The PSG Site

PSG Site

Pagan Spirit Gathering 2018 will be held at Tall Tree Lake in southern Illinois. 


Camping: Tents, campers, vans, and recreational vehicles are permitted.  RV's are parked in specific areas where the land can support them.  There is no septic hook-up. Campers with generators will be parked in a specific area and may only run their generators between 1pm and 5pm daily. PLEASE NOTE: The woods camping will not support large group camps that have a mixture of tents, RV's, pop-ups, or vehicles with parking permits!  RV's, pop-ups, and vehicles with parking permits will be limited as to where they can camp!  RV's and 5th wheel campers are not allowed in Merchant Row. 

Cooking: Cooked meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, & desserts) are available for purchase on-site all week through the food vendors.  Or you can bring enough food/beverages for the duration of the stay. You may bring your own cook stove or use a community fire ring. There are no tables and chairs on site.

Trash and Recycling: Barrels are placed throughout camp for recycling and trash. Trash is picked up throughout the festival.  Please review the Trash & Recycling guidelines for details on how to separate your trash.

Water, showers, toilet: Faucets and large water tanks will be onsite to use to fill water jugs for drinking and cleaning.  A portable shower house with hot showers is available. There are no indoor toilet facilities.  Portatoilets with sinks nearby will be placed around the campsite, and are pumped daily during gathering.  Campers may set up personal solar showers at their campsites.

Firewood/Ice/Shuttle: Pre-cut firewood will be vended for personal use at the Info Tent.  Gathering firewood from wooded camping areas is NOT permitted.  Bags of ice to refill coolers will be sold at the Info Tent.  An on-site shuttle service will be operated with limited hours.

Phone: Personal cell phones will work at most locations around the camp.  A phone charging station will be set up near the Info Tent.

Supplies: You need to do your own grocery and supply shopping prior to coming to PSG. However, if you find once you arrive at the Gathering that you forgot to bring some items with you for the week or if you run out of something, you may be able to get items at the on-site Camp Store. The camp store carries a large line of camping necessities.

Land Protection: Please treat the land with respect. Try to fix any fluid leaks in your vehicle before you come to PSG. If your vehicle still leaks, bring a large piece of cardboard to place under your vehicle to catch fluid leakage and properly dispose of the cardboard in the trash.

Land Caution: PSG participants are asked to stay within the event site area while hiking and enjoying the land. Do not permit your children to wander unattended, as they must be in the company of a responsible adult at all times.

Dress: Most of the PSG site is clothing optional, and nudity as well as elaborate ritual dress is permitted. Street clothes must be worn near gate areas.