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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 05:22

PSG Food Plan

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NEW for this year -- Hannon's Camp America is providing a food plan, served buffet-style in the air-conditioned dining hall!  Food plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner starting on opening day (Sunday June 16) and offer vegetarian & gluten-free options.  pdfCLICK HERE for the complete menu (82kB .PDF)

Signup for PSG's food plan is CLOSED for PSG 2019.


Saturday, 23 February 2019 16:59

Bunkhouse Agreement

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Terms and Conditions of Bunkhouse Rental / Use

This agreement is between Circle Sanctuary Inc. and the Bunkhouse Renter(s)/Room Occupant(s).

  • Occupant(s) acknowledges that rental in the bunkhouse is for one bunk (upper and lower beds) for use for one (1) person during the gathering.  
  • Occupant(s) acknowledge that bunks and other furniture cannot be moved.
  • Occupant(s) acknowledges that there shall be no smoking or vaping inside the bunkhouse.  
  • Occupant(s) to supply their own bed linens and pillows.  
  • Occupant(s) acknowledge the bunkhouses are not locked and agree to provide their own means of protecting their valuables.
  • Occupant(s) shall not allow entry to the bunkhouses to general PSG participants – you must be a registered occupant(s) of the bunkhouse(s) for entry.   
  • Occupant(s) acknowledge that PSG/Circle Staff, PSG Safety/Guardians and Hannon’s Camp America Staff may enter the bunkhouses as necessary to carryout their responsibilities to Circle, Hannon’s Camp America and the Gathering.
  • Occupant(s) shall maintain bunkhouse in a good and clean condition and use bunkhouse only in a careful and lawful manner. 
  • Occupant(s) shall pay for repairs for any damages to the bunkhouse over and above normal wear and tear.  
  • Occupant(s) may utilize clothes line, clothes pins & tapestry for privacy within their bunk areas.  Occupant(s) may not attach nails, screws, tape, etc. to the walls of the bunkhouse.
  • Occupant(s) shall dispose of all waste material generated in the trash receptacles provided.  All trash from the bunkhouse should be removed at the end of the event and placed in the dumpster(s) provided.
  • Occupant(s) acknowledge quiet hours from 11pm-7am. 
  • Occupant(s) shall vacate the bunkhouse(s) by 6pm on closing Sunday, June 23.

The Occupant(s) shall hereby indemnify and hold harmless Circle Sanctuary, Inc. and Hannon’s Camp America against any and all claims of personal injury or property damage or loss arising from use of the bunkhouse(s), premises or property regardless of the nature of the accident, injury or loss. Occupant(s) expressly recognizes that any insurance for property damage or loss, or personal injury which Circle Sanctuary, Inc. or Hannon’s Camp America may maintain does not cover the Occupant(s).   


Tuesday, 08 December 2015 07:36

Guide for CPAP users

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psg evergreen logoWe recognize that some PSG attendees use CPAP machines, and that powering those devices is an important part of getting good rest.  Our current PSG site has very limited electric availability, so this guide will help you navigate your options.

Disclaimer: If in doubt, check with your CPAP manufacturer or your medical equipment supplier.  Don't do anything stupid with your expensive equipment!  And test everything before you leave home.


Power in Disability Camp

Electrical service in Disability Camp, near the center of the PSG site, is available by application only, for $20.  Space is a complicating factor: if you have anything larger than a tent, you may not be able to fit in Disability Camp -- RVs and travel trailers are not going to work there.


Battery Options

Whether you're camping in a larger unit like an RV or you just don't want to be tied down to the Disability Camp area, a battery-powered solution may be right for you.

The typical CPAP unit without a humidifier draws around 25 watts, and a humidifier & heated tube increases that to around 80 watts.  So, the first thing to consider when camping with a CPAP is to jettison the humidifier.  Southern Illinois in late June tends to be hot and humid, so this may not pose a problem for you.

Solutions from the CPAP manufacturers may be prohibitively expensive, such as this $670 option for a ResMed S9.  However, it may be more convenient to use a 12-volt converter -- either one from your CPAP vendor (example), or an inexpensive inverter.


How Much Battery Do I Need?

Batteries are rated in amp-hours (Ah): for example, a 10Ah battery will supply 10 amps for one hour, or one amp for ten hours.  So let's do some rough math:

  • A CPAP machine which needs 25 watts will, if powered by a 12-volt supply, need just over 2 amps.  Let's round that up to 2.5 amps to account for power loss in the converter.
  • Let's assume you get 8 hours of sleep every night, so 8 x 2.5 = 20Ah needed to get you through the night.  If you're running a humidifier, bump that up to 55Ah.


What Kind of Battery Should I Get?

Depends on how much you want to spend and how much hassle you're willing to deal with.  One convenient option would be a better-quality car jump starter unit, such as this one for around $150 which comes with a built-in charger.  Note that I have not found a jump starter for less than $150 which has a large enough battery -- do the research and don't buy something inadequate!

If you want to spend a little less, and have something that is safely sealed and won't leak, you could consider a sealed lead-acid battery for closer to $75.

If you want to spend less yet, or if you're running a humidifier -- and you don't mind lugging around a big battery which may spill acid if tipped -- then something like a group 24 deep-cycle / marine battery for around $60 will work.  One extra advantage of a big battery is that you'll get 2 or 3 nights out of a full charge.  Motorcycle or tractor batteries can work as well -- but keep in mind that if it weighs less than 20 pounds, it's probably not enough battery.


How Do I Charge My Battery?

There will be power available near the Info Tent and at the power pole behind the stage, and you can carry your battery there daily for charging.  If you do that, make sure to bring a battery charger!  A 10-amp charger like this one will top off one night's worth of use in about three hours.

Solar charging is also an option, though you do need to take care to buy a large enough one.  A 100-watt panel and a controller will, for about $150 and a little wiring, get you through both sunny and cloudy days.  The little 10-watt panels sold for charging cellphones and the like will never keep up, even under optimal conditions.


Other Questions?

If you'd like to discuss this further or talk over a specific setup, please feel free to contact Bob Paxton at


Friday, 04 December 2015 15:56

PSG 2019 Workshops

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Every year, PSG presents a wide array of workshops, rituals and more by featured presenters, Circle ministers, and community members.  All approved workshops for PSG 2019 are shown below.


#adulting a magickal life - Grace Kilpatrick

How do you do #allthethings and also leave time for #magick and #ritual and #livingyourbestlife? When you strike out on your own, do you have to give up your Paganism for work and school and all the rest? I don’t even feel like an adult! You are not alone, and these questions are not unique to your age group. Let’s talk about what successfully #adulting means to us, and create some strategies we can use to #slay! Come prepared with some questions or concerns so we can talk about RL examples.

Intended audience: Teens

'The Nature of Reality' Discussion Group - Krista Hanson

Ever experience a 'glitch' in the matrix, a 'time' slip or been aware of something just beyond your range of awareness? Ever wondered about the 'Nature of Reality'? Or thought about Dimensional Realities? You're not the only one! Let's get together and talk about it. This workshop will consist of both a lecture format and an opportunity for open discussion. Come join us for an interesting and lively discussion of philosophical/metaphysical topics.

Intended audience: Adults

2019 Annual Gnome Exchange - The Roaming Gnome and Friends

The stars have aligned and the Gnome Exchange is returning in 2019. Bring a gnome or other Fae creature with you. They will party throughout the week, then when you leave take a different companion with you to adventure with throughout the year.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

All-Gender Ritual: Calling Ourselves Back Together - Nate, Hedgehog, and Jake

Many of us have the feeling of having left parts of ourselves in other places and times of our lives – pieces that seemed too vulnerable to bring with us, pieces we saw as too weak or shameful, pieces we only knew how to find with a particular person or in a particular place that we no longer have access to, pieces we just lost track of along the way. Sometimes even a thing like joy can feel too delicate and tender to trust ourselves with, given our knowledge of pain and grief. In this ritual, we'll use art, music, movement, and story to draw in all the things we've learned or can learn, to sing back the pieces of ourselves we may have left behind, to call ourselves to wholeness. Anyone and everyone is welcome (if a child or tween is interested in coming, just come with a parent and talk to us first).

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Amethyst Circle Social, a Non-alcoholic Fun Fest! - Zan and Rev. Tristan

Who says you can't have a fun party without Alcohol? Join us Friday night for fun and frivolity. We play cards, board games, chat, tell bad puns and have been know to play Cards Against Humanity on occasion. Bring a non-alcoholic beverage, we will provide snacks. Come to the sober side...we have chocolate! For Adults and Teens. Friday at 9pm at the lighted pavillion near the bunk house.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Animal Tails Mundane and Magickal - Oberon Zell

Oberon and Morning Glory lived their 40 years together in the midst of a veritable zoo of animals, wild and domestic, mundane and magickal. They worked with Wildlife Rescue and Critter Care in wild animal rescue, rehabilitation and release. In addition to the usual cats, they shared their lives and homes with giant snakes (boas, pythons), lizards (iguana, tegu, bearded dragons), deer (Falene, Kira), a feral pig (Ankh-Ankh), several sweet possums (Participle, Raspberry, Able, Blossom), a great horned owl (Archimedes), a regal golden pheasant, adolescent green herons, liberated lab rats, Guinea pigs, weaselly ferrets, wascally wabbits, and most famously, authentic living Unicorns. Each of these were real characters, and Oberon will share some of their amusing stories

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Anise Hyssop; Bees & Birds Oh My! - Gail Sassman

Anise hyssop (agastache foeniculum) is the International Herb Society's "2019 Herb of the Year". This hardy perennial produces lovely lavender flowers all summer. Bees ,birds and other pollinators love their nectar. I will share history and lore, medicinal uses and recipes with you. I also hope to bring some plants from my garden.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Arthur Hinds and The Round Table in Concert - with Arthur Hinds and The Round Table

What do you get when you combine Arthur Hinds of Emerald Rose and years of solo Pagan music, with life long musician Amanda Neitz, with multi-instrumentalist Tyler Neitz of Tuatha Dea? You get Arthur Hinds and the Round Table! Come dance and sing with songs from their new CD, as well as old favorites!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime and Natural Magick - Tamara Von Forslun

Australia has been called by many ancient civilizations as "The First Place" and the Aboriginals are the oldest unbroken line of humans on the planet that have been on the Earth for over 60,000 years, with their Dreamtime rock-art creating the world's oldest art galleries. Dreamtime is the storytelling and Creation Myth of the world, the invisible within the visible, and the Magick of Nature. I hope to share this ancient secret knowledge and reveal how there Magick is alive and real.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Author Meet and Greet with Jason Mankey - Jason Mankey

Jason Mankey is a Wiccan-Witch who lives in Northern California with his wife, Ari, and two cats. He’s the author of Transformative Witchcraft: The Greater Mysteries, along with several books in The Witch’s Tools series. Jason is also the channel manager at Patheos Pagan and writes online at the blog Raise the Horns.​

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Author Meet and Greet with Kristoffer Hughes - Kristoffer Hughes

Kristoffer Hughes is a native Welsh speaker, born to a Welsh family in the mountains of Snowdonia, he is the Head of the Anglesey Druid Order and the award winning author of several books on Celtic mythology and Druidry. He is a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and is its 13th Mount Haemus Scholar. He frequently facilitates workshops and courses throughout the UK, Australasia and the USA, in addition to co-facilitating and managing the school of the Anglesey Druid Order. He works professionally for Her Majesty's Coroner service as an Autopsy Technologist and Bereavement Officer, and is a Welsh language television and stage actor. He lives on the Isle of Anglesey, the last stronghold of the ancient British Druids.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Author Meet and Greet with Lady Tamara Von Forslun - Lady Tamara Von Forslun

Affectionately named "The Witch of Oz" by Raymond Buckland in the early 80's. Tamara has been involved learning and teaching the Craft for over 50 years travelling the world and training in Traditional Covens, Hereditary Covens of Scotland and the Black Forest. Been Initiated and Ordained into an Alexandrian Coven working up to the level of High Priestess. Lived and trained in shamanism in Australia, Borneo and the Amazon Jungles, also been ordained as a Priestess into "The Fellowship of Isis" by Lady Olivia Durden-Robertson. Since her retirement in 2009, Tamara has focused her attentions on her family life and writing books, she has three homes, her Chateau in France, her farms in Tropical West Stowe-Queensland and Margaret River-Australia. Where she has solitude to write her memoirs and complete her years of training and teaching into her books. Lady Tamara is a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist specializing in rare Bush Medicines of the jungles of the world. Presently she has 4 books out: Complete Teachings of Wicca Book One � The Seeker Complete Teachings of Wicca Book Two � The Witch The Witches Coven � Tools and Activities Tarot Mysteries of Thoth � Initiation and Inner Alchemy She also has coming out soon her first Oracle deck and book: Oracles of the Divine Feminine � Goddess of 10,000 Names.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Author Meet and Greet with Oberon Zell - Oberon Zell

Oberon Zell ("The Wizard OZ") is a renowned Wizard and Elder in the worldwide magickal community. Oberon founded the first legal Pagan church (Church of All Worlds:, and through his publication of Green Egg magazine (1968-present), Oberon was instrumental in the coalescence of the modern Pagan movement. In 1970, he had a profound Vision of the Living Earth which he published as the earliest version of "The Gaea Thesis." In the 1980s, Oberon and his lifemate Morning Glory resurrected authentic living Unicorns, and led a diving expedition to New Guinea to solve the mystery of Mermaids. In 1990, MG coined the term "polyamory," and launched another significant movement. (MG died of cancer on May 13, 2014.) Oberon creates altar figurines and jewelry of Gods and Goddesses, mythical creatures, and magick symbols. He is the author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard; Creating Circles & Ceremonies; The Wizard & The Witch; and other books. He is also Headmaster of the online Grey School of Wizardry, which he founded in 2004 ( Oberon has appeared on numerous TV shows, and is the subject of a film documentary: The Wizard OZ (2017). He is currently on Walkabout, driving around the country to meet with people.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bardapalooza - All PSG Musicians

Once again, our wonderful and amazing musicians with join together for one spectacular concert! Come listen, watch, dance and celebrate our beloved musicians! It doesn't get any better than this! A true highlight of PSG!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Bast Cat Ritual - Jamie and Tami

Bast Cat Ritual, to honor Bast and the Sacred Cat. Meet at the Bast Cat Shrine. Join in the Bast Cat Procession to the Ritual Area. Dress up as a cat. Bring Drums, Shakers and bells. For all ages.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Body Art Therapy - Rev. Maya Ravensong

"BodyArt Therapy is the use of BodyArt with the goal of causing a positive change physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually through the application of art on the body in accordance with bodywork philosophy, knowledge, assessment, and skill. " BodyArt Therapy 1st edition In this 90 minute workshop we will be exploring the many ways art on the body can bring healing, the basics of henna and jagua and have some fun with glitter (eco-friendly) tattoos.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bonfire Blessing Community Ritual - with Bonfire Coordinators

A storm is coming and darkness is encroaching; as a community, we will join together in ecstatic ritual to bless and open this space, shining a light against those forces that would diminish us. Help us unleash a power that will last throughout the week and open this space for nightly rededication with our bodies in dance, rhythm, and spirit.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bonfire Blessing Ritual Planning - with Bonfire Coordinators

Come and share your creative gifts as we build the ritual to bless the ritual circle! Bring your costume ideas, your choreography, your favorite songs, and rhythms--this is your opportunity to the shine.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bonfire Community Meet and Greet - with Bonfire Coordinators

Ecstasy through music, dance, and fire - now that's what we're talking about! come find out how things work at Bonfire Scircle. We'll help you find your way to drum, dance, sing, spin fire, and play. Join the conversation; meet friends, old and new, as we begin our week o laughter, joy and release around the fire together. Welcome to the bonfire!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Braid and Be Merry! - Zephyr

Do you enjoy having your hair braided? Do you have a unique braid you want to show off? Bring your brushes and your hair so that we can weave our stories and magic from the many styles of the spiritual art of hair braiding.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bridging the Generations (PLI) - Eldritch, Stag

This workshop will go against the traditional model and start with a panel of young pagans (17 to 25 in age) looking for answers to questions, concerns, and subjects that are pertinent to their generation. Elders within the community will then be asked to provide answers, opinions, and experiences from a place of respect to the panel. This ongoing discussion may be part of the beginning of a spiritual mentor-ship between older experienced pagan and the latest generation seeking answers.

