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Saturday, 02 April 2016 07:23

OFFICE PSG workshop entry

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Thursday, 24 March 2016 15:04

Pagan Spirit Gathering - working

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psg 2016 logoSummer Solstice Week: June 19 - 26, 2016

at Tall Tree Lake campground, in southern Illinois!

2016 Theme: Our Spirit - The Key to Our Roots

The gate 

Register NOW!

Pricing and Calculator

Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) is one of America's oldest and largest Nature Spirituality festivals.

Pagan Spirit Gathering 1122

Since 1980, PSG has been bringing together Pagans of many paths and places to:

  • Sponsored by Circle Sanctuary, PSG is open to long-time practitioners as well as newcomers of all genders, ages, and spiritual practices.Create Community
  • Celebrate Summer Solstice
  • Commune with Nature in a Sacred Environment



  • hundreds of educational workshops on Pagan practice, living, and art;
  • powerful, transformative rituals every day;
  • three (or more) concerts daily by talented Pagan musicians;
  • sacred spaces and groups for women, men, GLBTQ Pagans, crones, sages, Pagans in recovery from addiction, artists, and more;
  • programs for families including special workshops for children and youth, centers for teens & tweens, childcare during workshops and some rituals, family camp;
  • rites of passage programs and ceremonies for life transitions from birth through croning and saging;
  • dozens of Pagan vendors selling sacred art, jewelry, festival and ritual garb, magickal tools, drums, altar items, candles, soaps, henna tattoos, massage, psychic readings, tarot and other divination services, delicious food and more;
  • the Pagan Leadership Institute - offering a special track of expert-led workshops for ministers, priestesses, priests and others serving in leadership roles within their home communities;
  • skilled teams staffing centers for safety, first aid, and emotional well-being;
  • nightly drumming and dancing circles, chant shares, and firespinning;
  • book signings and special workshops by featured guests authors;
  • and so much more!

Pagan Spirit Gathering

Welcome Home!

Each year, the PSG community comes together, creates, and lives in a 21st century Pagan village which is our home for the duration of the weeklong celebration of Summer Solstice. The sacred fire that we light during our Opening Ritual and keep burning throughout symbolizes the solstice sun and spirit of the PSG community.  
Read more about our new site at Tall Tree Lake!

Connect with Community!  Don't wait until the gate opens - connect with the PSG community online via Twitter and on our Facebook Group .

Questions or Concerns? Email at and our office staff will get right back to you.

Want to see where everything will be onsite?  Download our Town Map!

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 07:36

Guide for CPAP users

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psg evergreen logoWe recognize that some PSG attendees use CPAP machines, and that powering those devices is an important part of getting good rest.  Our current PSG site has very limited electric availability, so this guide will help you navigate your options.

Disclaimer: If in doubt, check with your CPAP manufacturer or your medical equipment supplier.  Don't do anything stupid with your expensive equipment!  And -- test everything before you leave for PSG.


Power in Disability Camp

Electrical service in Disability Camp, near the center of the PSG site, is available by application only, for $20.  Space is a complicating factor: if you have anything larger than a tent, you may not be able to fit in Disability Camp -- RVs and travel trailers are not going to work there.


Battery Options

Whether you're camping in a larger unit like an RV or you just don't want to be tied down to the Disability Camp area, a battery-powered solution may be right for you.

The typical CPAP unit without a humidifier draws around 25 watts, and a humidifier & heated tube increases that to around 80 watts.  So, the first thing to consider when camping with a CPAP is to jettison the humidifier.  Southern Illinois in late June tends to be hot and humid, so this may not pose a problem for you.

Solutions from the CPAP manufacturers may be prohibitively expensive, such as this $670 option for a ResMed S9.  However, it may be more convenient to use a 12-volt converter -- either one from your CPAP vendor (example), or an inexpensive inverter.


How Much Battery Do I Need?

Batteries are rated in amp-hours (Ah): for example, a 10Ah battery will supply 10 amps for one hour, or one amp for ten hours.  So let's do some rough math:

  • A CPAP machine which needs 25 watts will, if powered by a 12-volt supply, need just over 2 amps.  Let's round that up to 2.5 amps to account for power loss in the converter.
  • Let's assume you get 8 hours of sleep every night, so 8 x 2.5 = 20Ah needed to get you through the night.  If you're running a humidifier, bump that up to 55Ah.  Seriously, consider losing the humidifier.


What Kind of Battery Should I Get?

Depends on how much you want to spend and how much hassle you're willing to deal with.  One convenient option would be a better-quality car jump starter unit, such as this one for around $150 which comes with a built-in charger.  Note that I have not found a jump starter for less than $150 which has a large enough battery -- do the research and don't buy something inadequate!

If you want to spend a little less, and have something that is safely sealed and won't leak, you could consider a sealed lead-acid battery for closer to $75.

If you want to spend less yet, or if you're running a humidifier -- and you don't mind lugging around a big battery which may spill acid if tipped -- then something like a group 24 deep-cycle / marine battery for around $60 will work.  One extra advantage of a big battery is that you'll get 2 or 3 nights out of a full charge.  Motorcycle or tractor batteries can work as well -- but keep in mind that if it weighs less than 20 pounds, it's probably not enough battery.


How Do I Charge My Battery?

There will be power available near the Info Tent and at the power pole behind the stage, and you can carry your battery there daily for charging.  If you do that, make sure to bring a battery charger!  A 10-amp charger like this one will top off one night's worth of use in about three hours.

Solar charging is also an option, though you do need to take care to buy a large enough one.  A 100-watt panel and a controller will, for about $150 and a little wiring, get you through both sunny and cloudy days.  The little 10-watt panels sold for charging cellphones and the like will never keep up, even under optimal conditions.


Other Questions?

If you'd like to discuss this further or talk over a specific setup, please feel free to contact Bob Paxton at


Saturday, 05 December 2015 07:29

PSG 2016 Registration Now Open!

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psg 2016 frontCircle Sanctuary is pleased to announce that Pagan Spirit Gathering 2016 will be held from June 19 to 26, 2016, at Tall Tree Lake in Illinois.  Tall Tree Lake is a beautiful 200-acre event ground located near the village of Vienna in southern Illinois.  Already the host of several large events and music festivals, Tall Tree Lake will provide a spacious home for the growing Pagan Spirit Gathering community, against a backdrop of a stunning natural lake.

Friday, 04 December 2015 15:56

PSG 2016 Workshops

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Workshop submissions will be accepted through April 1, 2016, and approved workshops will appear on this page starting in the spring.


2016 Ministry Intensive with Rev. Selena Fox - Selena Fox

Workshops in this five-part intensive will be held daily and will include presentations by Selena Fox, demonstrations, exercises, and discussion. This year’s intensive is open to (1) those in Circle Sanctuary’s ministers training program, and (2) priestesses, priests, and ministers of other Wiccan, Druidic, Heathen, and other Pagan traditions and groups who wish to expand their ministerial knowledge and skills. This intensive is developed as a track of programming with each session laying the groundwork for the session that follows.

Intended audience: Adults

27 Names for 27 Flames: Invoking Hekate in Ancient Greek - James Grey

An exciting, interactive crash-course in using Ancient Greek epithets and phrases to honor Hekate and invoke her favor and protection, with special attention given to using breath control, vocal energy, and physical gestures to enter into relationship with the Goddess. It will include an overview of the Greeks' traditional modes of Hekatean worship, including Egyptian and Roman influences.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

4th and 5th Annual Gnome Moot and Exchange - The Roaming Gnome

Gnome Camp will once again host the Gnome Moot and Exchange. On Friday night, before and during Pan's Ball bring your Gnome to Gnome camp were they will have a Party of their own. Its been 2 years since all the Gnomes will have gathered so this one should be one for the ages. Then On Saturday, or before you Leave PSG come retrieve a different Gnome than the one you brought, to be your companion until next you return Home. All Fairy like creatures are welcome because no one should go UnGnomed.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Aliens an Project Bluebook - Dee

Will be discussing the history of aliens in society and governments and the impact it has had as well as how it effected ancient cultures through out time and all imprints that have been left for us as evidence. So come join the discussion and share your thoughts.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Amethyst Circle Party - Pan's Other Ball - Zan & Tristan Wolf Heart

Come have some funky fun at our annual party! Fancy headwear is encouraged. We play cards and other games while listening to music. Occasionally, musicians stop by to play a song or two. Visit us before Pan's Ball as we are alcohol free.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

And a mouse is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels - Akabah

You are a poet, though you may not know it! Join us for an introductory poetry workshop, where at least one of the poems bubbling inside of you will find its way onto paper. Please bring chair, writing tool, and several sheets of paper or a notebook.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Annual Pagan Leadership Association Meeting - Tina Stover and Greg Tribona Laird

Our annual Pagan Leadership meeting where we welcome current and aspiring leaders to come and share wisdom about important topics and issues that you are having to deal with in your groups and communities. This would be a good time to get advice on a issue or a new perspective on what being a leader involves with our community.

