Merchant List

PSG 2023 Merchant List

merchant rowEvery year at PSG, a wide array of Pagan merchants offer the best in festival and spiritual goods: clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, magical tools, candles, soaps, books, decor and more.  Our featured musicians are also on hand, with their music, merchandise and fan apparel!

The merchants listed below are vending this year at PSG, and would also appreciate your support year-round!

WillowRootSoaps -- Willow, of SCHAUMBURG, IL
Email: kristengongola@gmail.comWebsite: 

Magical Soaps, Body Butters, Shampoo Bars, Deodorant, Beard Oil, Room Sprays, Salves, Shower Steamers

Tye Die Mama -- Frank Brent, of PARAGOULD, AR
Email: silverotter@icloud.comWebsite: https:// 

Visit Tie Dye Mama for the very best selection of hand tye-dyed garments and sundries.

Ginagles -- Ginagles, of ROCKFORD, IL
Email: ginaruthe@gmail.comWebsite: https:// 

Coin belts, clothing from India, tapestries, bags, and chair massage.

Magpie's Moon -- Kiki, of BRASELTON, GA
Email: Kyddryn@aol.comWebsite: https:// 

Sarongs and sarong clothing (including plus sizes), cool ties, rune readings, incense and burners, a variety of prayer flags, wooden keepsake boxes, chalices, banners, glow sticks, some children’s toys, hand crocheted items, candle lanterns, tumbled stone bracelets, bumper stickers and buttons, artistic note cards, and various hand quilted items.

Sweetwater Pottery -- Susan, of MANSFIELD, MO
Email: sminyard1@gmail.comWebsite: https:// 

Handmade pottery decorated with natural themes.

Meren King Music -- Meren King, of OCALA, FL
Email: merenwentari@gmail.comWebsite: 

Music CDs and gently used/reconditioned clothing

Pan Fried -- Alane, of ALBUQUERQUE, NM
Email: alane.muse@gmail.comWebsite: 

Pan Fried is a Pagan band. We're a tasty duo cooked up by Aly Brown and Jeff Hibshman. We will be selling music and related merch. -- Starr RavenHawk, of BROOKLYN, NY
Email: charmedbystarr@hotmail.comWebsite: https:// 

Specialty-made candles, Oils, Altar Kits, Pagan Gift items, Spell Kits.  • Incense and candles for your home as well as magickal rituals and spells. • Herbal supplies, herbal teas, tinctures, • Spell amulets and talismans for your magickal crafts • Crystals and gemstones for energy and crystal healing. • And much, much more! Check us out at and items from our Mercari Site

Spellsinger -- Beltana Spellsinger, of Elk Creek, MO
Email: venusbeltana2000@gmail.comWebsite: 
Visit Beltana on music row to peruse her many musical offerings including SONA, Red Album, and self-titled CDs as well as gourd rattles and shakers. She will also offer some trinkets and small, inexpensive camping items such as lights/lanterns, tapestries, and sarongs.
Mystic Embers -- Mystic River, of CANBY, MN
Email: soara.blacktiger@gmail.comWebsite: https:// 

Mystic Embers offers crocheted goods such as stuffies, shawls/ hip wraps, and bags as well as art and surrealistic photographic prints.

Elfieā€™s Hand Creations of FORT WAYNE, IN
Email: arwencourtney@yahoo.comWebsite: https:// 

Handmade plus-size tie dye items including shirts, skirts, socks, bandanas, tapestries and more. Crafts by other artisans from Three Rivers Pagan. Be on the lookout for gnomes!

Spiral Rhythm -- Kira, of REX, GA
Email: spiralrhythm@yahoo.comWebsite: 

Spiral Rhythm offers band merchandise as well as instruments, art, hand painted, and hand made items by band members. Band CD's, T-shirts and stickers, art by Jon Skoglund, drums and other musical instruments, hand painted tambourines, handmade talismans, jewelry, and instrument bags. ***Stop by and pick up our new release Thinkin’ of You!***

FairyBrook of Lyons, WI
Email: leigh@fairybrook.comWebsite: 

FairyBrook offers ritual tools like tarot, candles, pendulums, boxes, bottles, wands and more. Between our handmade offerings of our in-house artists & curated collections, we will help you find treasures that ignite your spirit & delight your soul.

