2022 Workshops

PSG 2022 Workshops

Every year, PSG presents a wide array of workshops, rituals and more by Circle ministers and community members.  Workshops marked with (PLI) are part of the Pagan Leadership Institute, a long-standing PSG tradition providing training and guidance to Pagan ministers and community leaders.  PLI workshops are open to all.

All approved workshops for PSG 2022 are shown below.

All Gender Ritual - Everyone's Welcome Ritual - Dree and Nate

For this year’s All-Gender Ritual, we will seek deeper understandings of balance, reaching inward and outward. Through mindfulness, movement, music, and visualization, we’ll explore how striving for balance can help us cultivate what we want to flourish, in ourselves and our communities.

Amethyst Circle Party - Zan and Debby

Who says you can’t have a fun party without alcohol? Join us Friday night for fun and frivolity. We will be playing a special Bingo Game with a PSG Twist. We also play cards, board games, chat, tell bad puns and have been known to play Cards Against Humanity on occasion. Bring your own non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. Come to the sober side...we have chocolate!

Annual PSG Gnome Exchange - The Roaming Gnome

Open to All Once again the Gnomes are returning to PSG. Bring your Gnome from previous years, or bring a new one to Gnome camp any time between Sunday and Friday. The Gnomes will hang out and share stories of what shenanigans they have been up to since we last gathered. Saturday, following Main Ritual, return to Gnome camp and choose a different gnome than the one you brought to journey with you through the coming year.

Architecture and Design for the Contemplative Pagan - Nick Jacobson

Architecture is a multifaceted conglomeration of elements involving materials, methods, and meanings. We will discuss emerging ideas in sustainable design and configurations that serve as the actual object of direct and purposeful, meditative attention. This will also be an opportunity to share your planned and built projects. You will leave this workshop with ideas for sustainability and design inspiration aimed toward connecting with your site.

Arthur Hinds in Concert - Arthur Hinds

A performance by Arthur Hinds is an unforgettable experience, full of music, laughter, love, and magic. Blending stories from Celtic myth and legend with songs drawn not only from Celtic and American folk traditions but from his own inspiration, Arthur takes his listeners along on a spell-binding journey to other times and places and also into the universal human spirit. Arthur's storytelling has enthralled audiences of all ages, and he is an acclaimed singer-songwriter with a large following thanks to his years as a member of Georgia-based Celtic-American Folk-Rock band Emerald Rose. Arthur is a ritualist and led rituals for over 30 years.

Bardapalooza - All PSG Musicians

Once again, our wonderful and amazing musicians will join together for one spectacular concert! Come listen, watch, dance and celebrate our beloved musicians! It doesn’t get any better than this! A true highlight of PSG!

Beltana Spellsinger in Concert - Beltana Spellsinger

Beltana Spellsinger is a singer/songwriter/musician and entertainer/performing artist from the beautiful and haunting Ozark region of the deep Missouri hills. Beltana has been writing music and singing since she emerged from her chrysalis and into the World of Real. The trees and forests surrounding her home in Wolvenwold, along with love, passion, other arts, and music, the Gods and Goddesses and nature have all been her muses...her sources of inspiration for decades. With a folksy-rock sound, Bel sings Otherworldly tunes of Faery Lords, Princes, Gypsies, and Paupers at many Pagan and other celebrations and festivals. She has played solo and with other talented musicians and bands from the world over. A mother, musician, entertainer, massage therapist, and a poet, Beltana is full of the love and life and magic that inspire her on her Bardic path.

Button Making to Make the World a Better Place - Nate and Jake

Come to the Social Justice Center to make buttons and other art projects, and talk about ways that you show kindness and caring to yourself, other people, animals and the planet.

Caring for Sacred Land (PLI) - Selena Fox and Dennis Carpenter

Establishing, caring for and sustaining Sacred Land. Selena and Dennis share some of their learnings about Sacred Land stemming from forty years of experiences caring for Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, the 200 acre sacred Nature sanctuary in the Driftless biogregion of southwestern Wisconsin USA which is home for Circle Sanctuary, its Community, and its Nature Spirituality ministries.

Celestial Solstice Gala - Jesse and Cassandra

Come dance wild and free and revel with Glee! Outrageous and extravagant costumes are highly encouraged. Strictly BYOB, let’s have a fun and safe party. This is a 21+ only event: IDs will be checked! Starts after a brief intermission from the Homecoming Family Dance.

Ceremony of Remembrance for Our Beloved Dead - Rev. Selena and Others

As the wheel relentlessly turns; members of our PSG Community have crossed over the threshold to the Summerland. This is a ceremony to remember them together as we speak their names, honor their memory, and say goodbye as a community. Please bring photos, mementos, shakers, and rattles.

Circle Sanctuary Ministers & Ministry Students Meeting - Rev. Selena and Others

This meeting is for Circle Sanctuary Ministers and for those who are part of Circle Sanctuary’s Ministers in Training program.

Circle Sanctuary Ordinations Ceremony - Circle Sanctuary Ministers

Support & celebrate the ordinations of new Circle Sanctuary Ministers: Dree Amandi and Grace Kilpatrick. Join us in community recognition of the ministers ordained during the pandemic who are present at this year's festival: Char Bear, Andrew Bear, Laura González, Jewels Russell, and Judith Seizys. All are welcome. Facilitated by Selena Fox and Circle Sanctuary Ministers.

Clan of Pyros Community Fire Blessing - Clan of Pyros

Join the Clan of Pyros as we ritually bless our clan and greater community! This is a community ritual – all are welcome! Are you a fire spinner? A fire spotter? A drummer? Bring your drums, props and/or your love of fire. All who intend to spin fire must already have taken one of the Sacred Bonfire Circle Fire Safety classes and be banded. Ritual to be followed by the presentation of the 2022 Clan of Pyros and an ecstatic performance!

Clan of Pyros Community Fire Blessing Planning Workshop - Clan of Pyros

Are you a fire spinner? A fire spotter? A drummer? Do you wish to participate in the Clan of Pyros Fire Blessing Ritual? Then you should be here!! This workshop is required for all spinners and spotters who wish to participate in the ritual. Ecstatic performance after the ritual does not require you to attend this workshop. However, ALL spinners and spotters must be banded through one of the Sacred Bonfire Circle Fire Safety classes to participate in the ritual or ecstatic performance.

