Merchanting at PSG

Merchanting at virtual PSG 2021

Calling all merchants and artisans!   PSG is being held on a private Facebook page this year with registration required to receive entry to the festival.  If you would like to vend you must register and be accepted as a merchant! Be sure to include a description of what you will be merchanting that is suitable for guidebook entry when you register.  The Merchant fee this year will be the donation of a raffle/silent auction item that you will submit a photo of, an estimated value of, and agree to ship the item to the winner at your cost once we've notified you that Circle has received payment.   There is also no tithe. 

When you register, please mention in the comments that you would like to be a Merchant and a coordinator will get in touch with you.

In return, your business will receive free advertising in our on-line program book and we will highlight your business individually during the event on the private PSG festival page.  You will receive access to a newly created PSG Merchant facebook page participants will be directed to where you will be able to list items, upload photographs, offer sales, etc. of your wares not only during PSG but year round as this page will remain open to the public after PSG.  

Once you have registered, you will be contacted by a coordinator with further details and instructions.  If you have questions about how this works prior to registering please email

As a reminder, there is absolutely no sale or bartering of food products, alcoholic beverages or beverages of any other kind, tobacco, tobacco products, and paraphernalia for tobacco use, firearms, other incendiary devices, and any other item prohibited by local, state, or federal laws governing the festival, even if that merchant has a valid permit for distributing or selling said products. There is absolutely no sale or bartering of tattoo, piercing, or other body modification services. Merchants and/or participants found selling or bartering these items will discontinue doing so, or risk expulsion from the festival. If you have questions or need more information about this, please contact the Circle office.