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Wednesday, 09 June 2021 19:04

PSG 2021 Merchants

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Community members who have signed up to be vendors at virtual PSG will be advertised during PSG on the Virtual PSG Facebook page. There is also a new PSG Merchants Facebook page where you can go and look at their wares, chat or leave messages for a merchant, and purchase wonderful Pagan goods!  The web address for the new PSG Merchants page is:

Sunday, 07 June 2020 12:34

Virtual Pagan Spirit Gathering 2020 on CSNP

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CSNP 400x400 on white

Pagan Spirit Gathering 2020 Community Connections

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Podcasts also available on streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and TunenIn.



During Virutal PSG 2020 Week:


Sunday, June 14:  Celebrating Summer Solstice at PSG
Originally broadcast at PSG 2013
On Nature Mystic with Selena Fox.  Listen at 6:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Monday, June 15:  About Pagan Spirit Gathering with Rev. Sharon Stewart
Originally broadcast before PSG 2018
On Lunatic Mondays with Laura Gonzalez.  Listen at 7:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Tuesday, June 16:  Summer Solstice & ATC with Belladonna LaVeau & Dusty Dionne
Live show for 2020
On Circle Talk with Debra Rose.  Listen at 7:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Wednesday, June 17:  Sun Gods and Goddesses
Originally broadcast before PSG 2014
On Nature Spirituality with Selena Fox.  Listen at 7:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Thursday, June 18:  Summer Solstice Ritual of Renewal
Live show for 2020
On Moon Magic with Jeanet & David Ewing.  Listen at 7:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Friday, June 19:  About Pagan Spirit Gathering with Rev. Selena Fox
Originally broadcast during PSG 2019
Lunatic Mondays CSNP Special with Laura Gonzalez.  Listen at 7:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Saturday, June 20:  Rituales with Laura Gonzalez (in Spanish)
Live show for 2020
On Paganos del Mundo with Laura Gonzalez.  Listen at 6:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Sunday, June 21:  Summer Solstice Meditations with PSG Community
Originally broadcast at PSG 2014
On Nature Mystic with Selena Fox.  Listen at 6:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Other PSG Community Podcasts during June 2020:


Sunday, June 7:  PSG Journey to Pagan Town
Originally broadcast just prior to PSG 2013
On Nature Mystic with Selena Fox.  Listen at 6:00 PM CDT or later at this link:


Sunday, June 28:  Celebrating Pagan Spirit with PSG Community Rituals
Originally broadcast before PSG 2013
On Nature Mystic with Selena Fox.  Listen at 6:00 PM CDT or later at this link:





Friday, 04 December 2015 15:56

PSG 2021 Workshops

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Every year, PSG presents a wide array of workshops, rituals and more by featured presenters, Circle ministers, and community members.  All workshops for PSG 2021 are shown below.

Opening Meeting - Rev. Selena and others
Friday June 25th at 1pm Central

The opening meeting is a time to welcome and connect with our PSG community as we come together virtually to celebrate the Summer Solstice. This is a time to meet some of the presenters for the weekend, listen to some great music, and hear announcements and instructions for the weekend virtual event. Join us!

held via Zoom to Facebook Live

Ceremony of Remembrance - Rev. Selena and others
Friday June 25th at 2pm Central

As the wheel relentlessly turns; members of our PSG Community have crossed over the threshold to the Summerland. This is a ceremony to remember them together as we speak their names, honor their memory, and say goodbye as a community.

held via Zoom to Facebook Live

Racial Equality Panel - Kim Furlow, Rev. Laura Gonzalez, Lupa Luna & moderator Rev. Bob Paxton
Friday June 25th at 3pm Central

Three BIPOC panelists will discuss the shifting intersections of race and magick. The panelists will explore ways of engaging directly and honestly with race and ethnicity as a Pagan, including: the racial implication of terms like black & white magick; how appropriation affects native practices & African diaspora traditions; and Black Lives Matter: a labor of love and magick. Panelists will share their personal perspectives and lived realities, and offer suggestions for engaging respectfully and in healthy ways with the traditions and descendents of historically subjugated ethnic groups.

held via Zoom to Facebook Live

Dive into Drumming with Primal Rhythm - Susan Balashak
Friday June 25th at 4pm Central

Ride the Wave of Energy created by drumming. Expand the connections between yourself, your drum and Mother Earth's energy as we focus on the spirit of the drum, drumming techniques, and basic rhythms. This is an introductory class suitable for all levels.

held via Facebook Live

Hardship, Fear, and Power: A Deep Magick of Connection - Jenya T. Beachy
Friday June 25th at 5pm Central

This past turning of the year wheel has brought unprecedented challenges to every aspect of our lives. We acknowledge that what we have endured contains the seeds from which the new world is grown. As a means of freeing this energy, we gather to share our hardships. Hearing others speak of their own fear and pain can open our hearts in new ways and offer us the opportunity to participate more deeply in community. In this ritual, we will use techniques developed by the Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society to explore the empowering magick of revelation, witnessing, acceptance, and connection.

held via Facebook Live

Five Senses Sun Greeting - Rev. Florence
Friday June 25th at 6pm Central

For youth aged 6 - 8: focusing on each of our senses is a great way for kids to practice observation, mindfulness, and emotional regulation. We can also use it in a Pagan context to connect with the divine. For the solstice, Florence shows ways that we can use our senses to connect with the sun. Optional additional info: If you want to participate during the video you might want to have something "sunny" on hand for mindful eating (like orange slices) and spices for mindfully smelling, (like cinnamon sticks or cloves). Other helpful gear for praticing at home can include a prism and a windchime (or make your own:

held via Pre-Recorded

Modern Deities and Social Justice - Rev. Minerva & Hedgehog
Friday June 25th at 7pm Central

