2023 Workshops

PSG 2023 Workshops

Every year, PSG presents a wide array of workshops, rituals and more by Circle ministers and community members.  Workshops marked with (PLI) are part of the Pagan Leadership Institute, a long-standing PSG tradition providing training and guidance to Pagan ministers and community leaders.

PLI workshops are open to all adults.

All approved workshops for PSG 2023 are shown below.

2023 Gnome Exchange - Chris Eldridge

Bring your Gnomes and other Fae beings to Gnome Camp anytime before Friday where they will build the Gnome Community as we build our village. Return anytime after Main Ritual on Saturday to retrieve a different Gnome to the one you brought. Let it travel with you throughout the year(s) to come until next you return to PSG.

Adventure time! with Ben the Human - Ben Beuttenmueller

Witches, Shamans, Sorcerers, and Oracles throughout history have leveraged the power, interaction, and clarity gained through direct interaction with the spirit world via altered states of consciousness. I, however, struggled to accomplish anything at first! It's not so hard as you might think to get started with lucid dreams, journeying, pathworking, etc. to deepen your relationships with the spirit world and improve your life!

All Gender Ritual - Nate, and Jimmy Butterfly

Many of us have identities, or parts of our identity, which we wish we, or those around us, knew how to celebrate and honor. Maybe we need space to let them breathe, space to air them out. Or maybe we want to show them off to ourselves and our community in a safe space. In this year’s all-gender ritual, we will use music, energy, creativity, and community to welcome in, make room for, and celebrate ourselves and each other. Anyone and everyone is welcome!

Bardapalooza - All PSG Muscians

Once again, our wonderful and amazing musicians will come together for one spectacular con-cert! Come listen, watch, dance, and celebrate our beloved musicians! It doesn’t get any better than this! A true highlight of PSG!

Bardic Circle - Meren King

What is a Bardic Circle? It is a place where you can come to share your stories, songs, short skits, or to be a part of the listeners and watchers as those of our community share their talents, voices, and music with each other in a safe space. Not quite ready for the Performer's Right of Passage? Then this circle is for you! Just stretching your Bardic wings? Come fly with us and see how far you can go. Bring your instruments, a comfy chair, your poetry/songs/stories, and remember hydration!

Building Community Through Shared Climate Stories - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Char Bear

As our world is warming and the climate changes weather patterns everywhere, we all experience climate impacts. One of the most effective ways to communicate eco-justice issues is by sharing real and diverse stories that bring communities together to build empathy and a shared vision. This experiential and participatory workshop will be a facilitated circle of sharing focusing on inspirational stories of facing fear, overcoming challenges, casting vision, and transformation in the path of climate change. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 9 and 11.

Button Making to Make the World a Better Place! (For Tweens) - Nate and Rev. Jake

Come to the Social Justice Center to make buttons and other art projects, and talk about ways that you show kindness and caring to yourself, other people, animals and the planet.

A Cacophony of Crones - Zan

Calling all Crones! Our growth does not STOP with this phase, it speeds up! Let's talk about it. Bring a chair and a beverage. Let's toast to a lifetime of learning and have some fun.

Celestial Solstice Gala - Jesse and Shariff

Come dance wild and free and revel with glee! Outrageous and extravagant costumes are highly encouraged. Strictly BYOB, let’s have a fun and safe party. This is a 21+ only event: IDs will be checked!

Ceremony of Remembrance for Our Beloved Dead - Rev. Selena Fox and Others

As the wheel relentlessly turns, members of our PSG Community have crossed over the threshold to the Summerland. This is a ceremony to remember them together as we speak their names, honor their memory, and say goodbye as a community. Please bring photos, mementos, shakers, and rattles.

Circle Sanctuary Ministers & Ministry Students Meeting - Rev. Selena Fox and Others

This meeting is for Circle Sanctuary Ministers and for those who are part of Circle Sanctuary’s Ministers in Training program.

Clan of Pyros Community Fire Blessing - Clan of Pyros

Join the Clan of Pyros as we ritually bless our clan and greater community! This is a community ritual - all are welcome! Are you a fire spinner? A fire spotter? A drummer? Bring your drums, props and/or your love of fire. All who intend to spin fire must already have taken one of the Sacred Bonfire Circle Fire Safety classes and be banded. Ritual to be followed by ecstatic performance and presentation of the 2023 virgin burners!

Clan of Pyros Community Fire Blessing Planning Workshop - Clan of Pyros

Are you a fire spinner? A fire spotter? A drummer? Do you wish to participate in the Clan of Pyros Fire Blessing Ritual? Then you should be here!! This workshop is required for all spinners and spotters who wish to participate in the ritual. Ecstatic performance after the ritual does not require you to attend this workshop. However, ALL spinners and spotters must be banded through one of the Sacred Bonfire Circle Fire Safety classes to participate in the ritual or ecstatic performance.

Create an Energy Pouch to Wear - Bearwoman

Ever feel the need to remind yourself who you really are? In this workshop, we will be creating an energy pouch. Some may call it a medicine bag. We will be using leather to create a small vessel to carry reminders of our strengths, our helpers, our Gods, etc... I will be inviting you to enter into a sacred space through a short journey to set the intention and discover what energies are to reside in your pouch. Until PSG, Listen to objects around you that may want to reside in your pouch!

Creating an Elk Hide Rattle in a Sacred Way - Bearwoman

Create your own elk hide rattle in a sacred way at a sacred gathering we call home! This is a 2 part workshop. In the 1st time slot we will be setting our intention for our rattles, sewing and forming the rawhide. In the 2nd time slot we will be imbuing our rattles with the energies that call to us through what we put into the rattle, as well as on the rattle, with intention and honoring for those Spirits that contributed to our sacred instrument. A $10 donation is suggested for materials.

Creating Leaders from Gen Z - PLI (PLI) - Victoria “Tori” Caine

This workshop focuses on guiding and encouraging Gen Z to step into leadership roles. As the newest generation to enter the workforce, Gen Z brings unique skills, values, and perspectives that can help organizations thrive in today's fast-paced and constantly evolving landscape. However, many Gen Zers may lack the confidence, skills, or experience necessary to take on leadership roles. In this workshop, we will explore ways to empower and motivate Gen Z to step into leadership roles, including strategies for mentoring and coaching. We will also discuss how to adapt leadership styles to meet the needs and expectations of Gen Z, while also building on their strengths and unique perspectives. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 5 and 10.

Creating Your Birth Card Charm - Rhonda Alin

In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to their Tarot Birth Card, and how and why they would want to work with it. Attendees will calculate their Birth Card, select their Birth Card Information Sheet, and select the poster board weight card to use as a base for their charm. Attendees will create their charm using supplies corresponding to their card's energy. Supplies provided include: crystals, herbs, feathers, glitter/sequins, yarn, coloring pens/pencils, and stickers.

Creating Your Personal Social Justice Mantra: A Simple Way to Support Empowerment During Stressful Times - Rhonda Alin

In this workshop, you will identify: Your position on social justice work, where you feel you can contribute, what does your style of practice support – commit to only those things you know you can do. Creating a Mantra – the how-to’s, and create your Personal Social Justice Mantra. Please bring paper and something to write with.

Crone Temple of Wisdom Closing Ritual - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

All Crones are welcome and necessary for the final ceremony. We will release the Goddesses, elements, and energies that have embraced us throughout the week and celebrate our Sisters. After this ritual, our 2023 Class of Crones will have their gift exchange and we will all take down the Temple and pack it up for next year. Please bring snacks and beverages to share as we exchange contact information, laughs, hugs, and all manner of things

Crone Temple of Wisdom Opening Ritual - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

All Crones are welcome to celebrate the wisdom of the Crone with the consecration of the Temple's sacred space. Bring any item(s) you wish to place on/in the altar/temple as we decorate our temple with the acquired treasures of past years. All women who are interested in participating in this year's Croning Rite of Passage Ritual should come so that we can meet and welcome you into this year's class.

Croning Rite of Passage (ROP) Daily Preparations - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

The week of meetings, classes, sharing, healing, and creative endeavors is a required and necessary part of the ROP process. The women of the Crone Class of 2023 will be the focus of everything we do. Please bring a chair. Senior Women Only - identified as women who have not bled for 12 consecutive months or those who have reached senior status in society.

