Merchanting at PSG

For a complete list of merchant guidelines and Merchant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) please click here.


PSG Raffle & Silent Auction

As always, PSG will include a raffle of magical items. Merchants are requested to donate an item to the PSG raffle. We are accepting donations of raffle items from merchants and other PSG participants. If you have a magical item that you would like to donate, please bring it to PSG with you. If you choose to do so, please include a business card or other information with the donation, so that we can advertise your booth during the raffle. If you would like us to mention whom the donation is from, include a business card or short written description with it. All proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit Circle Sanctuary's general operations fund.


The PSG Marketplace

The PSG Marketplace is a Pagan shopping area created within the PSG Town.  Merchanting at past PSGs has included an extravaganza of items, with merchants offering Pagan clothing, jewelry, pottery, drums and other musical instruments, Pagan books, music, and a wealth of ritual items, as well as services such as body work and Tarot readings.

Frontage area may only be used for vending. Those merchanting must provide their own lighting, tables, chairs, tarps, or other means of display. You may specify your preferred general location or requested placement by a certain vendor and we will attempt to place you in that general area but can make no guarantees. Earliest registrants will be given most preference, but note that we are not in a position to grant all requests. All merchants are asked to have a fire extinguisher in their merchant space.

There is absolutely no sale or bartering of food products, alcoholic beverages or beverages of any other kind, tobacco, tobacco products, and paraphernalia for tobacco use, firearms, other incendiary devices, and any other item prohibited by local, state, or federal laws governing the festival, even if that merchant has a valid Missouri permit for distributing or selling said products. There is absolutely no sale or bartering of tattoo, piercing, or other body modification services. Merchants and/or participants found selling or bartering these items will discontinue doing so, or risk expulsion from the festival. If you have questions or need more information about this, please contact the Circle office.

Camping sites are available behind these slots but there is no guarantee of size and levelness of the ground. If you are planning to leave a vehicle on-site you must request an on-site parking permit. Please be sure to indicate what type and size of vehicle you are requesting to leave near your merchant slot(s)/camping area. No RVs or 5th wheel campers are allowed in Merchant Row. All vendors must arrive by 7pm Monday night.

Be sure to include a description of what you will be merchanting, and it will be included as free advertising in the PSG Town Guide and on the website.

Note also that merchants and their staff are expected to participate in other aspects of Town life, including work shifts, and no permits will be issued to merchants who want to attend PSG just to sell products.