PSG 2019 Merchant List

merchant rowEvery year at PSG, a wide array of Pagan merchants offer the best in festival and spiritual goods: clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, magical tools, candles, soaps, books, decor and more.  Our featured musicians are also on hand, with their music, merchandise and fan apparel!

Taldish Castle -- Shouting Mountain, of GENOA CITY, WI
Email: shoutingmountain@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.taldishcastle.com 

Real witch hats for real witches, tarot bags, Drums (djembes, ashikos, djun djuns), drum bags, drum straps, singing bowls

Unleash the Goddess -- Kerri, of SUWANEE, GA
Email: Rainwytch@aol.comWebsite: http://unleashthegoddess.net 

Handmade art and jewelry, ritual attire, Goddess size clothing, men’s clothing, kilts, cloaks, top hats and sooo much more!

Tie Dye Mama -- Wotter Nymph, of PARAGOULD, AR
Email: Wotternymph@tiedyemama.coWebsite: http://tiedyemama.co 

All your favorite tie-dyes in all your favorite styles, and some new surprises in store for you luna-tics and those who aren’t a tie-dye fan. We have t-shirts, dresses, pants and much more! Our specialty color-set process means your colors last and will not fade or run in the wash. Sizes from infant to 6X and ladies dresses to 3X. We’ve got you covered!

Wyrd Sistrs -- Maya Ravensong, of COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA
Email: mayaravensong@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Massage table and Energywork , Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Goddess Oracle readings, Rune Readings, Bodyart - Henna, Jagua, Glitter Tattoos , Original paintings and prints.

Sweetwater Pottery -- Susan, of MANSFIELD, MO
Email: sminyard1@gmail.comWebsite: http://Sweetwater-pottery.com 

Hand thrown pottery decorated with witchy motifs and snakes

Magpie's Moon -- Kiki, of BRASELTON, GA
Email: Kyddryn@aol.comWebsite: http:// 

We sell a variety of wooden boxes, prayer flags, incense and burners, small candles, chalices, evil eye charms,, and candle lanterns. We also carry hand made cool ties, harness pads, crocheted items, wood-burned kitchen tools, and a magpie’s trove I’ve hand crafted things. Tune reading available upon request.

Passion Studios -- Heather, of MONONA, WI
Email: redzcat@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Handmade, hand-stamped original greeting cards for muggles and pagans. Nature-themed cards. Also offering: gently used clothing and handmade clothing; possibly some capes; cloth dining napkins; hand-knit cotton washcloths; handmade beaded necklaces. Most all items are handmade and designed by me! Peace Out!

Pagan Percussion of HONOR, MI
Email: sept955@yahoo.comWebsite: http:// 

Hand crafted Spirit drums, and rattles from bone, feather, shells and more. Unique and one of a kind items crafted with energy and intent. 

7 White Raisins -- Jasper, of CLEVELAND, OH
Email: matthew@faircosa.comWebsite: https://www.etsy.com/shop/7WhiteRaisins?ref=shop_sugg%5Cr%5Cn%5Cr%5CnThanks 

This year, we are proud to offer, in collaboration with 7 White Raisins, a unique variety of hand-crafted items. Our wares include sculpy and beaded jewelry in a variety of patterns and pleasant colors to adorn your wrists, neck and earlobes. We offer handmade books and journals, including the ever popular 'Negative Notebook' to help you manage whatever life throws at you. Finally, we offer fine wooden pens, cutting boards, and bowls hand turned in Michigan from a variety of exotic hard woods.

WillowRoot Soaps -- Willow, of SCHAUMBURG, IL
Email: kristengongola@gmail.comWebsite: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WillowRootSoaps 
Handmade soaps and deodorants made with natural ingredients which are responsibly collected and support sustainability. Celebrate the old ways and a
connection with Earth. Also selling Earthly crafts, groovy recycled threads (clothes), oddities and uncommon goods + books, bobbles and art. 
Mike's Pottery -- Michael or Mike, of TIPTON, IA
Email: mbounk@iowatelecom.netWebsite: http:// 

We sell bowls, cups, plates, statues, incense burners that Mike has made himself. Most are decorated with religious symbols, including pentacles, yin/yang, Thor's Hammer, and more.