Croning Rite of Passage Clearing/Healing Meditation - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

This meditation is for the Crone Class of 2023 and for any Crone who wishes to participate. Please bring a chair or blanket to use during the meditation.

Croning Rite of Passage Ritual - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

All Crones are welcome and necessary for the final ceremony. After an intense week of preparation, women who have decided to move into the third phase of the Goddess will be welcomed into the community. All community members are welcome to join us in celebrating our new Crone Sisters. Please bring chairs, a loving heart, and positive energy. The public's gifting will occur after the ritual is over.

Cultural Appreciation Versus Cultural Appropriation: Where and How Do We Draw the Line (PLI) - Chip Brown

As Leaders, Elders, Ministers, Priestesses, and Priests, we are educators, counselors, healers, and role models for members of our Communities, Tribes, Villages, Clans, and Families. We create and participate in ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, discussions and prayers with our fellows. We each have our own ancestors, ethnicities, religions, belief systems and cultures. We each have our own perspectives and knowledge bases. Yet, we are all Human Beings; and as Human Beings, we recognize similarities and distinctions within and between each other. Some of these similarities and distinctions, or Traits, pertain to us as individuals while others pertain at a larger level: the Community, Tribe, Village, Clan and Family. Many of these traits are emblems of our personal interests, our creative self-expression, yet others are emblems of those broader groups from which we descend and with whom we may live and worship. So, how can we understand and appreciate these traits without misunderstanding and appropriating them? Please attend this workshop/lecture for a discussion of this topic. May we all come away with a deeper appreciation of who we are and a greater understanding of who we are not.

Daily Centering Circle at Psyche's Grotto - Rev. Chiron and Staff

Take a breath and find your center each day. Experience a variety of grounding and centering techniques to help you refresh yourself during the gathering.

Daily Gender Liberation Check-in - Rev. Jake and Nate

This is a drop-in safe space for people of any and all genders and gender expressions to check in or chill out. We promise no one will gender you or profile how you present. You won’t have to explain yourself unless you want to. We can talk about gender, or not, but this is a space that is free of binary assumptions about gender, a place that believes that the gender binary constrains us all. We will have art supplies, snacks and whatever else we want to make of the space. Starts Tuesday.

Daily Hand Drumming Intensive - Pam Fleenor-Benton

Drumming Workshops Weeklong Intensive The daily workshops will present as much in-depth information as possible about hand drumming. Each workshop will build on the information presented in previous workshops. Participants are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible throughout the week. All skill levels are welcome. The primary focus will be on djembe, ashiko, bougarabou, and conga styles; however, doumbeks (darbukas) are welcome. We will also explore the role of bass drums. This is a supportive, judgment-free zone. Everyone is also encouraged to drum with me by the evening fire. Be patient with yourselves, and don't be shy. We all start at the beginning, which is a great place to be! Monday: Discuss the history and culture of hand drums. Introduce technique (how to play the correct notes with the proper hand posture). How to play seated and standing (discuss differences in shoulder straps for hand drums). We are building community within drumming. We will go over rudiments and warm-ups to practice and hone the technique—introduction to Malinke drum song: Macrou, a fast-paced courtship dance. Tuesday: Discuss the roles of bass drums, bells, and rattles in ensembles and drum circles—review technique. Warm-up. Review djembe parts to Macrou and add dunun elements. Wednesday: Discuss approaches to drumming in free-form drum circles and within groups with all skill levels. Learn about the fine art of listening while not listening when drumming with a group, who to anchor on in a drum circle, and discuss ways to tune into others to find patterns that will fit within the groove—keeping it simple, what to do when the lead drummer plays a solo—review technique. Warm-up. Engage in a drum circle environment and practice what we have learned. Discuss afterward. Thursday: Discuss approaches for drumming in ritual space and ecstatic dance. How to follow the energy and facilitate movement of energy in ritual space. How to create drum music with intention. How to follow the dancer's steps and facilitate energetic flow between dancers and drummers. Discuss the energies of different rhythm types, staccato, syncopation, 4/4 time signatures vs. 6/8 time signatures. Discuss drummers as being in service to ritual and dance—review technique. Warm-up. Introduce 6/8 time signature with Landuma drum song: Tiriba, a popular music that started as a mask dance. Friday: Discuss approaches for drumming with chants. Begin by clapping the timing of the chant. Identify the accents within the rhythm of the chant and how to work with those when deciding what to play on the drum. Discuss counter rhythms and when they can work for or against a chant. Discuss keeping it simple rather than creating something too elaborate that might overpower the chant rather than enhance it. Review technique. Warm-up. If we have chanters to chant with us, we will explore drumming with them. If not, we will work on previously presented material. Saturday: Discuss creating our own drum songs with intention and incorporating drums and percussion instruments with different sounds. This can be the start of ongoing Western Pagan traditions modeled after the drumming cultures that have been using hand drums for centuries and who have graciously begun reaching out to share knowledge with us. Review technique. Warm-up. Try some creation, starting with simple patterns.

Daily Pagans in Recovery Meeting - Zan and Rev. Tristan 

Sick and tired of your own or someone else's drinking? 12-step meetings for Pagans in Recovery are held at NOON (feel free to bring lunch). Curious about AA or Al-Anon or other 12-step programs? Join us! (Side note - Amethyst (from the Greek “amethystos” meaning “not drunken”) is thought to have the ability to prevent intoxication.)

Daily Spinning Skill Share - Wrenn and Megan

No fire band is required. Come share your spinning skills, learn something new, or just come and practice with others! Spinners of all skill levels are invited. If you've never touched a prop and don't know how to get started, that's okay! We will have practice poi available, and we encourage anyone to bring props they are comfortable sharing so we can all learn something new. This workshop will not include fire spinning. Come have fun and spin!

Dancing With Spiral Rhythm - Kira Lang

Deepen your experience of our music with movement! We will sing, drum, and learn the dance moves we use onstage and in ritual. We will embody the God and Goddess. Bring a drum or tambourine if you have one (some will be provided) or you can clap, wear bells, shake a shaker, etc. Most of the songs we use will be performed at our show and audience participation is en-couraged! No experience is necessary, different levels of mobility are included in dance (chair dance) options.

Daughters of the Dark Moon Meeting - Meren King

Restricted to Daughters of the Dark Moon current members, this is our Annual in-person meeting. Please bring a comfortable chair and something to hydrate with.

Didjeridoo 101 - Mr. E.

Come and learn all about the Australian instrument, the Didgeridoo! This workshop discusses the history of the Didgeridoo, what is is used for, worthless information that is fun, and you get a chance to play one yourself!

Divination and Spiritual Alchemy: Our Journey from Charioteer to Magickal Alchemist - PLI (PLI) - Rhonda Alin

Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool for self-discovery and, when pursued, can also lead us to personal metamorphosis. The journey of mining self for our gold can be arduous, and knowing where to begin can be challenging. First, we need to know where we are along the journey, and then, we need to map the course to meet our goals. In this workshop, we will look at the journey from Charioteer to Magickal Alchemist…from taking up the reins and accepting the responsibility of steering the course in our own story (The Chariot) to becoming adept at utilizing the tools available to us to take ourselves through our own metamorphosis (Temperance). Through exercises in the workshop, we will discover our own landscape (the “where are we?” question) and will map our journey (the “how do we reach our goal?” question), and will walk away with a tool that tracks our work. This tool can now be added to your “tarot tool kit” and can be used repeatedly with each new area of self-growth.

Divination Discourse - Jason Laluzerne

A chance for those who read tarot, oracle, or runes to discuss what we like, love, or even dislike about our divination tools. We can compare favorite decks and artists. We may even exchange readings if we feel inclined to do so.

Doing Better: A Racial Microaggressions Skit-shop - PLI (PLI) - Mel Pace

Are you a Pagan leader who wants to do better in your relationships with people who experience racial marginalization? In this skit-shop, we’ll discuss how dynamics of privilege and microaggression can impact your relationships, and then act out and discuss a series of short skits about racial microaggressions. You will leave this workshop with greater skills of understanding and empathy you can put to work in helping create more inclusive spaces in our spiritual community!

Drawing on Spirit - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Eldritch

Practice a meditative technique for drawing on paper and drawing on spirit to create meaningful mandalas of insight and power. Everyone can doodle. Everyone can color. Everyone can relate to a symbol and lines set on paper. Based on the principles of Source Imagery (Schuman) discover the principles of juxtaposition of color, line, symbol. Take a break from lecture learning to practice a delightful form of spiritual exploration. Non-artists are encouraged to attend. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 6 and 8.