We have long looked to old Gods and Goddesses for help and for how to handle a current situation. But who hasn't said something like ''All hail the Goddess, Caffeina, bringer of focus and the occasional jitter?'' It's fun to hail to the gods of parking, caffeine, web connections, etc., as a joke, or to voice frustration without much thought of it will or won't do anything. But what if... what if there is more to these new deities than you think? What if our collective energy is building and creating these new and modern Gods? Can we conjure new Gods and call upon them to aid us in dealing with social injustice? Can a new God be created, appear, or manifest? Or are these new Gods simple manifestations of those Gods we know? Let's talk about it!

held via Facebook Live

Daughters of the Dark Moon ROP Gathering -
Friday June 25th at 7pm Central

This gathering is for established members that have joined the year prior and an active participant in the private Facebook page, active in their home community and active in the Circle/PSG community. The DODM/ROP gathering will be at virtual PSG, hosted on zoom, a link will be posted on the private DODM Facebook.

held via Zoom on private DODM Facebook page

Opening Ritual - Rev. Selena, Bonfire Team and others
Friday June 25th at 8pm Central

The PSG opening ritual and Bonfire Ritual will be combining this year into one fantastic ritual! We will kindle our Community's Sacred Fire with the remains of last year's fire and the fire will stream live on the Facebook page all weekend. Have your Spirit Bag Kit and a candle with you. Everyone is encouraged to attend. Join us as we virtually connect and celebrate this year's theme Spirals of Change.

held via Facebook Live

Primal Rhythm in Concert - Primal Rhythm
Friday June 25th at 9pm Central

Primal Rhythm created by Sue Balaschak is an all-female drum ensemble which hails from Cleveland, Ohio. Primal Rhythm started out as a brand for Sue's solo records, workshops and facilitation of drum circles. After great success with Primal Rhythm 1, her first disc, she decided to bring the creation to life and put together a kick ass all female drum ensemble. So, get your shakers, rattles and rollers, and dancers get your ting ting Bing a Ling things ---Get ready to Ride the Wave of Energy from pounding, tribal drums and healing trance vibrations.

held via Pre-Recorded

Nightly Chat -
Friday June 25th at 10pm Central

Historically late nights at PSG are filled with cozy campfire chats which range from philosophical to humorous. We will have a Facebook room set up for late night chats in an effort to carry on this tradition even though we are miles apart. Feel free to hop into the ''Late-Night Chat'' Facebook Room, or create your own Facebook Room and invite others on the Virtual PSG Facebook page to join you.

held via Facebook Room

Morning Cups of Change -
Saturday June 26th at 8am Central

It's said that significant changes in your personal life or changes in the world will only happen through the people you meet and the conversations you have. Let's get together over coffee (or your favorite morning beverage) and meet face-to-face on Zoom to swap stories and conspire with each other over your plans, hopes, and dreams for change. There will be break-out rooms with certain topics each day or you can stay in the main room and chat for change. See you there!

held via Private Zoom

Midsummer Morning Ritual - Rev. Selena
Saturday June 26th at 9am Central

Celebrate Summer Solstice in this morning ritual which includes Sacred Sun invocations in a variety of traditions, plus chanting, drumming, meditative reflection, and workings for environmental healing, ecosystems renewal, and wellness for Planet Earth. It is open to those of all spiritual paths and philosophies who seek to honor and attune to Solstice and sacred dimensions of Nature.

held via Zoom to Facebook Live

Morning Meeting - Rev. Dennis and others
Saturday June 26th at 10am Central

The town meetings are times for attunement and connection as well as time for important announcements, updates on program changes and special performances from some of our favorite musical performers.

held via Zoom to Facebook Live

The Cup of Compassion - Christopher Penczak
Saturday June 26th at 11am Central

The elemental spirits of the realm of water, dwelling in the Temple of the Sea and Stars, are the keepers of the Cup of Compassion. They help us renew our sense of love and hope and regenerate ourselves for our own healing and to be of greater service in the world. Through this guided journey, encounter the ministers of the Moon and sea, the undines and nymphs, the Elemental rulers Niksa and Mara and the Archangel Gabriel to deepen your understanding of the mysteries of Water and the Cup of Compassion.

held via Facebook Live

Lady Liberty League Annual Meeting - Rev. Selena Fox, Rev. Minerva, and Rev. Casey Pope
Saturday June 26th at Noon Central

Join us for Lady Liberty League's Annual Meeting. We will be discussing LLL's activities, open cases, and future plans. Come if you have questions, concerns, issues, or curiosity. Hail Libertas!!

held via Zoom to Facebook Live

Psyche's Grotto - Rev. Chiron, Tanya, Truly, Rev. Ladyhawke
Saturday June 26th at Noon Central

The Grotto staff features counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, holistic healers, and others trained and skilled in counseling and mental health care. Attend the Centering Circle at noon if you need help grounding and centering yourself and/or processing feelings.

held via Facebook Room

Innerworld Stillness Meditation - Andrew Bear
Saturday June 26th at 12:30pm Central

Stillness is a quality of consciousness that can serve as a foundation for all other spiritual and magical practices. In the Western Esoteric Tradition, we find Stillness in three realms: the Underworld, our Innerworld, and the Overworld of cosmos. In this Stillness meditation, we will find stillness in our Innerworld, within our bodies. Pre-recorded (15 min meditation)

held via Pre-Recorded

The Heptatheon of Nature Spirituality: Embracing the Enchantment of the Proto-Gods Belonging to European-Speaking Peoples - Michael York
Saturday June 26th at 1pm Central

The daughter-cultures of the proto-Indo-European (PIE) peoples each evolved their individual understandings of venerated deities. As with the piecing together of a jigsaw puzzle but now principally employing the various religious comprehensions of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Vedic tribes, Heathen Germanics and Balto-Slavs, but also to a lesser extent those of the Celts, Hittites, Persians and others, it becomes possible to uncover the original cosmogonic picture of the PIE linguistic ancestors along with their earliest appreciation of gods and goddesses. My resources have stretched from the British Reading Room [where Marx and Lenin, Oscar Wilde, Brom Stoker, Mahatma Gandi, George Orwell, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf and H.G. Wells researched and where Alfred Hitchcock located the climax of his first sound film, Blackmail, in 1929] to the delights of Stonehenge, Avebury, the Greco-Roman geographic legacy and the Kashi Coast along the banks of the Ganges River in Banaras. Through the use of archaeology, etymology and mythology, a pantheon of seven primary deific archetypes is to be discerned that is centrally relevant to the emerging nature spirituality of today and presumably the future.