Intended audience: Adults

Are-You-Sustainable? - Frank & Cinda Brent

Discuss ways to cut your grocery bill, eat healthier, become self-sustainable in baby steps or giant hurdles. These ideas can work for apartment-dwellers to farm dwelling country-folk. Topics include tabletop aquaponics, small space gardening, raising meat in small spaces, the family milk cow, wildcrafting food and herbs, generating income for a small farm, eating organic for less than conventional foods, making your own convenience meals, and more!!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Arthur Hinds in Concert - Arthur Hinds

Since 1996 Arthur Hinds has been part of Georgia-based Celtic/Pagan band Emerald Rose, in which he's particularly known for his singing, songwriting, and bodhran playing. A student of poetry, storytelling, and the Bardic Path, Arthur is also a singer-songwriter with three solo CDs currently released. These CDs explore a wide array of musical genres, including folk, jazz, rock, flamenco, and, of course, Celtic. Arthur's song lyrics often delve into the spiritual and mystical dimensions of life's beauties, joys, and sorrows, with Paganism, especially Celtic mythology and tradition, remaining a primary source of inspiration. His most recent release, Tome of Mystery, combines song, story, and poetry for a full Bardic experience.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Babywearing - Tegan

The one thing that I recommend to new mothers more than anything else is babywearing. It is a great way to keep your little one happy while also making life easier for the parents. Babywearing has been practiced for centuries and there are dozens of different ways to do it. Come learn about the different types of carries and try it out for yourself. I will have a couple wraps and ring slings to play with but feel free to bring any carriers you have as well. And of course children are welcome!

Intended audience: Adults

Backcountry Navigation 101 - Mary Bobiak

Using Trails Illustrated Topographical maps of various western U.S. National Parks, I will present a basic course on backcountry navigation and map reading. Will demonstrate how to orient and read a topo map and compass, set GPS waypoints, and assess route difficult and hazards. The goal is to provide potential backpackers with basic navigation skills for multiday trips on marked trails in National Parks and provide firsthand knowledge of trail rigors and backpacking tips.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Backpacking 101 - Mary Bobiak

Introduction to backpacking covering the basics of trip planning, gear, food prep, first aid, animal encounters, back country sanitation, and common problems novice backpackers confront. I will bring my own backpacking gear for demonstrations.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bardapalooza - PSG Musicians

Back by popular demand, even bigger and better this year, is Bardapalooza! Come listen, watch, dance and celebrate all of our amazing Musicians playing together in one big concert! It doesn't get better than this!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Bardic Circle - Chris Eldridge

Do you have a Story to tell, a Poem to recite, a Song to sing? Do you long for the days of old, when people gathered around the fire to hear the Old Stories, or new ones? Then come to the Bardic Circle. The Sacred space will be formed, and the Cauldron of Inspiration invoked so that the Awen will flow and Magic will be made.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Basics of Energy Working - Mama Heyou

Don't know how to Ground? Have trouble Centering after a hectic day? Need to Shield out the chaos of the mundane world? Come learn a simple, effective method to manage your Personal Energy Space. Please bring water and a chair or blanket to sit on. (Feel free to bring a notebook, if you wish.)

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bast Cat Ritual - Jamie Cat and Winter

Join in the Bast Cat Procession to the Ritual Circle which will be followed by the Bast Cat Ritual to Honor Bast and the divine Sacred Cat.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Becoming a Green Wizard: How to Cope with the Long Descent - Norma J. Eiler-Bounk and Michael J. Bounk

Two years ago, we talked about The Long Descent and what was causing it. This year, we'd like to focus on ways to cope with it--how to use less, consume less, produce more. We will introduce the concept of Green Wizardry, which integrates the concepts of Appropriate Technology, Intensive Organic Gardening, and alternative energy, among other things. Whether you live in an apartment in the city, a house in the suburbs, or a homestead in the country, this workshop will have something for you.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Becoming an Effective Religious Ally for Other Minority Religions (PLI) - Shel Skau

As Pagans, we have experienced some type of religious discrimination. We are now in a time when other minority religions are more targeted. We are used to having to defend our own religion and practices. So what does it look like when it is our turn to stand up and assist others experiencing religious persecution? How can we be allies without coming from a place of our own pain? We will look at what it means to be a religious ally and ways to respond effectively in solidarity and support.

Intended audience: Adults

A beginners Introduction to the Khemetic Path - Kenneth Carmin

A basic presentation of the religious belief system and history of the Khemetic Egyptian Religion from Predynastic through dynastic eras. A hands on basic meditation followed by a Q&A.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Behind the Mythology, What new Texts Reveal about Ancient Pagan Practi - David Olmsted

The first good translations of the first alphabetic scripts from the near east (1400 to 700 BCE) are starting to reveal the practices of ancient Paganism from the small town, working priest’s perspective. We have student priest exercises and we have the layout of a ritual high place. We also have some of their thoughts. We will review this emerging evidence and compare it to our own personal practices in a wide ranging discussion.

Intended audience: Adults

Being A Better Man For The Rest of Your Life! - PathWalker (Harry Dorman)

Workshop goal is to:(1)Help young men recognize, understand, and successfully navigate key elements in a man's life. (2)Spark a transforming empowerment process enabling them to evolve as better men at any age and stage. "Key Elements" discussed: Honoring The Inner Child; Honoring The Feminine--Within & Beyond; Honoring The Divine Within & Beyond; Healing Self & Others; Love; Forgiveness; Sex; Pagan Family; Power of Critical Thinking, Power vs. Force; The Aging Process; A Good Man's Legacy.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Being a Bridge: Core Shamanism and What it Means to Have the Calling - Shaman Jay & Walker P

The word Shaman is a Siberian word, but the archetype of the Healer/Magician exists in all cultures. These people often become leaders, artists, gifted listeners, and are plagued with responsibilities and guided by Spirit. Explore what it means to be a bridge between worlds and have this calling. Shamanism is a practice that involves reaching altered states of consciousness in order to perceive and interact with a spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Blank Canvas - Jeff

Let your spirit free through art, or writing, or just thinking. Allow yourself to be whatever you want, and release yourself from the restraints of normal.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Blessing of the Weather Web - Elisabeth Steele

All members of PSG are invited, children Must have a parent or Adult guardian attend with them. Blessing the weather web, a traditional 4quarters, broom and smudge ritual. Including Chanting and drumming, spoken word, and blending of traditions. Honoring our ancestors of Native American Heritages and the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, Iris.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Bonfire Blessing Community Ritual - Groove Troop

With pulsing rhythms, swirling dancers, and voices entwined, the PSG community co-creates this ecstatic ritual to bless the Bonfire Circle. Join your magic, energy, and passion with those of your brothers and sisters as we shed our skins, express our joy and renew our spirits around the fire.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bonfire Blessing Ritual Planning - Groove Troop

Come and share your creative gifts as we plan the ritual to bless the Bonfire Circle! Bring your costume ideas, your choreography, your favorite songs and rhythms - this is your chance to shine.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bonfire Circle Orientation - Groove Troop

Did you miss the Drummer/Dancer/Fire Spinner Meet and Greet earlier in the week? Want to get up to speed on how things work at Bonfire Circle? Stop by at Groove Troop camp (near that area) for a quick orientation. We will help you find your way to Drum, Dance, Sing, and Play! Welcome to the Bonfire!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Bonfire Community Meet and Greet - Groove Troop

Ecstasy through music, dance and fire - now that's what we're talking about! Join the conversation; meet friends old and new, as we begin our week of laughter, joy and release around the fire together.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Brian Henke in Concert -

Brian Henke composes and performs his music like a painter putting images on canvas, a kind of sonic shaman, drawing his inspiration from the natural world around him. He has 7 solo instrumental acoustic guitar CD's and his first vocal CD "Sun and the Moon and the Stars" has just been released and is now available! His unique guitar style has been called everything from Folk to New Age to neo Classical to Pastoral or as Brian like to call it "A big stewpot of everything stirred up simmered and served to taste". His music appeals to everyone who likes their music lyrical, thought provoking and performed with virtuosity. Through it all is an undercurrent of spirituality and mysticism that Brian says is very much a part of the creative process. Beltana Spellsinger will be performing with Brian at PSG.

Intended audience: All Audiences

British Traditional Wicca Meet & Greet - Michelle and Ben

Calling all Alexandrians, Gardnerians, Proteans, Blue Star Wiccans, Central Valley Wiccans, and other BTW initiates and seekers! Come meet others from related paths who are also part of our PSG family.