Intended audience: Adults

Brush and Bottle - Lisa Milakovich and Marty Townsend

Join us for a painting experience that will showcase your talent (or lack of talent – we don’t care – we’re just having fun!). We will bring the paints, brushes and canvasses. You bring your choice of beverage and snacks. We will have a painting as an example and will walk you through the process of creating your own interpretation of our masterpiece. There is a $10 fee for this workshop. Bring your own apron.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Building the Cone of Power: Magick in the Witch's Circle - Jason Mankey

Most Witchcraft books reference “building the cone of power” but what exactly is the cone of power and how do a group of Witches effectively build one together? Explore the ins and outs of raising energy, along with how to cast a powerful circle in order to create truly memorable and powerful ritual experiences. This workshop combines the history, theory, and the hands on building of a cone of power in one concise package. Come ready to raise some energy and learn some new tricks!

Intended audience: Adults

Button Making to Make the World a Better Place - Nate, Hedgehog and Jake

Come make buttons and other art projects, and talk about ways that you show kindness and caring to yourself, other people, animals and the planet.

Intended audience: Tweens

Can a Druid be a Shaman - Jan Gerstner

In previous workshops I challenged participants to question what it means to be a Druid, and what they would do as a Druid. This workshop will focus more on a question asked last time, about whether Druidry provides a path for shamanism. What IS shamanism? What might a Druid do to pursue shamanism? Are the spiritual and magical journeys one can do as a Druid, the same as a shamanic journey? How can you tell . . .?

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Ceremony of Remembrance for Our Beloved Dead - with Selena and others

As the wheel relentlessly turns; members of our PSG Community have crossed over the threshold to the Summerland. This is a ceremony to remember them together as we speak their names, honor their memory, and say goodbye as a community. Please bring photos, momentos, shakers, and rattles.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Cerridwen & The Cauldron of Awen - Kristoffer Hughes

Join Druid, Kristoffer Hughes on a journey to meet Cerridwen, Goddess of Inspiration, and thereafter to brew the Cauldron of Awen. What is is that inspires you? How do you inspire the world around you? In this ritual we will discover the power of the Awen and its ability to heal and transform. Will you approach Cerridwen's Cauldron and dare to peer over its edge? Bring your hearts and your voices. Be radiant, be the Awen!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Cerridwen - Muse, Witch, Goddess - Kristoffer Hughes

Join Druid and Author, Kristoffer Hughes on a journey to discover Cerridwen, ancient Muse, modern Witch Goddess. Who is she, where does she come from, and how is she relevant to the Paganism of today? In this workshop we will delve into the deep past to discover Cerridwen's roots, her significance to Celtic society, and then travel forwards in time. Here we will discover the magical landscape of Wales that nurtured and sustained her and explore her function as a Goddess in the 21st Century.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Chant Dance and Movement Meditation - Kira Lang

Looking for a deeper connection to self or to 'Rise Up' and be one with the global consciousness? We will explore some simple techniques for building a practice combining movement and chant for setting intention, spiritual motivation and meditation. Using multiple world traditions, breathing techniques and some personal touches we will work on helping each other learn to create a sacred space for personal and/or group transformation. Please bring a chair or blanket for sitting.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Chanting for the Olde Religion - Danae

Circle 'round the fire to raise the cone of Power. To bring what we desire, so mote it be! (1976 Circle Music) Learn this chant and many more from a 45 year Wiccan High Priestess. You can be the one who knows the words, leads a chant,and harmonizes in a round. No vocal or singing experience necessary. Weave the magic by the moonlight, dance the circle all night long. weave the magic by the moonlight, dance and sing the Witches song!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Chanting, Singing and Connecting - with EnCHANTment

When we sing together, we vibrate together. Our hearts beat together. EnCHANTment, an embodied prayer to the sacred, welcomes everyone - whether you sing loudly or quietly, bob your head and tap your foot, or just settle in and absorb it all. We share chants in a way that makes them accessible and easy to learn. Come connect and make magic with us!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Circle Delegation - 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions (PLI) - Eldritch

Over seven days of PWR, thirteen presentations, rituals and activities were provided by Circle Sanctuary Delegates (Selena Fox, Dennis Carpenter, Messina, Sandy Foo, River, Jasmine, Jake, Nate, Eldritch, Jerrie Hildebrand and Genise White). Combined they participated in over 100 different sessions including concerts, presentations, panels and plenary sessions including “The Global Wicca Summit” and “Wicca as a Global Religion”. Join a panel of Circle Sanctuary Delegates discussing Parliament!

Intended audience: Adults

Circle Sanctuary Ministers & Ministry Students Meeting - with Rev. Selena Fox

This meeting is for Circle Sanctuary Ministers and for those who are part of Circle Sanctuary's Ministers in Training program.

Intended audience: Adults

Circle Sanctuary Ordinations Ceremony - Circle Sanctuary Ministers

Support & celebrate the ordinations of new Circle Sanctuary Ministers: Jake Bradley, Messina Duggan, Minerva Duggan, Florence Edwards-Miller, and Eric Eldritch. All welcome. Facilitated by Selena Fox and Circle Sanctuary Ministers.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Clan of Pyros Community Fire Blessing - Clan of Pyros and Fire Safety Team

Join the Clan of Pyros as we ritually bless our clan and greater community! This is a community ritual – all are welcome! Bring your drums, props and/or your love of fire. Ritual to be followed by ecstatic performance and presentation of the 2019 virgin burners! Participation in the ritual requires attendance of the planning workshop, the performance afterward does not. All spinners and spotters must be banded through one of the fire safety workshops to participate in the ritual or performance.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Clan of Pyros Community Fire Blessing Planning Workshop - Fire Safety Team

Are you a fire spinner? A fire spotter? A drummer? Do you wish to participate in the Clan of Pyros Fire Blessing Ritual? Then you should be here!! This workshop is a requirement for all spinners and spotters who wish to participate in the ritual. Ecstatic performance after the ritual does not require you to attend this workshop. However, ALL spinners and spotters must be banded through one of the fire safety workshops to participate in the ritual or ecstatic performance.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Climate Change Awareness and Action - Dennis Carpenter

Global climate change is happening, we are responsible, and the potential dangers to all life on this planet are dramatic. This workshop will consider how our unique relationship to Nature as Nature-spirituality folk may enhance well-being and sensitivity to the intrinsic value of the environment and its preservation. Let’s talk about ways we can be leaders in the movement to reduce carbon dependence, increase use of renewable energy, lead sustainable lives, and limit planetary warming.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Connecting with the Divine Through Craft: Braided Altar Mat - Aviel

Make a braided mat for your altar or sacred space. We will create and imbue these mats with energy of the sun and warmth. You can use them on your altar under candles, spellwork, or as a trivet. Limited supplies, first come first serve.

Intended audience: Teens

Connecting with the Divine Through Craft: Knotted Healing Web - Aviel

Craft a web for ongoing healing magic. We will use different knot techniques to create to create a healing web for indoor or outdoor use. Bring a small stick (8-12 inches) and your healing intentions.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Create your own Elk hide rattle - Bearwoman

Create your own Elk hide rattle for spiritual work or instrument to play. This is a two part workshop with the first part sewing and forming the rattle. The rattle is hung and dried for two days and then we gather for part two where we finish and decorate the rattle with spiritually cleansed fur, leather, stones and feathers. A $10 fee is requested to cover the cost of materials. The workshop is limited to 20 participants with a sign up sheet at Dancing Shadows Lodge.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Creating and Maintaining a Minister's Kit - Rev. David C. Sassman

Organizing a "Ministers Kit" your grab & go bag. Gathering and organizing the tools for your ministry for all occasions .

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Creating Bedside Spells (PLI) - Rev. Charlotte Bear

Pagans are practitioners of ritual--both public and private. This workshop looks at how to gather story, find central metaphor, create sigils, build hermetic energy and develop chants that create a personalized ritual for persons who are bed-bound or shut in at home.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Creating Effective Chants - Arthur Hinds

We have all been in situations when we need a chant but don't know one that really suits our purpose. Most of us have also experienced rituals in which the chants just haven't worked as intended. In this workshop we'll learn to avoid the pitfalls of chant creation, and explore the qualities that make a chant most effective. We'll also learn by doing and, as a group, create one or more chants of our own.

Intended audience: Adults

Creating Rituals That Engage and Include Children (PLI) - Florence Edwards-Miller

Many families want to raise their children in their Pagan tradition but most rituals are designed only for adults. When rituals do not consider children’s needs, the result is often that families become alienated from Pagan communities and children grow up disconnected from Pagan faith. We’ll discuss how to adapt typical group rituals to engage children and how to create rituals specifically for families with young children. This workshop is intended for group/event leaders & parents/caregivers.

Intended audience: Adults

Crone Temple of Wisdom Closing Ritual - Rev. Ana and Anji

All Crones are welcome and necessary for the final ceremony. We will release the Goddesses, elements, and energies that have embraced us throughout the week and celebrate our Sisters. After this ritual, our 2019 Class of Crones will have their gift exchange and we will all take down the Temple and pack it up for next year. Please bring snacks and beverages to share as we exchange contact information, laughs, hugs, and all manner of things.

Intended audience: Adults

Crone Temple of Wisdom Opening Ritual - with Rev. Ana and Anji

All Crones are welcome to celebrate the wisdom of the Crone with the consecration of Sacred Space. We will call the Goddesses, elements, and energies to support us through the week by consecrating the Temple. Bring any item(s) you wish to place on/in the altar/Temple. We will decorate our Temple with acquired treasures of the past years. For all women who are interested in participating in this year’s Croning Ritual please come so that we may meet and welcome you into this year's class.

Intended audience: Adults

Crones: Old Woman – Granny – Who are they? (PLI) - Rev. Ana Blechschmidt, Anji Wieserman

Old Woman – Granny – Crone: Who are they? This workshop will strive to broaden the understanding of the community at large as to the reality of aging and elderhood in the Pagan community and beyond. We explore the phases of Cronehood, how to recognize them in yourself and others. Embracing this season of life, Crones are an active and essential part of the Pagan experience. This workshop is open to all adults, including young adults.

Intended audience: Adults

Croning Rite of Passage Clearing/Healing Meditation - with Rev. Ana and Anji

This meditation is for the 2019 Crone Class and for all of the Crones who would like to participate in a preparatory time for undertaking the next phase of life. Please bring a chair or a blanket to lay upon during the meditation.

Intended audience: Adults

Croning Rite of Passage Daily Preparations - with Rev. Ana and Anji

The week of meetings, classes, sharing, healing, and creative endeavors are a necessary part of the ROP process. There are daily discussion and fun activities. The women of the Crone Class of 2019 will be the focus of everything we do in these morning meetings. However, all Crones are welcome to attend the daily meetings to offer support and friendship with their unique Wise Woman energy. Please bring a chair.

Intended audience: Adults

Croning Rite of Passage Ritual - with Rev. Ana and Anji

After an intense week of preparation women who have decided to move into the third phase of the Goddess will be welcomed into community. Please join us in welcoming the “wise women” of our tribe, the Crones, and supporting them with your energy as they start their new journey. All are welcome. Please note with the Crone Temple being Sacred Feminine space gentleman will be seated around perimeter of circle. Please bring chairs, a loving heart and positive energy.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Cycles and Seasons of Gaean Emergence - Oberon Zell

Earth-centered spirituality has awakened in 60-year cycles going back at least to the Italian Renaissance of the 1480s. In each of these cycles, certain common themes emerged—foremost among them being a recurrent resurrection of classical Pagan elements in the arts, poetry, music, literature, drama, ritual and spirituality. And the Return of the Goddess was a major focus of artists and poets, who claimed Her patronage as Muse. Now, in anticipation of the next cycle in the 2020s, the Wheel is turning again, and consciousness of the Goddess is re-emerging throughout the world. What can we expect this time around?

Intended audience: Adults

Daily Centering Circle at Psyche's Grotto - with Rev. Chiron and Staff

Take a breath and find your center each day. Experience a variety of grounding and centering techniques to help you refresh yourself during the Gathering.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Daily Gender Liberation Check-in - Jake, Nate and Hedgehog

This is a drop-in safe space for people of any and all genders and gender expressions to check in or chill out. We promise no one will gender you or profile how you present. You won’t have to explain yourself unless you want to. We can talk about gender, or not, but this is a space that is free of binary assumptions about gender, a place that believes that the gender binary is a trap that constrains us all. We will have art supplies, snacks and whatever else we want to make of the space.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Daily Pagans in Recovery Meeting - Zan

Clean and Sober? This is a special area for you! This is an alcohol free area for camping and socializing. Daily 12-step meeting for Pagans in Recovery are held at NOON (feel free to bring lunch). Curious about AA or Al Anon or other 12-step programs? Join us!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Daily Reiki Tutorial and Share - Rev. Galin, Brynhildr, Sandy Foo, and Rev. Casey Pope

Embark on a daily Reiki journey! We will gather each morning to learn and practice the techniques and uses of Reiki in both the healing of one’s self and the healing of others. Individuals of all knowledge levels are welcome—masters to newbies. Let’s build a healthy community the Reiki way!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Daily Tai Chi - Jeff James (JJ)

I will be Practicing the Lee Modified version of the Yang form of Tai Chi. I will teach the form and go over breathing and movements. Participants should be able to learn at lest the first section of the form which can be done as a stand alone in of itself over the course of the week. Class content will be adjusted depending on the progression and experience of the participants. If you can not make it every day that is fine, feel free to stop by when you can.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Dancing with Spiral Rhythm - Kira Lang

Deepen your experience of the music with movement! We will sing and dance. We will share joy and laughter. We will embody the God and Goddess. We will 'Rise Up' with Spiral Rhythm in this workshop and at the concert! Bring a tambourine if you have one (some will be provided) or you can clap, wear bells, shake a shaker, etc. No experience necessary!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Daughters of the Dark Moon Meet and Greet - Krystina Stark, Sandy Costa (Foo), Tina Horton (Brynhildr)

Do you dance with the Darkness? Do you see in yourself the power of the fourth face, the Dark Moon? We follow Dark goddesses, we feel we do not belong in the usual archetypal groups. As we evolved, we realized that the Dark calls to more than just women: transgender people, genderfluid people, gender nonconforming people, men—all who hear the call of the Dark Goddess are welcome. Come and get to know us!