held via Facebook Live

Family Programming < 6yo - Rev. Florence
Saturday June 26th at 230pm Central

Bring the sun into our homes with a ritual designed for kids ages six and younger. With music, movement, and sun symbols we'll connect to the divine and the solstice sun. Optional supplies to gather are something that reminds you of the warmth of the sun (for example a dandelion flower, a cinnamon stick, an orange), paper and sun-colored crayons or markers. And be sure you have some space near your screen to get up and move.

held via Facebook Live

Kellianna in Concert - Kellianna
Saturday June 26th at 3pm Central

Kellianna is an American Neo-Celtic singer and songwriter internationally renowned for her powerful performance of song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places and ancient times. With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors with primal drumming and soaring vocals. Since 2003 Kellianna has performed her music in 11 countries on 3 continents with regular visits to Canada, the United Kingdom, Western Europe and Australia. Kellianna is a certified teacher of the vocal practice SpiritSong, a powerful tool for freeing your voice and honoring the divine within. Experienced in the art of ritual chant, she uses song to move energy, to celebrate the ancient mysteries, and to empower intention

held via Pre-Recorded

The Italian Winter Witch: La Befana in History and Folk Tradition - Sabina Magliocco
Saturday June 26th at 4pm Central

The Italian witch La Befana visits homes on the eve of the Epiphany, bringing treats for good children and coal for naughty ones. But there's much more to this character: descended from the ancient Italic goddess Strenia, with ties to Hecate and the Germanic goddesses Holda and Perchta, she was the original Santa Claus, a bringer of gifts at midwinter. In some regions of Italy, she continues to be the focus of folk plays, luck-visiting traditions, and winter revels. Find out all about her and learn how you can incorporate her into your celebrations at this illustrated lecture.

held via Pre-Recorded

Healing with Nature - Rev. Selena
Saturday June 26th at 5pm Central

Explore and experience ways of working with Nature walks, meditations, and rituals for personal healing, selfcare, repatterning, and wellness.

held via Facebook Live

Living Anew Under the Tower - Byron Ballard
Saturday June 26th at 7pm Central

The Plague Years have changed us, maybe irrevocably. But many of those changes have been needed and ignored for a long time. As we adapt, what tools do we bring out of this challenging time to help us as we regroup? And what tools did we bring into this situation that need to be cleaned and sharpened as we move forward

held via Pre-Recorded

Revels of Resilience Ritual - Rev. Jake, Nate and Dree
Saturday June 26th at 8pm Central

This last year and a half has been A LOT! We miss each other and other family and friends! We've had so many challenges, trials, and triumphs! In this ritual, we will use music lyrics, art and togetherness to lament the losses and uncover and celebrate our strength, connections, and resilience! We will raise, exchange and send healing energy, and start to imagine how we aim to show up in the world going forward. We will also share some music and kick off your very own Revels of Resilience dance party!

held via Private Zoom

Spiral Rhythm in Concert - Spiral Rhythm
Saturday June 26th at 9pm Central

Spiral Rhythm is a group of friends that have been singing together for almost two decades. They began singing at bonfires, gatherings, and festivals. Over time they have developed a unique sound complete with deep, multi-textured chants and explosive drums. Spiral Rhythm has evolved and changed, but their goal has always been the same-to raise the spirit through voice and song.

held via Facebook Live

Nightly Chat -
Saturday June 26th at 10pm Central

Historically late nights at PSG are filled with cozy campfire chats which range from philosophical to humorous. We will have a Facebook room set up for late night chats in an effort to carry on this tradition even though we are miles apart. Feel free to hop into the ''Late-Night Chat'' Facebook Room, or create your own Facebook Room and invite others on the Virtual PSG Facebook page to join you.

held via Facebook Room

Morning Cups of Change -
Sunday June 27th at 8am Central

It's said that significant changes in your personal life or changes in the world will only happen through the people you meet and the conversations you have. Let's get together over coffee (or your favorite morning beverage) and meet face-to-face on Zoom to swap stories and conspire with each other over your plans, hopes, and dreams for change. There will be break-out rooms with certain topics each day or you can stay in the main room and chat for change. See you there!

held via Private Zoom

The Magick Around Us - Rev. Bo
Sunday June 27th at 9am Central

One idea remains true across all earth-based forms of spirituality. There is magick in everything. But how do you recognize it and see it for yourself. And more importantly, what do you do when you have found it. This is a youth workshop to help our youngest navigate the magick all around us.

held via Pre-Recorded

Morning Meeting - Rev. Dennis and others
Sunday June 27th at 10am Central

The town meetings are times for attunement and connection as well as time for important announcements, updates on program changes and special performances from some of our favorite musical performers.

held via Zoom to Facebook Live

Sweatlodges, Sweathouses, Saunas, Banyas and more, Past, Present and Future - Colleen
Sunday June 27th at 11am Central

In all cultures and all times there have been these gathering places for health and spiritual reasons. They are places for teaching and healing, for spiritual growth and renewal. They support our communities, our children, our elders and our connection to the Divine. They are the womb thru which we can be reborn and the central pillar of our connection to all. We will be taking a good look at what and where they were, what they are now, and what they are becoming thru the efforts of those that are aiding their growth and continuation.

held via Pre-Recorded

Magenta Luncheon - Rev. Jake and Nate
Sunday June 27th at Noon Central

This Meet and Greet is a safe space for community and connection for trans, intersex, non-binary, gender-queer, gender non-conforming, gender fluid, gender fabulous and gender questioning people, and those of trans or intersex experience, to check-in and support and celebrate each other. It's not a space for education or debate with cisgender people. We will have some fun and engaging icebreakers, but also are happy just to be together, and no one has to talk if they don't want to.