Community Summer Solstice Ritual - Shining From Within - Rev. Shel, and Rev. Bo

We have come home to PSG to celebrate with each other. To embrace the spirit of community and to tend the sacred fires within each of us. Let all of the connections, learning, community building, rituals, and joy of the week converge into a ritual of personal transformation. As a group, we will use the motivational power of the sun to affect growth and positive change in our lives and the world around us. As with all magic, you will get out of it what you put in. This year's main ritual procession is going to be led by a parade of our PSG camps, groups, and families. We invite individuals, groups and camps to design, develop and build sun talismans, effigies, banners, or flags that embody the Sun while representing the unique sparks that the individual groups have to offer our tribe. These inspiring creations can be displayed at individual camps all week, shared during the Homecoming Parade mid-week, and if desired, entered into festival competition for awards and prizes! These displays will be used as part of the magickal workings of the ritual. In the conclusion, some can be burned as offerings in our main ritual if you choose. (Note: The Sun Offerings must be built with non-toxic materials and safe for burning. Please stay tuned to morning meetings and Facebook posts for more information and specifics about rules and guidelines for the Sun Offering construction. Please contact Rev Shel, Rev Bo or Lead Sacred Fire Tender, Brian if specific questions about acceptable materials/construction/size.

Comparative Religion: What It Is and Why It's Important (or should be) to Pagans (PLI) - Rev. Jewels Russell

We walk through a world that is full of many religions, some we know and some we've never heard of. But why is it important to know about them? Come sit a spell and talk in this interactive workshop with Rev. Jewels about religions of the world and learn what the catchphrase "comparative religion" means and why, as Pagans we should study other religions.

Connect with Nature to Enhance Personal and Climate Well-Being - Dennis Carpenter

Let’s deepen our relationship with the rest of the natural world to improve our well-being and strengthen our resolve to engage in eco-activism to address the climate crisis unfolding before our eyes. We will explore the urgency of the climate crisis, meditative techniques for deepening our connections with Nature, the impact of such experiences, and engage in a mindful Summer-time journey on the land that is home to this year’s PSG. Let’s Be Here Now Together in Nature at PSG!

Considerations for Transformative Overnight Rituals (PLI) - Amanda

Have you been aching to recreate the Transformation you experience at PSG at home? Want to have a Transformative overnight ritual, but not sure how to get started? This is the workshop for you. We’ll talk about some of the physical, spiritual and psychological preparations to make as you are planning such rituals, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Crone Temple of Wisdom Closing Ritual - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

All Crones are welcome and necessary for the final ceremony. We will release the Goddesses, elements, and energies that have embraced us throughout the week and celebrate our Sisters. After this ritual, our 2022 Class of Crones will have their gift exchange and we will all take down the Temple and pack it up for next year. Please bring snacks and beverages to share as we exchange contact information, laughs, hugs, and all manner of things.

Crone Temple of Wisdom Opening Ritual - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

All Crones are welcome to celebrate the wisdom of the Crone with the consecration of Sacred Space. We will call the Goddesses, elements, and energies to support us through the week by consecrating the Temple. Bring any item(s) you wish to place on/in the altar/Temple. We will decorate our Temple with acquired treasures of the past years. For all women who are interested in participating in this year’s Croning Ritual please come so that we may meet and welcome you into this year’s class.

Croning Rite of Passage Clearing/Healing Meditation - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

This meditation is for the Crone Class of 2022 and for any Crone who wishes to participate. Please bring a chair or a blanket to lay upon during the meditation.

Croning Rite of Passage Daily Preparations - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

The week of meetings, classes, sharing, healing, and creative endeavors are a required and necessary part of the ROP process. The women of the Crone Class of 2019 will be the focus of everything we do. All Crones are welcome to attend the daily meetings to offer support and friendship with their unique Wise Woman energy. Please bring a chair. Senior Women Only - identified as women who have not bled for 12 consecutive months or have reached a senior status in society.

Croning Rite of Passage Ritual - Rev. Ana and Rev. Judith

After an intense week of preparation women who have decided to move into the third phase of the Goddess will be welcomed into community. Please join us in welcoming the our new Crone Sisters as they start their journey. Please bring chairs, a loving heart and positive energy. The public’s gifting will occur after the Ritual is over.

Cultural Appropriation: Decolonizing Our Paganism (PLI) - Grace Kilpatrick

Paganism in the United States is predominately white. As such, white folks within paganism have a strong responsibility to ensure we are not contributing to the erasure of Black, Indigenous, or Persons of Color (BIPOC)'s cultures through our spiritual practices. Let’s discuss appropriation and cultural erasure vs. appreciation and cultural support, owning our part in each, and walking away with new ideas to be even better as we walk this path!

Cultural Humility: A Lifetime of Learning (PLI) - Rev. Jake

What is cultural humility? How is it different from being culturally competent? This workshop will offer an introduction to these concepts, and some basic points about how to cultivate cultural humility in yourself and any group you lead, so that your ministry and gatherings are truly sensitive, inclusive, welcoming and safe for a broad diversity of people.

Daily Centering Circle at Psyche’s Grotto - Rev. Chiron and Staff

Take a breath and find your center each day. Experience a variety of grounding and centering techniques to help you refresh yourself during the Gathering.

Daily Gender Liberation Check-in - Jake and Nate

This is a drop-in safe space for people of any and all genders and gender expressions to check in or chill out. We promise no one will gender you or profile how you present. You won’t have to explain yourself unless you want to. We can talk about gender, or not, but this is a space that is free of binary assumptions about gender, a place that believes that the gender binary constrains us all. We will have art supplies, snacks and whatever else we want to make of the space. Starts Tuesday!

Daily Pagans in Recovery Meeting - Zan and Debby

Daily Pagans in Recovery Meeting - with Debby and Zan 12-step meeting for Pagans in Recovery are held at NOON (feel free to bring lunch). Curious about AA or Al Anon or other 12-step programs? Join us!

Daily Tai Chi - with Jeff James (JJ) - JJ ( Jeff James)

Join JJ for Tai Chi practice Monday through Friday. We will be practicing the Lee Modified version of the Yang form of Tai Chi. JJ will teach the form and go over breathing and movements. Over the course of the week, we will cover the first section of the form. This can be done as stand-alone form in and of itself. Class contact will be adjusted depending on progression and experience of those attending. If you cannot make it every day, that is fine. Feel free to stop by when you can.

Dancing with Spiral Rhythm - Kira and Spiral Rhythm

Deepen your experience of our music with movement! We will sing, drum and learn the dance moves we use onstage and in ritual. We will embody the God and Goddess. Bring a drum or tambourine if you have one (some will be provided) or you can clap, wear bells, shake a shaker, etc. Most of the songs we use will be performed at our show and audience participation is encouraged! No experience necessary, different levels of mobility are included in dance (chair dance) options.

Daughters of the Dark Moon Annual Meeting (for current members) - Heather O, Sandy Foo, Colleen

We finally gather again, in person, we are alive! Let us celebrate one another! And let us talk about the past, present and future of this group. Any active members of DODM we *strongly* suggest you attend this meeting. We have much to discuss.

Death Rites and the Dying Person - Maya Ravensong

Interested in becoming a death doula? Want just a little knowledge of what happens to the body during active death and how to help the dying person? Want to discuss rituals and death rites? Then this workshop is for you. We will go through a mock ritual for a dying person taking into account the needs/wants of the people in attendance.