Drum Tuning Basics and Drum Assesments - Angela Thurston

Come and learn about the aspects of tuning a drum and what we look for in the build and repair of your drums. This is a great time to come and have your drum looked at, assessed and help to determine the best route to the best voice for you and your spirit. I will show how and why we tune as we do on new and older heads, as well as looking for any potential compromises in a drum that can affect the voice.

Drumming 101 - Mr. E.

Learn what makes a Djembe and how to play one! Parts of this workshop talk about the history of the drum and one really fun part is drum circle survival! This is a workshop for everyone but the novice and curious are more than welcome!

Drumming with Native Americans - Cinda and Frank Brent

Learning to drum the Native American way

enCHANTment - Ambiaka Maupin

When we chant together magic happens. All levels welcome. Not just for singers. Everyone can chant and feel the magic we weave with our voices.

Ethical Non-Monogamy 402: Advance Communication - Samantha Wilson

I'd like to craft a forum which would touch on the an important skill in practicing Ethical Non-Monogamy; communication. I will share and invite others to share their experiences surrounding tough topics like jealousy, self-esteem, and sexual health in a safe and nonjudgmental space.

Exploring Discrete States of Consciousness Using Audio Programs - Chip Brown

We will explore discrete states of consciousness using headphones, audio equipment, and prerecorded audio sessions provided by the presenter. The Monroe Institute has created these audio programs. This workshop takes an entire afternoon – two workshop sessions back-to-back. The total workshop time is approximately 4 hours. Pre-workshop sign-up is required; space is limited to 12 participants.

Exploring Identity Discovery, Creation and Development - PLI (PLI) - Jimmy Butterfly

Identity is the distinguishing personality or character of an individual or group. People belong to multiple groups, each with its own identity. Identity emerges through the intersection of the groups an individual is a member of (e.g., family, friends, religious community, ethnic community, etc.) and possibly that individual's genetics. Arguably the most important task of adolescence (and young adulthood) is identity development. Identity has a strong influence on mental health and self-esteem. It also provides individuals with purpose, direction, and meaning in life. We will begin by discussing identity, the benefits of having a strong identity, and how we can create one. We'll then discuss group norms and how those norms can have empowering and disempowering effects on us. With this as a foundation, we'll explore defining our identities and the ways they provide purpose, direction, and meaning. We'll conclude by considering how we can help others work with identity. Depending on the interest and time available, we'll cover topics like fitting in, coming out, social support, personality and character development, and goal creation. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 4, 6, and 10.

Faerie Shrine Opening - Jesse and Shariff

The mobile Faerie Shrine returns! We invite anyone who is interested in our light, fun, and joyous ritual. We will lead a procession from the Rainbow Center to the location of the Faerie Shrine; along the path, we will lay offerings for the Fae. All are welcome to bring items for the Shrine to remain with the mobile shrine or just leave for the week. Those who wish to speak a part of the ritual are encouraged to contact Jesse at Rainbow Center.

Faith, Disability, & Dogs - PLI (PLI) - Dia Crabtree

An exploration of how faith groups can identify, assist, and advocate for those with disabilities and the service dogs' role among the disabled. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 9, 6, and 11.

Family Center Afternoon Free Play - Amber Todd & Others

Some toys, games, and craft materials will be provided. Feel free to bring your own! Parents must attend with their children (2-6) or identify another responsible adult or teen to attend the program with their child. Tweens (7 - 12) may attend programming on their own at the discretion of their parents.

Family Center Afternoon Programming - Amber Todd & Others

Parents and children can expect a structured program at this time. Parents must attend with their children (2-6) or identify another responsible adult or teen to attend the program with their child. Tweens (7 - 12) may attend programming on their own at the discretion of their parents. Monday - Earth: paint a pot and plant a seed (we've got the supplies for that). Tuesday - Water: reusable water balloon fight day Wednesday - Fire: fire safety discussion then fire magic lesson. If we could get a volunteer or two for the talk from the guardians/ bonfire/ spinning groups that would be wonderful. Thursday - Air: paper airplanes. I'll check out a book from the library with different designs. Friday - Spirit: paint their name activity.

Family Center Blessing - Amber Todd & Others

Come and cast a circle with the PSG youth and open the Family Center for this year's Gathering. All are invited to attend this center's opening celebration. Please plan to attend both the Family Center Blessing and Orientation. The Blessing will follow the Family Center orientation.

Family Center Morning Free Play - Amber Todd & Others

Some toys, games, and craft materials will be provided. Feel free to bring your own! Parents must attend with their children (2-6) or identify another responsible adult or teen to attend the program with their child. Tweens (7-12) may attend programming on their own at the discretion of their parents.

Family Center Orientation - Amber Todd & Others

Attention all Families! Let's all gather to discuss changes during the transition to our Family Center at the new venue! We will discuss rules, times, and expectations for this year's Family Center. Please plan to attend both the Family Center Blessing and Orientation.

Finding the Muse in Mundania - Krista Chapman Green Louis Garou

Whether washing the dishes or mowing the yard, there are every day things we all must do in our “mundane” lives. But in those small things and every day works is where magic and the Muse both live. Mindfulness of the things that surround us can often inspire beautiful words. Other times, fun words or songs of joy, and at times words of sorrow or despair. Lets find ways to celebrate everyday, in all the ways we can.

The First Steps in Coming to Terms with Christianity - Br. Patrick Finney

Christianity is ubiquitous in our culture. Even if one has left the Church, there is no way to totally escape it. Therefore, it can be valuable to consciously reflect on our relationship with this part of the American overculture. We will take a fresh look at some of the history of Christian and non-Christian relations and cultural interactions and question some of our default narratives, with an eye to making tentative steps toward coming to healthy terms with Christianity as Pagans.

Folklore and the Witch: Research Methods - Kelden

Witchcraft is a practice that is rooted in folklore. But what exactly is folklore and why is it important? Where do we find this lore and how do we go about applying it to our modern lives? In this workshop, we will be discussing the many ways in which folklore informs the practice of Witchcraft, whether we realize it or not. Additionally, we will cover helpful methods for researching folklore in its many forms and how to adapt it to fit our modern Craft.

Geomancy – An Interfaith Divinatory System - Dia Crabtree

Explore the different historical paths that lead geomancy to become an interfaith divinatory system that is now practiced by varied spiritual paths around the world.

Green Dragon Stage with Beltana Spellsinger - Beltana Spellsinger

Beltana Spellsinger came into awareness of her magickal ""self"" during an poignant experience at one of her first major Earth-Centered Spirituality festivals in Wisconsin, in 1996. After leaping over a bonfire and injuring her foot, she connected with a brilliant young Shaman named Skye who helped her in the healing process of body and soul. It was a journey she will never forget. Full of mystery and Otherworldly guides, who surrounded her in that place and that time to help save and re-direct her... it set her upon a new path. In that moment, she discovered that her magickal and musical name was ""Beltana,"" representing her day of birth on Beltane, the Celtic day of celebration of spring and renewal. Honoring her Scottish family heritage, she accepted the name as her own. Three years later, while recording her first musical album with a trio of bards called SONA, in Texas, her producer gifted her with her last name, ""Spellsinger."" Bel (nickname) uses this name in Her circles, when performing music, or doing Her work for the Earth. She worked with SONA for a decade, traveling all over the country sharing original songs that she had written with her talented band mates, ""Papa Joe"" and ""Little Joe"" Credit. Her next experience with music in this realm was with an all-female group called BellaWyck, sharing the stage with her sister, Kittin, and her soul-sisters Jennie Starr and Boom Boom Valhalla, who only stayed together for a short, but significant time. Spellsinger is now the sole name of her artistic persona. She still writes, and travels to this day, among the artists by whom she is ever inspired. She performs solo at times, or with a makeshift group of fellow bohemian bards, depending on time, space and circumstance, whenever possible. She feels that she is more of a singer/songwriter than a full-time musician, who has been influenced by the spirits that surround and guide her. Along with the Otherworldly creatures that interact with her, and the passions and people that she has known in her life, she creates music as she goes, and only when inspired. To her, music is a ""way of life,"" a necessity for her soul, and a gift from her muse, rather than a ""job"" or a profession. To Beltana, music is a therapeutic and much-needed balm to her spirit. Bel moved to her forever home, Wolvenwold, in the southern Missouri Ozarks in 1998. This is the sacred land that she calls her place of tranquility, where she resides with her daughter, Bela Czaba, and her sister, Kittin. She writes when the Muse speaks to her, and shares her voice when asked. She feels that her Path in life is to help others. Bel also has a podcast coming soon, focusing on sharing music, stories from her beloved musical community, and her activism and advocacy for LGBTQ, Reproductive, and Humanitarian Rights. She deems this new journey the ""Blue Spark,"" and her journey along the Dirt Road Bardic Path... is to be announced further as the project manifests via her official website throughout 2023.