held via Facebook Room

Pagans in Recovery - Zan
Sunday June 27th at Noon Central

Amethyst Circle - 12 Step Recovery Programs - Have alcohol, drugs, gambling, debt or any other substance taken over your life? Do you love someone who is lost in addiction? 12 Step programs have helped many recover. Pagans, however, are often turned off by the Christian language used by recovery programs. We find the HOW (Honesty, Open-minded, and Willingness) sets Pagans on the path to 12 Step recovery. Take a break and join us for a meeting.

held via Facebook Room

Psyche's Grotto - Rev. Chiron, Tanya, Truly, Rev. Ladyhawke
Sunday June 27th at Noon Central

The Grotto staff features counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, holistic healers, and others trained and skilled in counseling and mental health care. Attend the Centering Circle at noon if you need help grounding and centering yourself and/or processing feelings.

held via Facebook Room

Underworld Stillness Meditation - Andrew Bear
Sunday June 27th at 12:30pm Central

Stillness is a quality of consciousness that can serve as a foundation for all other spiritual and magical practices. In the Western Esoteric Tradition, we find Stillness in three realms: the Underworld, our Innerworld, and the Overworld of cosmos. In this Stillness meditation, we will find stillness in the Underworld, deep within the body of planet Earth. Pre-recorded (15 min meditation)

held via Pre-Recorded

Eco-Activism Panel - Rev. Selena, Rev. Dennis, Chip, Rev. Char, Andrew & Moderator Rev. River
Sunday June 27th at 1pm Central

Five experienced panelists discussing pagan engagement in 21st century eco-activism. Panelists will explore the unique contributions that Contemporary Pagans can make in increasing eco-activism related to the major issues of our time including climate change, indigenous sovereignty rights, earth rights (rights of eco-systems and all living things/beings), gender equality, and empowerment to advocate for sustainability and climate solutions. Panelists will share their perspectives on these major issues, their experiences in eco-activism, and ideas to help empower you to become more eco-active.

held via Zoom to Facebook Live

Daughters of the Dark Moon (DODM) Information Session -
Sunday June 27th at 2pm Central

Have you found yourself dancing with the Darkness? Do you see in yourself the power of the Moon's fourth face? The Dark Moon. Does the place of transformation and change, the power to remake and unmake life daily within you? Does your spirit spin so strong it is as a whirlwind or fire storm, finding itself almost uncontainable within your mere shell of a body? It is you for whom this Gather is happening. This info session about DODM will take place via zoom link posted on the PSG private event page. Women, Men and Self-Identified folks are welcome. You can ask about the group, see if it's right for you and speak to other ''Daughters''.

held via Private Zoom

Fundamentals of Healthy Boundaries - Becky Munson
Sunday June 27th at 2pm Central

In this session we'll explore the concept of healthy boundaries for leaders in spiritual groups. We'll establish the fundamentals of boundaries, discuss how power and vulnerability impact healthy boundaries, how to prevent boundary violations in our communities. We'll discuss sex-positivity within spiritual communities, how to identify problematic behaviors, and what to do if you feel you have been impacted by an un-heathy relationship. We'll also explore how self-care plays a role in healthy relationships for leaders, as well as tips to ensure leaders create safe and welcoming spaces for community members.

held via Facebook Live

Wendy Rule in Concert - Wendy Rule
Sunday June 27th at 3pm Central

A dedicated live performer, Wendy has toured extensively since her first album's release -starting in Australia, then branching out with her first international tour in 2001. Renowned for her extraordinary voice and live shows that blur the line between music, ritual and theatre, Wendy has gained a loyal following in Australia, the USA, Europe and the UK. From the most intimate solo house concerts, to festival gigs with her band. Wendy takes her audience on an otherworldly journey of depth and passion.

held via Pre-Recorded

Closing Ritual - Rev. Selena and others
Sunday June 27th at 4pm Central

Ritual of thanksgiving and farewell for the beautiful, spiritual weekend we've had together as community. Ritual will include extinguishing of the Sacred Fire and blessings for a safe year until we see each other again. Bring your ''for closing ritual'' envelope that was mailed to you.

held via Zoom to Facebook Live


Monday, 01 June 2015 16:22

In Memoriam

Written by

Pagan Spirit Gathering Community Beloved Dead

Please email any updates or corrections to 


Margot Adler of New York (1946-2014)

De-Anna Alba (Wendy White) of California (1952-2012)

Dawn Rose "Athena Windsong" Amadea of Ohio (1971-2019)

Robin Arnhold (Beket) of Wisconsin (1944-2019)

Susan Curewitz Arthen of Massachussetts (1951-2019)

James Bademian of California

Dori Beyer (Serenity de Namaste) of Wisconsin (1940-2004)

Christina Sarah Bieser of Wisconsin (1983-2020)

Raymond Buckland of Ohio (1934-2017)

Angelo Calderado (Lo Head) of Michigan (1967-2010)

Loren Caswick (Kyril Oakwind) of Wisconsin

Grey Cat of Tennessee (1940-2012)

Aileen Cheng of Illinois (1987-2012)

TJ Collins of  Ohio (1978-2010)

Duanne Colvin

Brigit Cook of Missouri (2000-2014)

Christina "Tina" Dare (Bella Mahri) of Ohio (1948-2020)

John Davey (Axis) of Wisconsin (1953-2016)

Frank G. "Skip" DeLodder (Braumloch Lauder) of Michigan (1952-2012)

Joanne M. Doak of Wisconsin (1949-2005)

Laura Kay Drapeau (Parsons) of Tennessee (d. 2016)

Jane Edwards of Iowa (1944-2016)

Erica Eide of Wisconsin (1964-2018)

Richard Harris Eney (Diccon Frankborn) of Maryland (1937- 2006)

Glenn Alan Fischer

Wade Jeffery Forshee of Michigan (1955-2007)

Mark Framstad of Wisconsin (1952-2018)