Decolonizing Organizations (PLI) - Marshall (Raven) Lyons

Join us as we discuss colonizer characteristics within organizational structures (institutions, agencies, corporations, businesses, etc.). Together we'll explore ways of understanding and recognizing ingrained aspects of discriminatory and dominance mentalities in our professional communities. Learn how to call others into the conversation and call out inappropriate and exclusionary dialogue or standards.

Dreaming Awake - Rev. Char Bear

Explore a sampling of techniques to help you to jump-start conscious dreaming, based on the teachings of respected dream teachers and spiritual leaders. Join this active workshop helping you to experience these techniques for connecting with spirit guides and launching waking dream journeys.

Ecstatic Dance in the Forest - Meren King

Come Dance with Us! What is Ecstatic Dance? It is a form of dance in which we abandon ourselves to the rhythm of the music, and move freely to wherever the music takes us, often leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy when all is danced and done. We will have a short introductory/centering circle before the dance itself begins, and we will dance for approximately 45 minutes to an hour, closing with another circle to complete our time together today.

Empathy Fatigue and the Practice of Compassion (PLI) - Rev. Andrew Bear

As Pagan leaders, we find ourselves providing spiritual care and counseling to people who are suffering from physical, mental, and/or spiritual distress. Some of us work in careers that place us in relationship to suffering on a regular or daily basis. Learning ways of working with the suffering of others is an important skill to have for self-care. There has been a lot written about “compassion fatigue.” Research and insights from affective neuroscience will be shared that reveals what we usually call “Compassion Fatigue” is actually “Empathy Fatigue.” Participants will learn how empathy and compassion affect our mind and nervous system and will be taught compassion practices that will help them be present with those who suffer without experiencing fatigue or burnout.

enCHANTment - Jasmine & Ambiaka

When we chant together, we vibrate together. Our hearts beat together. We move beyond the mind and embrace spirit. We will share chants that can be sung by everyone (vs. songs) with the intent of connection and an opportunity for all voices to be a part of the energy-raising. Everyone has a place in the circle.

enCHANTment: Singing It Into Our Bones - Ambiaka & Jasmine

As we near the end of our time together, how do we pull the experience into our voices? Our bodies? This enCHANTment will focus on embodying the sweetness of the week and taking it home. We will share chants that can be sung by everyone (vs. songs) with the intent of connection and an opportunity for all voices to be a part of the energy-raising. Everyone has a place in the circle.

Ethics/Boundaries in Ministerial and Community Leadership Work (PLI) - Rev. Shel Skau

The intention of the workshop is to solidify your understanding of professional codes of conduct, assist you in applying them to situations that happen in your communities, and increase your comfort in the role ethics, boundaries, and leadership responsibility has in the work you do for your community. All folks who are serious about self awareness, personal growth, and responsibility are welcome no matter their perceived ‘role’ in any community. This content will fit for both emerging leaders and those seeking continuing education.

Exploring Discrete States of Consciousness Through Audio Sessions - Chip Brown

Using headphones, audio equipment and specially recorded tapes and CDs provided by the presenter, we will explore discrete states of consciousness. These audio programs have been created by the Monroe Institute. This workshop takes an entire afternoon – two workshop sessions back-to-back. Total workshop time is approximately 4 hours. Pre-workshop sign-up is required; space is limited to 12 participants. See Info Center or Chip Brown for details. For Adults.

Faerie Shrine Opening - Jesse and Cassandra

The mobile Faerie Shrine returns again! We would like to invite anyone interested in our light, fun, and joyous ritual. We will lead a procession from the Rainbow Center to the location of the Faerie Shrine; along the path, we will lay offerings for the Fae. All are welcome to bring items for the Shrine to remain with the mobile shrine or just leave for the week. Those who wish to speak a part for the ritual are encouraged to contact Jesse or Cassandra at Rainbow Center.

Family Center Afternoon Free Play - Emily

Family Center Afternoon Free Play Monday - Saturday 3-430pm. Some toys, games, and craft materials will be provided. Feel free to bring your own! Parents must attend with their children (2-6) or identify another responsible adult or teen to attend the program with their child. Tweens (7 - 12) may attend programming on their own at the discretion of their parents.

Family Center Afternoon Programming - Emily

Family Center Afternoon Programming Monday - Saturday 1-230pm: Parents and children can expect a structured program at this time. Parents must attend with their children (2-6) or identify another responsible adult or teen to attend the program with their child. Tweens (7 - 12) may attend programming on their own at the discretion of their parents. Monday - Solstice Ground - Come on down to the Family Center for some movement & grounding activities. Ground yourself in this time and space. Feel the energy of the earth tickle your toes, stretch your body in a new yoga pose, and chase your new friends in a game of tag. Tuesday - Solstice Bubbles - Learn to breathe deep & use your breath and harness the breeze as we experiment with different bubble blowing methods. We’ll have a variety of materials for you to use. Let’s find out what makes the best bubbles! Wednesday - Solstice Sun - Celebrate the Solstice with some Sunshiny fun! Did you know the sun’s rays not only produce light but energy too? We’ll harness the sun’s cooking power by making a solar cooker. While our oven cooks up some tasty snacks, we’ll create solar art projects. Thursday - Solstice Water - Put on your swim gear or an outfit you don’t mind getting wet and let’s splash, throw and play with water. Perfect for cooling off and for some Summer Solstice fun! Friday - Solstice Spirit - Dancing & singing are great ways to show your spirit! Bring your shakers and percussion instruments and embrace your inner fire as we jam together at our very own dance party. Saturday - Solstice Magic - As our time together comes to a close, create a magical craft to remember your time at PSG with. We’ll have supplies for making your own gooey slime, jewelry, and/or nature dolls.

Family Center Blessing - Emily

Come and cast a circle with the PSG youth and open the Family Center for this year’s Gathering. All are invited to attend this center’s opening celebration. The Blessing will follow the Family Center orientation.

Family Center Morning Free Play - Emily

Family Center Freeplay 8am – 10am Monday - Saturday . Some toys, games, and craft materials will be provided. Feel free to bring your own! Parents must attend with their children (2-6) or identify another responsible adult or teen to attend the program with their child. Tweens (7 - 12) may attend programming on their own at the discretion of their parents.

Family Center Orientation - Emily

Attention all Families! Let’s all gather to discuss changes during the transition to our Family Center at the new venue! We will discuss rules, times, and expectations for this year’s Family Center.

Genres and Styles of Religious Rituals - Patrick Finney

Writing & performing religious rituals is, among other things, an art. As with literature, music, & other performing arts there are identifiable genres and styles of religious ritual. This workshop explores many of those styles and genres & how reflecting on fundamental intent (genre) relates to potential choice of style (language, structure and overall “vibe”) with an eye to giving ritual artists another tool to broaden & deepen their approach to creating effective & meaningful rites.