Intended audience: Adults

Building Community in Large Group Ritual (PLI) - Nels Linde & Judy Linde

Producing community ritual involves building direct involvement in the process. Reach outward beyond your personal friends and experience to create a team to bring the ritual vision and intention to fruition. We'll share how to organize and work with others, and anticipate your audience. Bring your fears and past experience and join the discussion. Fill your ritual tool box with methods to create the personal sensory engagement that defines a high impact ritual.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Candlelight Labyrinth - Ryan and Lisa Michelle

Walk the path, lit by a thousand candles, through the seven chakras. Experience kundalini rising, the uncoiling of our primal energy as it ascends and fills each of our chakras on a journey to discover our higher selves. Blessing and charging of the labyrinth will be at 9:00 pm. Labyrinth opens to the public at 10 pm and will remain open until dawn.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Celia in Concert - Celia Farran

Singer/Songwriter/Comedienne, Celia has been described as "A cross between an Earthy Enya, Joan Baez, and Tina Fey." She dishes up the most delicious concoction of the silly and sacred, delighting audiences across the nation. In addition to having the kind of silky smooth voice often associated with classic Celtic Singers, such as "Celtic Woman", Celia excels at comedy. She often transforms right on stage into one or more of her alter-egos, whose antics typically leave the audience howling with laughter. With powerful, heart-felt vocals and wacky comedic improvisations, the audience never knows what will happen with Celia on stage.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Celtic Song and Story - Arthur

In ancient times, Celtic storytellers had a tale for every occasion, and music and poetry joined to teach the young, praise the brave, and speak to the spirit. Learn how these traditions have carried forward, and share in the experience of stories and songs celebrating Celtic myth, legend, and history.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Ceremony Of Remembrance For Our Beloved Dead - Selena Fox & MoonFeather

As the wheel relentlessly turns; members of our PSG Community have crossed over the threshold to the Summerland. This is a ceremony to remember them together as we speak their names, honor their memory and say goodbye as a community. Please bring photos, mementos, shakers & rattles.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Child Center Blessing - Lisa

Come and cast a circle with the PSG wee ones and open the Child Center for this year's Gathering. Following the blessing the Child Center will be open from 10am-Noon and 2-4pm on opening Sunday.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Children's Community Quest - Cynthia Morford

Children will be given the opportunity to learn more about our Pagan community by taking part in a Community Scavenger Hunt. Parents will guide their children to different community centers to receive a stamp. All children are welcome to join in a Children's Parade, and any children who collect all stamps will be awarded a special Community Member certificate.

Intended audience: Children

A Circle for She Who is More than a Maiden but Not Yet a Mother - Tiffany Andes

The Maiden, Mother, Crone model of the phases of womanhood is common in Paganism but can leave some women feeling like they don’t quite fit in. Where do you stand when you’ve left childhood far behind, but don’t yet have the responsibility of motherhood (literal or metaphoric)? Come prepared to talk, listen, share ideas, and end with a short, group-created ritual. This is a circle for all who identify as adult women not yet in the motherhood (or comparable) stage.

Intended audience: Adults

Circle Sanctuary 2015 Financial Summary - Rev. Bob Paxton

An overview of Circle Sanctuary's 2015 financial report, and discussion of Circle's evolving fundraising strategies. Your input is welcome!

Intended audience: Adults

Circle Sanctuary Ministers Meeting - Selena Fox

Special meeting open to Circle Sanctuary Ministers and those in Circle's Ministers Training Program. This is a meeting to share news and consider some future directions of Circle ministries development. Bring a chair.

Intended audience: Adults

Circle Sanctuary Ministers Ordination Ritual - Selena Fox

Celebrate and support the ordination of new Circle Sanctuary Ministers. This ceremony is open to all community members.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Circling with Jesus? (PLI) - Annika Mongan

Many Pagans come from Christian backgrounds.Some become traumatized anti-Christians, others ChristoPagans.Both bring Christian roots to our circles. Let’s understand their struggles, and support those in the midst of religious transitions and traumatized by fundamentalism. How can studying stages of faith development help build healthier communities? Join our discussion of strategies and experiences with leading Pagan groups that may include ex-Christian,anti-Christian,and ChristoPagan members.

Intended audience: Adults

Clan of Pyros Blessing and Water Burn - Fire Safety Co-Ordinators

Without Air, Earth, Water & Spirit there is no Fire. Without Spotters, Drummers & Musicians, Spinners & Community there is no Clan of Pyros. Join us as we honor the elements that live in harmony with our fire. We will begin by Blessing our spinners, spotters, drummers & props. Followed by open spinning, where we will present & recognize all of our 2016 Virgin Spinners! You must be banded to participate. We welcome the community to come forward for the show! Warm your hearts by our flame.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Clan of Pyros Blessing and Water Burn Orientation - Fire Safety Team

All Clan of Pyros participants and drummers who wish to take part in this ritual are strongly encouraged to attend. We will briefly outline the intended set-up, when you should arrive and the course of events for the Clan of Pyros Blessing, Water Burn and Ecstatic Performance. Attendance of the orientation is mandatory if you want to be considered for the procession from the Main Community Ritual.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Closing Ritual - Selena Fox & Moonfeather

Ritual of thanksgiving and farewell, with the extinguishing of the Sacred Fire, releasing of Wards, blessings of safe travel, and celebration of PSG Community Spirit.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Coloring With Auntie Sue - Susan Leabhart

It doesn't matter if you are 8 or 80, everyone can benefit from a little time coloring. Explore your creative side. Let the stress of everyday life dissolve as you apply color to paper. Enter into a state of mindfulness as you create something beautiful. A brief introduction to the color wheel will be followed by time spent coloring. Coloring books and sheets will be provided as well as crayons and colored pencils. Bring a hard surface, such as a program book to color on.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Communication Skills for Effective Leaders (PLI) - Tiffany Andes (Denora)

This workshop will highlight areas of focus for emerging leaders who want to hone their communication and management skills in order to be more effective in the workplace or in leading group dynamics. It will break down specific competencies in communication, management, and emotional intelligence that will work to further an environment of trust and efficiency in action.

Intended audience: Adults

Communing with the Ancestors through Genealogy - Kathryn

Honoring those who came before us is part of many Pagan paths, and genealogy can be an excellent way to form ancestral connections. In addition, it can be a tool for self-knowledge and cultural understanding. Plus, it’s fun (when it’s not totally frustrating)! This workshop gives us an opportunity to share our genealogical discoveries and mysteries, to swap tips for starting and continuing the family-history journey, and to explore the spiritual dimensions of this quest for the ancestors.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Community Building Foundations (PLI) - River Higginbotham

Because our Community needs you, begin (or continue) the journey of exploring community building, organizing and leading as an intentional magickal act. Why does leading matter? How are we called into leadership? Why is leading sometimes inevitable? I believe that hearing the call and embracing the cooperative energy of the universe is possible as together we build healthy community. Join me in this workshop of experience and discussion.

Intended audience: Adults

Community Leadership: Starting your own Pagan Pride Day (PLI) - Tina Horton

There are many wonderful ways to build and create community. This workshop will focus on building community through organizing local Pagan Pride Days. We will discuss how to coordinate and lead an entire community with the celebration of the harvest while promoting sharing, education, and tolerance in and around the Pagan community.

Intended audience: Adults

Create your own elk rawhide rattle for ceremonial or personal use. - Bear Woman

Create an elk rawhide rattle with the energy you choose. This is a two part workshop. The first part of the workshop we will be sewing and shaping the rattles. We will then return for the second part to add the energy with stones, feathers and fur. All parts are energetically cleansed and prepared for your energy. Supplies are $10 and the workshop is limited to 20 people first come first served.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Creating Ritual Drama from Scratch! - James Grey

Theater is traditionally the place where the gods "enthrone" - where they manifest physically, and interact directly with their human progeny. And there is no better way of drawing down the power of sacred dramas than by staging them, with the participants invoking and embodying these primal forces. This workshop provides a simple, effective, and easy-to-follow framework for creating ritual dramas from scratch!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Creating Your Magical Space - Anne Marie Chastain

In this workshop we will explore the topic of energetic spaces and personal boundaries. We will talk about ways that energies can enter our space and affect us, and solutions for protecting these boundaries. We will set up our own personal power circle, and learn tips for protecting the energy of personal areas such as rooms, lockers or any private materials. We will learn how to enhance and raise the energetic quality of personal spaces dedicated to magical work.

Intended audience: Teens

Creative Dance for young children - Jennifer Miller

This workshop is designed to teach young children, ages 4 to approx 9 years, the joys of dance & music. We will focus on age appropriate fun stretches, & teaching interpretive dance skills using music about animals, flowers, & instruments. We will also work on balance and hand/eye coordination. At the end of class the young dancers will learn a simple dance routine to preform. No experience necessary, and parents are welcome to dance as well. Please wear comfy clothing and bare feet/sneakers.

Intended audience: Tweens and Children

Crone clearing and healing Meditation - Sandy (Artistfair)

This meditation class is for Crone's who will participating in this years rite of passage.

Intended audience: Adults

Crone Temple of Wisdom Opening Ritual - Sandy (Atristfair), Anastasia

Open to all Crones. Celebrate the beauty and wisdom of the Crone with the consecration of Sacred space. We will acknowledge all Crones and welcome all who will be participating in this year’s PSG Croning Ritual. Please feel free to bring any item you would like to place on alter or hang in the temple for the week. Please note, this is a, "Female energy only," center but any PSG Attendee can feel free to drop in on Sunday, "prior" to the opening ritual at 3PM for a visit.

Intended audience: Adults

Crone Temple Wisdom Closing Ritual - Sandy (Artistfair), Anastasia

Final Ceremony to release the Goddesses, elements, and energy that embraced us throughout the week. After the ritual is completed the Crone's who participated in this years Croning will also have their gift exchange.