Marlene Freeman of Minnesota (1947-2020)

Carol Olson Gainer (Lady Cybele) of Wisconsin (1942-2017)

Joel Gainer (Wolfhawk) of Wisconsin (1948-2009)

Neta Gilbertsen of Wisconsin (1932-2014)

Wally Gilbertsen of Wisconsin (1928-2001)

Sherry Gilles of Illinois (1962-2021)

Brandy Gilroy of Ohio (1974-2015)

Luther Beckett "Skip" Gladney of Louisiana (d. 2016)

Mike Gleason of Massachusetts (1951-2012)

Roxane Gonseth of Florida (1956-2015)

Pedro Gonzalez, Jr. of Pennsylvania (1944-2010)

Dave Grega of Texas (1984-2012)

Raven Grimassi (Gary Charles Erbe) of Massachusetts (1951-2019)

Teri (Theresa) Gurnell aka Lady Dragonmagick of New York (1962-2019)

Alison Harlow of California (1934-2004)

Joel Hames Harris of Ohio (1958-2019)

John Harrison of British Columbia, Canada & UK (1948-2020)

Bill Hassel of Washington (d. 1998)

Marshall Haller of Wisconsin (1948-2016)

Leigh Hamilton of Missouri (1949-2018)

Jennifer (Jenny) Jo Head of Alabama (1973-2011)

James "Hersh" Hershberger of Wisconsin & Texas (1937-2019)

Kathryn Anne Fernquist Hinds of Georgia (1962-2018)

Curtiss Howard of Ohio (1978-2019)

Bill "BJ" Huebner (SunCat) of Ohio (1965-2020)

Judi Mari Jacksohn of Illinois (1950-2017)

Karen Jackson of Illinois (d. 2007)

Steve Jackson (Ravenwolf) of Illinois (1957-2014)

Kris Jensen of Wisconsin (1953-2014)

Jeane Blue Crow Julian of Virginia

Hilary Karnda of Wisconsin (1941-2005)

George (Hank) Knaepple of Indiana (1961-2018)

Pam Kolozsy of Illinois (1948-2010)

Jeff Koslow of Ohio (1949-2003)

Donald Michael Kraig of California (1951-2014)

Sandy Artistfair Kucyk of Illinois (1948-2018)

Sandra Kuckla of Illinois (1955-1999)

Frederic "Robert" Lamond of Austria (1931-2020)

Christopher Lannin of Wisconsin

Deborah Ann Light of New York & Florida (1935-2015)

Emily Lingen of Minnesota (1979-1999)

Ken Laukant of Wisconsin (1969-2017)

Elizabeth MacCaskie (Lady Delthea) of Minnesota (1951-2018)

Sidney Malloch (Crow Wind) of Wisconsin (1938-2010)

Fran McIntosh (Lady Isis) of Arkansas (d. 2011)

Bill (William) Milakovich of Missouri (1960-2018)

Daniel Moeller (OakBear) of Wisconsin (1951-2018)

Lola Moffat of Minnesota (1978-2015)

Barbara Moss of Wisconsin (1969-2015)

George Moyer of Colorado (1952-2011)

Donald Mulligan (Laughing Starheart) of Michigan (d. 2008) 

Danika Rose Murphy of Minnesota (1990-2017)

Ronald Lee Naanes (Rainbow Man) of Indiana (1939-2007)

Wayne Ochs of Missouri (1944-2001)

Bruce Parsons of Wisconsin (1947-2010)

Amy Paul (Blessing Bird) of Maryland (d. 2011)

Gwydion Penderrwen of California (1946-1982)

Gordon Pepin of Wisconsin (1951-2012)

Leianne Pepper of Kentucky (d. 2011)

Henry Petrucci (Tree) of Michigan

Eva Phillips

Owain Phyfe of Michigan (1949-2012)

Christine Poortenga (Valley) of Wisconsin (1946-2016)

Grayce Porter of Iowa

James Porter of Iowa

Dennis Presser of Wisconsin (1958-2013)

Michael Ragan of Georgia (1931-2014)

Joanna Rainville of Pennsylvania (d. 2020)

Richard Ravish of Massachusetts (1952-2012)

Stevie Reynolds of Kentucky (1953-2012)

Jeff Rosenbaum of Ohio  (1955-2014)

Jim Runnels (Moon/Mad Dog) of Minnesota (1941-2004)

Al Saddoris of Illinois (1950-2000)

Lisa Circe Santaniello (Antigone) of Texas (1954-2014)

Bart Schiro of Minnesota (1966-2020)

Paula Schultz (d. 2014)

Michael A. Schwartz of Ohio (1958-2016)

Melissa Faye Shovers of Wisconsin (1980-2016)

Donovan Smith of Missouri (d. 2021)

Peter Bruner Soderberg (Sparky T. Rabbit) of Illinois (1954-2014)

Lado Stetak of Ohio (d. 2010)

Sarah Ellen Taylor of Illinois (1983-2015) 

Seth Thomas Tritt of Wisconsin (1980-2019)

Paul Tuitean of Minnesota (1954-2001)

Helen Umber of Wisconsin & New Jersey (1923-2017)

Carl Vaumen

Charlene Elizabeth Vierke (LoreSeeker) (d. 2007)

Gloria Villanueva of Wisconsin (1938-2008)

Wade Vorshee

Julie Wichman of Wisconsin (1963-2012)

Andrew David Wilhelm of Texas (1990-2020)

Christine Elizabeth Wright of Indiana (1973-2014)

Gregory (Wildwind) Young of Michigan (1942-2015)

Rev. Nora Cedarwind Young of Washington (1958-2019)

Morning Glory Zell of California (1948-2014)


Saturday, 30 May 2015 08:11

Pagan Spirit Gathering Themes

Written by

Private Land near Sparta, Wisconsin

  • 1980: Celebrating Summer Solstice (prototype PSG)
  • 1981: Growth & Survival of Paganism in the Years Ahead

Private Land near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

  • 1982: Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves
  • 1983: Pagan Music & Culture