Phoenyx Feathers -- Phoenix, of North Pekin, IL
Email: proudwitch33@gmail.comWebsite: 

Phoenyx Feathers sells unique and eye-catching wands, paintings, jewelry, wall decoration, coasters, phone grips, keychains and other art. We will also be offering Tarot readings and henna tattoos.

The Goblin Trader of MEDWAY, OH
Email: thegoblintrader@yahoo.comWebsite: 

Jeff and Kate hand make treasures such as sketchbooks, journals, BoS, sculptures and other curiosities. We offer many giftable items, such as mini scrolls, bookmarks and small selection of "traded" items including quills and inks.

S. J. Tucker Music/Muses on the Road -- S. J. Tucker or Sooj Tucker, of PERRY, AR
Email: sjtuckermusic@gmail.comWebsite: 

Music and related goodies by S. J. Tucker, Ginger Doss, Lynda Millard, and Renée Janski including stickers, patches, books, physical CDs, art prints, photo prints, paper ephemera, and handmade witchy items such as incense blends, charms, pendants, suncatchers, and more!

Drum Medic -- Angie/Drum Mama, of Hudson, Florida
Email: a.drum.medic@gmail.comWebsite: https:// 

As the Drum Medic, my specialty is to bring the voices of the internal spirit out. I help with repairs, restorations and custom builds of drums and some other instruments. If you are wanting to redress your drum in new colors, I will have a full contingent of my ropes with me to give you the best options available. There are many ways to rope a drum. We will go over all of that. If interested in learning how to build, I will offer some classes as well on how to build and repair drums.

Krista Chapman Green Music -- Krista Chapman Green, of BISMARCK, AR
Email: chapmankrista8@gmail.comWebsite: https:// 

Come on in and sit a spell, chat with the amazing musician Krista Chapman Green. Check out her music and treasures.

Louis Garou Music -- Louis Garou, of BISMARCK, AR
Email: lsgarou@gmail.comWebsite: https:// 

Stop in and visit with Louis and hear about his Dark Americana music, and his beloved Appalachia — and likely listen to him strumming his guitar. Don't forget to check out his CD's while you're there!

Author Kelden Mercury -- Kelden Mercury, of ,
Email: keldenmercury@gmail.comWebsite: 

Kelden is the author of The Crooked Path: An Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft, The Witches' Sabbath: An Exploration of History, Folklore, and Modern Practice, and All Them Witches: A Witch's Handbook to Magical Resistance, and This Witch magazine. Come sit and chat and listen to him play his ukulele!

Spiral Spells -- Maevyn Stone, of SELMA, IN
Email: Maevynstone@gmail.comWebsite: https:// 

Come shop for handcrafted flower crowns, ceremonial headdresses, mystical clothing, ritual besoms (brooms), dried floral/herbal burn/smudge bundles, gemstones, Maevyn Stone music & merch, Prairie Creek Sirens music & merch!

Rhonda Alin, Northern New Jersey Tarot -- Rhonda Alin, of ,
Email: rhonda@northernnewjerseytarot.comWebsite: 

Rhonda Alin Northern New Jersey Tarot offers Tarot, Oracle, and Charm readings as well as tarot journals, spread cloths, bags, and tapestries for purchase.

Unleash the Goddess of ,

Unleash the Goddess is a traveling geek boutique specializing in handcrafted jewelry, men and women's clothing, and plus sizes. Our booth is an amalgamation of steampunk, gothic, bellydance, renaissance, pagan, hippy/yoga, geeky clothing and accessories that help attendees further immerse themselves at festivals and conventions through costuming, whether it is for ritual, cosplay, gift-giving or self-love.

Simple Natural Apothecary of JONESBORO, AR
Email: kennatimmons@me.comWebsite: 

We have a variety of natural holistic care products, ritual tools and magick items, crystals, rocks, candles, jewelry, rainbow makers, industrial cooling towels for the heat, tapestries, various natural remedies for different ailments, handmade essential oil blends, a variety of handmade wooden items such as cups and bowls, and natural personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and body wash.