Intended audience: Adults

Croning Rite of Passage Preparation Classes - Sandy (Artistfair), Anastasia

Open to all women who are at least one year past menses, identifying with or already living in the Crone stage of life. This week of meetings, classes, sharing and healing will culminate, into the Crone Rite of Passage Ceremony. The classes are intended to expand your knowledge and wisdom. Your goal will be to release and forgive and set new goals for your last stage of life by embracing your new role as a Crone.

Intended audience: Adults

Daily Centering Circle at Psyche's Grotto - Chiron & Staff

Take a breath and find your center each day. Experience a variety of grounding and centering techniques to help you refresh yourself during the Gathering.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Daily Grind - Marty Townsend

Meet up for morning coffee while your camp mates sleep. I will provide the Keurig coffee maker. You supply your favorite Keurig K-cup, special creamers, sugars, or other additives you use in your java. Bring your own cup. Bring your chatter box and come spend the morning with other coffee swillers. Donations of bottled water encouraged.

Intended audience: Adults

Daily Pagans in Recovery Meeting - Zan

These daily twelve-step meetings are for anyone in a recovery program. Take a break from the Gathering to reaffirm your commitment to the recovery process.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Dancing with the Dark - Arden and Jasmine

Our Shadows are contain the hidden and denied parts of ourselves. When we can connect with and accept these parts, we can free up the energy that they contain and become more accepting of ourselves and others. This workshop will present ways to discover and embrace our Shadows through discussion, contemplation, and movement.

Intended audience: Adults

Daughters of the Dark Moon - ROP - Celeste Coleman-Jeske

This is a private Rite of Passage for the who have expressed interest in DoDM since PSG 2013 [or who attended the DoDM ROP 2014] and have participated throughout the year[s] via the [FB] chat list. For those interested in DoDM please watch the bulletin board at the Info Center for opportunities to join in throughout the week, DoDM members will make themselves known to the community as well.

Intended audience: Adults

Daytime EnCHANTment - Connection Opportunity - River Higginbotham, Ambiaka Heretic, Jasmine Heretic

For those who cannot join EnCHANTment at the normal ~10pm daily start time. When we sing together, we vibrate together. Our hearts beat together. Those vibrational connections bridge our separateness and bring healing. Chanting together moves beyond the language of the mind and embraces the language of the spirit. This facilitated group experience, evokes and invokes the divine through chant in a permeable ritual of connection and inspiration.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Dedicating Your Staff - An Aid for the Journey - Crone Tarataine

Sacred symbols have been a part of every religious tradition throughout time. One of the earliest is the staff, used by elders and journeyers world wide to make a transition from one state of awareness or existence to another. Working from within a cast sacred circle, we will share the stories and hopes of the journeys for which we are blessing and dedicating (or rededicating) a staff as an aid and support on our wandering. I will have some seasoned branches available from which to choose.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Developing and Leading a Pagan Community in the Digital Age (PLI) - Jewels Dawson

As the world continues to embrace technology, it is becoming easier to connect with Pagans around the world. This leadership class will show you how to develop, manage, and lead a community in your area, through the use of social media as well as face to face. Grow your community from scratch, support members in their endeavors, and enjoy a vibrant Pagan group in your area. Methods to keep your community safe will be addressed as well as housekeeping items such as group by-laws.

Intended audience: Adults

Drum Building, Maintenance, Repair and Drum Circle Etiquette - Tuatha Dea

This workshop is one of a kind. Having received Drum Building training, members of Tuatha Dea have worked through and for international importer/exporter “Djembe Drums and Skins” and will present a hands on experience for you during this workshop. During the workshop, a Djembe will be built from start to completion in class with assistance from participants. The workshop includes basic instruction regarding maintenance and repair and the nomenclature of the djembe. Discussion regarding Drum Circle etiquette is part of this workshop to make everyone’s future circle experiences more comfortable and comprehensive.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Earth Centered Clergy Conference M&G - Rev. David C. Sassman & Gail Sassman

For those who are or have an interest in receiving more information on the upcoming "Earth Centered Clergy Conference" to be held in Indianapolis.

Intended audience: Adults

Easy, Cheezy Cheesemaking! - Cinda & Frank Brent

Making your own cheese, yogurt and other dairy products at home can be easy and rewarding. We hope to focus on butter, sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt and cottage cheese and if weather and timing allow, we'd like to show you various stages of the process. Bring all your cheese questions to learn and share.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Perspectives on Psychology and the Environment for Pagan Leaders - Dennis Carpenter

This workshop will explore the contributions of various psychological perspectives, including ecopsychology, to understanding the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world, and the need to care for Nature by addressing global climate change. We will discuss ways to help empower others to connect with and protect Nature.

Intended audience: Adults

Ecopsychology for Pagans - Lupa

Ecopsychology is the psychology of how we relate to the rest of nature. Certified in ecopsychology and ecotherapy, Lupa will help you learn how to apply this dynamic approach to mental health care in your everyday life and your spiritual path.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Edible Landscaping - David Kennedy & Yvonne Williams

Blue berry bushes between your roses, tomatoes and pole beans climbing with your clematis, and a living mulch of lettuce and herbs. Have you considered using edible plants instead of bedding annuals in your flower beds? Learn how your can harvest season after season of bounty from your borders and flower beds, merging function with ornamentation. Let's share our knowledge and experience about gardening basics and beyond!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Emerging Elders; Student Groups and the Millennial Generation (PLI) - Ashleigh Smiley

Discover approaches to leadership development for the Millennial generation, routes to leadership for young people, and how to encourage youth to participate in their religious communities. Explore how to start, maintain, and support Pagan student groups, and how to negotiate for religious allowances on campuses. Bring your questions and concerns about, and hopes for, our collective future. Whether you are a Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millenial, your voice is welcome in this circle.

Intended audience: Adults

Entering the Dream Lodge: A guide to dreaming & a better night's sleep - Zephyr

Modern life is full of stimulation and distractions that prevent us from finding our way to our Dream Lodge. In this workshop we will explore what the Dream Lodge is and how we can prepare ourselves to enter it. We will discuss healthy sleeping habits, techniques to help calm a restless mind, and methods we can use to work within the Dream Lodge. At the end there will be a guided meditation to help discover our personal Dream Lodges.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Evoking Ecstatic Ritual (PLI) - River Higginbotham and Jasmine Heretic

In ecstatic ritual, a point arrives when everything flows - the song sings you, the drum plays you, the rhythm dances you. Energy builds. Magic happens. This magic often comes from carefully crafted steps that lay the foundation for surrender to the ecstatic. Creating ritual that invites participants to engage, deeply, can be done. Even for public rituals. How do you set it up? How do you create safe space? We’ll work through the steps and do a few experiential exercises.

Intended audience: Adults

Exploring Discrete States of Consciousness with Hemisync Audio Program - Chip Brown

Using headphones, audio equipment and specially recorded tapes and cds provided by the presenter, we will explore discrete states of consciousness. These audio programs have been created by the Monroe Institute. This workshop takes an entire afternoon – two workshop sessions back-to-back. Total workshop time is approximately 4 hours. Pre-workshop sign-up is required; space is limited to 12 participants. See Info Center or Chip Brown for details.

Intended audience: Adults

Facebook Meet & Greet - Mama Heyou

Here's your chance to put faces to the names you've been seeing in the PSG Facebook Group. Join us for introductions, conversation, and (hopefully) some laughs. For your comfort, bring a drink, to keep you hydrated, and something to sit on.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Faerie Shrine Opening – Child at Play - Jesse & Shariff

The mobile Faerie Shrine returns. We would like to invite any persons interested in our light, fun and joyous ritual. We will lead a procession from the Rainbow Center to the location of the Faerie Shrine; along the path, we will lay offerings for the Fae. All are welcome to bring items for the shrine to remain with the mobile shrine or for the week. Those who may wish to speak a part for the ritual are encouraged to contact Jesse or Shariff prior to or after the “Lavender Luncheon."

Intended audience: All Audiences

Fire Spinners Meet & Greet - Fire Team Leaders & GROOVE Troop

Get to know the fire spinning community at PSG and come and meet the Fire Spinning Team! This is our time as community members to discuss what we would like to put forth for the week, ask questions and get answers!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Fire Spinners Safety Class - Fire Team Leaders

It is in the interest of everyone's safety and enjoyment that we offer these Safety Classes for anyone who plans to spin at PSG. Minors must attend the class with their parent or guardian, sign a waiver, successfully complete the class, and receive a bracelet allowing you to spin. You must be 12 years old to spin fire at PSG - no exceptions. You will not be learning to spin at this workshop! This is for those who already spin and would like to spin in the Fire Spinning Zone or at any ritual. You must have this Safety Class and receive a wristband before you can participate in any other fire spinning workshops or rituals! Anyone who plans on spinning should attend one of these classes!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Four Sons of Heru: Upholding the Cosmos, Protecting the Dead - Rev. Anna Applegate, M.A.

The ancient Egyptians believed that Four Powers upheld the pillars of the Cosmos and also protected the essential organs of the deceased preserved in canopic jars during the mummification process. Who are these Powers? What are Their Names and functions? How can They serve as powerful allies in contemporary magical practice for Kemetic devotees? Anna will give an overview and a ritual demonstration of how Their heka can be applied in workings related to the establishment of Sacred Space.