Intended audience: Adults

Daughters of the Dark Moon Rite of Passage - Krystina Stark, Sandy Costa (Foo), Tina Horton

This is the rite of passage for the DODM. Members of the group have been preparing since last year for this rite. It is private; but others who are interested in the group are invited to our meet and greet.

Intended audience: Adults

Daytime EnCHANTment - Connection Opportunity - Jasmine, River Higginbotham

For all who love to chant and who want to do so earlier in the day we offer this workshop. When we sing together, we vibrate together. Our hearts beat together. Those vibrational connections bridge our separateness and bring healing. Chanting together moves beyond the language of the mind and embraces the language of the spirit. This facilitated group experience evokes and invokes the divine through chant in a permeable ritual of connection and inspiration.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Dead Pagan - the Quandary of Quiddity - Kristoffer Hughes

What happens to us when we die? To the body, the spirit, to our memories? How can we realistically and effectively serve the dying, the dead and the bereaved of our communities? What does it actually mean to be dead? To understand the nuts and bolts of any society, look at the manner by which they care for their dead. Join Coroner, Druid and author - Kristoffer Hughes - on a moving, tragic, hilarious and challenging rollercoaster ride into the dark and often ignored world of death.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Dealing Effectively with Agitated People (PLI) - Jake Bradley

This training covers how behavior might escalate with an agitated person, and how we might use our voice, body, and skills to decelerate stress and agitation, and preserve calm and safety.

Intended audience: Adults

Delving Deep - Doing Shadow Work as a Leader (PLI) - Juliana Russell

Even community leaders have skeletons in their closets! It is important to deal with our shadows so that they do not interfere with our work. This workshop will define “shadow work” and provide a framework to begin the journey through the darkness of our own consciousness. Bring a notebook and writing implement. Tips to avoid pitfalls will be shared too.

Intended audience: Adults

Didjeridoo & You - E.

What a great way to meet others and learn about an instrument that is one of the oldest known to the earth. Come didj, drum, talk and ask questions of a Tribe Obtroose Elder!

Intended audience: Adults

Diversity acceptance, a FAT problem - Laura Gonzalez

As communities learn and evolve to be more understanding, supportive, and including of diversity, it is important to also examine stereotyping and discrimination that can occur around body shape, type, and size. Please join us on the Diversity acceptance, a FAT problem workshop where Laura will share her experiences on the world of diversity, acceptance, and body positivity!

Intended audience: Adults

Divining the Divine - A Polytheistic System of Engaging with Divinity (PLI) - Kristoffer Hughes

Join Druid Chief, Kristoffer Hughes, on a unique journey into the nature of the Divine, and the Anglesey Druid Order's system of engaging with and understanding the nature of Divinity. This workshop will explore not what the Gods are, but rather who, by means of a powerful yet simple technique developed for and used by the Anglesey Order of Druids. Discover a system that can be transferred and utilized effectively in any tradition.

Intended audience: Adults

DIY Altar Tiles: A Meditation on Color - Megan and Brian Iries

The workshop will begin with a meditation on the symbolic and personal meanings of color. Attendees then will be shown how to craft colorful 12x12 tile altar plates using a paint pour technique. You will leave with a wet messy tile on cardboard for transport. Tiles should dry within 24 hours. We provide all the materials. Space is limited to 12 people. Sign up sheets will be at Caer Prisma vendor tent, come sign up today!

Intended audience: Adults

Drawing Down the Moon: The Magick & Mystery of Deity - Jason Mankey

The ritual of “Drawing Down the Moon” has become one of the most important and essential rites of Modern Wiccan-Witchcraft, but what do we really know about it? From internal processes to the literary influence of writers such as Dion Fortune and Margaret Murray to the historical practices of traditions such as New Orleans Voodoo, this workshop is an all-inclusive look at one of Witchcraft’s most transformative mysteries.

Intended audience: Adults

Duality in Paganism and Beyond - Cern Green and Dave Sassman

We will discuss the aspect of dualism in religious history and within Paganism, its impact on understanding the divine, mythology, ritual, magickal practice and identity. We also will explore how duality empowers and/or limits us, and how we might move beyond it into pluralistic thinking.

Intended audience: Adults

Dutch Oven Picnic with Instruction and a Cook-Off - Mary Bobiak and Kira Anderson-Wilhoyt

Dutch oven picnic that's open to all PSGers. Helpful hints for the less experienced black iron chefs, recipes, and lots of good food to try. If we get enough participants, we want to start a new PSG Tradition, a Cook-Off (dutch oven cooking contest)! Everyone is welcome, even if you don't have a dutch oven. Come find out how versatile and easy to use the ovens are. Main dishes, breads, and desserts are all on the menu! And, if we do have a cook-off, we'll need impartial volunteer judges!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

EcoRites 1: Whole Earth Attuning & Communing - Selena Fox

Working with divinities, globes, maps, symbols, altars, music, movement, prayers, silent reflections, and guided meditations to connect with and learn from Planet Earth as a dynamic sacred being. Creating and facilitating personal, household, and community Nature honoring ceremonies.

Intended audience: Adults

EcoRites 2: EcoMagic for EcoActivism (PLI) - Selena Fox

Exploring ways to create chants and rituals to educate and motivate actions on specific environmental issues. Examining effective approaches for incorporating ecomagic into environmental rallies, protests, and marches.

Intended audience: Adults

EcoRites 3: Empowering EcoWorkings Face-to-Face & in CyberSpace (PLI) - Selena Fox

Enhancing the impact of in person EcoRituals through live-streaming, podcasting, videos, photography, and writings. Working with public media and social media to announce, report on, document and discuss EcoRituals.

Intended audience: Adults

EcoRites 4: Harmonizing Diversity in Public EcoRituals (PLI) - Selena Fox

Designing, organizing, and leading EcoRituals at Earth Day festivals, environmental conferences, international and interfaith gatherings, regional Pagan Pride Days, and other large, public events. Approaches for converging, welcoming, and harmonizing those of diverse backgrounds and ways of being to enhance understanding and collaboration for a healthier Planet Earth.

Intended audience: Adults

EcoRites 5: Summer Solstice Morning Ritual & Circle for Planet Earth - Selena Fox & Others

Those taking part in this year’s EcoRites Intensive are invited to experience this PSG Community ritual and if desired, contribute an invocation, short reading, chant, song, or prayer.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Elements of a Pagan Liturgy (PLI) - Chiron

Like a story, a good ritual has a beginning, a middle, and an end. This discussion is for ministers, ritualists and those who serve pagan groups by leading rituals on a continuing basis and may want to collaborate on creative ways to bring pagan experiences to our groups. Over a ten-year period I’ve evolved a format for the worship services I lead in serving prison groups and providing pagan worship for military trainees. What creative, lively and fun approaches can we share? Let’s find out together.

Intended audience: Adults

Elements of Climate Change - Arthur Hinds, Tyler Neitz, Arthur Hinds

Our planet's environmental crisis explored through the four elements- Earth, Air, Fire, and of course, Water. Come and walk through the ways in which our earth is being affected by global climate change with a spiritual eye, and focus on effecting the changes needed with physical action as well as a magical sensibility.

Intended audience: Teens

Ethical Non-Monogamy Open Discussion - Rev Tiffany Andes (Denora)

What is ethical non-monogamy? How is it played out in relationships? How do we live in community with others while respecting boundaries? This will be a hosted open discussion about ethical non-monogamy and polyamory. Information will be provided, and participants will be invited to discuss and share their perspectives in a non-judgmental space.

Intended audience: Adults

Experiential Ritual - Mixing it up - Chris Eldridge

Join us as we discuss ways to make rituals experiential, and mix things up a bit. If there is interest after the workshop we will prepare an on the fly ritual to offer to those in attendance.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Exploring Discrete States of Consciousness w/Hemisync Audio Programs - Chip Brown

Using headphones, audio equipment and specially recorded tapes and cds provided by the presenter, we will explore discrete states of consciousness. These audio programs have been created by the Monroe Institute. This workshop takes an entire afternoon – two workshop sessions back-to-back. Total workshop time is approximately 4 hours. Pre-workshop sign-up is required; space is limited to 12 participants. See Info Center or Chip for details.

Intended audience: Adults

Facebook Meet and Greet - with Rev. Casey Pope

Here's your chance to put faces to names you've been seeing in the PSG Facebook Group. Join us for introductions, conversation, and hopefully some laughs. For your comfort, bring a drink to keep you hydrated, and something to sit on.

Intended audience: Adults

Facilitating Small Group Ritual (PLI) - Laura Gonzalez

Have you ever been called to hold sacred space for yourself and your community? Would you like to be of service but don’t know where to start? Let’s talk about meeting and greeting your group, creating your own altar, sacred circle, elements, and magickal tools. We will also talk of the importance of acceptance—of diversity and of consent in all activities within sacred space. Priestess Laura will share over 10 years experience facilitating and leading small group rituals in the Chicago area.

Intended audience: Adults

Faerie Shrine Opening - Jesse, Shariff and Marty

This ritual marks the return of the mobile Faerie Shrine. We would like to invite any persons interested in our light, fun, and joyous ritual. We will lead a procession from the Rainbow Center to the location of the Faerie Shrine; we will lay offerings for the Fae at the shrine. All are welcome to bring items for the shrine to remain with the mobile shrine or for just the week. Show us your fairy side and bring your wings or ears.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Fairy Play - Rainbow Center and Tween Center

For kids of any age. Join us in preparing and performing a unique fairy play. We will have several rehearsals throughout the week where the participants will construct their interpretation of life in fairy land. This may be based (loosely) on an existing story, or it may be something brand spanking new. No one knows until it’s done. A special performance will occur later in the week to allow the kids to dress up and show their stuff to an audience! This is gobs of fun for everyone!

Intended audience: Tweens and Children

Family Center Blessing - with Florence, Marty, Shannon

Come and cast a circle with the PSG youth and open the Family Center for this year's Gathering. All are invited to attend this center's opening celebration. Following the blessing the Family Center will be open from 10am - noon and then again from 2 - 4pm on opening Sunday.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Family Center Orientation - with Florence, Marty and Shannon

Attention all Families! Let's all gather to discuss changes during the transition to ourFamily Center at the new venue! We will discuss rules, times, and expectations for this year's Family Center.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Fire Spinners Meet and Greet - with Fire Team Leaders

Get to know the fire spinning community at PSG and come and meet the Fire Spinning Team! This is our time as community members to discuss what we would like to put forth for the week, ask questions and get answers! You'll find out about everything you need to know about Fire Spinning at PSG!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Fire Spinners Safety Class - with Fire Team Leaders

In the interest of everyone's safety and enjoyment we offer Safety Classes for those who want the privilege to spin at PSG. You must attend the class, sign a waiver and pass the class to receive a bracelet which allows you fire spinning privileges. Minors must be at least 12 years old (no exceptions) and attend the class with a parent/guardian. Bracelet is necessary to participate in any fire spinning at workshop, rituals, or other performances/programs. You will not learn to spin at this class.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Gathering- A Babylon 5 Ritual - Shawn Hodel

A ritual surrounding the main questions of this Sci Fi classic, "Who are you?" and "What do you want?". This will done through humor, fun, bad impressions, and lots of quotes from the series.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Green Farming - A Pagan in the Bible Belt Part 1 of 2 - Louis Garou...

Stories of life in the mountains... "Do your work. Learn your lessons. Love each Other." In this workshop we will discuss my thoughts on green living, minimalism (building, living and working in a small home, giving some space to the little folk and giving some space to the neighbors. If these thoughts resonate with you come and join the conversation.

Intended audience: Adults

Green Farming - A Pagan in the Bible Belt Part 2 of 2 - Louis Garou

So you want to be a farmer and live off the land? Where is the best location? How do you want to farm? How will you make a living and how are you gonna pay for it? I will reveal how I have done it: The animal trap (blessing and a curse), Grandpa's knife, sharp tools, and a sharp mind. I will perhaps share a song about living in the mystic south.

Intended audience: Adults

Green Wizardry: An Introduction - Truly

Green wizardry combines appropriate tech knowledge from the 1970s with a mage's understanding of the subtle movement of energy, to create a path towards sustainability and resilience. Introduced by John Michael Greer, work in green wizardry overlaps with tinkering, environmentalism, magic, preparedness, back-to-the-land, and do-it-yourself.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Green Wizardry: Fermentation - Truly

Gods and spirits are not the only unseen entities that the wise can work with on their path: there are also micro-organisms that live in the air, the soil, and the water. These creatures can teach us more about how to work in community with the unseen and how to work with the alchemy that lives on the boundary of life and death. We will talk about lacto and alcoholic fermentation and our experiences working with them.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Greet the Day Ritual - Selena Fox

Learn and experience a short Nature Mystic ritual for attuning to Spirit of Place, honoring the Powers of Nature and blessing the Daily life.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Handfasting of Chris & Kristine - Selena Fox & Others

All in the PSG Community are welcome to attend this multicultural handfasting facilitated by Selena Fox. This ceremony includes the exchange of vows, tying the knot, broom jump, and wedding customs drawn from European and Native American traditions and heritages of the bride and groom.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Headwrap Wearers Meet and Greet - Aviel

Do you like to wear headwraps for fashion or religious purposes? Join us to discuss the history of head coverings, and learn new ways to wrap.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Heatherny and Modern Times - Nicholas Watson and Brain Knight

A discussion on Heathenry and modern times. Discussion of stereotypes of the Norse religion and what it really entails to practice the Norse religion. Talk about kindreds, what are they, what do they do, and where do I find them. What are the different types of paths with in the Norse religion and where do they lead to. This is a workshop for people interested in the Norse path, are new, or have questions about this path.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

High Tea with the Queens - Jesse, Ernie & Shariff

Come hang out and 'Spill the Tea' with the Rainbow Community. Have some hot or iced tea and bring your lunch and talk about the beginning of your week, things going on in your life or whatever. No 'Shade' allowed unless its the kind that cools you off, because the library will not be open. Feel free to dress yourself up fancy or in come in drag.

Intended audience: Adults

Hippie Parade! - the Community!

Put on your tie dye! Dress like a hippie! Bring your bells, whistles, streamers, etc. and meet at the community fires at 7:30pm sharp. Then lead/parade yourselves to meet at the Spiral Rhythm concert at the stage!

Intended audience: All Audiences

History of the Sacred Cat - Jamie and Tami

History of the Sacred Cat from Neolithic times to the present day. From Cave paintings to modern cat Temples.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Horned God 2.0 - Jason Mankey

From Pan to Cernunnos to Herne the Hunter, it's a history of the Horned God and the many horny, horned, and antlered deities associated with him. Discover the origins of the Horned God in pre-history and how he's been reimagined and rediscovered over the centuries. Mankey has been writing about, speaking on, experiencing, and researching the Horned God for over fifteen years, and his work is continuously being updated, hence "2.0" the latest version of his Horn Head ruminations.

