Ministers' Intensive

Ministers' Training Intensive with Selena Fox

Summer Solstice Altar 2021 SelenaElements of Nature & Spiritual Leadership

Ministry Training Intensive with Selena Fox
Pagan Leadership Institute at PSG 2023
4:45-6pm Monday through Thursday

This year’s intensive is open to Pagan leaders of many paths, as well as those studying to be leaders.

Monday: Divine Alignments
Developing and deepening spiritual relationships with the Elements of Nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.  Sacred Elements work with imagery, altars, invocations, meditations, and Nature communion experiences.

Tuesday: Healing Transformations
Developing and using Elements of Nature framework to assess and guide spiritual counseling and healing.  Creating wellness rituals for body (Earth), thoughts (Air), will (Fire), feelings (Water), and soul (Spirit).

Wednesday: Enhancing Life Passages
Sacred work with the Elements in facilitating rites of passages including birth, marriage, and death.  Selecting Elements symbols, words, and ritual actions for multicultural and interfaith Life Passages ceremonies.

Thursday: Resilient Activism
Creating and facilitating Elements encounters and meditations for care and renewal of self and others engaged in environmental preservation, religious freedom, social justice, and other activist endeavors for a better society and healthier planet.