Ministers' Intensive

Ministers' Training Intensive with Selena Fox

PSG 2017 Ministers' Training Intensive with Selena Fox

Celebrating Seasons: Creating & Guiding Group Seasonal Celebrations

4:45 - 6 pm, Monday through Friday

Workshops in this intensive will be held daily, in late afternoon, and will include presentations by Selena Fox, Senior Minister of Circle Sanctuary.  

The focus of this year's intensive is on creating & facilitating seasonal celebrations in group practice.  This year's intensive is open to:  (1) those in Circle Sanctuary's ministers training program & Circle Sanctuary ministers and (2) priestesses, priests, ministers, & clergy in training of other Pagan paths and organizations seeking to enhance knowledge and skills.


Monday: Celebrating Seasons: Sacred Times & Places
Considerations of location, timing, environmental factors, spiritual traditions, group size & diversity in designing & facilitating seasonal rites, traditions, & festivals. Incorporating myth and magic in developing a Wheel of the Year framework of eight Sabbats. Exploring other types of Pagan seasonal celebration patterns, including Full Moons. 

Tuesday: Celebrating Seasons: Folkways Old & New
Discovering and incorporating seasonal folk customs, myths, lore, symbols, and traditions from a variety of old Pagan cultures and religions into contemporary Sabbat rites and celebrations.  Resources to aid this work and exploration of ways to refreshen old traditions.

Wednesday: Celebrating Seasons: Equinoxes & Solstices
Working with chants, meditations, rites, symbols, lore and customs for celebrating the beginnings of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Developing complementary Summer and Winter Solstice Rites. Working with Tides and Balance dimensions of Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.

Thursday: Celebrating Seasons: Celtic Fire Festivals
Working with chants, meditations, rites, symbols, lore and customs for celebrating the midpoints of the four seasons.  Developing complementary rites for Beltane and Samhain and for Imbolc and Lughnassad. Working with Sacred Fires and Celtic imagery.

Friday: Celebrating Seasons: Evolving Pagan Culture & Community
Creating and facilitating seasonal rituals and celebrations to enrich and evolve Pagan culture as a whole as well as on-going Pagan groups, multi-tradition Pagan gatherings, and interfaith Ecospiritual events. Special considerations in working with seasonal celebrations globally, across generations, and in cyberspace. Resources for further study.