Media Guidelines

Media Guidelines

Pagan Media Accreditation

Any journalists and/or podcasters covering Pagan Spirit Gathering must be accredited by Circle Sanctuary by submitting a Pagan Media Accreditation request by May 31, 2023, and must be registered PSG attendees. Accredited journalists will be issued a press lanyard, which must be worn whenever acting in a journalistic capacity.

Note that members of the media must register as PSG attendees -- there is no free admission, as this is a church fundraiser.


Where may I conduct interviews or record podcasts?

You may conduct interviews anywhere on PSG grounds, provided you're wearing your press lanyard while doing the interview and that all precautions are taken to preserve the privacy of surrounding people who may not wish to consent to media exposure.


Where and how may I take still photos or videos for publication?

You may take images pursuant to the general PSG Photo Policy. You must wear your press lanyard while taking photos intended for publication, and must obtain signed releases from all subjects.


Why all the rules?

Many PSG Community members are not comfortable having media present. To protect their privacy, we ask that material meant for the general public be gathered in a place set aside for that purpose. As there will be journalists from several organizations present, we must also ensure fair access for all.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the revocation of press credentials and/or ejection from the Gathering, at the discretion of PSG management.


Questions / Comments?

Please feel free to contact the PSG management at