Geomancy: 16 Figures Hold the Answers - Dia

Geomancy is one of the world’s oldest divinatory systems that is practiced by Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, and more. This beginner’s workshop will expose you to the 16 figures, and the two charts used to interpret them. You will learn how to create the figures and complete the charts. Come learn a mystical art that has 1000 years of practitioners behind it and has risen from the Fertile Crescent.

Healing with Nature Communion - Selena Fox and Dennis Carpenter

Attune and commune with Nature. Learn some approaches that can be helpful in daily life to dispel stress, bring healing, enhance resilience, and improve health and well-being. Selena will share insights and techniques based on her decades of work with Nature therapy and Dennis will offer perspectives from his work in Nature mindfulness.

Homecoming Parade, Program & Family Dance - Selena, Dennis, Moonfeather Messina, Jesse and Cassandra

Our Friday night Homecoming Celebration kicks off with a Homecoming Parade! Follow the parade to the Main Stage, where we'll have a short program celebrating the culmination of our PSG Spirit Week! After the program, we will all follow the PSG Drum Major down to the Green Dragon for the Family Homecoming Dance. We encourage you to dress in homecoming attire from your generation and attend. After the dance, feel free to attend one of the many other after Homecoming activities going on!

How to Be a Good Ancestor (Walking our Talk as Earth-Loving Pagans) - Wendy Rule

What kind of world do we want to leave for the next generation? As active Pagans and Nature worshippers, we have a responsibility to act as ambassadors for Gaia. Join Australian Visionary Songstress and passionate Nature Lover Wendy Rule as she shares some simple life hacks and conscious choices that we can make to bring us into closer alignment with the Earth, with our bodies, and with Nature as a whole. No matter what our dietary or lifestyle choices are, a few simple tweaks and changes can have a big impact on our planetary footprint.

Introduction to Meditation - Ran Rainville

This workshop will be an introduction to a meditation technique called "Applied Universal Meditation" and is meant to basis which can be modified for personal use.

Krista Chapman Green in Concert - Krista Chapman Green

A native Texan, I finally found my forever home twelve years ago in the foothills of Arkansas. With that move, a huge shift started within me that there was no escaping and I am thankful for those changes every day. As a long time solitary practitioner of a nature based eclectic path, I found the healing spaces and places that fit the pieces of my soul back together like a puzzle. My two greatest loves, writing and music, began to flow together in the perpetual beauty of this place that is now home to my heart. I often picture the history of my life like a shattered mirror, and my songs are the stories of every broken shard. Every memory is one glinting piece of the whole, and like a kaleidoscope, all those broken pieces have been rearranged, creating beauty as the light shines through. My life and the lives of so many others that have touched me along the way are hidden here in the words and melodies of my songs. Stories of hope, despair, joy and love, with Those I follow and Those I am still learning so much about. Thank you for joining me on my journey, may you find comfort and laughter, strength and even tears in my songs, stories from a wandering heart...

Labyrinth - Rev. Jewels & Anaya

Labyrinth-Find Your Homecoming One path for releases and one path helps you draw, choose your own adventure and join the spiral’s thrall, in the center feel Homecoming’s call. Come walk the spiral path which will be created for the work you need to do. Whether it’s just a quiet contemplation or something deeper, from 10 pm to dawn the labyrinth will light your way

Lady Liberty League Annual Meeting - Rev. Selena Fox and Rev. Minerva

Join us for Lady Liberty League’s Annual Meeting.We will be discussing LLL’s activities, open cases, and future plans. Come if you have questions, concerns, issues, or curiosity. Hail Libertas!!

Late-Night Ribaldry Extravaganza! - Minerva, and Heather

This is an entertaining adult-only variety show! Ribaldry is that amusingly coarse or irreverent talk or behavior that we all enjoy. Bring your poetry, song, drag, dance, or other act to join in our medley of adult-only performances! Come to the morning meetings to find out how to audition to be a part of this new addition to late-night entertainment at PSG!

Laughter Magic - Aaron Covey

Join Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Aaron Covey for extended, unconditional Laughter combined with yogic breathing. Laughter games & exercises soon turn to authentic & contagious laughter. In this workshop, we'll use Laughter Yoga to find our center and share our energy with others, relieving stress and reminding us that feeling good can help others feel good as well. Laughter really IS the best medicine! No mat required. Wear comfortable loose clothing.

Lavender Luncheon - Jesse and Cassandra

Calling all LGBTQIA+, please join us at the Rainbow Center for an early afternoon meet and greet. Please bring your lunch, and get to know more of the queer community at PSG.

Leaving Less Trace on Mother Earth - Zan

As climate changes, it is important to learn methods of living which create less negative effect on our environment. We will look at the impact we in this gathering, make and go over ways we can Leave Less Trace.

Louis Garou in Concert - Louis Garou

For over forty years Louis Garou, has traveled the South, working, playing, writing and of course, always observing. Louis is always returning to the shadows of his beloved Appalachia. With his old guitar, he performs the Dark Americana, his music has evolved into, songs about love, revenge, and depression. Songs about people haunted and alone and sometimes people best left alone. Songs about beings who are not quite...people.

Lunar Magic - Wendy Rule

Join Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule for this ritual workshop in honor of our Lady Moon. Explore ways to harness the magical energy of the Moon as she moves through her phases and astrological signs, and deepen your connection with the cycles of Nature - both within and without. Throughout the workshop, Wendy will use guided meditation, visualization, and spellcraft to help us connect more deeply with the Moon. And of course, she’ll be sharing some of her favorite lunar-inspired songs.

Magenta Luncheon - Nate and Jake

This meet and greet is for anyone of trans* and/or intersex identity or experience, regardless of how you identify, including people who identify as genderqueer, agender, Two-Spirit or non-binary, people who express gender fluidity or gender non-conformity, etc., and for people who identify as questioning, or who are questioning their own gender identity. It is meant to be safe space for us build to community. (It’s not an education space for allies.) Bring your lunch and your awesome self!

Magic and Meditation Through Coloring - Susan Leabhart

Coloring and coloring books have become very popular in the last few years. This workshop is designed to allow you to experience the meditative benefits of coloring and to explore the ways to manifest magic through color and paper.

Magical Chant Sharing Workshop - Kerri

Magical Chant Sharing Come and chant with me! A long time member of Pagan band Spiral Rhythm, I’m offering an opportunity to create magic with music. We’ll learn songs and chants to enhance and create sacred space, raise energy, build power and release our intent into the Universe. We’ll share traditional and original pieces, and you’re welcome to bring something new for the community to learn. We may even craft something new in the moment with an eye for our musical community. 

Magical Gift Exchange - Judith

Join us for the annual spiritual gift exchange. Everyone taking part will give a gift and in return receive a gift. Bring a sacred item (such as a ritual tool, amulet, necklace, divinity statue, altarpiece or handmade ritual object) that has special meaning for you. Bless your gift and with it include your name and something about its significance. Wrap it in an opaque paper, cloth, or other covering.

