PSG 2021 Merchants

Community members who have signed up to be vendors at virtual PSG will be advertised during PSG on the Virtual PSG Facebook page. There is also a new PSG Merchants Facebook page where you can go and look at their wares, chat or leave messages for a merchant, and purchase wonderful Pagan goods!  The web address for the new PSG Merchants page is:

Arwen Courtney - Elfie’s Handmade Creations
Tie Dye for everyBODY! From youth size to adult 6XL as well as masks, bandanas and much more!

Gifts for Pagans - Jason Braun
Gifts for Pagans presents unique apparel, accessories, art, and home decor for everyone of an untamed Pagan heart. Troll and Ruebee offer everything from t-shirts, hats, and skirts to hooded blankets, car seat covers, and gifts for your beloved familiars. Visit our site to discover some truly unique treasures. Exclusive outlet for Troll’s Ritual Garb™ apparel brand!

Goblin Trader - Kate and Jeff James
The Goblin Trader crafts fine journals/sketchbooks that make a great Book of Shadows, family recipe book, family history book, or for other intent. Jeff also sculpts figurative forms with tribal themes. Throughout the year a selection of work is found at

Handcrafted by Heather - Heather Ockler
I create handmade clothing of high quality. I am theatre trained, so the clothing and capes I make are an investment and will last a long time. Current offerings are wrap pants, capes, “Magical Onesies” (a hybrid garment between a poncho, a tunic and a cape) and beaded necklaces. My capes are made from panne velvet and lined or from linen and lined in cotton. All capes have POCKETS and cape ties (cape ties take the weight of the cape off your neck and put it on your shoulders). Capes are fit to folks so they do not drag on the ground (that only looks good in the movies). I accept commissions for capes.

Marika Johanna LLC - Marika Johanna
I am an intuitive ceramic artist. My mission is to bring love and light to all who are guided toward my art. I incorporate only loving, positive energy and intentions into my hand-painted work. I have worked with ceramics for the past 4+ years, but I have been an artist my whole life. I came to my Pagan beliefs about 5+ years ago, and I have since learned that intertwining positive, magickal intent with my work is my true calling. I make everything from mugs and chalices to fairy houses, figurines, and incense burners. Everything I create is meant to bring a little magick and delight into your daily life.

WillowRootSoaps & Crafts - Kristen Gongola
I make handcrafted, earth conscious products with natural ingredients, which are responsibly collected and support sustainability. They clean and moisturize your skin without gimmicks. Biodegradable, waste free, compostable and are always shipped 100% recyclable packaging.  I make soaps that celebrate the old Pagan holidays, astrological signs, phases of the moon, the magic of trees and a lot of other fun themes.