but is still contributing as a valued teacher, mentor and guide to younger members of the tribe.
  • Pan's Ball: The celebratory funky dress dance party for PSG's adult community! Dress outlandishly, let your hair down, and boogie to the beat. Adults only please!
  • Rites of Passage: Every year at PSG, a variety of weddings, child blessings, and other Rites of Passage ceremonies are held. If you wish to have a Rites of Passage ritual at PSG, submit a program proposal by March 31. Be sure to include the name and contact information of the person who will be facilitating it, and indicate whether it is a private, invitation-only rite or one open to everyone attending PSG. Please note that no day passes are available for PSG, so only registered PSG participants will be able to attend any Passage ceremonies held there. If you are interested in having a Circle minister facilitate your Rite of Passage, contact Rev. Moonfeather immediately, as the schedule fills quickly.



Crone Rite of Passage

The Crone Rite of Passage is held at the Crone Temple of Wisdom and is open to women who are past menses and identifying with the crone goddess stage of life.

The program leading up to the croning consists of short meetings, Monday thru Thursday, including quests to expand knowledge and embrace your new role individually and as part of the community, and lots of fun activities like creating a beautiful beaded goddess necklace! A private cleansing, transitioning ceremony for the crone candidates will be held on Friday morning. The Crone Rite of Passage on Friday evening is a very special occasion that all women of the gathering are invited to, showing their support of your new life.

Knowing how many women are interested in the process is greatly appreciated. Please email your interest in participating or your questions/comments as early as possible. An email will be sent to you with more details as PSG draws closer.

This preparation and ritual has proved transformative for the many women who have followed their heart and you are warmly welcomed to participate.



Rite of Passage into Young Womanhood

This four-day program is to honor maturing young women who have recently started their menses, and welcome them into the larger Community of women. All participants must have recently started their menses (or reasonable proximity) and have a female support person (parent, guardian or family friend) to attend the meeting on Monday and the ritual on Thursday. The program includes: Meeting with candidates and their support people, making special Spirit Bags, receiving wisdom from the Crones of our tribe, a Sweat Lodge, and other activities. The Rite of Passage into Young Womanhood Ritual culminates with the candidates being presented to the Larger Community in a special Final Ceremony. Attendance at all Program functions, as well as attendance of three morning meetings is mandatory for candidates. 



Rite Of Passage Into Young Manhood

Explore visions of your path as a young man and connect with the Spirit of Tribe and your Ancestors. Learn to navigate the woods at night and hunt with the Pack as you search for your connection to land Spirits and the Horned God. Young Men's Rite of Passage is a 3-day intensive Land Initiation that introduces the seeker to Spirit, Tribe & Family in new ways. YMROP also serves as a bridge to other transformative rituals like Men's Rite of Passage and The Sacred Hunt. We are looking for Boys age 13 to 16, must have Guardians consent. Interested boys are required to attend the Monday Meeting (Young Men and the Importance of Rites of Passage) with a parent or guardian to sign up & get a breakdown of intensive. Please note that we will be asking for Parent or Guardian participation throughout the process.



Motherhood Rite of Passage - A Blessingway

This ritual honors women in the PSG community who have become mothers in the past year, or are currently pregnant. We will honor motherhood with the creation of sacred space, singing, gift giving, pampering, and most of all offering of love and support -- whether a mother for the first time, the tenth time, adoption, or marriage. Those wishing to participate in this ritual are encouraged to contact Rev. Dawnwalker in advance.