Meet and Greet for Legal Professionals and Students - Chip Brown

Meet and greet for legal professionals and students to discuss sssues of mutual Interest as related to our Pagan community and tribe. Come join the discussion and sharing of ideas between like minded professionals.

Men's Rite of Passage - Derrick and Elijah

For all who identify as men 18+. This is a journey of discovery, looking within yourselves and to your community to help you on your path of growth. Be at morning meeting on Monday to put your name in for the lottery. Only five men will be chosen. Part 1 of our journey will involve a ritual bath, a journey meditation, and a group overnight camping. You will have to provide materials for your overnight needs (tent, drinking container, etc.). For Part 2 of our journey, the men will take part in a day of community service, a nighttime village walk, a walk through the community labyrinth, and The Ritual of Discovery. This will be a long day for our men, giving much of themselves to their community. Part 3 is the post-mortem for the Men’s Rite of Passage. We will come together one more time for the week to discuss our process and experience.

Men's Ritual “The Journey Beyond the Before Times” - Men’s Ritual co-led by Chris Eldridge, Rev. Eldritch, Rev. Bo and Ben

We’ve been away from each other for 2 years too long! We can finally celebrate within the great PSG homecoming! As brothers, we band together to affirm our journey apart and celebrate the path we walk together into the future.

Meren King in Concert - Meren King

Meren Edna Marie King is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist presently making Music in Ocala, Florida, USA. Born in Long Beach, California, Meren has been a traveler most of her life. From the West Coast to the East Coast and every US State in-between, Meren accompanied her parents as they worked with traveling circuses and sideshows during the first three years of her life, and then as a teen searching for her kith and kin she traveled even more extensively, and as an adult reaching into Canada and even across the pond to Europe. Meren has been a part of the Pagan communities in most of the places she has lived, and says that her faith contains a little bit of everything that she has seen and heard and read and experienced. Following no particular pathway or religion, her church is the wild places of the world, and her deities are all around her. Believing that we are all Energy, and everything is a part of everything else, she brings this sensibility to her music and stories, sharing her perspectives and beliefs with the world. Music and dance have always been a part of Meren's life, although it is just within the last 15 years that she has really pursued music as her Lifepath. With Phambly across the Globe and with many worldwide musical influences, Meren's songs and stories show you what is most dear to her heart: her Phambly, her Faith and her Hopes for Our World. From Folk to Blues to World Beat and more, the songs she sings and the stories she tells will take you on a journey of the mind and heart. Come on along and join her on her adventures across this twirling Earth.

Mexican Folk Magic (PLI) - Rev. Laura González

During this workshop, we'll explore the mesmerizing ways of the Mexican Folk Magic, a blend of Native philosophies of healing, religious practices, and the undeniable faith of Mexican people. From Maria Sabina to modern Mexican American Practices, superstition, and everything in between!

Midweek Level-Up - Marty, Sobu, and Lisa

We want to see all the new to PSG peeps and find out how your week is progressing. It will be a chance for you to meet a few more PSG veterans. We want to hear what you’ve liked so far, and what could have been more inclusive. Most importantly, we want to make sure you are meeting the people and doing the things. PSG can be an overwhelming experience. We’re hoping that a mid-week check-in will be a good time to help you make the most out of your week.

Morning Meeting - Rev. Dennis and Others

All PSG participants are encouraged to attend the daily Morning Meeting, where important announcements about schedule changes and other community concerns will be made, as well as musical performances, ritual instructions, and more! It’s the best way to keep yourself informed about what is going on at PSG, so please show up daily! PSG 2022 Homecoming Spirit Week Come to Morning Meeting dressed with the following: Monday: Silly Sunglasses Tuesday: Tie Dye Wednesday: Wild Hairdo Thursday: PSG T-Shirt Friday: Outrageous Hat Saturday: Pajamas

National Typewriter Day Typewriter Social - The Typewriter Tarts (Coelti + Kro)

It's National Typewriter Day, so join us for a Typewriter Social! The Typewriter Tarts will have a variety of manual typewriters available for play, poetry, spell-casting, note-making, memory-sharing, cathartic writing and general enchantment. Feel free to bring divination materials / ritual items along for writing inspiration. All ages welcome.

Necessity, Possibility, Persuasion (PLI) - Rev. Paul (Chiron) Larson

All people face the existential challenges of limitation. Stuff happens, yet to cope we find possibilities, then the work of persuasion begins to bring a new possibility into manifestation. The duty of community is to care for others and the ministers help guide the community through life’s transformations. Hope springs from capacity to see the possibilities of action, the work then begins and persuasion both internally in our own motivation, and communally in our ability to support others or seek support through communication. In Greek polytheism Ananke was the personification of necessity, what happens. Tyche, the goddess of fortune, luck, and possibility, and Peitho was the personification of persuasion. I will present a perspective on pastoral care based on these archetypal deities. They serve as guideposts in a sacred calling of healing, self or others.

Newbie's Drum Circle - Strider John

Primary audience: Drummers new to PSG, new to drumming, or new to both. All skill levels will be welcomed and encouraged to enter safe drumming space. We'll learn drum basics, simple techniques, and develop an ear for playing in a group. Our goals: To lower barriers for all to have fun, jam hard, share energy, connect with fellow percussionists, and expand the ranks of funky drummers for PSG and the world!

Nosh Up - Rev. Tristan and Zan

Bring your already made meal to the Main Stage area to dine with and discover all the wonderful people of PSG! Bring everything you need to eat, drink and a chair to sit on! Please pack your own trash back out! Come for some fun and to meet new friends!

Online Rituals - What's worked and what can be improved. - Chris Eldridge

We will discuss the experiences we've had during the past few years, as well as look further back as well as forward to see what we can do tomake the experience of Online more magical

Opening to Your Inner Creativity - Beltana Spellsinger

Blessings! At this workshop, we will introduce ourselves and talk about what kind of artistic or creative endeavors we would like to work on, and then engage in a mindful group guided-meditation, to help us open up to letting that inspiration take hold in our personal lives! Please do plan to bring a blanket, a yoga mat, or something comfortable to lie on, and a pillow and/or blanket, if you like! Plan to get comfortable, the guided meditation won't be too long, but we want you to enjoy it!

Other Witches: Witch as a Cross-Cultural Concept - Truly

The term 'witch' in the Neo-Pagan movement is hotly discussed but most often considered to a good and beneficial position to have. This contrasts starkly with how the idea of 'witches' and 'witchcraft' is most often taken up in Anthropological literature. We will look at different ways witches have been defined in Anthropology over time, as well as some examples of the role of the witch from other cultures, as recorded in the ethnographic record.

