Ministers' Intensive

Ministers' Training Intensive with Selena Fox

PSG 2018 Ministers' Training Intensive with Selena Fox

4:45 - 6 pm, Monday through Friday at Workshop Site #1


Life’s End Ministry series

By Rev. Selena Fox, Senior Minister of Circle Sanctuary & Director of Circle Cemetery


Talking about Death

Discussing death and afterlife with the dying and their loved ones. Assisting stress management during health decline. Death arrangements planning. Work with hospices and death midwifery. Support work within circles of knowing.


Life Review & Farewells

Assisting life recollecting, reminiscing, and reflecting. Gathering facts, stories, photos, and artifacts. Writing obituaries. Facilitating farewell conversations, bedside vigils, crossing over rites, and corpse blessings. Announcing a death.


Funerals & Memorials

Creating and conducting end of life ceremonies, including wakes, visitations, funerals, memorials, giveaways, and celebrations of life. Sequencing and scheduling memorial events. Venue considerations and professional interface.


Cemetery Rites

Creating and conducting full body burials, cremains scattering and burials, and memorial marker dedications. Assisting decision making on disposition of final remains options, cemetery choices, and marker selection. Natural burials & Green cemeteries.


Bereavement Support

Supporting grieving processes before death, at death, and after death.  Bereavement counseling and grief therapy. Resources for further study of Life’s End Ministry.