Green Dragon Stage with Maevyn Stone - Maevyn Stone

Take a step out of reality and into the mystical, magickal world of Maevyn Stone: harpist, vocalist, and bardess. Maevyn weaves her ethereal melodies into a beautiful tapestry of tales of old, celebration of new, and the never-ending circle of the wheel of life. While her musical style leans toward Celtic, influences from other cultures and backgrounds creep into her melodies from time to time. Maevyn is classically trained in both harp and voice, but she uses those abilities to reach back into her roots to create beauty with deep history, heritage, and myth. https://linktr.ee/maevynstone

Green Dragon Stage with Meren King - Meren King

Meren Edna Marie King is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist presently making Music in Ocala, Florida, USA. Born in Long Beach, California, Meren has been a traveler most of her life. From the West Coast to the East Coast and every US State in-between, Meren accompanied her parents as they worked with traveling circuses and sideshows during the first three years of her life, and then as a teen searching for her kith and kin she traveled even more extensively, and as an adult reaching into Canada and even across the pond to Europe. Meren has been a part of the Pagan communities in most of the places she has lived, and says that her faith contains a little bit of everything that she has seen and heard and read and experienced. Following no particular pathway or religion, her church is the wild places of the world, and her deities are all around her. Believing that we are all Energy, and everything is a part of everything else, she brings this sensibility to her music and stories, sharing her perspectives and beliefs with the world. Music and dance have always been a part of Meren's life, although it is just within the last 15 years that she has really pursued music as her Lifepath. With Phambly across the Globe and with many worldwide musical influences, Meren's songs and stories show you what is most dear to her heart: her Phambly, her Faith and her Hopes for Our World. From Folk to Blues to World Beat and more, the songs she sings and the stories she tells will take you on a journey of the mind and heart. Come on along and join her on her adventures across this twirling Earth. Meren King is the Musical Coordinator for Trees of Avalon Gathering. https://merenking.bandcamp.com/

Green Dragon Stage with Pan Fried - Pan Fried

Pan Fried is a duo cooked up by Jeff Hibshman and Alane Brown, serving you a delicious mix of music. The recipe includes original songs by Alane, with a sprinkling of well-loved Pagan chants. Jeff brings his multi-instrumental skills, playing bass, guitar, mandolin and fiddle. Alane sings and plays guitar and ukulele. Alane is best known for her work with the Pagan choir Crow Women. She writes many of their songs and has produced their 4 albums. She's also the editor of the Pagan Song blog. You can check out her Pagan Song posts here. During the pandemic, Alane used her suddenly free time to write a song every week for over a year. When she and Jeff got together in 2021, they immediately began working up this rich backlog of songs, and their duo Pan Fried was born. Jeff has been a lifetime musician. He has played rock and roll, country, bluegrass, folk and jazz in a long list of bands. He has played with such names as Bo Diddley, John and Ibby from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Freebo (Bonnie Raitt's bassist). His bluegrass band ""The Badly Bent"" won the 2005 band contest at Telluride Bluegrass festival. He enjoys becoming part of the Pagan music scene and looks forward to exploring it more. Pan Fried has performed at Albuquerque Pagan Pride and has been featured during several performances in the Chris Paulson band in Todos Santos, Mexico. https://pagansong.com/about-pan-fried/

Hail Inanna! - Deb Hoffman

We will be praising Inanna using the words of her High Priestess Enheduanna. We will do a simple circle dance and song in her honor. Participants will receive a token of a lapis bead as a remembrance.

Inanna: Lady of the Largest Heart - Deb Hoffman

Inanna is a Goddess with the oldest written record: 3500 BCE! We have a translated record with a beautiful interpretation. Inanna is an archetype, especially as an example of doing work exploring our dark self. In this workshop we will look at a brief history of Sumeria at the time of Inanna's worship. Using the original writings of her life, and the words of her High Priestess Enheduanna, we will explore this intriguing and complex Goddess, who is still relevant to the current day!

Interfaith Outreach - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Judith

Circle Sanctuary has long been involved with interfaith outreach. When creating services and rituals for mixed religious groups, we need to remember that much of our communication is educational and that our audience may not know anything about our Pagan path but is willing to be a part of our program to learn. In this workshop, we'll go over some of the challenges that different presentation mediums present and ways to present Pagan concepts that are informational and engaging. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 1, 10, and 7.

Introduction to Native American Culture and Customs - Frank Brent and Chip Brown

A look into Modern Native American culture and customs. Am I doing it right? What if I’m not Native? Am I offending Natives? Rituals, rights and medicine.

An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft - Kelden

What exactly is Traditional Witchcraft? What does it mean to be a Traditional Witch? In this workshop, we will examine both the historical and folkloric roots of Traditional Witchcraft, as well as its core beliefs and practices. Come walk along the Crooked Path and learn more about the spells, rituals, tools, spirits, and the natural/Otherworldly landscape of Traditional Witchcraft.

Inward Alchemy Workshop and Mini-concert - S. J. Tucker, Lynda Millard, Ginger Doss, Renée Janski

We often face negativity aimed at our creative pursuits; sometimes it even comes from within. S. J. and friends share their own practical magic for facilitating the fantastical in the face of such nonsense: how to slay deadlines, cultural conditioning and self-doubt with respect to writing and singing songs for a living. Expect a few lively live numbers and learn about many optional techniques which can be applied to writing music, stories, spell work, ritual craft, and all other artistic disciplines.

Labyrinth - Rev. Jewels & Anaya

Through the Elements, We Are Reborn! Walk the elemental labyrinth from 10 PM to sunrise and find rebirth in quiet contemplation. All are welcome in the labyrinth. Prompts at each element will help you deepen your relationship with them to help find meaning and connection in your rebirth.

Lady Liberty League (LLL) Annual Meeting - Rev. Selena Fox and Rev. Minerva

Come to this annual LLL meeting to hear about and discuss recent and future LLL activities. We will discuss trends, explore cases, introduce our team members, and answer questions about First Amendment Freedom of Religion issues. This is your chance to raise your concerns and to bring new situations to our attention.

Late Night Ribaldry - Rev. Minerva and You

Join us for the Late Night Ribaldry event. Why don't you (or your group, or your family) use this opportunity to delight us with your skill and gifts? This is your chance to sing those songs, tell those stories, dance those dances, and share those jokes that may be too blue and bawdy for the regular talent show. Sign up with Rev. Minerva or Heather to get a chance to tantalize and tease the audience in the late evening. (Bring your own chair )

Laughter Yoga - Aaron Covey

Join Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Aaron Covey for extended, unconditional Laughter combined with yogic breathing. Laughter games & exercises soon turn to authentic & contagious laughter. In this workshop, we’ll use Laughter Yoga to find our center and share our energy with others, relieving stress, and reminding us that feeling good can help others feel good as well. Laughter really IS the best medicine! No mat required. Wear comfortable loose clothing.

Lavender Luncheon - Jesse and Shariff

Calling all LGBTQIA+! Join us at the Rainbow Center for an early afternoon meet and greet. Please bring your lunch and get to know more of the queer community at PSG.

Leading for a Strong Community - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Minerva

Leading a community means understanding the elemental make-up of your community, and striving for balance amongst those elements. For example, learning about the issues and ideas (Air); shared trauma and history (Water); excitement and passions (Fire); and history and foundation (Earth) can help you to bring your community together. Our aim is to facilitate a strong, grounded community that is reaching for common goals. We will discuss tools that are essential to community leadership. Bring your questions, ideas, and scenarios for discussion. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 5 and 11.