Intended audience: Adults

From Jesus Freak to Witch - Annika Mongan

You’ve been a bible thumper, evangelist, and textbook Christian. Now you’re a Pagan, Witch, Polytheist, or spiritual seeker. How does your Christian past inform who you are today? How do you deal with family pressure, the threat of hell, the “broom closet”? What about those who identify as ChristoPagans? The transition from Christianity to Paganism can be traumatic. Come learn new tools and insights for navigating faith journeys and bring your own questions and experiences for discussion.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

From Minotaurs to Mindfulness: Lost in the Labyrinth - Susan, Lisa, and Ryan

Learn about the history and mythology of labyrinths, their design, symbolism and use, both historic and modern. Get a sneak preview (spoiler-free!) of the exciting changes to the Candlelit Labyrinth for PSG this year. Discuss labyrinth navigation tips and techniques so everyone can enjoy and get the most out of their journey to the center of the labyrinth. For those who are interested, we'll close the workshop with a discussion about participation in the new opening blessing for the Candlelit

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Gender 101: Making Safe Space for People of All Genders - Jake Bradley and Nate Metrick

Have you ever wondered what options there are if you don’t feel 100% at home within cultural norms for “male” or “female,” “man” or “woman,” “girl” or “boy”? Do you want to know how to be a good ally and be sensitive, respectful, and safe for people of all genders and gender expressions? This workshop will cover terms and language, deconstruct the concept of gender, and include basic best practices for making safe space for all people. All welcome!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Gender and Generations: Rights of Passage and Gender Identity (PLI) - Eric Eldritch

For nearly twenty years Eldritch has worked with Rites of Passage ceremonies, Men's Gatherings and community rituals with the Radical Faerie, Four Quarters interfaith Sanctuary and BlueRidge Beltaine communities. He helps to conceptualize complementary frameworks for sex, orientation, gender and gender role in an ever evolving world. Drawing on this experience using a "Maypole for All" as an example Eldritch leads discussions that cause introspection and inspiration.

Intended audience: Adults

Gladiator Flip Flops - Anna Hitz

Tired of walking out of your flip flops or having to change out of them because your feet have swollen? Bring a pair of basic flip flops and turn them into a comfortable and secure pair of gladiator flip flops using paracord and an old t-shirt. Paracord and t-shirts provided.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Goddess Doll - Heather

Join us for some crafty fun! We will be creating soft goddess dolls perfect for cuddling, gift giving, or for use on your altar. Lavender will be provided to those who wish to make a scented doll. Basic sewing skills are a plus but not required. $5 materials fee.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Ground, Center & Connect to the Divine - Crone Tarataine

Deep grounding and internal centering is crucial for all magical works, whatever the tradition. This is a simple ritual based in ancient Tibetan traditions for tapping the energy of earth and sky, bringing harmony to our centers, and connecting to the Divine around us. The technique is the first step on a journey toward a richer link to our true selves. The work lies at the core of Soul-Centered Balancing, encompassing the entire incarnate being, which has been my ministry for the past 19 years.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Grounding Spirit in Soil: Science and Paganism - Lupa

Spirituality is often assumed to be the opposite of the material, physical world. We Pagans like to speak in terms of the Otherworld, magic, spirits and other ethereal concepts. Yet for many of us, nature is at the heart of our paths, and we can deepen our understanding and belief through knowing more about the everyday nuts and bolts of natural sciences. Join author Lupa as she discusses how evolution, physics, astronomy and other scientific concepts can be woven in with nature spirituality.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

A Group Full of Solitaries - Hedgehog, Amanda, Libby

As Solitaries so many of us are comfortable with our personal form of spirituality, rituals, & religious experiences. Sometimes we just need someone else to talk to, ask questions of, or general support. People who see the world a little differently. Pagans in Touch was designed by & made for solitaries. Each member bringing their own voice to the conversation. See if this type of group is right for you. Find out how to establish, organize, and grow your own local group of solitaries & friends.

Intended audience: Adults

Guitar Magic - Brian Henke

Learn new guitar techniques and how to find magic in the music and then share it with others. Bringing your own guitar helpful but not necessary and basic knowledge of the instrument is helpful, but not necessary either. Most definitely NOT your average guitar lesson!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Handfasting of Kathy and Chris of Tuatha Dea - Selena Fox

Once more Tuatha Dea is pleased to announce two of our own are finally tying their cord at PSG! Our wonderful home community of PSG came out to celebrate with our family the handfastings of Danny to Rebecca, and Brandon to Nikki! We would very much like to invite everyone to join us in the celebration of Kathy and Chris as they announce their promises to each other and tie their love one another here at PSG.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Hands-On Heka: Magic in Ancient Egypt - Rev. Anna Applegate, M.A.

For centuries, much of the world agreed with Clement of Alexandria (3rd c. CE), who referred to ancient Egypt as “the mother of magicians.” This workshop will give an overview of magic, or heka, in ancient Egypt, focusing on the three main divisions of funerary magic, ritual magic (performed in temples), and everyday magic. Participants will get to experience hands-on heka by creating papyri talismans to keep.

Intended audience: Adults

Hillfolks Hoodoo: Appalachia’s Living Folk Magic Tradition - Byron Ballard

With its gnarly roots in the British Isles, the German Palatinate and in indigenous American tribal practice, Appalachian folk magic is characterized by its hands-on and practical approach, as well as its use of available materials. Though it has come down to us through a Protestant Christians filter, this system is easily adapted to modern Pagan sensibilities.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

History of the Sacred Cat - Jamie Cat and Winter

History of the Sacred cats from Neolithic times to the present day. From Cave paintings to modern cat temples.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Home Brewers Meet &Greet - Mary Bobiak

Get together with fellow Home Brewers, and anyone interested in learning about home brewing. Must be 21 to attend.

Intended audience: Adults

I Came in Through the Fhannish Window - Suzan Leabhart

Have you ever been to a Science Fiction Convention and run into all of your Pagan friends? Have you ever been to a Pagan festival and run into all of your fhannish friends? There is a large crossover between these two communities. It is common to see light hearted Chocolate Rituals, Pagan meet-ups, hand fastings, and even serious rituals at science fiction conventions. If you had your introduction to Paganism through fhandom or want more info on fhandom, drop by. There may be chocolate!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

In It for the Long Run—Successful Pagan Groups (PLI) - Sandy Costa (Sandy Foo)

Treibh na Tintean was born in 2003 from an early 80s Pagan circle and we have been growing ever since. We follow a traditional Wheel of the Year and hold sabats, full moons, workshops and social events. We expect members to help plan and execute rituals, including rites of passage. We expect our Treibh to support the costs of providing a forum for spiritual growth. With so many expectations, how does it work? Ah, that’s the mystery! Come and learn how we nurture the mundane and magickal.

Intended audience: Adults

Intermediate Introduction the the Khemetic Path - Ken and Pam Carmin

What is familiar and best known about the ancient Egyptian religious practices are its sun deities. This workshop is an overview of the Egyptian Lunar calendar of worship, how it equates to the celtic wheel of the year and the day to day religious observances and practices of the ancient Egyptian peoples. An outline of performing an Egyptian themed ritual. A hands on basic meditation followed by a Q&A.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Introduction to Runes: Lore and History - Hillary

For many within the Pagan community the term "rune" is bandied about, but not everyone knows what these runes even are. Perhaps you received a set as a gift, or perhaps you're interested in learning more about where these Norse runes (known as Futhark among other things) come from and what they are supposed to be. This workshop focuses on the Lore and History of the Runes, as well as covering basic meaning of each individual letter.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Introduction to Runes: Mechanics of Reading - Hillary

For many within the Pagan community the term "rune" is bandied about, but not everyone knows what these runes even are. Perhaps you received a set as a gift, or perhaps you're interested in learning more about where these Norse runes (known as Futhark among other things) come from and what they are supposed to be. This workshop focuses on the nuts and bolts of how to go about a few methods of reading runes. A basic knowledge of the runes is advised. Handmade sets will be available.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

An Introduction to the Unnamed Path - Michael Greywolf

The Unnamed Path is an emerging shamanic tradition for men who love men. This workshop will cover a basic introduction to the Unnamed Path; who we are, the four aspects (Shamanism, Magic & Prophecy, Energy Healing, Death Walking), the Gods & Ancestors, and basic practices. All are welcome to come and learn who we are.

Intended audience: Adults

Keys to Facilitating enCHANTment - River Higginbotham, Ambiaka Heretic, Jasmine Heretic

EnCHANTment, a facilitated group experience, evokes and invokes the divine through chant in a permeable ritual of connection and inspiration. In this workshop we will share, teach and offer experiential opportunities to learn the key points, nuances, and techniques that support and enhance the "enCHANTment" experience for each participant. Everyone has an impact and makes important contributions to the group experience. The more you bring yourself and your energy, the better the experience.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Keystone Crystal Grid - Wolf Woman Ways

Everyone is pretty busy these days and don’t always have time to walk their property to set up wards. You can create a Keystone Crystal Grid that you can use to ward your property. Will discuss the steps and possible items you can use to make your own.