Hawkdancing Studio of CLEAR LAKE, WI
Email: talktous@hawkdancing.comWebsite: http://hawkdancing.com 

Hand Drums, djembes, rattles, and accessories. Hand made stoneware ritualware. Costuming, pan horns and Pagan silver jewelry.

The Goblin Trader of MEDWAY, OH
Email: Ravenson@voyager.netWebsite: http:// 

The Goblin Trader offers a selection of practical and spiritual items with tribal and mythic themes. Our wares have a emphasis on journals, sketchbooks and books suitable for a Book of Shadows. The shop also feature's original sculptures that Jeff "JJ" has created during the supply run. We hope some of the curiosities will connect with you and for and special gifts.

Allegra Willow Fine Art of MADISON, WI
Email: allegrawlarson@gmail.comWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/allegrawillowart/ 
Allegra Willow is an artist whose paintings are heavily influenced by nature and spirituality. Having been raised within the PSG community all her life, she uses Pagan symbolism in her visionary images to evoke a deeper connection with the Divine. At her booth you can find original acrylic paintings, archival-quality prints, stickers, and more.
Thundersirens (band) -- Jay, of CHICAGO, IL
Email: simon@shamanjay.comWebsite: http:// 

If you're a fan of the band known as "The Thundersirens," stop on by for unique merchandise that will help you get in touch with the spirit of your own inner Thundersiren. We have novelty knickknacks and tchotchkes that you won't find anywhere else!

Rune Readings & The Frugal Nomad -- J., of NAPERVILLE, IL
Email: getinspired@jcurrie.guruWebsite: http://www.jcurrie.guru 

Author & Psychic healer Jamie Damaschke uses her intuitive gifts together with a unique blend of Rune and Oracle card spreads to offer clarity on issues her clients may be facing. Holding the space for healing to occur, she allows the "Magic of the Runes" to become Manifest. Author & Spiritual Teacher J. Currie has hitchhiked around the world studying with masters of various traditions. He has compiled his secrets for sustainable and affordable long-term travel the book, The Frugal Nomad.

The Oracle Metaphysical Services -- Krista, of MAINEVILLE, OH
Email: KMagicNRGs@aol.comWebsite: http:// 

The Oracle Metaphysical Services is a full service, gift and pagan supply shop. We offer a large variety of items and also offer Professional Psychic Readings.

Elfie's Hand Creations of FORT WAYNE, IN
Email: arwencourtney@yahoo.comWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/ElfiesHandCreations/ 

Cool tie dyes for everyone. From tapestries and pillow cases to t-shirts and skirts. Plenty of plus sizes available, limited smaller sizes. Find something to add color to you life! Elfie’s is expanding! Hand made crafts from TRP Pagans will also be available.

Rainbow Dragon Dreamz -- Mama Vic, of Mayfield, Kentucky
Email: rainbowdragondreamz1313@gmail.comWebsite: http://rainbowdragondreamz.com 

Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry, Stones in many shapes (spheres, points, pendulums, tumbled, etc.). Over 100 different types of tumbled stones. Tapestries, Sarongs, Drinking Horns, Singing Bowls and other ritual items.

GoddessWare of MONTICELLO, KY
Email: Goddessrenata@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Unique collection of clothing, jewelry and accessories.

The Twin Dragons of ,
Email: Website: http:// 
Simple & Natural of PIGGOTT, AR
Email: kennatimmons@me.comWebsite: http:// 

I have handmade soaps, essential oil blends, herbs, tinctures, various natural care products and holistic care items. I also make essential oil blends for each chakra, meditation, and various crystal infused blends that are charged under the moon.