Intended audience: Adults

How to Create Ritual - Shawn Hodel

Ritual is an ever evolving art. In this workshop I will break down components of ritual for those that might be new to it. Also I will discuss barriers that need to overcome to help include those that might be left out due to self identifiers, physical needs, etc. And will do a small ritual to tie together the parts discussed during the workshop.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

How to Do Large Scale Ritual (PLI) - Rev. River Higginbotham, Jasmine, Stag

This interactive workshop explores tools and techniques for large group ritual. We will talk about: planning the process, sharing the plan with participants, describing and guiding the flow of energy, facilitating inclusion and participation for all, and working with time, light, props, and sound. Participants will be invited to try out techniques and share experiences.

Intended audience: Adults

How to Teach Energy Workshops (PLI) - Brynhildr

If you are interested in teaching Energy Therapies in a workshop or in a classroom setting, this workshop is for you. In this workshop we will explore how to teach energy modalities such as Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Healing Touch and other healing and distance energy modalities. We will discuss different learning styles and how to make sure everyone in your workshop is learning the material. We will talk about ethics, permission, as well as answer questions on keeping your students engaged.

Intended audience: Adults

Intuitive Witchcraft - Intuition Retrieval Part 2 of 2 - Astrea Taylor

This guided meditation will lead participants deep into their subconscious to encounter their intuition and re-integrate it into their awareness. Participants will be able to create a sachet bag with herbs, crystals, and other ingredients to honor this newfound relationship with their intuition. Bring something to assist with comfort while meditating (a chair, pillows, blanket, etc.) as well as anything you'd like to put in your intuition sachet bag besides the provided materials.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Inspect & Adapt: Retrospectives and Healthy Groups (PLI) - Grace Kilpatrick

Giving critical feedback is challenging, and can be hurtful to hear. This workshop will explain the use of “retrospectives” as a non-emotional feedback loop, allowing a group or team to work together to inspect a ritual, event, or experience and then adapt behavior, plans, and processes. The anonymous sharing and emphasis on actionable feedback enables the group to come together and brainstorm a way to move forward as a team.

Intended audience: Adults

Intuitive Witchcraft Part 1 of 2 - Astrea Taylor

Intuitive Witchcraft is a type of eclectic witchcraft, with principles grounded in energy awareness, personal spirituality, and psychology. Most intuitive witches are empaths, and this practice comes naturally to them, but it can also be taught. Intuitive Witchcraft can be used as a spiritual path in and of itself, or alongside other traditions such as Wicca. This workshop will discuss the power of intuition in everyday spiritual practices and in rituals.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Invoking and Evoking the Tarot Archetypes: Invoking the Star - Mama Gina

We'll define and discuss practical theory regarding invoking and evoking archetypal energies, and then participate in a guided meditation, invoking the Star from the Tarot Major Arcana. Please bring paper and pencil if you wish to take notes, your Star card from your Tarot deck (if you don't have a deck - no worries, Mama Gina has plenty), and a very open mind and even more open heart.

Intended audience: Adults

Italian Folk Magic - Hollywood

Integrating magic into everyday life on a budget is one of the mainstays of Italian Folk Magic. This class will be a primer on ancestor worship, folk style spellwork, and a brief history to help you feel more connected with the path. A class for both beginners and experts, this workshop combines food, folklore, and family to maximize your magical lifestyle.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Joy of being Uncomfortable - Hedgehog and Sandy Foo

Let's face it, things in the world are uncomfortable right now. We're confronted with the language of fear everyday. Let's discuss how to embrace discomfort and turn it into an adventure or a learning experience. This discussion is for you and led by you. Bring questions about what makes you uncomfortable, an open mind, and a willingness to be uncomfortable for a little while. This will not necessarily be a safe space for all, but will be a scared space honoring what you bring to it.

Intended audience: Adults

Junk Fairy Windchimes - Megan and Brian Iries

Make your own wind-chime with attitude and sass! Everything you need will be provided, but feel free to bring your own junk/treasures. Let us reuse the treasures of the discarded to add more beauty in the world! Attendees will leave with a wind-chime as loud as they want! Space is limited to 12 people. Sign up sheets will be at Caer Prisma vendor tent, come sign up today!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Kahiko - Ancient Hawaiian Dance and Chant - Pooki Lee (Kehaunani Stephen)

Activate the ancient power of the Hawaiian Kahiko. In this class we will learn to dance an ancient Hawaiian chant. This hula kahiko class takes you deep into the heart of the ancient Hawaiian chants. Dancers activate prayers and intentions through this powerful ritual and was performed for ceremony as an offering to the gods. Kahiko is voice and drum calling forth the powers of the Universe. Get ready to move some energy. This class is for both men and women.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Kids Sumbel - Susan Aldridge

This workshop is intended as an introduction for tweens and teens to a sumbel, which is a Norse Heathen drinking ritual meant to allow people to get to know each other better. The horn will be filled with non-alcoholic juice and passed around in three rounds with a chance for everyone to make a toast. This is a teaching ritual so everything will be explained as the horn is passed so the kids can understand the meaning and get to know each other.

Intended audience: Teens and Tweens

Knot Me, Can You? - Mary Bobiak

Learn how to tie the bowline, trucker's hitch, tautline hitch, half hitches, and slip knot. These basic knots are the best for tying down a tent fly, easy-up, or gear on a vehicle or trailer.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Labyrinth – A Call to Transform - Ryan and Lisa Michelle

Walk the candlelit labyrinth; take the journey, spiral in, spiral out. A thousand candles light your way from the mundane to that sacred place “betwixt and between” where anything is possible. Choose your path and obtain knowledge and conversation with your higher self in the heart of the labyrinth; be open to messages of what you need to do to achieve your potential. The labyrinth will be lit and open for walking from 10 pm to dawn.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Labyrinth – A Deeper Experience - Ryan and Lisa Michelle

Have you walked the PSG labyrinth before and wondered “What is all that stuff on the table? What do those symbols mean?” Have you never walked a labyrinth before? Do you want to get the most out of your labyrinth experience this year? Come learn about labyrinth etiquette and the planning and energetic work that goes into the creation of the PSG labyrinth. Discuss the deeper magickal principles incorporated in this year’s labyrinth and be fully prepared for your transformational journey.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Lady Liberty League Annual Meeting - Minerva, Rev. Casey Pope, Rev. Selena Fox.

Join us for Lady Liberty League’s Annual Meeting. We will be discussing LLL’s activities, open cases, and future plans. Come if you have questions, concerns, issues, or curiosity. Hail Libertas!!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Late-Night Ribaldry Extravaganza! - with Troll and Rubee

This is the entertaining adult-only variety show! Ribaldry is that amusingly coarse or irreverent talk or behavior that we all enjoy. Bring your poetry, song, drag, dance, or other act to join in our medley of adult-only performances! Come to the morning meetings to find out how to audition to be a part of this new addition to late night entertainment at PSG!

Intended audience: Adults

Lavender Luncheon - Jesse, Shariff & Marty

Calling all LGBT, let's have a kiki. Join us at Rainbow Center for an early afternoon meet and greet. Please bring your lunch, relax and get to know more family at PSG.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Learn to Travel the World on Less Than $30/day - J. Currie

Are you interested in the freedom and excitement travel provides? Secretly plotting your escape? Setting out into the unknown can be intimidating. Meet a seasoned world traveler & author, hear his stories and learn his secrets. Then.... Get out there and see the world! And yes.... For less than $30/day you can travel almost anywhere in the world!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Lecture: Thought Forms - Krista Hanson

This is a workshop on a specific magical technique known as Thought Forms. We will be discussing: The different types of Thought Forms, What they are and how to create them for use in magical practice. First will come a lecture, followed by group discussion on personal experience, followed by hands on (minds on) work to create them. Come join us for an opportunity to learn about this basic and easy to learn fundamental magical technique.

Intended audience: Adults

Let's Talk About End of Life (PLI) - Rev. Nora Cederwind Young

As members, leaders and teachers in our communities, end of life is a reality. It's a sure thing everyone shares. In American culture, death is out of sight and out of mind, yet more and more people are embracing cultural traditions and many are creating their own. Let's meet and discuss how end of life affects us all, from counseling, to home funerals, to green cemeteries and green burial.

Intended audience: Adults

Lets make Gods Eyes/ojo de Dios - Penny Goody

The ancient art/construction of these colorful objects is said to originate with indigenous people of Central America. The idea/use of bright colors is to serve as an eye to watch over others, influence situations, and to bring good luck. Weaving an Ojo de Dios is an ancient contemplative and spiritual practice for many people. Traditionally made during group rites of passage with Elders, Ojos are symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable, The Mystery.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Life Drawing - Holly Stafford

Gather together and spend a little time drawing the Gods and Goddesses embodied within our own bodies. Every body is beautiful; affirm this and get your art-on!

Intended audience: Adults

Liturgical Ribbon Dance - Penny Goody

Come move with the Flow as we use 9 and 13 foot ribbons to draw in the Space around us.  Color and rhythm combine as we learn the techniques of drawing dragon tails and creating vortexes.  We will learn magical chants and incantations to incorporate into the Dance too.  Bring water to drink!  Ribbon-sticks provided. All ages and abilities.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Live Sound Healing Journey & Gong Wash - The Thundersirens

Be transported with the sacred sounds of the flute, bells, singing bowls, handpan, drums, and Gong as you journey through tones, frequencies, and live sound healing. This immersive and meditative journey is designed to clear the energetic center while bringing harmony to the system. Be immersed through this transient trans-formative auditory and vibrational journey that can facilitate a cleansing, clearing, calming and energizing effect. Bring your own mats to lay down or chair to sit on.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Louis Garou in Concert - with Louis Garou

For over forty years Louis Garou, has travelled the South, working, playing, and writing and of course, always observing. Louis is always returning to the shadows of his beloved Appalachia. With his old guitar he performs the Dark Americana, his music has evolved into, songs about: love, revenge, and depression. Songs about people haunted and alone and sometimes people best left alone. Songs about beings who are not quite...people.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Magenta Luncheon - Nate and Jake

Calling anyone of trans* and/or intersex identity or experience, regardless of how you identify, including people who identify as genderqueer, agender, pangender, Two-Spirit or non-binary, people who express gender fluidity or gender non-conformity, androgenes, genderf**kers, etc, and for people who are questioning their own gender identity. It’s safe space for us build community. (It’s not an education space for allies, although we do appreciate allies!) Bring your lunch and your awesome self!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Magical Gift Exchange - with Judith Willow Wind

Join us for the annual spiritual gift exchange. Everyone taking part will give a gift and in return receive a gift. Bring a sacred item (such as a ritual tool, amulet, necklace, divinity statue, altarpiece or handmade ritual object) that has special meaning for you. Bless your gift and with it include your name and something about it's significance. Wrap it in opaque paper, cloth or other covering.

Intended audience: All Audiences

The Magick of Initiations, Elevations, and Dedications - Jason Mankey

An initiation ritual should be about more than acceptance into a tradition; it should be a transformative moment in the life of the Witch or Pagan receiving it. From ancient Eleusis to Masonic halls around the world, initiation rites have played a significant role in religious and magickal practices for thousands of years. Explore the elements that make up the modern rites of initiation, elevation, and dedication, and the history of such practices around the world. Grow your ritual practice by exploring the power and mystery of these magickal experiences.

Intended audience: Adults

Make Your Own Bookmarks! - Heather

As a child I loved reading and loved a variety of bookmarks (and I still do!) Make 1-2 bookmarks with fancy papers or bits of nature. Bookmarks will be "laminated" with clear contact paper when completed. Paper supplies and adhesives provided. We may read a book prior to crafting.

Intended audience: Tweens

Mama Gina in Concert - with Mama Gina

Mama Gina is a Pagan singer/songwriter, fearless storyteller, and wanderlust. With down-to-earth, bluesy vocals, a bit of humor, and straight-ahead, rhythmic, acoustic guitar, djembe and frame drum, she tells the true stories that fall into her head and heart. She sings of our responsibility to nurture both the mundane and the Divine. Come laugh, weep, laugh some more and sing along with Mama Gina and all her alter-egos!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Mead, Beer, Wine Makers Meet and Greet - Brad Allen and as many as possible

Come discuss the wonderful world of wine, beer, and of course mead. Let's share our experiences and the fun we have had creating great libations. What have you found to work best? What was the biggest thing that you learned from creating your brew? Open to adults 21 years and older.

Intended audience: Adults

Meditative Journaling - Lisa Milakovich-Wilson and Marty Townsend

Want to write, but suffering from blank page syndrome? Join us to explore different ways to kick start your creativity for journaling, writing, doing that essay for English class, or even just sending that email inquiry. Whether you prefer a computer, or plain old paper and pencil, we can help you get started. Bring your journal, or a spiral notebook and your preferred writing implement. You’ll need those for a few exercises.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Meet Your Guardians - The Guardians

Come meet your Guardians and learn who is really behind the red shirt and radio! To start, you'll enjoy a brief talk about their history. Then you can ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask but couldn’t get them to sit still long enough to answer.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Meeting the Morrigan: A discussion and guided meditation - Heike Feller

Join us for a discussion, craft activity, and guided meditation on the goddess Morrigan. We will discuss who the Morrigan is, what she means to us, and how we honor Her. No charge for the craft activity! Please bring a comfortable chair, blanket, or mat for the meditation.

Intended audience: Adults

Men's Rite of Passage Part 2 of 3 - Zero, Derrick, Mios, Hollywood

Part two of the Men's Rite of Passage. For this part of our journey, the men will take part in a day of community service, a nighttime village walk, a walk through the community labyrinth, and The Ritual of Discovery. This will be a long day for our men, giving much of themselves to their community.

Intended audience: Adults

Men's Rite of Passage Part 3 of 3 - Zero, Derrick, Mios, Hollywood

This is the post-mortem for the Men's Rite of Passage. We will come together one more time for the week to discuss our process and experience.

Intended audience: Adults

Men's Rite of Passage Part 1 of 3 - Zero, Derrick, Mios, and Hollywood

For all who identify as men 18+. This is a journey of discovery, looking within yourselves, and to your community, to help you on your path of growth. Be at morning meeting on Monday to put your name in for the lottery. Only 5 men will be chosen. This part of our journey will involve a ritual bath, a journey meditation, and a group overnight camping. You will have to provide materials for your overnight needs (tent, drinking container, etc..).

Intended audience: Adults

Men's Ritual - Arthur Hinds

Calling all men, and those who identify as men! Rise Up! Join in as we come together to honor not only the divine but each other, our community, our tribe and our part(s) in it.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Men's Wisdom Sharing: Passing On Life Lessons Learned! (PLI) - Rev. Harry Dorman (

Embracing the art of men passing on Positive Life Lessons Learned and Practiced, to men younger and less traveled on the road of life. The goal is that of helping mature men learn how to effectively share gained wisdom about key life aspects in order to help younger men be better human beings at any age! Such "key aspects" include-nourishing the inner child; honoring men's feminine aspects; gender equality; unconditional love; honoring sexuality; honoring family; "Power vs Force," and more!