Our Climate Crisis - How We Can Affect Positive Change - Chip Brown, Charlotte Bear, Andrew Bear, Dennis Carpenter, and Selena Fox

A discussion of the global climate change situation, and what folks are doing and may do to affect positive change on a macro and micro level. Instructors: Chip Brown, Charlotte Bear, Andrew Bear, Dennis Carpenter, and Selena Fox. Audience of all ages - the ideas discussed are not just for adults!

Pagan Academic Circle Meet and Greet - Rev. Jewels

The Pagan Academic Circle supports academic research and presentations of Pagan topics. Join other academics to chat about current research and how we can help support current and future research.

Pagan Musicians on Pagan Music: A Panel by - Alane Crowomyn, Wendy Rule, Kiki Williamson and Louis Garou

Wendy Rule, Louis Garou & members of the bands Spiral Rhythm and Crow Women will share their experiences in creating pagan music. We'll talk about where we get song ideas, our process in producing our music, what it means to us to be pagan musicians, and the blog posts we've written on these topics. We'll also share ideas for how you can use our music in your spiritual practice. All of the panelists write about pagan music and magic for the Pagan Song blog, at www.pagansong.com.

Past Life Regression Techniques (PLI) - Rev Tristan

In this workshop I will discuss the techniques that I use, including the deep relaxation, post-hypnotic suggestions, safety, and returning to full consciousness. Past Life Regression can help to identify sticking points in our individual spiritual development, explain certain attractions and revulsions to many things, and be entertaining and enlightening.

Peer Counseling Trauma Survivors as Magical Practitioners (PLI) - Dia

This workshop will look at the recommended best practices for peer counseling trauma survivors and some of the energetic support that can be offered during those sessions. It will allow for the fact that most pagan leaders who face these situations want to support survivors through more than just talk but in an active doing. Energy work and other magickal practices open avenues of doing that empower survivors and assist them in dealing with the heavyweight of past trauma.

The Pelvic Floor in the New Core: Beyond Kegels - Marcee Murray King

If you have a pelvis, this one is for you--because this workshop is for everyBODY! Develop a new relationship with your pelvis and feel better in your body.This practice is a blending Hanna's groundbreaking somatic movement and yoga techniques. You will be glad you took this! Detailed instructions will be emailed to you after PSG.

Poly Pagans Meet and Greet - Cassandra and Jesse

Join us at The Rainbow Center for a meet and greet with the fellow polyamorous pagans in our community. All forms of polyamory are welcome, whether you are single or partnered. Bring a comfy chair to sit and chat with us!

PSG 2022 Closing Ritual - Rev. Selena Fox and Rev. MoonFeather

Ritual of thanksgiving and farewell for the beautiful, spiritual week we’ve had together. Ritual will include extinguishing of the Sacred Fire, releasing of the Wards, blessings of safe travel, and a token in celebration of PSG Community Spirit.

PSG 2022 Community Welcome - Selena, Dennis, Moonfeather, Messina and Chip

Includes introductions of Gathering staff, welcome to PSG newcomers, honoring of longtime PSG members, and a welcome message from staff of The Shrine Camp. This is also the time when camp-wide information is given as how trash is handled, emergency procedures, etc. Bring a chair and something to hydrate you. Wear your spirit bag and come dressed for the processional and ritual which follows.

PSG 2022 Newcomers Orientation - Messina

We’ll get together for a handy orientation designed to answer your questions, help you figure out where things are and how they work, and help you plan your week. Bring your PSG guidebook and a pen! A few Guardians may also join us to explain their role in the festival.

PSG 2022 Opening Ritual - Rev. Selena Fox and other Circle Ministers

The PSG Opening Ritual begins with the candlelight processional through the PSG village. The ritual includes a site blessing, honoring of the Divine forces, the setting of the Wards, and a welcoming in of Summer with the lighting of the Communities Sacred Fire with remains from the previous year’s ashes. Wear your spirit bag. Everyone is encouraged to attend. More information will be shared at our Community Welcome.

Psyche’s Grotto Blessing and Orientation - Rev. Chiron and Staff

Blessings of Psyche’s Grotto and orientation for volunteers interested in the center.

Psyche’s Grotto Closing Ritual - Rev. Chiron and Staff

Closing blessings of Psyche’s Grotto.

Rainbow Ritual - You Are Not Forgotten - Jesse and Cassandra

Join us for the first time in three years for a community healing ritual focusing on our queer youth who are currently in more danger than they have been in decades. We will say GAY and TRANS loudly and proudly and spread the energy of healing to the world as a whole.

Real Life Ghost Stories - Beltana Spellsinger

Real Life Ghost Stories I introduced this circle-in-the-round workshop several years ago at PSG, and people always seem to enjoy it, and have a great story! You can come and share, or just listen! At this gathering, we will be discussing our own personal experiences with life from the Other Side, in various forms of spiritual appearances. We will share stories that we have experienced, and listen to those of others, as we talk about what it means to be in touch with the other realms.

Rite of Passage into Sage - Jim Blechschmidt

The Sage program is for men over 55 years of age who are considering the transformation from an adult male to Sage, a man who is facing the latter years of life. We honor the time when a man reaches the point in his maturity where he’s taking a less active physical part but is still contributing as a valued teacher, mentor, and guide to young members of the tribe. This 5-day intensive program involves sharing our life experiences and how we can accept our new role.

Rite of Passage into Sage Ritual - Jim Blechschmidt

The Saging ritual celebrates the male elders of our community who wish to mark their passage to this important life stage.

Sacred Bonfire Circle Blessing Ritual Planning - Sacred Bonfire Circle Coordinators

Please come join the bonfire crew as they prepare for the ritual. You can take part as a physical manifestation of the energy we will be building. Bring costumes, instruments and lots of ideas! Dancers, Chanters, and Drummers should also attend the Ritual planning we need you!

Sacred Bonfire Circle Blessing Community Ritual - Sacred Bonfire Circle Coordinators

Come open the bonfire space in our community ritual. Come prepared to be blessed and prepared to participate. We can't wait to create magic with you!

Sacred Bonfire Circle Community Meet and Greet - Sacred Bonfire Circle Coordinators

Ecstasy through music, dance, and fire, both inside a fire ring and in the spinning of fire —now that’s what we’re talking about! If you are a Sacred Bonfire Circle audience member, Fire Tender, Drummer, Chanter, Dancer, Fire Spinner, or Spotter, come find out how things work at Sacred Bonfire Circle. We’ll help you find your way to drum, dance, sing, spin fire, play, and participate in any and all things Sacred Bonfire Circle-related. Join the conversation; meet friends, old and new, as we begin our week of laughter, joy, and release around the fire together. Welcome to the Sacred Bonfire Circle!

