PSG 2020 Merchant List

merchant rowEvery year at PSG, a wide array of Pagan merchants offer the best in festival and spiritual goods: clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, magical tools, candles, soaps, books, decor and more.  Our featured musicians are also on hand, with their music, merchandise and fan apparel!

PSG 2020 merchants will be posted once approved.

Unleash the Goddess -- Kerri/Sista Moon, of SUWANEE, GA
Email: Rainwytch@aol.comWebsite: 

So much fun stuff to make the Soul Smile! Unleash the Goddess is a traveling geek boutique specializing in handcrafted jewelry, men and women's clothing, and plus sizes. Our booth is an amalgamation of steampunk, gothic, bellydance, renaissance, pagan, hippie, geeky clothing and accessories that help attendees further immerse themselves at festivals and conventions through costuming, whether it is for ritual, cosplay or larping; gift-giving or self-love.

Passion Studios -- Heather, of Monona, WI
Email: redzcat@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Hand made and hand dyed (indigo and shibori) rayon wrap pants. Lace Dresses. Silk Sari Skirts. Hand made original Capes with pockets (!!), cape ties and fancy clasp. Hand made greeting cards in seasonal designs, each an original piece of art. Other fabulous miscellany. Most items in this booth are made by me! Passion Studios: because your passions are important. On Wednesday from 4-5pm at the Passion Studios booth, a show of clothing offered at the booth. A Pagan Fashion Show. Bring a chair to sit upon.

Magpie’s Moon -- Kiki, of BRASELTON, GA
Email: Kyddryn@aol.comWebsite: http:// 

Sarongs and sarong clothing, boxes, incense, cool ties, prayer flags and banners, chalices, greeting cards, bumper stickers, rune readings of an entirely untraditional sort, candle lanterns, small handmade bags, crocheted bowls, mortar and pestle sets, and a variety of handcrafted items. We are a safe space!

Serpentine Spiritual Arts of NASHVILLE, TN
Email: serpentinespiritalarts@gmail.comWebsite: 

Serpentine Spiritual Arts offers authentic, energetically potent creations that assist with manifestation. Jennifer Medway handcrafts unique, handmade Vodou, conjure, witchcraft, Santa Muerte, and ceremonial magick ritual tools, oils, bone and curio divination collections, blessed spirit jewelry and amulets, fixed candles, spell kits, and other occult supplies and folk art. Jennifer blesses and charges most items on altars through prayers and rituals and creates them during spirit feast days.

Rainbow Dragon Dreamz -- Mama Vic or Rev. Vic or Vic, of MAYFIELD, KY
Email: Labrysamazon@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Crystal's, minerals, jewelry, tumbled stones, tapestries, sarongs, drinking horns, toys, collectables, ritual items, gifts and lots more! Always something new and fun. We also host the Magic and Gaming area for young people from 8 to 800!! Under 8 years old only allowed with parent. Come see what's happening and what the kids learn here. Blessed Be!

S and K Originals -- Gaian Blue, of WAYNESVILLE, MO
Email: Klock07@hotmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Handmade jewelry and other eclectic items

Painted Caves Studio -- Stephanie, of EL DORADO, AR
Email: lessthan90sheep@gmail.comWebsite: 

My book "The Modern Totemist" is on animal totems. We also offer feather smudge fans; wood and bone blade athames (not sharp, not weapons); leather spirit medicine bags and pouches; beaded jewelry, antler and wood ritual rattles; crystal tipped wands; witch's cupboards (beginners supplies together in box, salt, sage, bell, small wand, etc); acrylic paintings and prints in my primitive, natural, cave art style.

The Goblin Trader -- Kate, of MEDWAY, OH
Email: ravenson@voyager.netWebsite: 

Jeff uses a traditional long stitch bind technique to create unique leather journals with embellishments such as wood burning, hand dying and stone work. Other handmade items include resin books, sculptures, other leather creations and treasures.

The Dragons Hoard of ALGONQUIN, IL
Email: Devries72@hotmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Purveyors of fine gems and minerals

FairyBrook LLC of DELAVAN, WI
Email: fairybrookdesigns@gmail.comWebsite: 

Come touch our hardwood! Our staves, wands, and runes are a must have. FairyBrook offers ritual tools including tarot, candles, incense, incense holders and more. Between our handmade offerings and imported items we will help you find treasures that ignite and delight your soul.

Elphie's Hand Creations -- Elphie, of FORT WAYNE, IN
Email: arwencourtney@yahoo.comWebsite: 

Cool tie dyes for everyone. From tapestries and pillowcases to t-shirts and skirts. Plenty of plus sizes available, limited smaller sizes. Find something to add color to your life!

Sweetwater Pottery of MANSFIELD, MO
Email: Sminyard1@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Hand thrown pottery

Wilde Emporium -- Matt, of MANSFIELD, MO
Email: Wildefabrications@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Ceramic instruments with a focus on flutes as well as other functional ceramic wares. Hand dug high quality quartz crystals(single points and clusters). Hand selected crystals wrapped into pendants and earrings(sterling and copper). A selection of organic 100% essential oils distilled locally. Hand harvested tree resin incense blended with tree resins from around the world, handmade ceramic charcoal holders and charcoals. Hand blended tinctures and teas from wild and cultivated sources.