Intended audience: Adults

Frame Drum Meditation - Mama Gina

Mama Gina will share how she uses the frame drum in her personal meditative practice. You'll get an opportunity to play a bit and sing and chant into the drum, and then we'll settle in for a brief meditation. If you have any kind of frame drum or percussion, please bring it and join us!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Morning Meeting - with Rev. Dennis Carpenter

All PSG participants are encouraged to attend the daily Morning Meeting, where important announcements about schedule changes and other community concerns will be made, as well as musical performances, ritual instructions and more! It's the best way to keep yourself informed about what is going on at PSG, so please show up daily!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Motherhood Rite of Passage - A Blessingway - Rev. Dawnwalker and Others

This rite of passage honors women in the PSG community who have become mothers in the past year, or who will become mothers within the next year. Whether the first time or the tenth, through birth, marriage or adoption, or otherwise, we honor this important transition in a woman's life with the creation of sacred space, singing, gift giving, pampering, and most of all, offering of love and support. Those wishing to participate are encouraged to contact Rev. Dawnwalker in advance.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Musical Performance at Family Center - Arthur Hinds, Tyler Neitz, Amanda Neitz

A participatory performance by Arthur Hinds and The Round Table. Come sing and clap and play rhythm instruments. Lets have fun.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Nerdivination: Groking the Geek Way - Susan Leabhart

Faced with a dilemma and can't make up your mind? You don't have tarot cards or runes, but your dice bag is handy. Roll for initiative! This workshop is designed to use those items beloved of all nerds, geeks and fhans to guide us along our path. Divination tools explored will include Libriomancy with your favorite book. Our oracle deck will be Cards Against Humanity. A CCG Tarot deck? Klingon Runes? Using your DnD dice to reveal your path? OK! May the Force be with you!

Intended audience: Adults

Newbie's Drum Circle - John C. Peterson

Primary audience: Drummers new to PSG, new to drumming, or new to both. All skill levels will be welcomed and encouraged. Our goals: To have fun, jam hard, share our energy, connect with fellow percussionists, and expand the ranks of funky drummers for PSG and the world!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Nosh-Up - Rev Tristan & Zan

Bring your already made meal to the Stage area to dine with and discover all the wonderful people of PSG! Bring everything you need to eat, drink and a chair to sit on! Please pack your own trash back out! Come for some fun and to meet new friends!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Not Quite Right Story Time – ADULTS ONLY - Lisa Milakovich-Willson

This will be a fun ADULTS ONLY workshop using Dirty Words – Party Edition to create a cumulative story. Participants will roll cubes during their turn, and then use the words to add to an on-going story. THIS IS NOT A CHILD-FRIENDLY ACTIVITY. The stories will be limited only to your imagination and can get quite racy. INAPPROPRIATE AND SUGGESTIVE LANGUAGE WARNING. If you need help reaching your erotic brain, come on down – the cubes have a way of unleashing that magic!

Intended audience: Adults

Not Quite Right Story Time – Kid-Version - Lisa Milakovich-Wilson and Marty Townsend

This will be a fun workshop using Story Cubes to create a cumulative story. Participants will roll one to six cubes per turn, and then use the pictures to add to an on-going story. The results are generally pretty wild and wacky, with adventures, turtles, and all sorts of fun.. This is a kid-friendly activity workshop, but adults are more than welcome to attend. Bring yourself and your imagination. You’ll also be supplying the fun, but that kind of magically just happens.

Intended audience: Teens and Tweens

Pagan Academic (Network) Circle - Juliana Russell

Meet and greet for anyone interested in academic/scholarly writing and subjects of Pagan Studies. Meet like minds and learn about what the Pagan Academic Circle is about.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Pagan Homeland - Wade Mueller

Wouldn't it be great to have pagan events on pagan land? How about temples, groves, and stone circles across the country? Pagans have always been people of the land and if we wish to see our path move forward we need to have land and buildings to call our own. This workshop will address the need for such infrastructure and the practical means by which we can acquire it. Will also address some of the pitfalls and concerns of past similar projects and the lessons we have learned.

Intended audience: Adults

Pagan Leaders & Mandated Reporting, Part 1 of 2 (PLI) - Krystina

Pagan leaders have spiritual, emotional, tribal, coven, and community-based responsibilities, but we also have legal ones too. What is mandated reporting? In short, it is the requirement to report any neglect or abuse (physical or sexual) of a child, but it can also apply to the disabled and elderly who cannot care for themselves. This workshop was created to give clergy and other Pagan leaders a working knowledge of what mandated reporting is, how to report, what/when to report, and who to report to.

Intended audience: Adults

Pagan Leaders & Mandated Reporting, Part 2 of 2 (PLI) - Krystina Stark

Designed to supplement the part 1 workshop: Mandated Reporting and Pagan Leadership. This workshop will give an in-depth look at individual physical and sexual abuse and neglect allegations and how each one can vary depending on the situation, culture, and/or people involved. We will also discuss suicide and suicidal ideation and how that may or may not be considered abuse or neglect.

Intended audience: Adults

Pagan World Panel - Selena, Kristoffer, Tamara, Jason, Oberon, Dennis (see above)

Pagan authors & networkers share experiences & perspectives about Pagan diversity and communities in the USA and other countries.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Pentagrams and More - Nakiiya and Jackson

Create your own wood slice necklace with a pentagram or other symbol of your choice; several symbols are already provided, or draw your own! All supplies are provided.

Intended audience: Tweens and Children

PSG 2019 Closing Ritual - with Rev. Selena Fox and Rev. MoonFeather

Ritual of thanksgiving and farewell for the beautiful, spiritual week we've had together. Ritual will include extinguishing of the Sacred Fire, releasing of the Wards, blessings of safe travel, and a token in celebration of PSG Community Spirit.

Intended audience: All Audiences

PSG 2019 Communtiy Welcome - with Selena, Dennis, Bob and MoonFeather

Includes introductions of Gathering staff, welcome to PSG newcomers, honoring of longtime PSG members, and a welcome message from staff of Hannon's Camp America. This is also the time when camp-wide information is given as how trash is handled, emergency procedures, etc. Bring a chair and something to hydrate you. Wear your spirit bag and come dressed for the processional and ritual which follows.

Intended audience: All Audiences

PSG 2019 Main Ritual - Jason Mankey & Rev. Casey Pope

Draw down the power of the sun, the moon, and your PSG community at this year's main ritual! Take home the energy of PSG and put it to work in your community and your spiritual practice. Burn away the mundanity that keeps us away from our magickal selves so that we might unleash our full potential as Pagans and Witches! At this year's main ritual we will call upon the Solstice Sun, the June Moon, and the Evening Sky to energize our souls! We will utilize the community bonfire to burn away the things that hold us back in our magical work. And finally, we will harness the love and spirit of our PSG community so that we might share that light when we our separate ways 'till next year.

Intended audience: All Audiences

PSG 2019 Newcomers Orientation - Newcomer Coordinator

We'll get together for a handy orientation designed to answer your questions, help you figure out where things are and how they work, and help you plan your week. Bring your PSG guidebook and a pen! We will do a walking tour following the meeting if participants would like.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

PSG 2019 Opening Ritual - with Rev. Selena Fox and Others

The PSG Opening Ritual begins with the candlelight processional through the PSG village. The ritual includes a site blessing, honoring of the Divine forces, the setting of the Wards, and a welcoming in of Summer with the lighting of the Communities Sacred Fire with remains from previous year's ashes. Wear your spirit bag. Everyone is encouraged to attend. More information will be shared at our Community Welcome.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Psyche's Grotto Blessing and Orientation - with Rev. Chiron and Staff

Blessings of Psyche's Grotto and orientation for volunteers interested in the center.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Psyche's Grotto Closing Ritual - with Rev. Chiron and Staff

Closing blessings of Psyche's Grotto.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Rainbow Center Community Campfire - Jesse, Shariff & Marty

Conversation, Fellowship and Community. Spend some time around the Rainbow Center Community Campfire and let's swap some stories and sing a few songs or have some friendly debates. The fire can be used for roasting marshmallows or cooking hot dogs. Alcoholic drinks are allowed - BYOB Only. While teens and children may attend, we expect a parent or guardian to be present. The fire will remain open only as long as there is an adult willing to tend to the fire (Volunteers only).

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Rainbow Ritual - Jesse, Shariff & Marty

Come out, Rise Up and help the Rainbow Community raise energy to help bring equality in our country for the LGBTQ community. Join us in sending out energy of healing and change for the betterment of humanity.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Redeeming Rolls: Making Your Dice Do Right By You - Ruebee Mondukee

We've all been there, engaged in a game and ready to fight, but its as though you're moving at a glacial pace. You're shot with an arrow, flanked, and prone before you can even say "Bob Paxton's your uncle." You failed your initiative roll. Bring your dice and practice the art of dice shaming, become a bard and encourage your dice to victory. Tips, tricks, and a little magic that can bring out the best in your dice and make you a critical success. If all else fails trade them away and start new.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Ribbons of Healing - Brynhildr; Sandy Foo and Casey Pope

Join us for this healing ritual. Ribbons of healing are a part of Circle Sanctuary Land!! We want to bring the opportunity to participate in that to PSG. We will be charging ribbons with our healing requests and sending them to Circle Sanctuary land to hang at Brigid's Spring. If you have no requests, join us and lend your energy to this new ritual.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Riding the OM - Kerri Hirsch

We will create sacred space using our voices, our breath and our intention; a space where we can break down into parts and embrace the whole.  We will make a connection with each other and delve deep into our vocalizations. We will practice being human, being spiritual, being sensitive and stupid without feeling competitive, self conscious or judged.  Let's connect with our sacred voice and "Ride the OM!"  Please bring a matt or sarong on which to lie.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Rise Up Singing Social Justice Singalong (for all ages) - Jake, Messina and Nate

Come bring your voice and any instruments you can strum, pick, pluck, blow, shake, or bang! We'll celebrate the rich history of using folk music to build community and support the causes of peace, love and justice! We will provide song booklets!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Rite of Passage into Sage - with Jim Blechchmidt

The Sage program is for men over 55 years of age who are considering the transformation from adult male to Sage, a man who is facing the latter years of life. We honor the time when a man reaches the point in his maturity where he's taking a less active physical part, but is still contributing as a valued teacher, mentor and guide to young members of the tribe. This 5-day intensive program involves sharing our life's experiences and how we can accept our new role.

Intended audience: Adults

Rite of Passage into Sage Ritual - with Jim Blechschmidt

The Saging ritual celebrates the male elders of our community who wish to mark their passage to this important life stage.

Intended audience: Adults

Rite of Passage into Young Manhood - with John Markey, John Peterson, Asgrim Bodolf and Rob Gutkaes

This 3-day land initiation introduces the seeker to Spirit, Tribe, and Family in new ways. We are looking for boys aged 13-16, and they must have their parent's/guardian's consent. YMRoP also serves as a bridge to other transformative rituals like Men's Rite of Passage and the Sacred Hunt. Interested boys are required to attend the Monday morning meeting with a parent/guardian to sign up and get directions. Parent/guardian participation will be asked for throughout the intensive.

Intended audience: Teens

Rite of Passage into Young Womanhood Community Ritual - with Kim & Tori

This ritual is the culminating experience for the young woman who have completed the Rite of Passage into Young Womanhood Program. Completion of all program requirements is mandatory in order to go through the Rite of Passage Ritual. All PSG community members of all genders are invited to attend and support these young women.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Rite of Passage into Young Womanhood Program - with Kim & Tori

This four-day program is to recognize, support and honor youth who are entering young womanhood and to welcome them as young adults into the larger PSG Community. All participants must have recently started their menses or equivalent and be mature enough to commit to program requirements. All candidates are also required to have an adult support person (parent, guardian, or family friend) and to bring that person to a required Orientation meeting on Monday at 11:30am at the Maiden Circle and to the final ritual on Thursday.

Intended audience: Teens

Ritual Artwork with Clay - Susan Minyard

Manifest your feelings about PSG in a ritual object made by YOU out of clay. I’ll provide the clay, you provide the artistic inspiration and hands on work.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Ritual Leaders... Get thee to the theater!! (PLI) - Hedgehog, Rev. River Higginbotham

Ever been to, or led, a group ritual that just seemed to fall flat? Where no one felt a connection? Ritual leaders and writers, there is a way of incorporating theater into ritual magic that isn't disrespectful or inauthentic. Come learn about voice projection, staging, and (non-magical) intention. See how a well placed pause can help ritual participants connect with you and the ritual. No acting experience required!

Intended audience: Adults

Sacred Fire Tending - Shouting Mountain

We will construct a sacred fire and study the application of the elements and their control to maintain and regulate an outdoor fire. We will study the history and aspects that make a fire sacred. We will explore the shamanistic practices of tending the sacred fire at PSG or any other Pagan festival. The workshop is recommended for anyone doing the fire tending work shift.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sacred Hunt Orientation Meeting - with Rev. Bo Nelson and Sacred Hunt Team

This is the orientation meeting for the Sacred Hunt Ritual, during which time Hunters, Villagers, and Drummers will learn more about the specific mysteries associated with their respective roles. The orientation is MANDATORY in order to participate in the Sacred Hunt Ritual.

Intended audience: Adults

Sacred Hunt Post Mortem - Rev. Bo Nelson and Sacred Hunt Team

This is the debriefing meeting that takes place on the day after the Sacred Hunt Ritual. Here all participants in the Sacred Hunt will be able to share their stories, perceptions, and feelings about the ritual, and more importantly, to process and integrate their experiences. Many participants have expressed that the ritual is not complete until the end of this meeting, which deepens their understanding of what has occurred. All participants, no matter your part, should plan to attend.

Intended audience: Adults

Sacred Hunt Ritual - Rev. Bo Nelson and Sacred Hunt Team

An ecstatic ritual with an alchemical melding of the work of the Villagers (Yin), Hungers (Yang), and Drummers (Flux). Utilizing physical exertion, firelight, woodlands setting, and intense drumming to facilitate consciousness alteration for spiritual transformation. The Hunt can be a personal odyssey to overcome challenges to spiritual evolution, eliminate toxic/unnecessary elements in one's life, or to the quest for something integral to personal growth. Must attend prior orientation and post-mortem.

Intended audience: Adults

Sacred Meditations on Egypt - John Markey

This will be a talk and guided meditation based upon some of the ancient icons and pictographs seen in Egypt at some of the world's most sacred sites, including the King's Tomb, Temple of Isis, Luxor and more. Time permitting, we will explore overlaps with Buddhist and Christian imagery for use in meditation. Note: John recently visited Egypt with Claire and William Henry [of the show Ancient Alien on History Channel]. This meditation will be based on the trip.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sacred Trust: Joy & Theology of Boundaries for Leaders - Part 2 of 2 (PLI) - Becky Munson

Expands on Part 1 by diving deep into power dynamics & vulnerability as they relate to healthy boundaries. You will gain & share knowledge & resources needed to understand the fundamentals & best practices around healthy, appropriate boundaries in spiritual teacher/student relationships; the impact of appropriate vs. inappropriate boundaries in promoting effective teaching; & guidelines for developing appropriate boundaries & necessary self-care strategies. Being in Part 1 is not required.