Magenta Luncheon - Rev. Jake and Nate

This meet and greet is for anyone of trans* and/or intersex identity or experience, regardless of how you identify, including people who identify as genderqueer, agender, Two-Spirit or non-binary, people who express gender fluidity or gender non-conformity, etc., and for people who identify as questioning, or who are questioning their own gender identity. It is meant to be safe space for us build to community. (It’s not an education space for allies.) Bring your lunch and your awesome self!

Magical Gift Exchange - Rev. Judith

Join us for the annual spiritual gift exchange. Everyone taking part will give a gift and, in return, receive a gift. Bring a sacred item (such as a ritual tool, amulet, necklace, divinity statue, altar-piece, or handmade ritual object) that has special meaning for you. Bless your gift and with it include your name and something about its significance. Wrap it in an opaque paper, cloth, or other covering.

Magicks of Roots - Starr Ann Ravenhawk

Since the dawn of times, plants have been our sacred connection to our mother earth. Plants feed, cure, and shelter us, and legends abound of the power of chosen plants to heal and protect the wise. Among many tribes and traditions, it is said that wherever sage and cedar are used, no evil influences may enter. There are a wide array of roots used for medicinal and magickal purposes. Study and learn about the many roots, their effects, and how to make them work for your benefit. This will also help you further your studies on your chosen path. In this workshop, we will discuss various types of magicks in roots. We will discuss: Waking up the root, Raising and bringing the roots to their full potential, Working the Root, Blessing the Roots, The spells, Root medicines, and the Best way to store roots.

Main Stage with Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard - Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard

Experience an uplifting night of music that will open your heart, realign your connection to the divine, and leave you feeling happily recharged! The music of award-winning singer-songwriter Ginger Doss ranges from funky alt rock to heartwarming ballads, from funky tribal drumming to inspiring spiritual anthems. Joining her will be her long-time musical cohort Lynda Millard whose amazing vocals, dazzling flute, and bass thrill music lovers of all types. Together they have a harmonic grace and command of their instruments that can only come from years of playing and singing together. Drum, dance, and journey on sparkling waves of musical bliss as they weave their melodic magic with rocking grooves and spine-tingling harmonies that have earned them international acclaim.

Main Stage with Krista Green Chapman and Louis Garou - Krista Green Chapman and Louis Garou

I spend my days in the foothills of Arkansas, weaving and writing music that reflects my home, my thoughts, and my life. Surrounded by the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen, it's easy to find inspiration in all the things I see. I've spent the last 30 years shaping my path, an eclectic blend of animism, polytheism, and nature led beliefs. I believe we all have something to give the world, something to share and something to offer. I found my gift and my voice through music. I was blessed to grow up surrounded by music. My Grandfather was an amazing musician and tried very hard to pass that love on to all of us. Most everyone in my family was able to play instruments. I seemed unable to get the hang of them, and so voice was what I had left. So, I stood beside my mother’s piano and learned to express myself that way. I found out very quickly, it was the art form I most loved. I found myself there, in the words and worlds that lyrics created. I began writing little songs by the time I was 12 and it has stayed with me my entire life. The vast majority of my music is Goddess led. Reflecting the beauty and strength I see so sacred in feminine power. Stories of love ,self reliance, belief in the strength we can find both within ourselves and belief in things beyond ourselves. Belief in the dirt we can place our hands in, belief in the things we can create, belief in things both seen and unseen. The world is full of wonder, and I refuse to look at it any other way. Often times the world can be a scary place, full of doubts, hate, nonbelief and judgment. But beauty still sits there waiting to be found. Love, grace, patience, and joy are still the greatest gifts to both give away and to hold on to. Stories from a wandering heart, Krista Chapman Green Raised in the dark hollows of Appalachia and now residing in Arkansas, Louis Garou has been traveling and writing most of his adult life. His music, he calls ""Dark Americana"" is popular among members of the Pagan community. He writes about Goddesses and Demons, about Wolves, about lonely, sometimes desperate people. And others who are not quite... People. Almost whispering, he calls all his music love songs... Dark and twisted, but love songs just the same. Come and join Louis playing his old guitar, singing Heartbreak, Darkness, and the Other Side...

Main Stage with SJ Tucker Show + Muses on the Road Show - SJ Tucker Show + Muses on the Road Show

S. J. Tucker is the voice of lore at the campfire, the sharp laughter of modern myth, a performing songwriter who's proud to contribute to the soundtrack of our collective imagination. Well loved at fannish and witchy events at home and abroad since 2002, she wields an award-winning body of original music known for changing lives and healing wounded hearts. Whether you found her through solid crowd favorites like ""Firebird's Child"" and ""Cheshire Kitten"", or you're just encountering her for the first time during this year's festival season, S. J. (Sooj to fans and friends) has a song for you. In performance with deft guitar, skillful hand drums, and versatile vocals, she runs a shape-shifter's gamut from silly to sacred and back again, embodying the truth in our songs and stories, the spirit of community and wit. These new Roaring Twenties have brought challenges to us all, but Sooj has kept the lights on and the music going thanks to her incredible, loyal fans worldwide and their willingness to attend and get the word out about her online shows. On her plate for the near future are a long-awaited follow-up to her spiritually focused Blessings album, a return to full-time touring when it is safe to do so, continued online concerts with varying themes and on-location filming, and a record of songs all inspired by the local Southern lore and folkways Sooj has encountered on her adventures closer to home. Sooj hopes to keep successfully straddling the line between touring, presenting online shows, and producing new musical content as all the coming chapters unfold like vibrant leaves. Her greatest wish is for us all to adapt, survive, and succeed with our whimsy intact.

Main Stage with Spiral Rhythm - Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm has been creating magic for over two decades. The group began singing at bonfires, gatherings, and festivals. Over time they have evolved and changed, but their goal has always been the same - to raise the spirit through voice and song. Their performances are designed to build community and get people dancing!

Meditation Techniques to Enhance Well-Being and Nature Connectedness - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Dennis Carpenter

Meditation can help reduce stress, enhance wellness, and deepen connections to Nature. We will explore ways to weave breathing techniques, embodiment, and mindfulness into daily practice and personal/group work for spiritual development.

Meet & Greet Kelden - Kelden

Come and introduce yourself to our special guest presenter Kelden. Kelden has been practicing Traditional Witchcraft for more than a decade. He is the author of The Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft, The Witches' Sabbath: An Exploration of History, Folklore, and Modern Practice, and All Them Witches: Folktales & Rhymes. Additionally, his writing has appeared in The Witch's Altar, The New Aradia: A Witch's Handbook to Magical Resistance, and This Witch magazine. Kelden is also the co-creator of The Traditional Witch's Deck, and he authors a blog on the Patheos Pagan channel called By Athame and Stang. Kelden enjoys reading, hiking, growing poisonous plants, and playing ukulele in his free time. Kelden's books will be available for purchase and signing.

Meet & Greet Rhonda Alin - Rhonda Alin

Come and introduce yourself to our special guest presenter Rhonda Alin. Rhonda is a Psychic and Reader of both Oracle and Tarot cards, an instructor, and the founder of Northern New Jersey Tarot. She purchased her first deck of divination cards at age 12, about the same time she began studying the Egyptian Book of the Dead. She is a Scorpio sun and moon dedicated to providing her clients with a positive, insightful, and meaningful reading experience. Rhonda is a former member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a member of the Cabot Kent Hermetic Tradition, a member of Dawtas of the Moon, a member of The Order of the Gorgon Shield, and a Priestess of Ananke in Order of the Golden Gryphon. She has been a student of the Elders of the ASW, Laurie Cabot, Mambo Yansa, and Yeye Luisah Teish.

Meet & Greet Starr Ann Ravenhawk - Starr Ann Ravenhawk

Come and introduce yourself to our guest presenter Starr Ann Ravenhawk. She is a Trini-Canadian transplant who fell in love with the magickal arts at a tender age. She began practicing as a Witch in the late seventies, in many forms of divination and traditions of WitchCraft - spell-casting, healing, Egyptian, Celtic, Faery, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Obeah, and High Magicks. She is a Reverend, High Priestess, Certified Adult & Youth mental health Counselor, WitchCraft studies, Theology, Teacher of Tarot, and much more. A truly Intuitive Witch & Tarot Advisor with over 35 years of experience. She has lectured at Universities and Colleges in New York & New Jersey on WitchCraft. She is the Founder and Creatress of the degree witchcraft program at WFT Academy Of Pagan Studies, the first Witch School in New York City. Founder / Elder of NYC Wiccan Family Temple, the first Witch Temple ordaining its Priest/Priestesses to be licensed Ordained Reverends. She has been organizing and serving the New York City Pagan Community since the 1990s, sharing with others her many passions of the Craft, providing lectures, workshops, rituals, celebrations, and festivals… She has now formed and runs the Annual WitchsFest USA – A Pagan St. Faire in New York City. She currently resides in New York City and travels the country giving lectures about the Craft and its many practices. Creatress of the Journey To the Realm of the Underworld Mysteries designed to be a therapeutically magickal regressive journey for each person. And the CEO of CharmedByStarr.com - an online store specializing in handcrafted, hand-designed items for individuals with decerning tastes.