Intended audience: Adults

Lady Liberty League - Annual Meeting - Selena Fox, Minerva Thalia

All interested and involved in Pagan religious rights are welcome to join us for the LLL annual meeting. We will be discussing our activities in the past year and our focus for the future. Come with interest, questions and concerns.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Laughter as meditation: Mad Lib meditation - Lance and Fallon Fisher

They say laughter is the best medicine. Come join us for a howling good time Mad libbing our own meditation as a group. The end result should be great fun and plenty of healing laughs!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Laughter Magick - Celia Farran & Lori Whalen

Join us for Hearty, Extended, Unconditional Laughter combined with Yogic Breathing (Pranayama). Laughter games & exercises soon turn to authentic & contagious laughter burning calories & tightening your tummy while dissolving stress & raising joy. Transform perceptions of negative energy into perfect opportunity thru Laughter Magick. Laughter really is the best medicine! Wear comfortable loose clothing. No mat required.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Lavender Luncheon - Jesse & Shariff

Calling All LGBT, Join us at the Rainbow Center for an early afternoon meet and greet. Please bring your lunch, relax and get to know more family at PSG.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Leadership and the Media (PLI) - Minerva

As leaders, we are often faced with the dilemma of whether to publicize a situation or issue in the media. We will discuss the use of media in different situations. We will also address when to and when not to access media in furtherance of an issue, debate, or controversy. We will have real examples to discuss and can address your situations as well.

Intended audience: Adults

Leadership within Community Organizations (PLI) - Nels Linde & Judy Linde

Positive involvement in Pagan organizations requires a clear and transparent leadership style defined by patience, encouragement, frank analysis, and loving accountability between both volunteers and leaders. Pagan leadership involves intense listening, relevant questioning, and developing good decision making practice. Discuss the skills needed to empower a growing community of leaders to replace you. Avoid the pitfalls of the personal, and navigate the waters of a diverse community.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Life Drawing - Judith Willow Wind

Join us in our new Tall Tree home for Life Drawing. Bring your own materials and supplies. Artists and models are all welcome. Models may be clothed or sky clad. Poses of traditional combinations will be 1-2 minute gesture drawings, short 5-10 minute poses, and long 20 minute drawings. Artists are encouraged to take their turn modeling as well! This has become a beloved tradition and offers a wonderful, peaceful opportunity to unwind, and create under the tall trees in a safe and welcoming place. One session on Wednesday afternoon and another on Friday afternoon.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Magenta Luncheon - Jesse & Shariff

Let us welcome each other: Transgender males & females, neither or both. Join us at the Rainbow Center for an early afternoon meet and greet. Please bring your lunch, relax, and get to know more family at PSG.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Magic of Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Kathryn

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays. This comedy of fairy mischief, confused lovers, and bumbling amateur actors blends Greek mythology, British folklore, and Elizabethan society in a way that not only entertains but also prompts deeper meditation on the nature of love and the powers of the imagination. Come get to know this magical play better, and maybe even try your hand at acting a scene or two!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Magical Fairy Gardens - Dee

Everyone is welcome to come, you can bring dirt from your own garden if you like. Also a pot. I 'll have some seed packs too and a example to show you. Then we can try making one together and a few other things to go in it.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Magical Gift Exchange - Dame Judith Willow Wind

Join us for the annual spiritual gift exchange. Everyone taking part will give a gift and in return receive a gift. Bring a sacred item (such as a ritual tool, amulet, necklace, divinity statue, altar piece or handmade ritual object) that has special meaning for you. Bless your gift and with it include your name and something about its spiritual significance. Wrap it in opaque paper, cloth or other covering.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Magical Memory Book - Michele Donner-Ramsey

Kids will get to make and decorate a custom PSG memory book to store their special PSG memories including photos, writing/stories, and little treasures.

Intended audience: Tweens

Magickal Maracas - Catnip

Music is an important part of the PSG experience; at morning meetings to the many concerts. The rhythm of the gathering surrounds us day and night. With just a few supplies I will help you create your own rhythm instruments. Then you too will be able to join in the magical music of PSG.

Intended audience: Tweens and Children

Main Ritual - Eric Eldritch and Byron Ballard

Join the tribe in a celebration of the synergy that is PSG. Our Spirits. Our Roots. Our communities. The 2016 Main Community Ritual will honor and celebrate the Summer Solstice, our connection with each other, and our spirit the key to our roots. Together we honor and bless PSG: All that we have been! All that we are! All that we shall be!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Making Fire Without Matches or a Lighter - Drusilla Void

Ever wondered what to do if your matches get wet or you lose your lighter and you need to start a fire? With a little preparation at home, you can build a fire-starting kit to keep in your car or with your camping gear. Learn about some natural and man-made tinders. Dru will also demonstrate how to start fire with a modern firesteel, a traditional flint and steel, a magnesium bar, a magnifying glass, a fire piston, and steel wool with a 9-volt battery.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Making Safe Space for Transgender or Gender-nonconforming People(PLI) - Jake Bradley and Nate Metrick

Transgender and gender-nonconforming people are some of the most disenfranchised people ministers might encounter, and are especially vulnerable and sensitive around faith matters, crises requiring pastoral care or counseling, and life-cycle observances. We will explore ideas for inclusive rituals, welcoming congregational/community life, competent pastoral support, and making of safe and respectful space for all people.

Intended audience: Adults

The Masks of the Divine as Male, Female, Both and Neither (PLI) - Eric Eldritch

For two decades the DC Radical Faeries and Stone Circle Wicca have been insistent on expanding the paradigm of a polarized view of "divine male" or "divine female" to recognize the divine "Both" and the "divine Neither" in ritual and devotional life. Youth in the next generation will push this paradigm further as a growing sense of Gender Fluid comes in to our collective conscience. I trust that discussing the Masks of the Divine as Male, Female, Both and Neither gives room for more research.

Intended audience: Adults

Meet & Greet with Byron Ballard - Byron Ballard

H. Byron Ballard is a WNC native, teacher, folklorist and writer. She has served as a featured speaker and teacher at Sacred Space Conference, Pantheacon, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference, Glastonbury Goddess Conference and other gatherings. Her essays feature in several anthologies, and she blogs and writes a regular column for Witches and Pagans Magazine. Her book "Staubs and Ditchwater" debuted in 2012, and the companion volume Asfidity and Mad-Stones was published in Oct. 2015. Byron is currently at work on Earth Works: Eight Ceremonies for a Changing Planet.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Meet & Greet with Judith Olson-Linde & Nels Linde - Judy & Nels

Judith Olson-Linde and Nels Linde are a married, collaborative team who are active volunteers, ritualists, community organizers and spiritual leaders in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Their book, Taking Sacred Back - The Complete Guide to Designing and Sharing Group Rituals will be released by Llewellyn Publishing in May 2016. They have been guest ritualists at national Pagan festivals including Pagan Spirit Gathering, Heartland, and Sacred Harvest Festival, and have written and led over a hundred rituals for groups from 50 to 800 participants. In February 2007 they organized the Veterans' Pentacle Rights Ritual at the Minnesota State Capitol. Nels and Judy have presented at Pantheacon, Heartland, and as part of the Pagan Spirit Gathering Pagan Leadership Institute. Nels is co-founder of the UW Stout Hand Drumming Club, and editor of the Pagan Newswire Collective - Minnesota Bureau. Website:

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Meet & Greet with Kathryn Hinds - Kathryn Hinds

Kathryn Hinds is a prolific author whose short stories and poetry have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies. Her most recent book is a feminist fantasy novel, "The Healer's Choice" (Dark Oak Press). Kathryn's other books include a poetry collection, "Candle, Thread, and Flute" (Luna Station Press); "The Forty", a collaboration with photographer Fox Gradin and author James Palmer, which re-imagines the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Celestial Studios); a co-authored book on Celtic mythology, "Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses" (New Page Books); and more than forty titles for children and young adults, mainly focusing on ancient, medieval, and early-modern cultures. In addition to writing, she teaches composition, world literature, and British literature in the English department of her local university. Kathryn's interests include a range of Earth-based and mystical paths and practices, but her spiritual home lies within the realm of Celtic (particularly Welsh) mythology and tradition.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Meet & Greet with Lupa - Lupa

Lupa is a Pagan author, artist and amateur naturalist in Portland, Oregon. She is the author of several books on Pagan topics, most recently "Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up: Connect With Totems In Your Ecosystem" (Llewellyn 2016). She is also the creator of the Tarot of Bones ( When she is not busy writing, creating art out of hides and bones, or wrangling other projects, Lupa may be found hiding out in the wilderness areas of Oregon. Her website is

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Men's Morning Networking Meeting - Dan & Paul

Come and join us and your fellow Pagan men at the Temple of the Sun God after the morning meetings for meditation, discussion, and any other topics for the day!