Eagle Cave in Wisconsin

  • 1984: Shamanism for the New Age
  • 1985: Pagan Life Around Mother Earth
  • 1986: Celebrating Mother Earth, Solstice Sun & Magick Moon
  • 1987: Honoring Mother Nature & Midsummer Sun
  • 1988: Magic Music & Sacred Dance
  • 1989: Ecomagic
  • 1990: Heal this Planet!
  • 1991: Pagan Paths
  • 1992: Nature Peoples
  • 1993: Sacred Circles
  • 1994: Earth & Sky
  • 1995: Nature Communion
  • 1996: Culture and Community

Wisteria near Athens, Ohio

  • 1997: Sun, Moon, & Land
  • 1998: Pagan Towne
  • 1999: Sacred Mound
  • 2000: Magick in Nature
  • 2001: Horizons
  • 2002: Tree of Life
  • 2003: Family & Community
  • 2004: Wheel of the Year
  • 2005: Enchanted Celebration
  • 2006: Sun Magic
  • 2007: Celebrating Lights of Liberty
  • 2008: Bring Your Spirit Home

Camp Zoe near Salem, Missouri

  • 2009: Old Traditions, New Beginnings
  • 2010: Spirals of Spirit & Light

Stonehouse Farm near Dekalb, Illinois

  • 2011: Solstice Magic
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Tall Tree near Vienna, Illinois

  • 2016: Our Spirit - The Key to Our Roots
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Hannon's Camp America near Oxford, Ohio

  • 2019: Rise Up!

Pulaski County Shrine Camp near Waynesville, Missouri

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Pagan Spirit Gathering History

Written by

by Selena Fox

Pagan Spirit Gathering, also known as PSG, is one of America’s oldest and largest Pagan camping festivals.  Organized and sponsored by Circle Sanctuary, PSG is a Pagan village community immersion experience that takes place during Summer Solstice week each year and that continues year round through social media and other forms of interpersonal communications.

PSG was an outgrowth of Pagan networking and seasonal celebrations that I, along with others involved with Circle Sanctuary, began doing in the 1970s.  Pagan Spirit Gathering also is rooted in values prevalent in mid twentieth century social movements for peace, environmental preservation, equality, liberty, and justice for all.  PSG is an opportunity to create and live cooperatively in a society founded on those values.

Pagan Spirit Gathering started in 1980 as a weekend Summer Solstice festival on private land near Sparta, Wisconsin.  Although small, with only ninety people, this prototype PSG brought together Pagans from many paths and many places from across the United States and beyond to create and live in a Pagan village in a natural location.  There was no program book and no pre-established times for workshops, discussions, music sharing, and rituals at our 1980 festival.  Program activities were organized on site.

PSG emerged as a new kind of Pagan festival that focused on building connections and developing community among Pagans across traditions, as well as forming and strengthening spiritual relationships with sacred dimensions of Nature.  Each day and evening of that first gathering, we came together to create and nurture community in meetings, workshops, and rituals.  Festival drumming, which is now widespread across Pagan gatherings the world over, began at this prototype PSG.

The following year, in 1981, we expanded the length of our gathering to four days, increased the number of program activities from a dozen to forty, and published our first program book.  Our festival also got its name -- I named it Pagan Spirit Gathering to signify its Pagan spiritual community focus. 

At Pagan Spirit Gathering 1981, our community grew in size to 250 people.  Our festival encampment continued to evolve as a village as we established several centers, including Information, Health, and Childcare.  In addition, we began our work-sharing approach to festival staffing, which now has became commonplace for Pagan festivals organized by other groups in the USA and other countries.

Both our 1980 and 1981 PSGs were held at the same site in the forested hills of western Wisconsin.  This was the most rustic of the places where the PSG Community has made its home.  We hauled in all of our own drinking water, food, and other supplies, and, at the end of our gathering, hauled out all of our garbage and recycling.  Bathing was in the pond.  Toilet facilities were an open air outhouse and the woods. There was no electricity on site and no tents or other shelters for group activities.  

Pagan Spirit Gathering moved to a new home the following year.  This site was also private land.  It was home to PSG in both 1982 and 1983.  This second PSG site was in central Wisconsin along the Rock River near Oconomowoc.  It was still very rustic, with no electricity, drinking water taps, or shelter buildings.  We rented a large circus tent to have some communal indoor space, and under the big top, which we called “Tenthenge,” we had merchant booths and held some of our meetings and workshops there.  We trucked in drinking water in 55 galloon drums, and we bathed in the river.  For the first time, we brought in rented portatoilet units and had a parking lot for participants’ vehicles.

In 1982, we expanded PSG to six days long, beginning on the Friday of Summer Solstice weekend and ending on a Wednesday.  Participants had the option of taking part in several post-PSG events. 

At PSG 1982, we added gatekeepers and life guards to the list of community work jobs.  We expanded the number and scope of program activities and began cross scheduling workshops.  We supplemented the schedule in our program book by announcing activities via large posters on our bulletin board at our Information Center.  Workshop presenters scheduled themselves by signing up for slots and locations when they arrived at PSG.  The number of program activities increased to more than sixty that year and our program book doubled in size.

In 1983, PSG continued to grow.  The length of PSG expanded to a full week in length and the size of our community increased to 450 participants.  The Guardians, first known as the Guardians of the Fourth Face, formed that year and began doing PSG safety and security work.  Merchanting at PSG expanded from a few booths to a diverse and colorful magical marketplace.  Our growing Pagan village filled the entire 4-acre site.  Also at PSG 1983, we had our first community-created full scale theatrical production for our main ritual, featuring a variety of costumed dancers, singers, poets, and aspecting priestesses and priests.

