PSG Podcasts

Pagan Spirit Gathering Podcasts

Here is a sampling of podcasts about Pagan Spirit Gathering:

Pagan Spirit Gathering Reflections
Lunatic Mondays: May 28, 2018: Host Laura Gonzalez talks with MoonFeather/Sharon Stewart

Introduction to Pagan Spirit Gathering
Circle Talk: April 2, 2014: Host Selena Fox talks with Nicholas Sea, Arthur Hinds & others

Pagan Spirit Village Life
Circle Talk, April 9, 2014: Host Selena Fox talks with PathWalker, Minerva & others

Pagan Spirit Gathering Music
Circle Talk, April 16, 2014: Host Selena Fox talks with River Higginbotham & others.

Inner Journey to PSG: Pagan Town
Circle Talk, June 4, 2013; Guided meditation & perspectives by Selena Fox, with David Ewing & Jeanet Ewing.

Pagan Spirit Gathering Community Rituals
Circle Craft Study, May 30, 2013; Host Selena Fox with Nicholas Sea & Barbara Dancing Heart

Pagan Spirit Gathering Panel on Leadership
Elemental Casting, April 2011; Main stage Leadership Panel at PSG 2010 moderated by Jason Pitzl-Waters with panelists River Higginbotham, Cynthea Jones, Patrick McCollum, Selena Fox, & T. Thorn Coyle.