Merchant List

PSG 2017 Merchant List

merchant rowEvery year at PSG, a wide array of Pagan merchants offer the best in festival and spiritual goods: clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, magical tools, candles, soaps, books, decor and more.  Our featured musicians are also on hand, with their music, merchandise and fan apparel!

Twin Dragons -- Rowan, of WORDEN, IL
Email: pat.monroern@yahoo.comWebsite: http:// 

Crochet bottle holders, paracord bracelets, umberellas, embroidery items, barefoot sandals, and other hand crafted all age items.

Taldish Castle -- Shouting Mountain, of GENOA CITY, WI
Email: shoutingmountain@taldishcastle.comWebsite: 

Witch hats, mad hatter hats, Werewigs, Freedom Drums, singing bowls, tapestries, incense and burners, crystal balls, pendants and talismans, statuary, tarot cards and bags, books, Tragedy Anne Dolls.

FairyBrook of RACINE, WI
Email: fairybrookdesigns@gmail.comWebsite: 

We sell ritual tools such as wands, candles, candle holders, mortar and pestles, herbs, chalices, and cloaks. We also carry a variety of tarot cards and hand burned rune sets. Handmade handfasting cords are available in all colors of the rainbow. We also do custom wood burned boxes. Come see our selection of tea light lanterns!

Otherworld Caricatures of ENOLA, PA

Live caricatures, (cartoon portraits), and drawings.

Emporium Paganus -- Bruce, of RAPID CITY, MI

Emporium Paganus sells herbs, resins, mortar & pestle sets, Starwest essential oils, Triloka fragrance oils, AIRS incense, incense burners, besoms, statuary, African baskets, sunhats, fans, parasols, candles, hanging lamps, and so much more...

Wolf treasure of ST LOUIS, MO

Rocks, books, and magical tools.

Bear Soul Studio of LAKEWOOD, OH

Goddess art, magical tools, soul portraits and readings.

Rainbow Dragon Dreamz -- Mama Vic, of MAYFIELD, KY
Email: labrysamazon@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Crystals, minerals, jewelry, gift items, ritual items, magic cards and lots more!

The Repurposement -- Shel, of GENOA, IL
Email: shelb181818@hotmail.comWebsite: http:// 

The Repurposememnt offers wearable art perfect for work, family events, or an evening out. Bring your funky festival feel with you where ever you go. These, one of a kind, pieces have a corporate tribal feel that will fit in a variety of situations. In addition to clothing there are also other up cycled items available. For more details go to the, the Repuposment’s Facebook page or Pinterest board.

Pagan Percussion of HONOR, MI
Email: sept955@yahoo.comWebsite: http:// 

Hand crafted and one of a kind shaman drums, lap drums,  rattles, noise makers, drinking horns, walking sticks and many magical items. Come see what we have been working on for PSG this year!

Sacred Gourdess -- Luna, of MINNEAPOLIS, MN
Email: lunawitch2000@yahoo.comWebsite: http:// 

Gourd rattles and funky and festive clothing and ritual wear.

Magpie's Moon -- Kiki, of BRASELTON, GA
Email: Kyddryn@aol.comWebsite: http:// 

I sell a variety of items including cool ties, wooden boxes, candle lanterns, a small selection of incense, a variety of prayer flags, stainless steel chalices, a selection of children's toys, glow sticks, hand crafted jewelry, evil eye talismans, a selection of hand crafted items made by various artists and artisans, stickers and bumper stickers, greeting cards, and I do rune readings.

7 White Raisins -- Onyx, of GARFIELD HEIGHTS, OH
Email: Elysium_dream@yahoo.comWebsite: http:// 

7 White Raisins is a collective of artists each offering unique handmade items ranging from polymer clay fairy houses to negative notebooks, hand-turned pens, and tie-dye dresses.

Odyssey Craftworks, LLC -- Andross, of KANSAS CITY, MO
Email: au.mithros@gmail.comWebsite: 

We are casters and crafters of historically and mythically inspired jewelry. We create in pewter, bronze, silver, and gold, talisman and modern artifacts to support a multitude of paths. Fragrance oils and gemstone bottles are also amongst our wares. We invite you to begin your Odyssey with us.

Starlight Creations -- Star, of ST. CHARLES, IL
Email: star.tucker@hotmail.comWebsite: http:// 

I sell handcrafted jewelry using various mediums such as sterling silver, copper, gemstones, and leather. Some of my creations include crystal chakra jewelry, wire elf ears, belly beads, wish bracelets and necklaces, and glass pendants.

Mother Moon -- Holly, of SAUGATUCK, MI
Email: mothermoon92@gmaill.comWebsite: 

Books and divination tools, gemstones and crystals, metaphysical jewelry, small statuary and other altar supplies, herbs, incense, and other witchy novelties.

Email: goddessrenata@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

Unique clothing, jewelry and accessories. 

The Daily Bag -- Dragonfly, of LAKEWOOD, OH
Email: Arabelleromeo@gmail.comWebsite: http:// 

One of a kind bags made from upcycled materials, love and a little faerie magick.

Tie Dye Mama -- w'Otter Nymph, of PARAGOULD, AR
Email: wotternymph@tiedyemama.coWebsite: 

Tie Dye Mama loathes a vanilla, mundane EVERYTHING must be tie-dyed! Sure, we have t-shirts, but we also carry dresses, skirts, pants, underwear, socks, tank tops, long-sleeved gear, silk scarves and sarongs and all sorts of wild tie-dye madness. We believe that every body should have awesome tie-dye and try to carry something for everyone - from infant to 6X.