Men's Ritual - Rev. River and Others

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit are calling all Men in our community to join this rite. Celebrating and affirming the raw power of the elements as our teachers and allies, together in this participatory ritual, we will sweat, dance, sing, create visions, offer healing, and affirm our sacred gifts in community. Blessed be the elements and their blessings upon us!

Morning Meeting - Rev. Dennis and Others

All PSG participants are encouraged to attend the daily Morning Meeting, where important announcements about schedule changes and other community concerns will be made, as well as musical performances, ritual instructions, and more! It's the best way to keep yourself informed about what is going on at PSG, so please show up daily!

Mother and Mistress to Herself - Krista Chapman Green

An in-depth look at the effects that motherhood along with varied other “duty descriptors” have on self sexuality. With the everyday duties that fall on the backs of Mothers, both working and stay at home, it is very easy to lose sight of the still sexual bodies we inhabit. A discussion on ways to use magic and self love to remember those very unique parts of ourselves.

Music in Spiritual Practice - PLI (PLI) - Louis Garou

As spiritual leaders, we sometimes get stressed or overwhelmed. A beautiful reminder that spiritual practice doesn’t need to be over-complicated. Join Louis for a masterclass in Divine simplicity. Sound, singing, guitar, not many ritual objects… and a guitar case makes a great makeshift altar! This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 2, 3, and 8.

Nature Mindfulness & Magic - Selena Fox & Dennis D. Carpenter, PhD

Explore and experience some Nature Communion approaches that can be helpful in daily life to dispel stress, bring healing, enhance resilience, and improve health and well-being. Selena will share some Nature Rituals and Dennis will guide some Nature Mindfulness Meditations.

Newbies Drum Circle - Strider John

Drummers new to PSG, new to drumming, or new to both. All skill levels will be welcomed and encouraged to enter safe drumming space. We'll learn drum basics, simple techniques, and develop an ear for playing in a group. Our goals: To lower barriers for all to have fun, jam hard, share energy, connect with fellow percussionists, and expand the ranks of funky drummers for PSG and the world!

Nosh up - Rev. Tristan

Nosh Up - Rev. Tristan and Zan  Bring your already made meal to the Main Stage area to dine with and discover the wonderful people of PSG! Bring your picnic dinner, a drink, and a chair to sit on! We will talk about activities we plan to attend and generally meet and greet. Why not come for some fun and to meet new friends?

Pagan Academic Circle Meet and Greet - Rev. Jewels

The Pagan Academic Circle supports academic research and presentations of Pagan topics. Join other academics to chat about current research and how we can help support current and future research.

Paganism and Mental Health: An Elemental Perspective (PLI) - Kelden

Mental health plays an important role in all of our lives. As Pagans, we often seek deeper spiritual truths, including in regard to our mental health. While spirituality can be an important asset in mental health care, at times too much emphasis is given without being grounded in practical, therapeutic modalities. In this workshop, we will be examining the basics of mental health management, from a cognitive-behavioral lens, and how it can be bolstered using the wisdom of the four spiritual elements.

Pan's Other Ball (aka Friday Game Fest) - Zan and Rev. Tristan

Who says you can’t have a fun party without alcohol? We just REMEMBER more of what happened the next morning. Join us Friday night for fun and frivolity. We play cards, board games, listen to music, chat, tell bad puns, and have been known to play Cards Against Humanity. Bring your non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. Come to the sober side...we have chocolate!

Past Lives & Revokation Majicks (PLI) - Starr Ann Ravenhawk

In this two part class you will learn about the many contracts and attachments that you have formed in your past lives and how to remove attachments. Many people have said, I think I’ve been cursed… or why is everything so much harder for me, or why is the person I’m with feel more like an obligation not a love of my heart. You will learn how to revoke and remove all past life contracts, bindings, hexes, curses etc. Just doing this will help renew you, making you a more productive individual in this life. We will be performing a ritual of revocation and removal in this class. This is a very powerful tool to learn and perform. So if you think you are ready to let go of your past lives and its many ties that may still be attached to you. Many of which has held you back in this lifetime, bogged you down and wouldn’t let go, then it’s time to do what’s necessary, let’s take that journey. Remove that stuff... Please note this class will continue directly from the first workshop time slot into the second workshop period.

A Plethora of Candle Sorcery and Magick Spells - Starr Ann Ravenhawk

Whatever type of magick you practice, there are systems in place to address every situation. Conflict is unavoidable; at some point, we will all face adversities. Whatever you are subjected to must be faced and handled in a manner befitting each event. Effectively handling each difficult situation is an extremely important part of the many magickal skills you must attain. In this course, you will learn the following: Figural candles, Loading, Inscribing, and Reasoning through your Spells with candles, Reversing Spells and Tricks, Cut and Clear Spells, Double Action candles, Birthing, Putting to Sleep and Killing your Spell, and Block Buster Candle spells.

PSG 2023 Closing Ritual - Rev. Selena Fox, Rev. Messina and Rev. MoonFeather

Ritual of thanksgiving and farewell for the beautiful, spiritual week we've had together. Ritual will include extinguishing of the Sacred Fire, releasing of the Wards, blessings of safe travel, and a token in celebration of PSG Community Spirit.

PSG 2023 Community Welcome - Rev. Selena, Rev. Dennis, Rev. Messina, Rev. MoonFeather, and Chip

Join us for introductions of Gathering staff, welcome to PSG newcomers, honoring of longtime PSG members, and a welcome message from staff of The Shrine Camp. This is also the time when camp-wide information is given as how trash is handled, emergency procedures, etc. Bring a chair and something to hydrate you. Wear your spirit bag and come dressed for the processional and ritual which follows.

PSG 2023 Main Ritual - Rev. Char Bear, Matty, Jimmy Butterfly, Ambiakah and Others

This participatory ritual is the height of our week-long process of engaging with each element in the transformative process. As community, we come together at the apex of solstice energy to embody energetically each element in raising power with chanting, drumming, dancing, movement, and crowd participation. Come join us as we manifest transformation. So mote it be!

PSG 2023 Newcomers Orientation - Rev. Messina

We'll get together for a handy orientation designed to answer your questions, help you figure out where things are and how they work, and help you plan your week. Bring your PSG guide-book and a pen! A few Guardians may also join us to explain their role in the festival.

PSG 2023 Opening Ritual - Rev. Selena Fox

The PSG Opening Ritual begins with the candlelight processional through the PSG village. The ritual includes a site blessing, honoring of the Divine forces, the setting of the Wards, and a welcoming in of Summer with the lighting of the Community's Sacred Fire with remains from the previous year's ashes. Wear your spirit bag. Everyone is encouraged to attend. More information will be shared at our Community Welcome.

Psyche's Grotto Blessing and Orientation - Rev. Chiron and Staff

Blessings of Psyche's Grotto and orientation for volunteers interested in the center.

Psyche's Grotto Closing Ritual - Rev. Chiron and Staff

Closing blessings of Psyche's Grotto.

Rainbow Ritual - Jesse and Shariff

Come join us at the rainbow central for an LGBTQAI themed ritual. Everyone is welcome to join us.

The Red Album Showcase: Pagan Protest Music - The Red Album artists

Come join us to celebrate the release of our new compilation "The Red Album: Pagan Voices for Reproductive Rights". A year ago, right here at PSG, we learned of the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Our response was to join together to craft this album. Come hear our songs of compassion, outrage, and empowerment.