Intended audience: Adults

Sacred Trust: Joy & Theology of Boundaries for Leaders, Part 1 of 2 (PLI) - Becky Munson

Through this workshop you will gain and share knowledge and resources needed to understand the fundamentals and best practices around healthy and appropriate boundaries in spiritual teacher/student relationship; the impact of appropriate vs. inappropriate boundaries in promoting effective teaching; and guidelines for developing appropriate boundaries and necessary self-care strategies. Part 1 will focus on Joy and Theology of Boundaries. An optional Part 2 will examine power dynamics and vulnerability.

Intended audience: Adults

Sage/old man, Who are they? (PLI) - Jim Blechschmidt, Derek Wieserman, Rev. Harry Dorman (

The goal of this workshop is to broaden the communities understanding of the meaning of title sage, the transition from adult to Elder as we enter the final stage of our life. We explore who should consider embarking on the transition from adult to sage, and what it means both personally and to the community. The workshop is open to all members of the community 18 years of age and older.

Intended audience: Adults

Self-Care and Pagan Mental Health - Tonya Winingar

Opportunity to discuss mental health, how it affects us, our challenges and choices as Pagans. Also talking about the dreaded "self-care" and how we can un-dread it with a non-judgmental approach.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Self-transformation through the Chakras - Phoenix Silverstar

Tired? Need money? Sluggish? Spacey? Start your journey of transformation by understanding the chakras. Each chakra will first be explained, followed by a series of practical exercises to balance your chakras, to make you grounded, higher or lower libido as appropriate, better able to set limits, be passionate, have compassion, be able to communicate more clearly, increase intellectual and psychic powers, and increase spirituality. You will receive a set of crystals to work with at home.

Intended audience: Adults

Sex Magick - Sharon-n-Jim

Sex Magick - The most powerful art of manifestation! A workshop for adult couples and singles. You can change your life with both partnered love and self love. Learn how to bring Magick into your bedroom...or tent or camper or... We will explore the topic of adult sexuality in a mature and sensitive way and will not have any nudity, nor vulgar presentations or participation.

Intended audience: Adults

Shamanic Power Animal Trance Meditation - The Thundersirens

You will: Embark on a journey to the spirit world in this drum guided meditation. Experience the ways of shamans and spirit people from all over the world, and how they communicate with their guides. Learn how to communicate with your power animal and connect to the spirit world, and how to bridge this information back to your everyday life. Understand the wisdom and medicine of your visions and calling from spirit. Bring your own mats to lay down or chair to sit on.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Social Justice Center Opening and Blessing - Jake, Hedgehog and Nate

Come help us bless and open the Social Justice Center, and institute it as a place for love, equity, allyship and harmony. Put your energy into the space, help hang prayer flags, pick a pronoun button or other buttons, and help us launch our week celebrating unity, diversity, and justice!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Solstice Celestial Gala - Jesse & Shariff

Come dance wild and free and revel with glee! Outrageous and extravagant costumes are highly encouraged. Strictly BYOB. Let's have a fun and safe party. This is a 21+ only event; IDs will be checked.

Intended audience: Adults

Songs for Your Journey Around the Wheel - Alane Crowomyn

Need new chants for your Sabbat celebrations? In this workshop, we’ll learn a song or two for each of the eight Sabbats of the pagan year. We’ll discuss specific ways to incorporate the chants into ritual, and practical tips for helping each song do its magic in group or solitary practice. Lyrics and chords will be provided and participants are welcome to record the workshop. Bring a drum or instrument if you wish. Let’s sing our way around the wheel of the year!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Spinning Skill Share - Stephen and Megan James

Come share your spinning skills, learn something new, or just come and practice with others! Spinners of all skills levels are invited. If you've never touched a prop and don't know how to get started, that's okay! We will have practice poi available, and we encourage anyone to bring props they are comfortable sharing so we can all learn something new. This workshop will not include fire spinning, so no band required. Come have fun and spin!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Spiral Garden Stone - Megan and Brian Iries

Kids can show off their creative side with these concrete Garden Stones. You are encouraged to bring your shiny rocks, leaves or anything small you want to be part of your project but we will have all the materials you need to make this fun craft! We will also be painting a stone to put in the middle of the spiral! Participants will leave with their stone in a pie tin for safe transport while the stone cures. Space is limited to 12 people. Sign up sheets will be at Caer Prisma vendor tent, come sign up today!

Intended audience: Tweens

Spiral Rhythm in Concert - with Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm is a group of friends that have been singing together for almost two decades. They began singing at bonfires, gatherings, and festivals. Over time they have developed a unique sound complete with deep, multi-textured chants and explosive drums. Spiral Rhythm has evolved and changed, but their goal has always been the same-to raise the spirit through voice and song.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Spiritual Contours of the Pagan Worldview - Dennis Carpenter

Exploration of themes of interconnectedness, immanence and transcendence, panentheism, animism and spiritism, monotheism and polytheism, magic, the sacred circle, and attunement to the cycles of Nature. Increase the depth of your ability to understand and describe what you believe to others.

Intended audience: Adults

Starlight Shopping Spree with all Merchants - with Merchants

Merchants! Shine your light! Villagers! Shop at booths that are staying open late into the night! Watch for special sales offered by some merchants! Perhaps our musicians or chanters will be roaming the streets singing and selling CDs or our guest authors' will be in the Author Tent selling their books! Come out and join the community fun shopping under the stars and support our wonderful merchants!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Steam Punk Promenade! - the Community!

For this community event, we encourage and invite you to dress in your favorite Steampunk Outfits and promenade to the Arthur & The Round Table concert! Meet at the community fires at 8:30pm and lead yourselves to the stage! Musical instruments, noisemakers, ribbons all encouraged!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Sumble Ritual - Wade Mueller

Sumble is a ancient Northern Traditions ritual that was, and is, used as way for people to get to know each other. It is a 3 round ritual in which a mead filled horn goes around and each participant speaks before drinking or pouring out a measure on the ground. The 3 rounds are Deity(any God Goddess or entity you honor), Ancestors/Heroes, and Toasts/Boasts(to others or about yourself). Open to all of any tradition, there will be an explanation of the history and practical aspects beforehand. Adults only.

Intended audience: Adults

Summer Solstice Morning Ritual & EcoRite - Selena Fox & Others

Celebrate Summer Solstice in this morning ritual which includes Sacred Sun invocations in a variety of traditions, plus chanting, drumming, meditative reflection, and workings for environmental healing, ecosystems renewal, and wellness for Planet Earth. It is open to those of all spiritual paths and philosophies who seek to honor and attune to Solstice and sacred dimensions of Nature.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sweat Lodge - Colleen Koziara, Dan Stewart and Zephyr

Lodges are intense ritual experiences. Attention is paid to appropriate preparation and manner of attendance for a successful outcome for all participants. Prayer and singing help keep the flow moving in the lodge as well as discipline and self-control during the ritual. Some heat tolerance is necessary, but the heat in the lodge is well controlled and not unduly uncomfortable. Open discussion and question and answer periods will be held before and after the lodges.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sweat Lodge Workshop for Participants - Colleen Koziara, Dan Stewart and Zephyr

This workshop is for anyone interested in participating in Sweat Lodges at PSG. An overview of the Sweat Lodge Ritual will be presented. We will discuss what is expected of participants, the preparation process, and more, including a question and answer period. Anyone with an interest in learning about Sweat Lodges is encouraged to attend. Anyone with an interest in learning or assisting with Firetending or otherwise serving the Sweat Lodge Community should contact the facilitator afterwards.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Talent Show/ Performer Rite of Passage - Arthur Hinds

Come participate in a truly wonderful display of talent and courage. Join us in the audience and clap and cheer in the most supportive way possible- or share your talents with PSG. Come and sing, play flute, dance, recite poetry, juggle, prestidigitate, tell jokes, or engage in artistic flag semaphore. You will never find a better place to share what you have. Amateurs of all stripes are invited, and first timers are celebrated. You must see Arthur at his music tent before the day of show.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Tantra: Active Love, Awakening Bliss - Sharon-n-Jim

For Adult Couples and Singles: Empower a deeper connection in all levels of our lives: Emotional, Spiritual, Sexual! Discover how to keep the chemistry hot & juicy after the "honeymoon" and out of the bedroom. Imagine living the life you always dreamed of. Indulging and amplifying your erogenous zones. An overflowing heart chakra filled with love. True partnership. We'll explore the topic in a mature and sensitive way and will not have any nudity, nor vulgar presentations or participation.

Intended audience: Adults

Teen Center Meet and Greet - with Teen Coordinators Piper and Blake

Come meet with the other teens at PSG and meet the coordinators! Parents are encouraged to attend as well. This meet and greet allows us to reconnect with those returning and to meet the new teens and parents. We will talk about all the ideas and plans we have for this year's Teen Center and look for feedback from last year's experiences.

Intended audience: Teens

Teen Party - with Coordinators Piper and Blake

It's Party Time! Let's come together to celebrate the wonderful acts of community service we did this week to earn our Pizza Party! Let's talk about how we can Rise Up! and carry on our service throughout the year. And, let's make plans for next year! Join us!

Intended audience: Teens

The Jiffy-Pop Firing - Susan Minyard

We’ll fire the pieces made in the earlier workshop. You will learn how to manage a pit firing with minimal modern equipment and have the excitement of seeing our art work made permanent

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Working Coven - Oz Style - Tamara Von Forslun

This workshop will cover every aspect of the Working Coven that I have been involved in for over 50 years. Using an eclectic basis for our workings, combining Hereditary, Traditional, Modern Wicca, Aboriginal Shamanism and Magick, always growing and always changing. I have over 50 Covens around Australia, South Africa, France, Egypt, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand. Our Fellowship system is based on the Family unit, with love, respect and discipline being our guide. This I hope to share.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Working Tools of a Witch - Tamara Von Forslun

This workshop will discuss openly every genuine Tool of a Wiccan or Witch, its origin, symbolism, Element and ceremonial or religious use. Every Tool has there place and many are not original but added later as Wicca became popularized from the 50's. I will discuss the Tools of the Wiccan, Modern Witch and Tradition or Hereditary Witch, that we openly use in our Covens. Each Tool has many levels of learning and so each Tool is taught at different levels from Initiation to High Priesthood.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Thundersirens in Concert - with the Thundersirens

The Thundersirens is a multifaceted ceremony inspired musical group that combines sound therapy, Shamanic influences and a variety of styles of music into their performances. Their music draws inspiration from each individual’s personal experience in their healing journeys, devotion to their spiritual work, and a variety of different ethnic soundscapes, tribal beats, with blues, rock, folk, and jazz fusion delivery that make their sound powerful and unique.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Trance Dance - Kerri Hirsch

Trance Dance and dancing with the intention of altered consciousness dates back thousands of years in many forms but many of these rituals or dances were eliminated. We will talk about different methods of Trance Dance, its roots and culture, and then it is time to dance! We will have blindfolds to put over our eyes so we can let go of our external inhibitions, remove ego, to rise above linear thinking. We will internalize and go deep with Spirit. Drummers and musicians are welcome!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Tree of Tradition - Mysteries of the Mabingoi - Kristoffer Hughes

The Tree of Tradition straddles the worlds, seen and unseen, and upon its branches the buds, flowers and leaves of Celtica rise, bloom and fall in a perpetual cycle of renewal and expression. Join Druid - Kristoffer Hughes - to explore the often perplexing Branches of the Mabinogi, meet the Gods and Goddesses of Wales, and how they are relevant to Paganism today. Discover the secrets of legend and myth and how they can be utilized to transform your practice and relationship to the divine.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Tween Center Meet and Greet - Shannon & Marty

Tweens bring your adult to the Tween Center portion of the Family Center so they know where the fun will be! Come find out about all the great activities, the guidelines of the center, and the hours all of this fun will be taking place this week! You won't want to miss the action! The Tween Center is for children 7-12. Join us!

Intended audience: Tweens

Tween Party - Shannon & Marty

Tween Party will run from 7pm until 10pm on Friday night. There will be snacks, drinks, fun and games! Also tweens, don't forget to bring your adult to sign you in and sign you out!

Intended audience: Tweens

Understanding the Wounds of the Self (PLI) - Rev Tiffany Andes (Denora)

As healers, leaders, and teachers in our communities, it is essential we understand the foundational wounds and trauma we all bear and struggle with as humans. Having a greater understanding of these dynamics allows us to communicate more effectively and to be better at interfacing in our communities. The cornerstones or wounds that we will cover in this workshop will be grief and loss, shame and guilt, and anger – and self-forgiveness of primal wounds we may carry from our past.

Intended audience: Adults

Using Social Media To Manage Pagan Groups (PLI)– - Rev. Casey Pope, Laura Gonzalez, and Rev. River Higginbotham

Social media is an important tool for communication among Pagan leaders. The presenters will share their experiences with using social media for ritual planning, group organization and management, and educational purposes. Google docs, Facebook groups and events, Facebook Live, Meetup, and Zoom will be among the platforms discussed. Please join us for this panel presentation as we discuss how technology can aid your leadership in the Pagan community.

Intended audience: Adults

Warrior Blessing Ritual - Rev. David C. Sassman & Gail Sassman

The Warrior Blessing Ritual is celebration to Honor All who have served in the Military. Reaching into the past to bring the forefront memories of those who have served, are serving in the military. We also celebrate those who are 1st Responders. During the ritual the Pagan Military Service Ribbon (PMSR) will be awarded to military veterans and active duty.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Warrior Reveille - Chris & Libby Harness

Come get the day started with Warrior Reveille at the Warrior Spirit Center. Bring your favorite morning drink and join your fellow warriors as we call reveille followed by discussion designed around your experiences. Topics will vary daily but will range from navigating benefits to reintegration to topics you suggest.

Intended audience: Adults

What's So Great About the Great Rite? - Jason Mankey

Ask your average Witch about the great rite and they’ll probably respond with something about cups and athames or sex magick. But the great rite is about more than sexual coupling or half-hearted mini-rites before cakes and ale-the great rite is about the union of powerful forces, and most importantly, it’s for EVERYBODY. From the great rite in truth and in token, this is a workshop about sex in the ancient world, wine, magick, and more! It’s all about what’s so great about one of Wicca’s most misunderstood and divisive rites.