Caer Prisma -- Megan Cruz and Brian Phillips, of Oregon, Wisconsin
Email: caerprisma@gmail.comWebsite: http://caerprisma.indiemade.com 

Offering our own magical art, statues, jewelry, crystal sets, crafts, and more! Come sign up for our limited-spot Oracle card readings!

Raven's Nest Jewelry -- Kathy - Kath - Kat, of EAGLE, WI
Email: ceitlien@hotmail.comWebsite: http:// 

One of a kind Necklaces, earrings, bracelets using natural stones, shells, pearls, as well as glass and other beads. I can do some repair, and I do custom work. There may be suncatchers, drawstring bags, book marks, items designed by my whim or fancy.....

Sacred Gourdess -- Luna, of MINNEAPOLIS, MN
Email: lunawitch2000@yahoo.comWebsite: http:// 

We offer funky and fun clothing and ritual garb. We also have a large selection of sarongs.

Raven Moon Design -- PJ, of CLARKSTON, GA
Email: 3490@bellsouth.netWebsite: http:// 

Clothing of all types, hats, and sarongs.

Mother Moon -- Holly, of SAUGATUCK, MI
Email: mothermoon92@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

I'll bring books and some divination decks and tools, small statuary and other altar supplies like small cauldrons, altar cloths, herbs and wands. I also bring gemstones and crystals and lots of pagan jewelery.

Body and Sole Wellness, LLC of BATTLE CREEK, MI
Email: chakramom33@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Licensed Medical Massage Therapy, Certified Reflexology, Energy Work, and Reiki. Please stop in for an appointment. 

Grey School of Wizardry -- Oberon or OZ, of MARIETTA, GA
Email: Oberon@mcn.orgWebsite: http:// 

My own books, jewelry, posters, patches, and Gaea altar statues.

FairyBrook of DELAVAN, WI
Email: fairybrookdesigns@gmail.comWebsite: http://fairybrook.com 

We offer an assortment of ritual and metaphysical tools. Hand-carved staves, wood runes, custom on-site pyrography, engraved boxes, tarot, candles, tea light lanterns, handfasting cords, incense holders, and herbs for rituals or spells.

Mystic Willow World Creations -- Willow, of CUSTER, SD
Email: bmarchington@hotmail.comWebsite: http:// 

We will be selling things that have been made all over the world and by ourselves including handmade crocheted items, native beadwork, staffs, teeth, bones, claws, drinking horns, parasols, spell candles and pottery just to name a few! Stop on by and visit us and see what trinkets we've got from around the world and right here in our own backyard.

Three Silver Crows -- TerraLuna, of MOUNTAIN, WI
Email: loosepantsfarm@gmail.comWebsite: http:// www. ThreeSilverCrows.com 

Classic Spirals, Organic Geode Design, Psychedelic Symmetry, Bright & Muted Colors, We make handmade ICE DYED T-shirts, Dresses, Sarongs, Skirts, and Tops. Also available are a variety of scarves, bandanas, bags, home/camp decor and many TAPESTRIES to choose from. We have something for everyone from newborn onesies to XXXL Tees. There are many new things to find at ThreeSilverCrows this year!

Wildefabrications -- Matt, of MANSFIELD, MO
Email: Wildefabrications@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.com 

All of my goods are ethically hand harvested from nature with reverence respect and love. Hand dug quartz crystals , handmade jewelry, custom jewelry, some ceramic pieces, handmade incense, medicinal tinctures, various other handmade goods.

Ceramic Song -- Marston or Lady Mars, of Ashevile, North Carolina
Email: ceramicsong@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Ceramic Singing Bowls! Beautiful earthy harmonics similar to metal singing bowls. Goddess inspired pottery, curvy mugs with luscious symbols of mermaids, dancing trees, bees, dragons, triskels, herbs, moons and of course goddesses... all of it! Plus juicy sculpture. Come experience Marston Magic!