Tie Dye Mama -- w’Otter Nymph, of PARAGOULD, AR
Email: wotternymph@tiedyemama.coWebsite: 

Sup, witches! Tie Dye Mama is back again this year with new SPINS on the tie dye you love. Not just t-shirts, we have a little of everything including comfy cotton dresses, jeans, bandanas, hand-painted moon phase, goddess and stag-wear, and maybe a few tapestries. We will have kids scavenger hunt and prizes for any youngsters who read and would enjoy it. What other surprises are in the booth? Youll just have to see for yourself. Happy Summer Solstice!

Shekinah Rhythm Instruments of SELMA, IN
Email: sdlange@sbcglobal.netWebsite: http:// 

Imported and Hand Made African Percussion Instruments: Djembe, Dun Duns, Ashicko, Krin, And Box drums and Box Drum building work shops. TKL- Drum Bags, Drum Straps, and Mud cloth Drum Hats, Drum Skins. This years offering is direct from Guinea west Africa, best Drum skins, World Class, Gorgeous Hand Carved Djembe Drums of Hari, Lenge, Duke, and Melina wood,..Come and Drum with us, and build a Drum !

Beltana's Massage & Music -- Beltana Spellsinger, of ELK CREEK, MO
Email: venusbeltana2000@gmail.comWebsite: 

Beltana Spellsinger is a licensed massage therapist specializing in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology, and energy-work modalities. She will also have her musical merchandise available for purchase at her booth, along with hand-crafted ethnic gourd musical instruments.

Meren King of ,
Email: merenwentari@gmail.comWebsite: 

Come visit Meren King on Music Row and pick up her latest CD, chat a while, listen to a song or two, and check out the hand-made wares she\'s brought along. Don\'t forget to see her at her Noon-time concert at the Coffee Shop, too! Check the Schedule for Showtime!

Wiccan Seminary -- Belladonna LaVeau, of INDEX, WA
Email: BELLA@ATCWICCA.ORGWebsite: http://WiccanSeminary.Edu 

Guest Presenters - Tarot Readings with Dusty Dionne and Belladonna LaVeau, Books, Educational Materials, Magical Tools, Blessed Artifacts and Religious Jewelry from Wiccan Seminary and the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

Flower of Liberty -- Maera Lynn Zawacki, of WATERTOWN, WI
Email: Jburke9595@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Polymer clay figures, mini alters, rune sets, hand sewn skirts in limited quantities.

The Enchanted Willow -- Bert, of TOPEKA, KS
Email: bertmck1@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Metaphysical supplies including incense (cone, stick, resin, backflow); candles; scented and essential oils; dried herbs and teas, smudge sticks, sweetgrass; tapestries, altar cloths, sarongs; artwork (statuary, prints); boxes; jewelry (hematite rings, sterling silver pagan pendants and chains); ritual tools (chalices, athames, wands, runes, tarot decks, scrying crystals).

Pagan Percussion of HONOR, MI
Email: sept955@yahoo.comWebsite: http:// 

Hand crafted drums and rhythm instruments for energy raising, ritual, or just for fun. Quieter instruments for apartments and shared spaces when a djembe just won't do! Handmade rune sets, drinking horns, wands and other altar items. Come see what we have been working on!

Bright Hawk Productions -- Bright Hawk, of Golden, CO
Email: brighthawkproductions@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Bright Hawk & Hollis Taylor offer CD's of Bright Hawk's music and stories. Bright Hawk Productions offers the book, "Divine Androgyne: A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People" by Hollis Taylor. They also offer personal handpan healings, tarot readings or personal medium readings. Hollis is a non-binary trauma-informed disaster trained personal life guide and available for private coaching.

Maevyn Stone -- Maevyn Stone, of SELMA, IN
Email: maevynstone@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

CDs, t-shirts, and merchandise of Maevyn's harp music

Louis Garou -- Louis Garou, of TELLICO PLAINS, TN
Email: lsgarou@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

My CDs and bracelets etc.

Wild Women of the Woods of BISMARCK, AR
Email: chapmankrista8@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Welcome to the world of Wild Women of the Woods, a collection of handcrafted Witchy Wares, including beautiful floral headpieces, jewelry, dollies, poppets and hand beaded Goddesses. Along side an array of beautiful upcycled clothing.

Sacred Gourdess of MINNEAPOLIS, MN
Email: lunawitch2000@yahoo.comWebsite: http:// 

Funky and ritual clothing, sarongs, and gourd rattles.

Thundersirens -- shaman Jay, of CHICAGO, IL
Email: simon@shamanjay.comWebsite: http:// 

We will be selling Thundersirens band merchandise including T-shirts, posters, and CD’s. We will also be selling handmade magical tools and jewelry, in addition to original art created by members of the band, and art prints.

Magickalwares of OSKALOOSA, IA
Email: csirovy@yahoo.comWebsite: 

We carry incense and burners, cauldrons, etched mirrors, resins, grapevine wreaths and much more. Stop on by!