Sacred Bonfire Circle Safety Class - Fire Safety Coordinator Team

All participants at the Sacred Bonfire Circle are part of a community. That community is responsible for keeping each other safe and monitoring each other respectfully and with safety always top of mind. This includes Sacred Bonfire Circle audience members, Fire Tenders, Drummers, Chanters, Dancers, Fire Spinners, and Spotters. If you plan to participate at the Sacred Bonfire Circle in any of these community roles, please attend this safety class. You must complete this course and be banded to spin fire. The class will cover the principle values of the Sacred Bonfire Circle and the tenets that must be followed to keep our community safe and well. You must be over 12 to attend. A legal guardian must accompany all participants under the 18. Wear fire-safe clothing!

Sacred Circles: Circles of Community (PLI) - Rev. Selena Fox

PSG 2022 Ministers Intensive: Sacred Circles - Converging, Connecting, Creating & Caring for Community Sacred Circles: Circles of Community Working with Circle symbols, concepts, and spirit of place in nurturing Group Spirit and Community Identity.

Sacred Circles: Envisioned Circles (PLI) - Rev. Selena Fox

PSG 2022 Ministers Intensive: Sacred Circles - Converging, Connecting, Creating & Caring for Community Sacred Circles - Converging, Connecting, Creating & Caring for Community Sacred Circles: Envisioned Circles Guiding and caring for imaginatively created inner spaces for Community connection and support. Facilitating Community in cyberspace. Global Community networking and collaboration.

Sacred Circles: Group Process Circles (PLI) - Rev. Selena Fox

PSG 2022 Ministers Intensive: Sacred Circles - Converging, Connecting, Creating & Caring for Community Sacred Circles - Converging, Connecting, Creating & Caring for Community Sacred Circles: Group Process Circles Guiding group discussions, learnings, and transitions with Community Sharing Circles.

Sacred Circles: Ritual Circles (PLI) - Rev. Selena Fox

PSG 2022 Ministers Intensive: Sacred Circles - Converging, Connecting, Creating & Caring for Community Sacred Circles - Converging, Connecting, Creating & Caring for Community Sacred Circles: Ritual Circles Creating and facilitating face-to-face ceremonies for celebrating the cycles of Sun, Moon, and Life. Circle work with altars, chants, meditation, movement, and cones of power.

Sacred Hunt Orientation Meeting - Bo, Rilla, Jon, Caitlin, and Aegis

This is the orientation meeting for the Sacred Hunt Ritual, during which time Hunters, Villagers, and Drummers will learn more about the specific mysteries associated with their respective roles. The orientation is MANDATORY in order to participate in the Sacred Hunt Ritual.

Sacred Hunt Post Mortem - Bo, Rilla, Jon, Caitlin, and Aegis

This is the debriefing meeting that takes place on the day after the Sacred Hunt Ritual. Here all participants in the Sacred Hunt will be able to share their stories, perceptions, and feelings about the ritual, and more importantly, to process and integrate their experiences. Many participants have expressed that the ritual is not complete until the end of this meeting, which deepens their understanding of what has occurred. All participants, no matter your part, should plan to attend.

Sacred Hunt Ritual - Bo, Rilla, Jon, Caitlin, and Aegis

An ecstatic ritual with an alchemical melding of the work of the Villagers (Yin), Hunters (Yang), and Drummers (Flux). Utilizing physical exertion, firelight, woodlands setting, and intense drumming to facilitate consciousness alteration for spiritual transformation. The Hunt can be a personal odyssey to overcome challenges to spiritual evolution, eliminate toxic/ unnecessary elements in one’s life, or to the quest for something integral to personal growth. Must attend prior orientation and post-mortem.

Share your Poems - Rev. David C Sassman

Come and share Poems written to share your experience and /or excitement or frustration along your spiritual path. All forms of poetry are welcome from entry to experienced levels. Recordings and photos may be taken

Social Justice Center Opening and Blessing - Rev. Eldritch, Dree, Rev. Jake and Nate

Come help us bless and open the Social Justice Center, and institute it as a place for love, equity, allyship and harmony. Put your energy into the space, help hang prayer flags, pick a pronoun button or other buttons, and help us launch our week celebrating unity, diversity, and justice!

Solstice Connections - Rev. Shel Skau

Join in an international solstice connection. We will be spending a few moments connecting with the Summer Solstice energy while we connect energetically with our fellow Pagans in Australia who are celebrating the winter solstice. We will hold sacred space at the exact same time across the two hemispheres. While we represent the Oak King, they will be embedding the Holly King for a Solstice around the world moment.

Songwriters' Circle - Alane Crowomyn

Share your original songs and chants! We'll go around the circle and take turns performing music we've written. Pagan and pagan-friendly material is suggested, but anything composed by the performer is fine. Please keep each song to under 5 minutes. You may get more than one turn, time permitting, so why not prepare several tunes? If you want to encourage singing along, you can bring handouts of lyrics. Let's celebrate the magical, musical creativity of pagan folk. Audience members welcomed.

Spilling Tea with the Queens - Jesse and Cassandra

Come hang out and ‘Spill the Tea’ at the Rainbow Center. Hot or iced tea provided, but bring your lunch. Talk about the beginning of your week, things going on in your life, or whatever you please! This is a place to decompress, so no ‘Shade’ is allowed unless it’s the kind that keeps you cool, because the library is closed OFFICIALLY! Feel free to dress to the nines or come in drag if you like, but most importantly, come as you are!

Spinning Skill Share - Stephen and Megan James

No fire band required. Come share your spinning skills, learn something new, or just come and practice with others! Spinners of all skill levels are invited. If you've never touched a prop and don't know how to get started, that's okay! We will have practice poi available, and we encourage anyone to bring props they are comfortable sharing so we can all learn something new. This workshop will not include fire spinning. Come have fun and spin!

Spiral Rhythm in Concert - Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm is a group of friends that have been singing together for over two decades. They began singing at bonfires, gatherings, and festivals. Over time they have developed a unique sound complete with deep, multi-textured chants and explosive drums. Spiral Rhythm has evolved and changed, but their goal has always been the same-to raise the spirit through voice and song. The group features: Kerri Upton, Kiki Williamson, Ric Neyer, Jon Skoglund, Kira Lang & Richard Williamson A vast majority of our songs are original and all of our music is a co-creative effort. Spirit music, indeed!

Spiritual Burnout (PLI) - Grace Kilpatrick

Are you struggling with spiritual burnout, on top of everything else going on in the world? Leave behind abandoned practices that fill you with guilt and set aside the litany of "shoulds" to create a spiritual life that fills your cup rather than empties it. This workshop will delve into burnout and introduce a values-based recovery plan. Please bring a journal + writing implement as we brainstorm our personal values, complete an exercise to map our spiritual practices to those values, and then have open discussion on ways we can ensure full alignment with what enriches our hearts & souls.

Starlight Shopping Spree with all Merchants - Merchants

Merchants! Shine your light! Villagers! Shop at booths that are staying open late into the night! Watch for special sales offered by some merchants! Perhaps our musicians or chanters will be roaming the streets singing and selling CDs or our guest authors’ will be in the Author Tent selling their books! Come out and join the community fun shopping under the stars and support our wonderful merchants!