In 1984, PSG moved to a new and bigger place, the big valley of Eagle Cave Campground near Blue River, Wisconsin.  This was our festival home for the next thirteen PSGs.  Our gathering grew in scope and size during this time, expanding to over 700 participants in 1996.  We added more workshop areas and more centers, including a place for counseling support, known then as the Centering Dome, and Amethyst Circle, an alcohol-free place with Pagan 12 Step AA meetings and other support for Pagans recovering from alcoholism and other addictions.  PSG added concerts to its program activities, using a flatbed farm wagon as a stage and an electric generator to make amplification possible.  The campground staff created a food stand and began selling meals and meal plans to participants.  

This third home to PSG included an ancient cave.   Eagle Cave, which is the largest onyx cave in Wisconsin, became a ceremonial place for us for several of our large community rituals, including my handfasting with Dennis Carpenter in 1986 and the Sacred Cave Mother Earth Communion Rite I led in 1995. 

During our years at the Eagle Cave site, community drumming grew to be an important part of PSG village life.  Drumming was a regular part of our town meetings as well as rituals. Experienced drummers began mentoring new drummers in workshops, rituals, and rhythm circles, and in 1996, developed drumming guidelines which our community adopted and continues to use.

During the time that PSG made Eagle Cave Campground its home, we expanded our work with Pagan youth to include programming for different age groups as well as a center with play area.  Also during this time, we added academic Pagan presentations, and did a PSG Tribal survey as part of a Pagan Studies research project.     

In late Autumn of 1996, Eagle Cave Campground staff and its site went through changes, and the big valley which had been our gathering home was no longer available.  The quest for a new and larger home for PSG began. 

After exploring a variety of places in Wisconsin and in several other states, PSG moved to southeastern Ohio.  Our fourth site was Wisteria, a new land project being created by a group of owners that included longtime PSG Community members. Although not yet a campground, this site had plenty of flat space for camping and festival activities. 

During the twelve years that Wisteria was home to PSG, we helped Wisteria’s group of owners develop their land as a campground and event site.  Money we paid to Wisteria owners for the use of their land and services for PSG each year helped them pay off their land debt as well as provided funds for improving their facilities.  Wisteria built a pavilion to use for operating their coffeehouse and a stage for concerts, ceremonies, and celebrations.

PSG Community members worked with Wisteria owners and staff on developing several ceremonial sites on the land.   These included a couple woodland circle areas, a large ritual circle, and two mounds. During our first PSG at Wisteria in 1997 and the following year, we created a small conical ancestral mound near the ritual circle.  At PSG 1999 and the two PSGs that followed, we created a large turtle mound made of rocks and soil in work sessions and rituals.  It served as a meditation and ceremonial place for group rituals.

PSG continued to grow in diversity and complexity.   In 1997, my husband Dennis Carpenter and I welcomed Chip Brown to PSG’s administrative team as Special Issues Director, and in 2004, we welcomed Sharon Stewart, also known as MoonFeather, as PSG Manager and Program Director. 

During our time at Wisteria, the number and type of workshops, rituals, and other program activities grew.  I began doing a yearly Pagan leadership intensive, the Tribal Dance and Drum Bonfire ritual took form, and the all-night Candlelight Labyrinth became a yearly tradition.  In addition, we began developing Young Womanhood and Manhood passage rite programs as well as the Spirit Hunt, a transformative shamanic rite, later to be called the Sacred Hunt.

In Autumn of 2008, PSG’s time at Wisteria came to a close as the owners charted new directions for their campground, including sponsoring their own festivals.   As we quested for a new PSG home, we looked for a place more centrally located in the United States and with improved facilities.

In 2009, PSG moved to a large music festival site in the magical Ozark mountains of southeastern Missouri near Salem.  This site, known then as Camp Zoe, had once been a Summer youth camp, and it had the most developed facilities of any of the sites that had previously been home to PSG.  In addition to electricity in multiple areas, it featured a full size professional stage with lights, large shower house, several cabins, and a beautiful crystal clear stream for wading, swimming, and rafting.

During our two PSG’s at Camp Zoe, we continued to innovate programming and community services.  We increased the number of workshops and workshop areas.  Training for Pagan priestesses, priests, activists, and other leaders expanded with the development of the Pagan Leadership Institute.  The Tea Dance, which had first emerged as a PSG mixer at Eagle Cave in the 1980s transformed into Pan’s Ball, a costumed dance party. Our First Aid and Safety center got a cabin for the first time, we added media support for Pagan bloggers and podcasters, and merchants had the option for electricity in the marketplace area.

In November of 2010, we learned that Camp Zoe was in the process of being shut down due to legal problems stemming from other events they had held there.  The quest for PSG’s sixth site began.  

Starting in 2011, Pagan Spirit Gathering made its home at an eco-retreat and campground known as Stonehouse Farm.  It is located near Earlville in rural northern Illinois, about seventy miles west of Chicago.  This 37-acre site includes wooded areas, fields, gardens, a sandy beach and pond, several buildings, electrical hookups for campers and merchants, a new showerhouse, and its namesake, a historic stone house built in the mid nineteenth century by a Scottish stone mason.

Pagan Spirit Gathering 2015 was closed after just two days, due to flooding which rendered a large portion of the grounds unsafe.  After an extensive and intensive search, we found our next home.

In 2016, 2017, and 2018, PSG was located at the Tall Tree event campground near Vienna Illinois, about an hour north of Paducah KY.  This 200-acre site features a lake, woods, open fields, and a Bonfire Circle community ritual space on an island in the lake.

In search of a broader range of amenities, PSG moved in 2019 to Hannon's Camp America near Oxford, Ohio, about 30 miles from Cincinnati.

In 2020, PSG is located at the Pulaski County / Ft Wood Shrine Camp near Waynesville, Missouri.  This site is very large and flat, and offers many amenities as well as plenty of shaded camping.

Pagan Spirit Gathering and its Community have continued to grow and evolve.  Our activities include a variety of life passages, such as handfastings and weddings, pregnancy and baby blessings, coming of age rites, as well as croning, saging, and senioring rites.