Intended audience: Adults

Men's Rite of Passage - Talon and Zero

Several men in the Community have stepped forward for a long journey. MROPE is a journey in the growth of yourself and an understanding of your place in your communities and homes. Learn what it means to become a Man and to find your own power. They will spend most of their day preparing and taking part in their ritual on Wednesday. During this Rite of Passage, the men will take part in a ritual bath, guided meditation, vow of silence, candlelit labyrinth walk, Ritual of Discovery, and will end with overnight solitary camping. It will be a journey of both spirit and body. Attend morning meeting on Monday to sign up with Talon or Zero. Spots will be limited to 5 men, 18+. If more than 5 step forward, we will draw names from a hat and let fate decide.

Intended audience: Adults

Men's Rite of Passage Experience (MROPE)- Post Mortem - Talon & Zero

Initiates, facilitators, and coordinators will come together to discuss their experience, share their stories, and address any questions they may have.

Intended audience: Adults

Men's Rite of Passage Experience (MROPE)- Ritual of Discovery - Talon & Zero

The night of the Ritual of Discovery. Our men will be guided through meditation, a village and Labyrinth walk, and the Ritual of Discovery. The night will be ended in a solitary camping in a chosen space, followed by a light breakfast in the morning.

Intended audience: Adults

Men's Rite of Passage: Post Mortem - Talon and Zero

Our men will meet one last time for the week to discuss what they have experienced, share their stories, and address any questions they may have.

Intended audience: Adults

Mens Ritual 2016 - Chris Eldridge and Arthur Hinds

Becoming the Myth: Men's Ritual 2016. The Time between PSG's is not simply a supply run, unless you chose to make it so. Every action you take in your life, no matter how mundane or simple it may seem, can be a task upon the Hero's quest. Awaken the legend within you. Claim your Hero's name and walk through life on a mythic path. Join us as we claim the story of each of our lives and become the Myth we are meant to inhabit

Intended audience: Adults

Moon Lodge Closing Ritual - Doveheart

Calling all women for the closing ritual of the Moon Lodge. Please join your sisters in the lodge to give thanks for a wonderful week of sharing and to close the ritual space. The closing ritual will take place in the last half of the daily gathering that starts at 11:30am.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Moon Lodge Daily Gathering - Doveheart

Please drop by the Moon Lodge for a several moments to take a breath and chat with other women before heading off to lunch. The Moon Lodge is an area for women to meet and support each other, share stories, hold workshops, and enjoy each other’s company in women-only space. To make our circle whole all aspects of womanhood are welcome: menstruation age through cronehood; bleeding or not; womb or not.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Moon Lodge Opening Ritual - Doveheart

Calling all women for the opening ritual of the Moon Lodge. Please join your sisters in the lodge to bless and consecrate the space for a lovely week of stories, relaxation and bonding. Following the ritual, we will have our normal networking meeting. At the beginning of the Monday daily gathering, 11:30am - 12:00pm.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Morning Yoga - Dragonfly

Yoga is for all bodies. Join Dragonfly for a morning practice of sun salutations, some flowing sequences to stretch our bodies awake and some hatha poses to strengthen us for the day ahead. Class is designed to accomodate all levels, whether you've never done yoga before or you have a seasoned practice, you will walk away feeling recharged and full of bliss. Modifications are offered for those with limitations, come a minute early to chat about your needs. Bring water.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Motherhood Rite of Passage - A Blessingway - Rev. Dawnwalker and Tiffany Andes

This ritual honors women in the PSG community who have become mothers in the past year, or are currently pregnant. We will honor motherhood with the creation of sacred space, singing, gift giving, pampering, and most of all offering of love and support -- whether a mother for the first time, the tenth time, adoption, or marriage. Those wishing mothers wishing to participate in this rite of passage are encouraged to contact Rev. Dawnwalker in advance, however all are welcome.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Mythic Power of Matriarchy - Kathryn

This workshop will explore the concept of matriarchy and questions such as: What is the evidence for ancient matriarchal cultures? What are the differences between matriarchal, matrifocal, and matrilineal societies? What (if anything) can we deduce about a culture based on its worship of female forms of deity? Were there really Amazons? And what power does the idea of matriarchy hold for us today?

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

The Mythic Year (PLI) - Kathryn and Arthur

In the annual cycle of the Wheel of the Year, we enact an ongoing drama of the deities’ interactions with one another and with the world. In this workshop we will use Welsh tradition as an illustration of how we can construct mythologically based rituals to keep the Wheel turning.

Intended audience: Adults

Natural Remedies - Rhonda

Hands on workshop. How to use herbs in everyday life.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up - Lupa

Deepen your spiritual connection to the earth and rejoin the community of nature. “Nature Spirituality from the Ground Up” invites you to explore not just symbols of Nature, but to bury your hands in the earth and work with the real thing. You’ll learn how to work with the totems of animals, plants, fungi, waterways, land forms and other natural phenomena, and heal yourself and the planet through a closer bond with your bioregion.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Numerology-What do the numbers mean? - Wolf Woman Ways

Based on your name at birth and your date of birth, numbers play a role in your life. Will show you how to determine your own basic chart and what your Life Path, Soul, Personality, and Destiny numbers mean for you. Please bring a pen and something to write on for the workshop.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Old Wild Magic of the Motherlands - Byron Ballard

Byron Ballard’s latest research involves tracing her Appalachian folk magic practice to its roots in the British Isles. The charms, spells and talismans that crossed with those ragged immigrants from Scotland, Northumberland, Cornwall and Cumbria are little known and very interesting. Weather workings, healing charms, curses and blessings--all handed down to us from a by-gone age.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

One Family - Many Faiths (PLI) - Ana

A short descriptive lecture followed by an interactive discussion on living in a family (blood/chosen)that includes different faith paths and ideologies with an emphasis on using practical attitudes and actions to establish a harmonious atmosphere for all.

Intended audience: Adults

Open Chanting - EnCHANTment (River, Ambiaka & Jasmine)

Open chanting nightly at 10pm at enCHANTment. Check the bulletin board for other daily chant opportunities, including chant writing, chant harmonies, and more!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Opening Ritual - Selena Fox & Others

This PSG Opening Ritual begins with a candlelight processional through the PSG village. The rite includes a site blessing, honoring of Divine forces, the setting of the Wards, and a welcoming in of Summer and the kindling of the Community's Sacred Fire with the remains of last year's fire. Wear your Spirit Bag and bring your candle lantern.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Origins of Deep Magic - David Olmsted

Deep magic (magick) is based upon feelings and thought flows, that is, it is based upon the phenomena of our conscious experiences. Deep magic is the dominant form of magic in modern Paganism but where did it come from? We will be detectives tracing its development from the Persian magi to its suppression by Christianity through reading some relevant original source texts. Along the way we will share personal experiences and delve into how deep magic can be developed within a community setting

Intended audience: Adults

Owls and Vulturues and Hawks, Oh My! - Mariah Jackdaw

Who, who, who wants to learn about birds of prey? We will talk about owls, hawks, and vultures together- everything from what they eat to how they take care of their chicks! Have you ever seen a bird flying up high and wanted to know what it was? We will look at some shadows and learn how the shape of a bird’s wings tells us what they are. And at the end, we will learn how to make noises like different kinds of owls! We will have lots of fun exploring the world of raptors together.

Intended audience: Tweens

Pagan Academic Network Meeting - Selena Fox & Dr. D

Meet & Greet for Pagan Scholars with an academic interest in Pagan Studies and other subjects.

Intended audience: Adults

The Pagan Classroom (PLI) - Rev. Debra Rose

Have you ever heard the saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come”? This workshop will provide an outline of how to create a successful learning experience in a setting that involves seekers, those new to earth based spirituality and those who are experienced practitioners. I will give possible topic selections, tools on how to engage your students and my personal reflections of what has and has not worked. (Hint: the story about my planning session gone wild!).

Intended audience: Adults

Pagan Clergy: A Walk on the Path (PLI) - Rev. Shel Skau and Rev. Dawnwalker

Here we will look at the difference between Priest/Priestess, a community leader, and Pagan Minister. How does each interact with their community? What level of service, commitment, education, and training does it take? If you’re considering a clergy path, this workshop will provide you with some food for thought and perhaps even bring into play some soul searching. We will also talk about options for Pagan ministerial training including the Circle Sanctuary Ministry Training Program.

Intended audience: Adults

Pagan Online (PLI) - Nicholas Sea

Questions and dialog on using Internet resources in community and beyond. Pagan leadership activity can reach further afield than local events, worship, and study groups. In this technological age, we are globalized in what resources we can tap and what outreach we can accomplish. This is a workshop for those who have invested themselves in going beyond basic online social media, and want to gain a sense of collaborative possibilities and a clear awareness that like minds are out there.

Intended audience: Adults

Pagan Parenting: A twofold discussion - Andrea Covey

Raising Pagan children can present challenges when it comes to teachers, other parents and the child's friends. I will share some ideas and resources on how to approach the topic with various people in our children’s community. There will also be a discussion on knowing your child’s rights in the public school system. I will also share resources on teaching Paganism with at-home resources such as printouts, workbooks and lesson plans. Bringing pen and paper is encouraged.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Pagan Pride Day - Is it still relevant? - Sam and Lisa Shryock

From the first events held in 1998, Pagan Pride Day has expanded to hundreds of events world-wide. Anyone that has run, wanted to run, participated, or wanted to participate in a Pagan Pride Day is encouraged to attend. Though I will share my experiences, I hope to create an interactive workshop that will allow all the participants to share their experiences and thoughts.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Pagans at the Interfaith Table: Oy Vey! (PLI) - Byron Ballard

There are many opportunities for Pagans to interact with more main-stream religious leaders and we are mostly encouraged to do so. This talk is about some of the pitfalls of that important work and how Pagan leaders can prepare themselves for both the hostility and the smothering kindness of interfaith and multifaith groups or events. It ain't always easy or pleasant, but almost always worth it.

