Photo / Video Policy

Photo / Video Policy

What can I take pictures of?

You may take still photos OR videos for your own personal remembrance, except:

  • No images of rituals, except from an unobtrusive distance and with advance permission of the ritual leader(s).
  • No nude photography.
  • You may only record workshops and concerts if given permission by the presenter/performer(s).
  • You must stop photographing upon request.
  • Do not use flash photography during rituals, or while people are in meditation (including the Labyrinth).
  • No drone photography without prior discussion with event staff.


How may I share pictures?

Limited-access social media (e.g. Facebook “friends-only” albums) is allowed if every reasonable effort is made to preserve the privacy (as Pagans) of everyone in the photos. 

If someone commonly posts photos of themselves in Pagan contexts, it’s understood that this person is comfortable being identified as Pagan, and their photo can be posted in a collection viewable only by your friends.  Double-check your privacy settings before posting any photos.  

Distribution via photo sharing sites (e.g. Facebook Public album, Instagram, Flickr, Imgur etc) is only allowed if you request and are given permission by all identifiable persons. Keep in mind that it may be easier to identify someone in a picture when viewed from a computer monitor than on a camera preview screen, cell phone or tablet.

You must take down publicly-posted images upon request.

Commercial, public blog, or third-party media use is allowed only with a written release.


What does "identifiable" mean?

Someone is "identifiable" if a friend or co-worker could identify someone in a still or video by appearance or by mannerism. Note that videos often make identification easier, so err on the side of caution. Note also that minors cannot legally consent to having their photo published: you must speak to their parent or legal guardian.


Will there be media or other special photographers?

There may be Circle archival photographers present, who will wear distinctive lanyards issued by Circle Sanctuary.  Photos taken by these photographers will be come part of Circle Sanctuary's permanent archive and may be used in Circle publications, and are subject to the rules above.  If you do not wish to appear in a photo, please let the photographer know and your wishes will be honored.

There may also be accredited reporters from Pagan media outlets, wearing lanyards issued by Circle Sanctuary.  These reporters will request written releases for their images, and are subject to the rules above.

If you feel that any photographer is behaving disrespectfully, please alert Messina and/or the Info Tent immediately.