Stirring Your Inner Cauldron (PLI) - Rev. Char Bear

Energetic body work focused on drawing energy from the depths of the planet into your pelvic bowl, or inner cauldron, to move energy throughout your chakra system. Join this active workshop with a sense of exploration, play and fun to help stir things up!

Summer Solstice Morning Ritual - Selena Fox & Others

Celebrate Summer Solstice Day with this Community Ritual honoring the Sacred Sun with invocations, chants, and meditation from a variety of spiritual traditions. This Ceremony will also include energy workings for planetary healing and well-being.

SuperScrying: Leveraging the power of neuroscience to see - Nick Jacobson

Scrying is a powerful diagnostic tool for understanding your mind and the world around you. The mind captures and stores information in complex ways and by activating specific parts of the brain, we can connect to visual processing centers with control and intention. We will cover a series of exercises, from simple to complex, which activate your brain and unlock your natural ability to see. You will leave with a better understanding of the neurological mechanisms behind cerebral vision.

Sweat Lodge - Colleen Koziara, Dan Stewart and Zephyr

Lodges are intense ritual experiences. Attention is paid to appropriate preparation and manner of attendance for a successful outcome for all participants. Prayer and singing help keep the flow moving in the lodge as well as discipline and self-control during the ritual. Some heat tolerance is necessary, but the heat in the lodge is well controlled and not unduly uncomfortable. Open discussion and question and answer periods will be held before and after the lodges. All lodge days and times will be determined on-site and announced at Morning Meetings.

Sweat Lodge Workshop for Participants - Colleen Koziara, Dan Stewart and Zephyr

This workshop is for anyone interested in participating in Sweat Lodges at PSG. An overview of the Sweat Lodge Ritual will be presented. We will discuss what is expected of participants, the preparation process, and more, including a question and answer period. Anyone with an interest in learning about Sweat Lodges is encouraged to attend. Anyone with an interest in learning or assisting with Firetending or otherwise serving the Sweat Lodge Community should contact the facilitator afterward. Location to be determined on-site. Please attend Morning Meetings for updates.

The Talent Show/Performer Rite of Passage - Arthur Hinds

Come participate in a truly wonderful display of talent and courage. Join us in the audience and clap and cheer in the most supportive way possible- or share your talents with PSG. Come and sing, play flute, dance, recite poetry, juggle, prestidigitate, tell jokes, or engage in artistic flag semaphore. You will never find a better place to share what you have. Amateurs of all stripes are invited, and first timers are celebrated. You must see Arthur at his music tent before the day of show.

Teaching Paganism, Part 1: Children (PLI) - Liz Rohret

More people than ever want to raise their children in Pagan traditions. We will examine how children learn and how to tailor lessons to these dynamic learners.

Teaching Paganism, Part 2: Adults (PLI) - Liz Rohret

Adults around the world are seeking instruction about Paganism. We will discuss and practice how to meet their unique needs as learners.

Teen Center Meet and Greet - Piper

Come meet with the other teens at PSG and meet the coordinators! Parents are encouraged to attend as well. This meet and greet allows us to reconnect with those returning and to meet the new teens and parents. We will talk about all the ideas and plans we have for this year’s Teen Center and look for feedback from last year’s experiences.

Teen Party - Piper and Teen Coordinators

It’s Party Time! Let’s come together to celebrate the wonderful acts of community service we did this week to earn our Pizza Party! Let’s talk about what coming home to PSG means to us and how do we carry that energy and service throughout the year. And, let’s make plans for next year! Join us!

Voicing through the Chakras - Amy Dove, Blue Felisha Energetics

Get your energy moving through voice and movement. Learn to connect with each chakra and evaluate its health through a series of movements and vocal toning. Once we are all tuned up, let's combine our voices and energies to form a vortex of sound and intention!

Walking in Multiple Worlds (PLI) - Chip Brown

This workshop will cover my very diverse background, and how that diversity has defined who I am as a spiritual being and practitioner. The discussion will include: spirituality born from many cultures, ethnicities, ancestors, places, religions, and traditions

Warrior Blessing Ritual - Rev. David & Gail Sassman

The "Warrior Blessing Ritual" is a celebration honoring All those who have served in the Military and Frist Responders. During the ritual the Pagan Military Service Ribbon will be presented to those who have not yet received theirs

Warrior Coffee - Chris

Warrior Spirit Center coffee and community for warriors to be with warriors. I.E. Veterans, Active Military, First Responders, and Healthcare professionals

Wendy Rule in Concert - Wendy Rule

Blurring the line between music, theatre and ritual, Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule weaves her dark-ambient mystical songs along pathways of Magic and mythology. With her extraordinary voice and heartfelt lyrics, Wendy invites her audience on an immersive journey of depth and passion. Over the past 25 years, Wendy has released 11 studio albums and numerous side projects, and has toured the world extensively. Originally from Melbourne Australia, Wendy is now living in the beautiful High Desert town of Las Vegas, New Mexico, USA, with daily access to the wilderness that inspires her transformational work

What’s My Spell - Kerri Hirsch

What’s My Spell? Come and play with me. We will play What’s My Spell? in this fully interactive workshop, a game created by Jackie Smith of Coventry Creations. We will use randomly dealt cards depicting everyday and magical items to create imaginative, moving spells. If we have time and want to, we can play variations of the game individually and in a group. Join me for fun, innovative, magical play! Adults only, please.

Women’s Ritual - Heather & Jasmine

Welcome to The Women’s Ritual, welcome to all women and people that identify as women and those that are exploring their femininity. Join us to celebrate your strength, your beauty, and your worth. Know and learn that you are loved and beautiful. Know and learn that you are enough and you are ok. If you are differently-abled and need a chair for ritual, please bring one. Everyone will participate in this ritual, you will get more from it the more you put into it. Be prepared to celebrate with your voice and movement.

Young People Rite of Passage (YPRoP) Orientation Meeting - Rev. Jake, Nate, Dree, Kro, Tori, Kim, and Asgrim

YPRoP is a four-day program to recognize, support, and honor those who are exiting childhood and entering adolescence as young adults. All participants must be aged 12-15 and be mature enough to commit to program content and requirements. Older youth who did not previously have a chance to do a YPRoP may be included if they wish. All candidates are also required to bring an adult support person, parent, or guardian to the mandatory orientation meeting, Monday, following morning meeting, at 11:00 am at the Green Dragon Stage.

Young People Rite of Passage (YPRoP) Community Ritual - Rev. Jake, Dree, Kro, Tori, Kim, and Asgrim

All PSG community members are invited to attend this final ritual to celebrate, honor, and support our Young People! The final ritual for the YPRoP will be on Thursday at 11:30am. Together, let’s usher the next generation of resilient, imaginative, and vibrant young adults into our incredible community!