At our newest PSG home, we have restructured some of our centers and added others.  Our centers now include:  Gate, Safety, Information, Raffle, Family Center, Warrior Spirit, Teen, EnChantment, Sweatlodge, Women's Hearth, Crone Temple, Sage Temple, Social Justice, Dancing Shadows Lodge, Psyche's Grotto, Rainbow, Amethyst Circle, and others.  In addition, there are specialty camping areas.  

This Gathering is also about experiencing and celebrating Community; creating a magical Pagan village together; sharing songs, meditations, rituals, food, ideas, fun, magic; sharing work as well as celebration; teaching and learning from each other; examining ourselves collectively and individually as part of Nature Spirituality and Pagan culture.

Finally, PSG is about experiencing personal transformation: purifying, balancing, centering and revitalizing ourselves through spiritual encounters; living fully as our magical Pagan selves in spiritual community and letting this process enrich our lives.  It is about the freedom to be the Wise Ones we truly are, about connecting with our ancient roots and expanding our consciousness to shape tomorrows.  It is about making Magic and more fully coming to know ourselves as individuals and as a people.  It is about carrying the insights and energy we experience into our daily lives to help ourselves, others, and the community of life on Planet Earth and beyond.

Blessed Be, PSG!

Selena Fox, also known as Rev. Selena Fox, is senior minister of Circle Sanctuary and executive director of Pagan Spirit Gathering.  PSG founding vision at the conclusion of this history is adapted from her PSG introduction published at the start of the 1981 and 2015 PSG program books, and incorporates history published in Issue 121 of CIRCLE Magazine.  It has been revised in February 2019.

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Ritual & Bonfire Circle Guidelines

Written by

The Ritual and Bonfire Circle is a central area that serves as a gathering place for community Morning Meetings, and for drumming, ecstatic dancing, fire spinning and chanting every evening.  Our PSG community strives to make this sacred space welcoming, safe, and respectful toward all.

Community Expectations in Ritual & Bonfire Circle

Be considerate of others - please don't block dancers from free movement.  Please don’t stand in front of seated drummers so they can’t see the fire and dancers (even if you are a drummer yourself).

Be kind to each other - share your gifts and let others gift back to you, whether it is a different style of drumming, a new chant, offering water, or a sincere compliment.  Give appreciation to the volunteer firetender for their hard work too.

Be sharing - The Bonfire Coordinators share several drums with the community.  Feel free to use them, but let others play them too.  If you have a drum you're willing to loan to others, make that clear.  Please ask first if you would like to play someone else's drum, and remember to remove your rings.

Be tidy - this sacred space is lovingly cared for by Bonfire Coordinators, who also coordinate a volunteer workshift to rake the sand and clean up every morning.  Most lost/found items will be moved to the area under the canopy, but if the item is high value and easily damaged (such as a camera) look for it at the Information Tent the next morning. 

Trash and recycling bins are located just outside the archway - please use them.  Tidiness in the drummer's area means not leaving your instruments here when you leave.  You might think you will "be right back" but much can happen between there and the bathroom.  In the meantime, that spot is not easily accessible to another player.

Be supportive - keep up a rhythm for a firespinner until they flame out; try not to stop drumming suddenly if you notice one of the dancers is in ecstatic trance; encourage variety such as chanting and different drum "voices".

Be helpful - if you notice someone not following the guidelines, respectfully help them learn what is expected by the community.  If weather threatens, offer to help move the canopy to protect the drummers so they can continue to support the dancers.  (It can be lots of fun to dance in the rain.)

Be open to others' needs - Bonfire Circle is sacred space where friendly socializing can happen side by side with deep transformative work. It's the heart of our community, and a place where we form strong bonds, renew our spirits, and express our joy. We all make this space.

General rules:  NO GLASS! Please transfer beverages to plastic containers before bringing into the area.  Smokers, for safety please only use tobacco in the designated smokers' area and put butts in provided containers. Do not put butts or other trash on the ground or in the fire.  Please replace benches if you move them for workshops & rituals.  Do not put anything except spiritual intentions, prayers, and sacred herbs in the Sacred Fire.


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Pagan Spirit Gathering Podcasts

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Here is a sampling of podcasts about Pagan Spirit Gathering:

Pagan Spirit Gathering Reflections
Lunatic Mondays: May 28, 2018: Host Laura Gonzalez talks with MoonFeather/Sharon Stewart

Introduction to Pagan Spirit Gathering
Circle Talk: April 2, 2014: Host Selena Fox talks with Nicholas Sea, Arthur Hinds & others

Pagan Spirit Village Life
Circle Talk, April 9, 2014: Host Selena Fox talks with PathWalker, Minerva & others

Pagan Spirit Gathering Music
Circle Talk, April 16, 2014: Host Selena Fox talks with River Higginbotham & others.

Inner Journey to PSG: Pagan Town
Circle Talk, June 4, 2013; Guided meditation & perspectives by Selena Fox, with David Ewing & Jeanet Ewing.

Pagan Spirit Gathering Community Rituals
Circle Craft Study, May 30, 2013; Host Selena Fox with Nicholas Sea & Barbara Dancing Heart

Pagan Spirit Gathering Panel on Leadership
Elemental Casting, April 2011; Main stage Leadership Panel at PSG 2010 moderated by Jason Pitzl-Waters with panelists River Higginbotham, Cynthea Jones, Patrick McCollum, Selena Fox, & T. Thorn Coyle. 


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PSG prides itself on presenting an exciting and illuminating lineup of both well-known and up-and-coming Pagan authors and speakers!  Featured presenters will be giving workshops, selling books, and taking part in PSG community -- a terrific chance to get to know Pagan thinkers and leaders from around the globe.

PSG 2021 Presenters:



Byron Ballard

Byron Ballard


Sabina Magliocco

Sabina Magliocco


Christopher Penczak

Christopher Penczak


Michael York

Michael York


Rev. Selena Fox

Rev. Selena Fox


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Written by

bardapaloozaThe following musicians are scheduled to perform for you at Virtual PSG 2021!



Kellianna Girouard

Kellianna Girouard


Wendy Rule

Wendy Rule


Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm


Primal Rhythm

Primal Rhythm


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