Religion as Art: Truth and Meaning in the Practice of Religion (PLI) - Br. Patrick Finney

For many people, their spiritual quest is a search for truth and understanding. This is reflected in the interminable debates over the existence of God, the nature of the metaphysical universe and whose religion is right and true. But there is another way, one which opens up many more options and freedom in one's religious life. This is a way that privileges meaning and practice over truth and professions of faith. About a 60-minute lecture, followed by open discussion.

Rite of Pasage into Sage - Jim Blechschmidt

The Sage program is for men over 55 years of age who are considering the transformation from an adult male to a Sage (a man who is facing the latter years of life). We honor the time when a man reaches the point in his maturity where he's taking a less active physical part but is still contributing as a valued teacher, mentor, and guide to young members of the tribe. This 5-day intensive program involves sharing our life experiences and how we can accept our new role.

Rite of Passage into Sage Ritual - Jim Blechschmidt

The Saging ritual celebrates the male elders of our community who wish to mark their passage to this important life stage.

Ritual Arts – Connecting Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul - PLI (PLI) - Rev. River Higginbotham

Engaging rituals build community, connect to spirit and nature, open doors to personal growth and revelation... and more. Join me in discovering and practicing ways to offer/create/lead rituals that access the whole human – Mind, Heart, Body, and Spirit in a collective, energetic dance we call “Ritual.” Bring your ideas, previous experiences, and dreams for future rituals. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competency 2.

Ritual Yoga - Majik Dakini

Set an intention and breathe life into it. By utilizing guided imagery, symbology, pranayama, and asana, we may alter our reality by controlling the way we react to the world. Using meditation, we will set an intention for our practice. Using our breath, we will let go of what is standing in our way. Using movement and visualization, we will call in our highest good.

Sacred Bonfire Circle Blessing Community Ritual - Heidi, Brian, Jessica, Tegan, and Nick

Come open the Sacred Bonfire Circle in our community ritual. Come prepared to be blessed and prepared to participate. We can't wait to create magic with you!

Sacred Bonfire Circle Blessing Ritual Planning - Heidi, Brian, Jessica, Tegan, and Nick

Please come join the bonfire crew as they prepare for the ritual. You can take part as a physical manifestation of the energy we will be building. Bring costumes, instruments, and lots of ideas! Dancers, chanters, and drummers should also attend the ritual planning; we need you!

Sacred Bonfire Circle Community Meet and Greet - Heidi, Brian, Jessica, Tegan, and Nick,

Ecstasy through music, dance, and fire, both inside a fire ring and in the spinning of fire - now that's what we're talking about! If you are a Sacred Bonfire Circle audience member, Fire Tender, Drummer, Chanter, Dancer, Fire Spinner, or Spotter, come find out how things work at Sacred Bonfire Circle. We'll help you find your way to drum, dance, sing, spin fire, play, and participate in any and all things Sacred Bonfire Circle related. Join the conversation; meet friends, old and new, as we begin our week of laughter, joy, and release around the fire together. Welcome to the Sacred Bonfire Circle!

Sacred Bonfire Circle Safety Class - Heidi, Brian, Jessica, Tegan, and Nick,

All participants at the Sacred Bonfire Circle are part of a community. That community is responsible for keeping each other safe and monitoring each other respectfully with safety always top of mind. This includes Sacred Bonfire Circle audience members, Fire Tenders, Drummers, Chanters, Dancers, Fire Spinners, and Spotters. If you plan to participate at the Sacred Bonfire Circle in any of these community roles, please attend this safety class. You must complete this course and be banded to spin fire. The class will cover the principal values of the Sacred Bonfire Circle and the tenets that must be followed to keep our community safe and well. You must be over 12 to attend. A legal guardian must accompany all participants under the 18. Wear fire-safe clothing!

The Sacred Female - Andrea Steele

This workshop will be a Native American teaching and talking circle regarding the Divine female, traditional sisterhood, and rituals of the divine female sacred to the Santee Sioux and Winnebago Ho-Chunk people. Subjects discussed will include menses, rituals, foods, ribbon skirt making, and why they are so prominent today. If we have time, I may also share some traditional Native ghost/creature stories. Two-spirit/transgender people are welcome, and any men interested in learning are welcome.

Sacred Hunt Orientation Meeting - Sacred Hunt Coordinating Team

This is the orientation meeting for the Sacred Hunt Ritual. The hunters, villagers, and drummers will learn more about the specific mysteries associated with their respective roles. The orientation is MANDATORY to participate in the Sacred Hunt Ritual.

Sacred Hunt Postmortem - Sacred Hunt Coordinating Team

This is the debriefing meeting that takes place on the day after the Sacred Hunt ritual. Here, all participants in the Sacred Hunt will be able to share their stories, perceptions, and feelings about the ritual, and more importantly, to process and integrate their experiences. Many participants have expressed that the ritual is not complete until the end of this meeting, which deepened their understanding of what has occurred. All participants, no matter your part, should plan to attend.

Sacred Hunt Ritual - Sacred Hunt Coordinating Team

This is an ecstatic ritual with an alchemical melding of the work of the Villagers (Yin), Hunters (Yang), and Drummers (Flux). It uses physical exertion, firelight, woodlands setting, and in-tense drumming to facilitate consciousness alteration for spiritual transformation. The Hunt can be a personal odyssey to overcome challenges to spiritual evolution, and eliminate toxic and unnecessary elements in one's life, or the quest for something integral to personal growth. Must attend prior orientation and post-mortem.

Seeds of Kindness - Sam

My hope for this workshop is that each participant would bring a packet of seeds; either herbs, food plants, or pollinator plants. Then we work together to divide the seeds and create great "garden starter kits" each participant can take home to use or donate to a local community garden. During the activity we would take time to discuss the spiritual relevance of planting seeds; both literal and figurative.

Seeing Ourselves: A Reflective Space for BIPOC - PLI (PLI) - Mel Pace

Join Mel in this BIPOC-centered space as we reflect on our experiences of being Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Pagan communities. Mel will share insights from her experience facilitating inclusive spaces, and we’ll discuss our challenges and hopes as BIPOC in a spiritual community. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 3, 5 and 9.

Shadow Work for Leaders: Why It's Important and How to Start - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Jewels

We all have skeletons in our closets that peek out from time to time. It’s important to deal with them, especially as leaders, so they do not interfere with our leadership. This workshop will define shadow work and give you a framework to begin your own journey as well as tips to avoid pitfalls. Nourishing our spirit is key to being a healthy leader. Please bring a notebook and writing instrument to help start your journey. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 6 and 13.

Silent Sustained Reading - Victoria Caine

Silent sustained reading (SSR) is a technique used to promote reading in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment. This meet and greet aims to provide an opportunity for teens and adults to practice SSR.

Social Justice Center Opening & Blessing - Rev. Jake and Nate

Come help us bless and open the Social Justice Center, and institute it as a place for love, equity, allyship and harmony. Put your energy into the space, help hang prayer flags, pick a pronoun button or other buttons, and help us launch our week celebrating unity, diversity, and justice!

Somatic Psychotherapy Skills with a Pagan Lens - PLI (PLI) - Andrea Mikonowicz LMFT

Stress and trauma are experienced in the body. Healing is also experienced in the body. Using elemental visualizations can reduce body sensation overwhelm. Learn 3 techniques to use to help regulate nervous system overwhelm. These tools can be blended into personal ritual and spell work.

Songwriters' Circle - Alane Brown and Jeff Hibshman of Pan Fried

Share your original songs and chants! We'll go around the circle and take turns performing music we've written. Pagan and Pagan-friendly material is suggested, but anything composed by the performer is fine. Please keep each song to under 5 minutes. You may get more than one turn, time permitting, so why not prepare several tunes? If you want to encourage singing along, you can bring handouts of lyrics. Let's celebrate the magical, musical creativity of Pagan folk. Audience members welcomed.

Speed dating - Laura aka Phoenix

Looking for a no pressure environment to get to know people? Well come on down. All are welcome regardless of gender or orientation. We'll pair off in a circle and get to know each other one on one. If you're paired with someone that is incompatible, so to speak, then you can just spend that five minutes making a new friend. I'll have conversation starters available to get the ball rolling, so come find love, friendship, and fun.

Spilling Tea With the Queens - Jesse and Shariff

Come hang out and ‘Spill the Tea’ at the Rainbow Center. Hot or iced tea is provided but bring your lunch. Talk about the beginning of your week, how things are going on in your life, or whatever you please! This is a place to decompress, so no ‘Shade’ is allowed unless it’s the kind that keeps you cool because the library is closed OFFICIALLY! Feel free to dress to the nines or come in drag if you like, but most importantly, come as you are!

