Creating Community

Living & Working in a Pagan Town

As in past years, PSG's spiritual community will emerge as participants arrive, set up camp, meet and greet others, and create a Pagan Town together. The Sacred Fire will be lit during the Opening Ritual and will be kept burning throughout the Gathering to symbolize the Solstice Sun and Spirit of the PSG community. Participants may place items on the Community altar to be energized during the week.

In addition, everyone is encouraged to be part of the daily morning meetings, which feature announcements, musical performances, drumming, programming updates, and discussions. To support the PSG community, each adult participant is expected to spend at least four hours during the week helping with one or more of the jobs that need to be done, such as gatekeeping, childcare, first aid, information, heralding, and other tasks.

A variety of activities happen throughout the Gathering, a sampling of which are described in this brochure. Additional program proposals are welcome.

Upon check-in, participants will receive a Town Guide containing a full schedule of activities plus other PSG information.


Special Camps Within PSG

If you are interested in camping in one of these areas, please indicate this on your registration form. Space in each area is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis and is not guaranteed.

Amethyst Circle: A meeting and camping space for Pagans in recovery from alcoholism and other addictions. It is a clean and sober space with daily Pagan-oriented twelve step meetings and a campfire area for socializing.

Disability Camp: An encampment for those with mobility challenges, located within walking distance of portatoilets and food merchants. ritual/workshop areas and showers will be in other areas of camp. Note that an on-site shuttle will be running again this year, but may have a sporadic schedule. Anyone with severe challenges should bring a support person for help, as neither Circle nor the campground staff will be able to provide individual assistance. If you have severe mobility or other physical challenges, contact Circle before registering and by May 1 to see if the site can meet your needs. When you register, please indicate what you will be camping in (tent, RV, pop-up) and what size it is. If you need electricity for your medical equipment you must purchase electric at time of registration and camp in Disability Camp.

Drummer's Camp: Located near the Bonfire Circle for drummers, dancers, and any others who enjoy late night drumming.

Family Camp: A fun area for families with children to camp together!  Space is first come, first served.

Rainbow Center: An encampment with altar and commons to facilitate community-building and networking among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) attendees and their friends and supporters.

Quieter Area: This is a quieter camping area for those who prefer less noise after midnight. Absolute quiet cannot be guaranteed so be sure to bring your earplugs.