Intended audience: Adults

Women's Hearth - Blessing - Robin Umber

Please join us in blessing and opening the space and then we will continue into the Daily Gathering. The Daily Gathering is a set time every day when the coordinator will be in the hearth holding space for the women of the community. It is an ideal time to come and chat or to rest in women-only space.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Women's Hearth - Closing - Robin Umber

Please join us in the Daily Gathering followed by giving thanks and gently closing the hearth. The Daily Gathering is a set time every day when the coordinator will be in the hearth holding space for the women of the community. It is an ideal to come and chat or to rest in women-only space.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Women's Hearth - Daily Gathering - Robin Umber

The Daily Gathering is a set time every day when the coordinator will be in the hearth holding space for the women of the community. It is an ideal time to come and chat or to rest in women-only space.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Women's Ritual - Rev. Georgette Paxton

To Know, To Will, To Dare...and silent no more, we rise! The seat of a woman's power is in the complexity of her mind; the spiraling labyrinthine vessel of her vast and holy spirit. The Goddess has arisen! She comes in infinite forms and a thousand-thousand faces reflected in this community of women as we gather in reclamation and in celebration of the power, dignity, and witchery of sisterhood. All women in all bodies are welcome!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Working with the Runes - Magic and Divination - Phoenix Silverstar

Learn what the runes are, where they come from, and how to work with them as a divination tool, as well as how to create bind-runes and magical spells with runes. Learn the meaning of each rune. Learn what to do, and what NOT to do when working magic with runes. We will work with the Elder Futhark.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Write a Chant for Your Spirit Animal - Alane Crowomyn

In guided meditation, you’ll connect with an animal guide or guardian. Then, Alane will lead you through the process of writing a simple chant about this spirit animal. Support for finding words and melody will be provided. Once you’ve crafted your song, you’ll be invited to share it with the group. Together, we’ll honor our animal guides through the chants we have created, in a simple ritual of gratitude. Deepen your relationship with an animal guide through this creative magic.

Intended audience: Adults

You Are Beautiful Skyclad Ritual - Tegan

This ritual is for those who are interested in trying out skyclad but want a safe, welcoming environment in which to do so. Everyone shows up as clothed as they wish and at an appointed time all participants will remove their garments and go skyclad. It can be for a few minutes or for the remainder of the ritual, depending on your comfort level. This ritual creates and celebrates a powerful moment of courage and freedom and we honor the strength and beauty within each of us!

Intended audience: Adults

You're the Boss of You: Consent for Pagan Teens - Georgette Paxton

Teens are an energizing force in Pagan society, and creating a positive culture of consent from youth is vital to our community's health. We'll discuss what consent is and why it's so important to each of us with fun activities and dialogue on bodily autonomy, giving and getting consent, how not to be pressured into unwanted/unsafe situations, social media's role in sexuality, talking with a partner, laws that can affect young people, and the roles power and privilege play in our relationships.

Intended audience: Teens


Monday, 01 June 2015 16:22

In Memoriam

Written by

Pagan Spirit Gathering Community Beloved Dead

Please email any updates or corrections to 


Margot Adler of New York (1946-2014)

De-Anna Alba (Wendy White) of California (1952-2012)

Robin Arnhold (Beket) of Wisconsin (1944-2019)

James Bademian of California

Dori Beyer  (Serenity de Namaste) of Wisconsin (1940-2004)

Raymond Buckland of Ohio (1934-2017)

Angelo Calderado (Lo Head) of Michigan (1967-2010)

Loren Caswick (Kyril Oakwind) of Wisconsin

Grey Cat of Tennesse (1940-2012)

Aileen Cheng of Illinois (1987-2012)

TJ Collins of  Ohio (1978-2010)

Duanne Colvin

Brigit Cook of Missouri (2000-2014)

Frank G. "Skip" DeLodder aka Braumloch Lauder of Michigan (1952-2012)

Joanne M. Doak of Wisconsin (1949-2005)

Jane Edwards of Iowa (1944-2016)

Erica Eide of Wisconsin (1964-2018)

Richard Harris Eney (Diccon Frankborn) of Maryland (1937- 2006)

Glenn Alan Fischer

Wade Jeffery Forshee of Michigan (1955-2007)

Mark Framstad of Wisconsin (1952-2018)

Carol Olson Gainer (Lady Cybele) of Wisconsin (1942-2017)

Joel Gainer (Wolfhawk) of Wisconsin (1948-2009)

Neta Gilbertsen of Wisconsin (1932-2014)

Wally Gilbertsen of Wisconsin (1928-2001)

Brandy Gilroy of Ohio (1974-2015)

Mike Gleason of Massachusetts (1951-2012)

Roxane Gonseth of Florida (1956-2015)

Pedro Gonzalez, Jr. of Pennsylvania (1944-2010)

Dave Grega of Texas (1984-2012)

Raven Grimassi (Gary Charles Erbe) of Massachusetts (1951-2019)

Teri (Theresa) Gurnell aka Lady Dragonmagick of New York (1962-2019)

Alison Harlow of California (1934-2004)

Bill Hassel of Washington (d. 1998)

Marshall Haller of Wisconsin (1948-2016)

Leigh Hamilton of Missouri (1949-2018)

Jennifer (Jenny) Jo Head of Alabama (1973-2011)

Kathryn Anne Fernquist Hinds of Georgia (1962-2018)

Judi Mari Jacksohn of Illinois (1950-2017)

Karen Jackson of Illinois (d. 2007)

Steve Jackson (Ravenwolf) of  Illinois (1957-2014)

Kris Jensen of Wisconsin (1953-2014)

Jeane Blue Crow Julian of Virginia

Hilary Karnda of Wisconsin (1941-2005)

George (Hank) Knaepple of Indiana (1961-2018)

Pam Kolozsy of Illinois (1948-2010)

Jeff Koslow of Ohio (1949-2003)

Donald Michael Kraig of California (1951-2014)

Sandy Artistfair Kucyk of Illinois (1948-2018)

Sandra Kuckla of Illinois (1955-1999)

Christopher Lannin of Wisconsin

Deborah Ann Light of New York & Florida (1935-2015)

Emily Lingen of Minnesota (1979-1999)

Ken Laukant of Wisconsin (1969-2017)

Elizabeth MacCaskie (Lady Delthea) of Minnesota (1951-2018)

Sidney Malloch (Crow Wind) of Wisconsin (1938-2010)

Edain McCoy (Carol Taylor) of Indiana (1959-2019)

Fran McIntosh (Lady Isis) of Arkansas (d. 2011)

Bill (William) Milakovich of Missouri (1960-2018)

Daniel Moeller (OakBear) of Wisconsin (1951-2018)

Lola Moffat of Minnesota (1978-2015)

Barbara Moss of Wisconsin (1969-2015)

George Moyer of Colorado (1952-2011)

Donald Mulligan (Laughing Starheart) of Michigan (d. 2008) 

Ronald Lee Naanes (Rainbow Man) of Indiana (1939-2007)

Wayne Ochs of Missouri (1944-2001)

Bruce Parsons of Wisconsin (1947-2010)

Amy Paul (Blessing Bird) of Maryland (d. 2011)

Gwydion Penderrwen of California (1946-1982)

Gordon Pepin of Wisconsin (1951-2012)

Leianne Pepper of Kentucky (d. 2011)

Henry Petrucci (Tree) of Michigan

Eva Phillips

Owain Phyfe of Michigan (1949-2012)

Christine Poortenga (Valley) of Wisconsin (1946-2016)

Grayce Porter of Iowa

James Porter of Iowa

Dennis Presser of Wisconsin (1958-2013)

Michael Ragan of Georgia (1931-2014)

Richard Ravish of Massachusetts (1952-2012)

Stevie Reynolds of Kentucky (1953-2012)

Jeff Rosenbaum of Ohio  (1955-2014)

Jim Runnels  (Moon/Mad Dog) of Minnesota (1941-2004)

Al Saddoris of Illinois (1950-2000)

Lisa Circe Santaniello (Antigone) of Texas (1954-2014)

Paula Schultz (d. 2014)

Michael A. Schwartz of Ohio (1958-2016)

Peter Bruner Soderberg (Sparky T. Rabbit) of Illinois (1954-2014)

Lado Stetak of Ohio (d. 2010)

Sarah Ellen Taylor of Illinois (1983-2015) 

Seth Thomas Tritt of Wisconsin (1980-2019)

Paul Tuitean of Minnesota (1954-2001)

Helen Umber of Wisconsin & New Jersey (1923-2017)

Carl Vaumen

Charlene Elizabeth Vierke (LoreSeeker) (d. 2007)

Gloria Villanueva of Wisconsin (1938-2008)

Wade Vorshee

Julie Wichman of Wisconsin (1963-2012)

Christine Elizabeth Wright of Indiana (1973-2014)

Gregory (Wildwind) Young of Michigan (1942-2015)

Rev. Nora Cedarwind Young of Washington (1958-2019)

Morning Glory Zell of California (1948-2014)


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Pagan Spirit Gathering Themes

Written by

Private Land near Sparta, Wisconsin

  • 1980: Celebrating Summer Solstice (prototype PSG)
  • 1981: Growth & Survival of Paganism in the Years Ahead

Private Land near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

  • 1982: Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves
  • 1983: Pagan Music & Culture

Eagle Cave in Wisconsin

  • 1984: Shamanism for the New Age
  • 1985: Pagan Life Around Mother Earth
  • 1986: Celebrating Mother Earth, Solstice Sun & Magick Moon
  • 1987: Honoring Mother Nature & Midsummer Sun
  • 1988: Magic Music & Sacred Dance
  • 1989: Ecomagic
  • 1990: Heal this Planet!
  • 1991: Pagan Paths
  • 1992: Nature Peoples
  • 1993: Sacred Circles
  • 1994: Earth & Sky
  • 1995: Nature Communion
  • 1996: Culture and Community

Wisteria near Athens, Ohio

  • 1997: Sun, Moon, & Land
  • 1998: Pagan Towne
  • 1999: Sacred Mound
  • 2000: Magick in Nature
  • 2001: Horizons
  • 2002: Tree of Life
  • 2003: Family & Community
  • 2004: Wheel of the Year
  • 2005: Enchanted Celebration
  • 2006: Sun Magic
  • 2007: Celebrating Lights of Liberty
  • 2008: Bring Your Spirit Home

Camp Zoe near Salem, Missouri

  • 2009: Old Traditions, New Beginnings
  • 2010: Spirals of Spirit & Light

Stonehouse Farm near Dekalb, Illinois

  • 2011: Solstice Magic
  • 2012: Tribe and Spirit through the Ages
  • 2013: Connections
  • 2014: Heart and Harmony
  • 2015: Celebrating Community

Tall Tree near Vienna, Illinois

  • 2016: Our Spirit - The Key to Our Roots
  • 2017: With Our Hands
  • 2018: Soul Shine

Hannon's Camp America near Oxford, Ohio

  • 2019: Rise Up!
Saturday, 30 May 2015 08:09

Pagan Spirit Gathering History

Written by

by Selena Fox

Pagan Spirit Gathering, also known as PSG, is one of America’s oldest and largest Pagan camping festivals.  Organized and sponsored by Circle Sanctuary, PSG is a Pagan village community immersion experience that takes place during Summer Solstice week each year and that continues year round through social media and other forms of interpersonal communications.

PSG was an outgrowth of Pagan networking and seasonal celebrations that I, along with others involved with Circle Sanctuary, began doing in the 1970s.  Pagan Spirit Gathering also is rooted in values prevalent in mid twentieth century social movements for peace, environmental preservation, equality, liberty, and justice for all.  PSG is an opportunity to create and live cooperatively in a society founded on those values.

Pagan Spirit Gathering started in 1980 as a weekend Summer Solstice festival on private land near Sparta, Wisconsin.  Although small, with only ninety people, this prototype PSG brought together Pagans from many paths and many places from across the United States and beyond to create and live in a Pagan village in a natural location.  There was no program book and no pre-established times for workshops, discussions, music sharing, and rituals at our 1980 festival.  Program activities were organized on site.

PSG emerged as a new kind of Pagan festival that focused on building connections and developing community among Pagans across traditions, as well as forming and strengthening spiritual relationships with sacred dimensions of Nature.  Each day and evening of that first gathering, we came together to create and nurture community in meetings, workshops, and rituals.  Festival drumming, which is now widespread across Pagan gatherings the world over, began at this prototype PSG.

The following year, in 1981, we expanded the length of our gathering to four days, increased the number of program activities from a dozen to forty, and published our first program book.  Our festival also got its name -- I named it Pagan Spirit Gathering to signify its Pagan spiritual community focus. 

At Pagan Spirit Gathering 1981, our community grew in size to 250 people.  Our festival encampment continued to evolve as a village as we established several centers, including Information, Health, and Childcare.  In addition, we began our work-sharing approach to festival staffing, which now has became commonplace for Pagan festivals organized by other groups in the USA and other countries.

Both our 1980 and 1981 PSGs were held at the same site in the forested hills of western Wisconsin.  This was the most rustic of the places where the PSG Community has made its home.  We hauled in all of our own drinking water, food, and other supplies, and, at the end of our gathering, hauled out all of our garbage and recycling.  Bathing was in the pond.  Toilet facilities were an open air outhouse and the woods. There was no electricity on site and no tents or other shelters for group activities.  

Pagan Spirit Gathering moved to a new home the following year.  This site was also private land.  It was home to PSG in both 1982 and 1983.  This second PSG site was in central Wisconsin along the Rock River near Oconomowoc.  It was still very rustic, with no electricity, drinking water taps, or shelter buildings.  We rented a large circus tent to have some communal indoor space, and under the big top, which we called “Tenthenge,” we had merchant booths and held some of our meetings and workshops there.  We trucked in drinking water in 55 galloon drums, and we bathed in the river.  For the first time, we brought in rented portatoilet units and had a parking lot for participants’ vehicles.

In 1982, we expanded PSG to six days long, beginning on the Friday of Summer Solstice weekend and ending on a Wednesday.  Participants had the option of taking part in several post-PSG events. 

At PSG 1982, we added gatekeepers and life guards to the list of community work jobs.  We expanded the number and scope of program activities and began cross scheduling workshops.  We supplemented the schedule in our program book by announcing activities via large posters on our bulletin board at our Information Center.  Workshop presenters scheduled themselves by signing up for slots and locations when they arrived at PSG.  The number of program activities increased to more than sixty that year and our program book doubled in size.

In 1983, PSG continued to grow.  The length of PSG expanded to a full week in length and the size of our community increased to 450 participants.  The Guardians, first known as the Guardians of the Fourth Face, formed that year and began doing PSG safety and security work.  Merchanting at PSG expanded from a few booths to a diverse and colorful magical marketplace.  Our growing Pagan village filled the entire 4-acre site.  Also at PSG 1983, we had our first community-created full scale theatrical production for our main ritual, featuring a variety of costumed dancers, singers, poets, and aspecting priestesses and priests.

In 1984, PSG moved to a new and bigger place, the big valley of Eagle Cave Campground near Blue River, Wisconsin.  This was our festival home for the next thirteen PSGs.  Our gathering grew in scope and size during this time, expanding to over 700 participants in 1996.  We added more workshop areas and more centers, including a place for counseling support, known then as the Centering Dome, and Amethyst Circle, an alcohol-free place with Pagan 12 Step AA meetings and other support for Pagans recovering from alcoholism and other addictions.  PSG added concerts to its program activities, using a flatbed farm wagon as a stage and an electric generator to make amplification possible.  The campground staff created a food stand and began selling meals and meal plans to participants.  

This third home to PSG included an ancient cave.   Eagle Cave, which is the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin, became a ceremonial place for us for several of our large community rituals, including my handfasting with Dennis Carpenter in 1986 and the Sacred Cave Mother Earth Communion Rite I led in 1995. 

During our years at the Eagle Cave site, community drumming grew to be an important part of PSG village life.  Drumming was a regular part of our town meetings as well as rituals. Experienced drummers began mentoring new drummers in workshops, rituals, and rhythm circles, and in 1996, developed drumming guidelines which our community adopted and continues to use.

