Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for PSG?

  • PSG registration will open in the weeks to come.  Registration must be in advance: no registrations will be accepted at the gate.

Can I attend PSG for less than a week? Is there a reduced admission rate or daily rates for partial attendance?

  • It is possible to attend PSG for less than a week, but there is no reduced registration contribution. From its beginning in 1980, PSG has been a create-and-live-in Community experience.  We encourage participants to help us create a Pagan Community through shared ritual, community volunteering, and other shared experiences over the 8-day length of the festival. By building such a community of like minds, a sense of safety and trust is created that can allow participants to totally immerse themselves in Pagan culture. From this experience of immersion and communal support, much of the magic of PSG arises, allowing participants the opportunity to experience a spiritual renewal. We therefore encourage participants to allow themselves the gift of attending the entire event.    

What if I don't yet know if I can attend? Can I register at the gate?

  • For planning and security purposes, we require all participants to pre-register. Please register by our final deadline.
    Registration is not allowed at the gate.

Is work exchange available? Are there discounts for seniors, unemployed, students, groups, etc.?

  • The only discounts we give are for early registration. Work exchange positions for PSG are few and fill quickly. Please email psg@circlesanctuary.org to inquire about any remaining availability. We usually have work exchange positions open at the festivals we sponsor in Wisconsin.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

  • Written cancellation requests received by May 31st will be refunded in late July minus half of the registration fee for processing. After May 31, there will be no refund requests granted.

When will I receive our registration packets, including a map to the site and the gate passes?

  • This depends on when you register. We usually do two large mailings of registration packets/gate passes to coincide with the registration deadlines. Please remember that it takes considerable time to process registrations, so if you want your registration materials early, or need your registration materials early because you are leaving early on summer travels to other events before attending PSG, please register early! Most packets will be mailed in May.


Programming Questions

Can I get a schedule of workshops, rituals, etc. before PSG starts?

  • Due to the hundreds of programming activities that need to be scheduled for the gathering, the exact schedule cannot be finalized until just before the Gathering starts. You will be given a Town Guide at the Information Tent during your check-in, which includes the event schedule and a wealth of other information about the Gathering.

How do I submit a ritual, rite of passage request, or program proposal for consideration?

  • A workshop submission form will be posted in the weeks to come.

I sent in a program proposal for this year's PSG. When will I know if it's been accepted so I can prepare?

  • Workshop submissions are reviewed in April, and you will be notified upon acceptance with plenty of time to prepare.

Do workshops or ritual presenters pay a registration fee or receive any type of credit?

  • PSG is a networking event with hundreds of programming events scheduled. Those who share their knowledge or skills through presenting workshops, rituals, or other programs do so in the interest of connecting with others of like mind as well as building and educating the Pagan Community.
    Programming does not count toward workshift credit.


Camping/Lodging Questions

What are the different camping sites?

  • The descriptions of the various special camp areas at PSG are listed on the website. If you are interested in camping in one of those areas (Quieter Area, Disability Camp, Drummer's Camp, Rainbow Center, Amethyst Circle), please so indicate on your registration form. The site is laid out with areas marked for general camping and there are areas of woods camping available. You will be given a map upon your arrival to PSG. Space in each area is allotted on a first come, first serve basis and is not guaranteed. You can not come on site early to set-up your camp and leave it there for the beginning of the festival.

Are camping spaces assigned? How can I be sure I can camp with my friend?

  • Camping spaces at PSG are not assigned for most people -- the exceptions being merchants, pre-paid electric RV spots, and those with pre-paid Disability Camp electrical service. Certain areas are reserved for certain purposes (such as the different types of camps mentioned above) but space within these areas and elsewhere are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I stay in a hotel and commute to the event?

  • Yes, you may -- but with some limitations.  The Gate is only open for entry during certain hours, and once you leave the site after-hours, you will not be allowed back in until the morning.  If it is at all workable for you, consider staying onsite: PSG night-time activities are not to be missed!

How does electrical service work?

Is a shuttle available from any nearby airport?  We will not be operating an airport shuttle this year.  However, we've looked up the following options for travel from the nearest airports:

  • USA EXPRESS AIRPORT SHUTTLE: The current round trip cost for one person for travel during normal shuttle times and advance reservations for Springfield to Waynesville is $490 and St. Louis to Waynesville is $262.  We highly recommend reserving 3-4 weeks in advance.  https://usaxonline.com
  • LIMO: St Louis to Ft Leonard Wood approx $250 https://stlshuttleservice.com
  • Greyhound:  Greyhound USA operates a bus from Springfield to Ft Leonard Wood twice daily. Tickets cost $15 - $22 and the journey takes 1h 30m.  Greyhound USA also operates a bus from St Louis to Ft Leonard Wood once daily. Tickets cost $20 - $28 and the journey takes about 2h 30m.
  • CAR RENTAL: Springfield to Waynesville approx $530/Saturday to Sunday (full festival), or St Louis to Waynesville approx $580/Saturday to Sunday - (full festival)

Can I camp in an RV, travel trailer, or pop-up?

  • Yes, absolutely! More details on RV parking will be released soon. The RV campground and RV slots located near the Shrine Building outside of the event site gate are not available for rent.
  • RVs may operate generators for personal electrical needs. RVs with generators will be parked in a dedicated area so as to not disturb other campers.


Food Questions

Are meals included in the PSG registration fee?

  • No, PSG participants provide their own meals, either by bringing cooking equipment and food for the duration of their stay, or by purchasing meals from the on-site vendors.

Can I make a fire at my campsite for cooking?

  • You may use any existing fire pits/rings but can not create new ones and you can not dig your own fire ring/pit. Most people who choose to cook their own meals at PSG bring a propane camp stove. Campfires are permitted in pre-existing rings or in above-ground apparatuses only.


Other Questions

Can I bring my dog or other pet?

  • Sorry, no pets or companion creatures are allowed. If you arrive at the gate with a pet, you will be turned away to find boarding.
  • For more information on service animal requirements, please click here.

What sorts of work shifts are available for the 4 hours of community service shifts required of each adult participant?

  • The complete list of community service shifts will be available at the Information Tent during registration. There are a wide variety of shifts available. Some are skilled positions and require previous training, such as for the first aid and the counseling center. If you have those skills you should indicate that on your registration form and you will be contacted. Other positions include: childcare, staffing the Information Tent, tiki torch filling and lighting, gate keeping, heralding, Teen Center, Tween Center, and more.

How do I become a part of the set-up / take-down crew?

  • To apply for the set-up/take-down crew you must be physically able to work long hours of lifting and tent set-up. You must be able to arrive two days before the event and stay one day after the event. Childcare and food service is not available during this time. You will also be required to assist with community service shifts opening day. If you are interested, you should apply early to psg@circlesanctuary.org. Those that have been on the crew previously are offered to return and others will be placed on a waiting list. You do not receive any reduction of registration fees, what you do receive is an opportunity to create our community from beginning to end.


Questions Still Not Answered?

If you have questions not answered above or elsewhere on this website, you can contact the Circle office at psg@circlesanctuary.org or at (608)924-2216 and leave a voice mail message. The office will be open for questions up until the end of the business day on the Monday before PSG, after which we will be closed in order to travel to the site for set-up.