The Spirit of Our Songs - S. J. Tucker, Lynda Millard, Ginger Doss, Renée Janski

S. J., Lynda, Ginger & Renée have written some of Pagan music’s most beloved songs. Tunes like "Firebird's Child", "Hymn to Herne", "Blessed Be", "Four Directions", "Amazon Warrior Princess", "Come Down", and "We Do Not Die" all have stories to them, as inspiring as the music itself! Join us as we take these powerful, magical songs out of their big, loud, familiar main-stage glamour and show you their vulnerable hearts (and our own) in an intimate workshop setting. Questions welcome!

Starlight Shopping Spree - All Merchants

Merchants - Shine your light! Villagers - Shop at booths that are staying open late into the night! Watch for special sales offered by some merchants! Perhaps our musicians will be roaming the streets singing and selling CDs! Come out and join the community for fun shopping under the stars and support our wonderful merchants!

Staying Centered for Young People - Bearwoman

We will be learning methods on how to self regulate, ground, and center through breathing through our feet or becoming a tree. We will also be creating an energy pouch to wear and hold on to when we are feeling uncomfortable, sad, mad, or need to be brave, and also to say thank you when we have a good day! Most of all we're going to have fun!!!! Adult present for children under 8 please! Or discuss with me. I am a Crone!!!

Story Time with The Next Witch and Friends - The Next Witch and Friends

The Next Witch will hold two evenings of a family, child-focused story time with fun other activities. During reading time, we will have available coloring for all ages. There will be a meet and greet, then ending with a mystical gnome/fairy Summer Solstice ritual for all children ages.

Summer Solstice Morning Ritual - Rev. Selena Fox & Others

Celebrate Summer Solstice Day with this community ritual honoring the Sacred Sun with invocations, chants, and meditation from a variety of spiritual traditions. This ceremony will also include energy workings for planetary healing and well-being.

Supporting Change In Ourselves and Others - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Jake

We all think we know what would be best for other people. And plenty of people have ideas about things we should change in our lives. But change for humans is often way harder than just deciding or having someone tell us something would be good for us! Change often goes in cycles, and our intrinsic motivation waxes and wanes. So how do we effectively support others to make changes they want or need in their lives, and harness motivation without engaging shame and resistance? This workshop explores the evidence-based clinical practice of Motivational Interviewing, and addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 6, 12 and 13.

Tai Chi With JJ - JJ ( Jeff James)

Join JJ for Tai Chi practice Monday thru Friday. We will be practicing the Lee Modified version of the Yang form of Tai Chi. JJ will teach the form and go over breathing and movements. Over the course of the week we will cover the first section of the form. This can be done as a stand-alone form in and of itself. Class content will be adjusted depending on the progression and experience of those attending. If you cannot make it everyday, join us when you can.

Take Your Space! - Rev. Char Bear

Come explore your authentic stage presence and personal magnetism through movement. Great for anyone who wants to improve their physical command of leading ritual or public storytelling.

The Techno Pagan Shareshop - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Eric Eldritch

While modern-age technology rapidly changes lives, people continue to find center and live as primal beings. The ancient world dreamt of the eons past and the modern age to come while today’s world reaches ahead and reaches back in time for meaning. This seminar asks you an essential question: Where do you stand in time? Where do you find inspiration for living your life today? We’ll explore the paradox of primal spirituality in a modern technological world. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 7 and 13.

Teen Center Meet and Greet - Piper

Come meet with the other teens at PSG and meet the coordinators! Parents are encouraged to attend as well. We will reconnect with those returning and meet the new teens and parents. We will talk about all the ideas and plans we have for this year's Teen Center and look for feedback from previous experiences.

Teen Center Party - Piper

It's Party Time! Let's come together to celebrate the wonderful acts of community service we did this week to earn our Pizza Party! Let's talk about what coming home to PSG means to us and how do we carry that energy and service throughout the year. And, let's make plans for next year! Join us!

The Power of Personal Story Out Loud - PLI (PLI) - Rev. Char Bear

Sitting around bonfires and telling each other stories out loud is one of the oldest human activities. Storytelling is an art that endures for a good reason. It is a featured art form in all Pagan traditions and rituals. The stories we tell help us make meaning. They shape our lives and reflect our culture back to itself. This participatory, interactive workshop will invite you to practice some techniques to enhance your impact as a storyteller. No performing experience is required. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 2, 5, and 6.

The Talent Show/Performer Rite of Passage - Susan Leabhart

Come participate in a truly wonderful display of talent and courage. Join us in the audience and clap and cheer in the most supportive way possible- or share your talents with PSG. Come and sing, play flute, dance, recite poetry, juggle, prestidigitate, tell jokes, or engage in artistic flag semaphore. You will never find a better place to share what you have. Amateurs of all stripes are invited and first-timers are celebrated. You must see Susan before the day of the show.

Therapeutic Communication for Community Support and Spiritual Care (PLI) - Spark Rohret

Being there for… Supporting people in our communities… often falls to leaders and ministers. Therapeutic communication is a collection of physical and verbal communication methods to support the well-being of people. Growing from the intersection of interpersonal and communication theories and used in the Nursing field, these are a range of techniques that include: active listening, seeking clarification, sequencing events, summarizing, and more. Learn and practice together. This workshop primarily addresses Circle Ministry Competencies 6 and 12.

Using music in magic - Louis Garou

A short intro about my Appalachian roots. How I grew to incorporate my music into my magical practice. We will talk about vibrations, sing a few silly but magical songs(spells), and talk about the interrelationship of sounds, words, and spells.

Vibrational Cord Cutting Sound Bath - Spring Adams

Powerful vibrational healing begins with meditation to become centered and grounded, followed with vibrational clearing of your aura using a practitioners bowl. A shaman's gong will be used on each person, cutting unwanted energetic cords with vibrations, ending with vibrations from a singing bell, washing over each person to calm and cleanse their energetic field. You may experience feeling calmer, lighter, awake, reflective or emotional.

Warrior Blessing Ritual - Rev. David & Gail Sassman

Join us as we celebrate the 16th Anniversary of the "Pentacle Quest Success" as we honor all who are serving, and have served, in the military and First Responders.

Warrior Coffee - Chris

This is an opportunity to have some coffee and create the community for warriors to be with warriors. Veterans, active military, first responders, and healthcare professionals welcome.

The Witches' Sabbath: History and Folklore - Kelden

Grab your broomsticks and pitchforks and come along for an exciting journey to the infamous Witches' Sabbath. In this workshop, we will be traveling back in time to examine and explore the varied historical and folkloric roots of the Sabbath. From the depths of the past, we will then follow threads back to the present, witnessing how the many disparate threads of Witchlore became interwoven to form modern interpretations of the Sabbath.

Women's Ritual - Jasmine

Welcome to all women and people who identify as women and those exploring their femininity. Throughout our lives, we move from cycle to cycle, sometimes edging back and jumping forward, skipping, and revisiting. Ending. Beginning. In this ritual, we celebrate the cycles of life and death…. the phases of maiden, mother, crone….and every nuance and expression in between, inside, and outside these roles. You walk in the company of those who have gone before, those who will come after, and those who hold space at the moment. Together we slip into darkness, to endings, and into light, to beginnings, always held in a circle of women. We let go, we hold on, we mourn, and we celebrate tonight.

Young People Rite of Passage (YPRoP) Community Ritual - Rev. Jake, Nate, Tori, Kim, Asgrim, and Blake

All PSG community members are invited to attend this final ritual to celebrate, honor, and support our Young People! The final ritual for the YPRoP will be on Thursday at 11:30 am. Together, let's usher the next generation of resilient, imaginative, and vibrant young adults into our incredible community!

Young People Rite of Passage (YPRoP) Orientation Meeting - Rev. Jake, Nate, Tori, Kim, Asgrim, and Blake

YPRoP is a four-day program to recognize, support, and honor those who are exiting childhood and entering adolescence as young adults. All participants must be aged 12-15 and be mature enough to commit to program content and requirements. Older youth who did not previously have a chance to do a YPRoP may be included if they wish. All candidates are also required to bring an adult support person, parent, or guardian to the mandatory orientation meeting.