During the time that PSG made Eagle Cave Campground its home, we expanded our work with Pagan youth to include programming for different age groups as well as a center with play area.  Also during this time, we added academic Pagan presentations, and did a PSG Tribal survey as part of a Pagan Studies research project.     

In late Autumn of 1996, Eagle Cave Campground staff and its site went through changes, and the big valley which had been our gathering home was no longer available.  The quest for a new and larger home for PSG began. 

After exploring a variety of places in Wisconsin and in several other states, PSG moved to southeastern Ohio.  Our fourth site was Wisteria, a new land project being created by a group of owners that included longtime PSG Community members. Although not yet a campground, this site had plenty of flat space for camping and festival activities. 

During the twelve years that Wisteria was home to PSG, we helped Wisteria’s group of owners develop their land as a campground and event site.  Money we paid to Wisteria owners for the use of their land and services for PSG each year helped them pay off their land debt as well as provided funds for improving their facilities.  Wisteria built a pavilion to use for operating their coffeehouse and a stage for concerts, ceremonies, and celebrations.

PSG Community members worked with Wisteria owners and staff on developing several ceremonial sites on the land.   These included a couple woodland circle areas, a large ritual circle, and two mounds. During our first PSG at Wisteria in 1997 and the following year, we created a small conical ancestral mound near the ritual circle.  At PSG 1999 and the two PSGs that followed, we created a large turtle mound made of rocks and soil in work sessions and rituals.  It served as a meditation and ceremonial place for group rituals.

PSG continued to grow in diversity and complexity.   In 1997, my husband Dennis Carpenter and I welcomed Chip Brown to PSG’s administrative team as Special Issues Director, and in 2004, we welcomed Sharon Stewart, also known as MoonFeather, as PSG Manager and Program Director. 

During our time at Wisteria, the number and type of workshops, rituals, and other program activities grew.  I began doing a yearly Pagan leadership intensive, the Tribal Dance and Drum Bonfire ritual took form, and the all-night Candlelight Labyrinth became a yearly tradition.  In addition, we began developing Young Womanhood and Manhood passage rite programs as well as the Spirit Hunt, a transformative shamanic rite, later to be called the Sacred Hunt.

In Autumn of 2008, PSG’s time at Wisteria came to a close as the owners charted new directions for their campground, including sponsoring their own festivals.   As we quested for a new PSG home, we looked for a place more centrally located in the United States and with improved facilities.

In 2009, PSG moved to a large music festival site in the magical Ozark mountains of southeastern Missouri near Salem.  This site, known then as Camp Zoe, had once been a Summer youth camp, and it had the most developed facilities of any of the sites that had previously been home to PSG.  In addition to electricity in multiple areas, it featured a full size professional stage with lights, large shower house, several cabins, and a beautiful crystal clear stream for wading, swimming, and rafting.

During our two PSG’s at Camp Zoe, we continued to innovate programming and community services.  We increased the number of workshops and workshop areas.  Training for Pagan priestesses, priests, activists, and other leaders expanded with the development of the Pagan Leadership Institute.  The Tea Dance, which had first emerged as a PSG mixer at Eagle Cave in the 1980s transformed into Pan’s Ball, a costumed dance party. Our First Aid and Safety center got a cabin for the first time, we added media support for Pagan bloggers and podcasters, and merchants had the option for electricity in the marketplace area.

In November of 2010, we learned that Camp Zoe was in the process of being shut down due to legal problems stemming from other events they had held there.  The quest for PSG’s sixth site began.  

Starting in 2011, Pagan Spirit Gathering made its home at an eco-retreat and campground known as Stonehouse Farm.  It is located near Earlville in rural northern Illinois, about seventy miles west of Chicago.  This 37-acre site includes wooded areas, fields, gardens, a sandy beach and pond, several buildings, electrical hookups for campers and merchants, a new showerhouse, and its namesake, a historic stone house built in the mid nineteenth century by a Scottish stone mason.

Pagan Spirit Gathering 2015 was closed after just two days, due to flooding which rendered a large portion of the grounds unsafe.  After an extensive and intensive search, we found our next home.

In 2016, 2017, and 2018, PSG was located at the Tall Tree event campground near Vienna Illinois, about an hour north of Paducah KY.  This 200-acre site features a lake, woods, open fields, and a Bonfire Circle community ritual space on an island in the lake.

In search of a broader range of amenities, PSG moved in 2019 to Hannon's Camp America near Oxford, Ohio, about 30 miles from Cincinnati.  This site features bunkhouses, a dining hall, several gathering buildings, more electrical power, plenty of good wooded camping & ritual places, and much more!

Pagan Spirit Gathering and its Community have continued to grow and evolve.  Our activities include a variety of life passages, such as handfastings and weddings, pregnancy and baby blessings, coming of age rites, as well as croning, saging, and senioring rites.

At our newest PSG home, we have restructured some of our centers and added others.  Our centers now include:  Gate, Safety, Information, Raffle, Family Center, Warrior Spirit, Teen, EnChantment, Sweatlodge, Women's Hearth, Crone Temple, Sage Temple, Social Justice, Dancing Shadows Lodge, Psyche's Grotto, Rainbow, Amethyst Circle, and others.  In addition, there are specialty camping areas.  

This Gathering is also about experiencing and celebrating Community; creating a magical Pagan village together; sharing songs, meditations, rituals, food, ideas, fun, magic; sharing work as well as celebration; teaching and learning from each other; examining ourselves collectively and individually as part of Nature Spirituality and Pagan culture.

Finally, PSG is about experiencing personal transformation: purifying, balancing, centering and revitalizing ourselves through spiritual encounters; living fully as our magical Pagan selves in spiritual community and letting this process enrich our lives.  It is about the freedom to be the Wise Ones we truly are, about connecting with our ancient roots and expanding our consciousness to shape tomorrows.  It is about making Magic and more fully coming to know ourselves as individuals and as a people.  It is about carrying the insights and energy we experience into our daily lives to help ourselves, others, and the community of life on Planet Earth and beyond.

Blessed Be, PSG!

Selena Fox, also known as Rev. Selena Fox, is senior minister of Circle Sanctuary and executive director of Pagan Spirit Gathering.  PSG founding vision at the conclusion of this history is adapted from her PSG introduction published at the start of the 1981 and 2015 PSG program books, and incorporates history published in Issue 121 of CIRCLE Magazine.  It has been revised in February 2019.

Tuesday, 07 April 2015 15:12

Ritual & Bonfire Circle Guidelines

Written by

The Ritual and Bonfire Circle is a central area that serves as a gathering place for community Morning Meetings, and for drumming, ecstatic dancing, fire spinning and chanting every evening.  Our PSG community strives to make this sacred space welcoming, safe, and respectful toward all.

Community Expectations in Ritual & Bonfire Circle

Be considerate of others - please don't block dancers from free movement.  Please don’t stand in front of seated drummers so they can’t see the fire and dancers (even if you are a drummer yourself).

Be kind to each other - share your gifts and let others gift back to you, whether it is a different style of drumming, a new chant, offering water, or a sincere compliment.  Give appreciation to the volunteer firetender for their hard work too.

Be sharing - The Bonfire Coordinators share several drums with the community.  Feel free to use them, but let others play them too.  If you have a drum you're willing to loan to others, make that clear.  Please ask first if you would like to play someone else's drum, and remember to remove your rings.

Be tidy - this sacred space is lovingly cared for by Bonfire Coordinators, who also coordinate a volunteer workshift to rake the sand and clean up every morning.  Most lost/found items will be moved to the area under the canopy, but if the item is high value and easily damaged (such as a camera) look for it at the Information Tent the next morning. 

Trash and recycling bins are located just outside the archway - please use them.  Tidiness in the drummer's area means not leaving your instruments here when you leave.  You might think you will "be right back" but much can happen between there and the bathroom.  In the meantime, that spot is not easily accessible to another player.

Be supportive - keep up a rhythm for a firespinner until they flame out; try not to stop drumming suddenly if you notice one of the dancers is in ecstatic trance; encourage variety such as chanting and different drum "voices".

Be helpful - if you notice someone not following the guidelines, respectfully help them learn what is expected by the community.  If weather threatens, offer to help move the canopy to protect the drummers so they can continue to support the dancers.  (It can be lots of fun to dance in the rain.)

Be open to others' needs - Bonfire Circle is sacred space where friendly socializing can happen side by side with deep transformative work. It's the heart of our community, and a place where we form strong bonds, renew our spirits, and express our joy. We all make this space.

General rules:  NO GLASS! Please transfer beverages to plastic containers before bringing into the area.  Smokers, for safety please only use tobacco in the designated smokers' area and put butts in provided containers. Do not put butts or other trash on the ground or in the fire.  Please replace benches if you move them for workshops & rituals.  Do not put anything except spiritual intentions, prayers, and sacred herbs in the Sacred Fire.


Tuesday, 07 April 2015 15:05

Safety & Responsibility

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As a community, we work together to make sure that PSG is a safe, fun, and sacred space for everyone.  During the gathering please maintain awareness of your own actions and how they may affect others.  

Also be aware of those around you, and if they might need assistance, or if a situation may become unsafe.  Please report any unsafe situations as soon as possible to Safety or PSG administration by finding a Guardian or going to the Info Tent (during the day) or Safety Camp/First Aid Center (all hours).


Respect & Responsibility

You are responsible for your welfare and the welfare of any minors in your care, your personal property, and the personal property of any minors in your care.  You and any minors in your care shall: respect all participants, including those different from you in spiritual tradition, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, race, or in any other way.  You must be quiet in designated quiet areas and ritual spaces and at designated times; be honest, trustworthy and considerate in dealing with others including Circle Staff and PSG Staff; respect the site, plants, animals, and all the Nature Spirits that dwell there.  All participants must abide by PSG’s privacy policy and photo guidelines as posted on the website and in the program guide.



PSG’s Guardians and administration work to keep everyone at the gathering safe at all times.  If anyone does anything that makes you feel unsafe, or you witness a situation that may become unsafe, please contact Safety or PSG administration immediately by finding a Guardian or going to the Info Tent (during the day) or Safety Camp/First Aid Center (all hours).  PSG, Circle Sanctuary, and the Safety team take all safety concerns very seriously and promptly investigate all incident reports.


Medical Emergencies

If a person passes out or becomes seriously ill, do not move them unless they are in physical danger.  Contact Safety immediately to get help by locating a Guardian and/or sending someone to the First Aid Center.  Only professionally trained persons should deal with these emergencies.


Harassment & Touching

It is your responsibility to monitor your own behavior and ensure that your words or actions do not harm, harass or threaten other PSG participants. Harassment can include, but is not limited to, offensive comments, unwanted touching, stalking, unwanted flirting or sexual behaviors.

Always ask before touching anyone and be mindful of others' comfort and boundaries at all times.  Many Pagans can be very touchy-feely in a caring way, but don’t assume – always ask before touching!  During a cathartic experience it is particularly important not to assume that someone may want or welcome a hug or other contact.  Ask before touching, and be willing to take 'no' politely.

If someone touches you or addresses you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to make that person aware of your feelings and ask that the objectionable behavior stop.  If the person does not stop after you have requested this, then notify Safety or PSG administration by finding a Guardian or going to the Info Tent (during the day) or Safety Camp/First Aid Center (all hours).  Please make this report as soon as possible after the incident occurred.  Guardians and PSG staff are on-call at all hours.  


Sexuality & Consent:

Pagans have many differing comfort levels regarding flirtation and sexual behavior.  What one person can intend as playful banter can instead come off as harassing or threatening.  Be mindful of the comfort and boundaries of those around you at all times, and if someone expresses discomfort change your behavior immediately!

Only sex between consenting adults is permitted!  Make sure that you have unambiguous consent before initiating any sexual activity.  Be aware that inebriation can impair the ability of people to give consent.  When in doubt, err on the side of stopping all sexual activity until the safety and consent of all participants has been clearly established.

If someone behaves in a sexual manner that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, ask them to stop.  If the person does not stop after you have requested this, then please notify Safety or PSG administration by finding a Guardian or going to the Info Tent (during the day) or Safety Camp/First Aid Center (all hours).  Similarly, if you observe a situation going on where you feel someone else may be unsafe, please let us know immediately.  Please make this report as soon as possible after the incident occurred – including late at night if necessary. Guardians and PSG staff are on-call at all hours.  

PSG takes the safety and comfort of all participants very seriously – please let us know about any problematic situation or incident so that we can help keep PSG as a safe space for all.

All sexual activity must be done in private, personal space.  Please be discreet.  Practice safe sex and insist that any partners you have practice safe sex too!  If you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), be responsible and discuss this with any partners before having sex.  Be aware that people can be carriers of AIDS and/or other STDs without knowing this. Condoms, when used properly, help prevent the spread of STDs. 

Sometimes participants, excited by the freedoms and possibilities at Pagan gatherings, get involved in new sexual relationships without considering how it will impact themselves and existing relationships after the festival ends.  Take time to reflect on the implications of new relationships before you act. 


Fires & Fire Emergencies

Should any kind of fire start to get out of control, shout for help immediately, radio for help on Channel 1, and also find Guardian and send someone to the Safety Center.   Fire extinguishers are in the buildings on site. 

Campfires are permitted in fire rings and above ground apparatus only.  You may gather stones to make fire rings and you may dig pits as long as you replace the sod at the end of the gathering.

Please be aware that extreme caution must be taken when kindling fires of any size and kind, including campfires, candles, and lighting cigarettes. Do not leave open flames unattended! 



Some restrictions on alcohol use apply, including compliance with local laws which do not permit alcohol consumption, even in a ritual context, by those under 21 years of age.  If you choose to drink, either socially or in a ritual context, please do so in moderation, and remain mindful of your surroundings and your behavior toward others.  If you wish to use alcohol sacramentally in a ritual, workshop, or other activity you plan to facilitate, you must arrange this in advance with MoonFeather.  

There is absolutely no brewing, cordial, or mead making or bartering allowed on site.  No alcohol is permitted at any time in these areas: the Sweat Lodge, Family Center, Child Center, and Amethyst Circle.

Amethyst Circle is a sober camping and socializing place for Pagans in recovery from alcoholism and/or other addictions. Pagans in recovery are invited to connect with each other and be part of the PSG support group that meets daily during the Gathering.


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Trash & Recycling

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The PSG community prides itself on our respect for nature and the environment.  Please help us reduce our environmental impact by reducing, reusing and recycling whenever possible during the week. 

PSG has dumpsters at various locations around the site for you to put your trash in. There is no recycling in the area. Please consider taking your recycling home with you!

Please separate out your trash:

  • Consider sorting out your recyclables to take home with you.
  • Paper Trash can be either recycled or burned in your firepit, if you have one.  This includes brown paper bags, newspaper, flattened cardboard & paperboard (e.g. juice containers, cereal boxes)
  • Regular Trash (food waste, flexible plastic food packaging, foam cups etc) should NOT be burned or placed in recycling. 

Bag your items securely and place them in the dumpsters located around camp.

DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND at the end of the Gathering! Do not leave anything at your campsite, on the side of the road, or at hand-washing stations.  


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