Intended audience: Adults

Pagans Behind Bars (PLI) - Rev. David C. Sassman & Rev. Harry Dorman

This workshop will focus on meeting the needs of Pagan inmates in prison. We will share our experience in interacting with inmates, Chaplains, and facility administrators.

Intended audience: Adults

Pan's Ball - Dan of Satyr Camp & Jesse & Shariff of Rainbow Camp

It's back! Come in your most outrageous costumes and enjoy the fun of Pan's Ball! Come dance wildly! Pan's Ball is strictly BYOB. Circle and the organizers of Pan's Ball really want to make this a fun and safe party for everyone. This is a 21+ only event; IDs will be checked.

Intended audience: Adults

Pastoral Counseling Case Conference (PLI) - Rev. Paul (Chiron) Larson

This workshop is for ministers, ministers-in-training and leaders in Pagan community. The participants will bring actual or hypothetical cases of pastoral counseling which pose issues of uncertainty. People with delicate situations, conflicting circumstances, and serious distress often seek guidance from spiritual as well as secular helpers. Leader will give comments and facilitate group problem-solving around complex situations in pastoral counseling.

Intended audience: Adults

Percussion for Ritual - Judy and Nels Linde

Providing sound support for a ritual is an art in itself. Often less is more, and we'll learn to edit and keep the ego in check. You will learn some simple patterns to enhance the ritual experience, support the intention, and raise energy! Bring your drums, rattles, and sound toys.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Performing Arts Show - Arthur Hinds

Come on community, show us your talent! Performances should be family friendly and no longer than 4 minutes. Location of auditions will be announced at the morning meetings!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Permaculture: gardening like an elf! - David Kennedy & Yvonne Williams

Permaculture is a style of gardening that emulates how plants grow in the wild; organically with no tilling, top layered composting, and no mono-cropping. Come learn the basics and beyond of helping your garden and family to be healthier and more productive by gardening like an elf would; in harmony with Mother Nature.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Plant Exchange - Shannon Hensel

This event is for all people who like plants. Bring a houseplant to PSG to exchange with someone and you get one as well. Bring your plant(s) to the Tween center on the designated day and if you would like, the Tweens will decorate the plants/pots for you. After the regular workshops are done for the day, come back to the Tween center and pick up a new plant!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Post Women’s Ritual Gathering - Doveheart

Would you like a nurturing women-only space after the women’s ritual? A few warm souls will be holding space for women in the Moonlodge immediately following the women’s ritual. There will be torchlight, companionship and precious timelessness accompanied by some gentle drumming and what we co-create together. Please bring a chair or a blanket to sit upon. A ground tarp will be down to protect blankets.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Praying to the Healing Goddesses and Gods (PLI) - Rev. Cernowain Greenman

Pagan leaders are often called upon to give support and care for others who are ill. We will explore various methods of invoking the healing Divinities and channeling healing energy for the benefits of others and ourselves.

Intended audience: Adults

PSG Community Welcome - Selena, Dennis & MoonFeather

This year's welcome includes introductions of Gathering staff, welcome of PSG newcomers, honoring of long time PSG members, and a welcome message from Phil of Tall Tree LLC! This is also the time when camp-wide information is given such as how the trash run works, emergency procedures, etc. Bring a chair if you'd like. Wear your Spirit Bag and come dressed for the processional and ritual which follows.

Intended audience: All Audiences

PSG Fiberfiles Meet-Up - Jessica, Messina and Minerva

Join the Fiber workers of PSG. We gather annually to share our passion, chat about our projects, and, often, talk about our spiritual practice as it relates to fiber. Bring your fiber, craft, etc. and a chair.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

PSG Newcomers Mid-Week Check-in - Rev. Bo Nelson & Jim Blechschmidt

Congratulations PSG newcomers! You've made it through about half of the festival! Join Bo and Jim for this check-in where we can answer any questions that have cropped up during the week, trade tips on what has been going well for you, or make suggestions on how refocus if there have been aspects that haven't gone as well. Together we'll set the stage for a great conclusion to your PSG week and talk about ways we can take the transformations we've found home with us.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

PSG Orientation for Newcomers Meeting - Rev. Bo Nelson & Jim Blechschmidt

Welcome to PSG! If you're new to our PSG community join Bo and Jim for a handy orientation designed to answer your questions, help you plan your week, and make the most of your PSG experience. Bring your PSG guide book and a pen. Oh and did we mention prizes? Come to this meeting and participate in the PSG newcomers game to win awesome prizes by the end of the week. This is part 1 of the newcomers experience and is accessible to all mobility levels.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

PSG Photobooth - Lori Dake

I'll once again host the photobooth when folks dress up in costume for Pan's ball and other festivities. All ages welcome; kids must be attended. I'll provide a beautiful backdrop at my booth (Works By Lori), you provide me your camera/cell phone (I'm not responsible for loss/damage), and I'll take 5 pictures for you. You'll have a fun keepsake and are completely in control of picture use with no one mistakenly caught in the background.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

PSG Poetry Slam - Fallon Magro-Fisher, Lance Fisher

Come one, come all! Bring your poems, your thoughts, your rhymes, and your stories to the PSG Poetry Slam! We will all be reading our poems etc. together, in a non-stop way so that people can come sit, close their eyes, and drift through our stories and thoughts with us. All ages are welcome, so please keep your stories clean. But we are open to any topics, ideas, poems, etc. that you have written, or have found interesting! The more people the greater fun it will be :)

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

PSG Tour for Newcomers - Rev. Bo Nelson & Jim Blechschmidt

New to PSG? Don't waste a second trying to figure out where something is - join Bo and Jim on a walking tour of the PSG campsite! We'll visit all the important centers, identify the workshop zones, and familiarize you with your PSG home. On the way we'll answer questions, meet some of the PSG coordinators, and help you get settled in. This is Part 2 of the PSG newcomers' experience. Bring your map. We will be walking around the campsite and crossing grassy areas.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Psyche's Grotto Blessing & Orientation - Chiron & Staff

Blessing of Psyche's Grotto and orientation for volunteers interested in working the center.

Intended audience: Adults

Psyche's Grotto Closing Ritual - Chiron & Staff

Closing blessing of Psyche's Grotto.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Rainbow Ritual – For One and All - Jesse & Shariff

Join us, One and All. Let us stand together as a community in sending positive energy, so that every Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Gender Non-conforming persons have the freedom and human rights that continue to be denied to so many people around the world. Help us bring a positive change to every nation and all corners of the world. Any persons who may wish to speak a part for the ritual are encouraged to contact Jesse or Shariff.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Raptor Rescue Do's & Don'ts - Mariah Jackdaw

As majestic as they look, sometimes birds of prey aren’t too bright. They get stuck in barns, hit by cars, and trapped in air vents. We’ll talk about the safe capture and transport of injured raptors within the confines of federal laws, as well as how to network with local raptor rehabilitation groups. Raptor rescue, rehab, and education is a moving experience that be done by anyone with the right training. This workshop will start you off on the path toward working with these majestic birds.

Intended audience: Adults

The Redneck Ritchul - Debby Lou and Sue Ellen

The Redneck Ritchul is a fun parody. Come join Sue Ellen, and Debby Lou and participate in funniest ritual ever! This is the LAST Redneck Ritual, so if you miss it ... you may never get another chance to see this! Be sure to wear your Redneck best, and don't forget to enter the Circle between the Pink Chickens.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Rhythm for Women’s Empowerment - Ladies of Tuatha Dea

Interactive rhythm event and drum circle is designed by women for women. The ladies of Tuatha Dea will be presenting a workshop drum circle to create a unifying and empowering circle using the drum as catalysis. The workshop will include the basics of drumming, drum etiquette, and introduction to the symbiotic relationship between drummers and dancers and more.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Rite of Passage into Crone - Selena Fox, Sandy(Artistfair) , Anastasia

Join us in welcoming the "Wise Women" of our tribe, "The Crone." After a week-long participation of classes, releasing, sharing and mediation the Crone's will jump the broom in symbolizing entering her fabulous third phase of life. Maidens, Mothers and Crone are invited into this transformative ceremony. Please note: Due to Sacred,"female energy grounds" there will be a section for the men of our tribe.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Rite of Passage into Young Manhood - Part I of III - John Markey, Brad Allen & John Peterson

A workshop about Rites of Passage specifically focused on Young Men on their path to Manhood. Come and join the seekers from this year's rite of passage and those from years past. Lend your advice and energy, or just come to learn more about this vitally important transition in a young man's life. This workshop also serves as Part I of III parts of the Young Men's Rite of Passage experience. All seekers and their guardians are required to attend this workshop.

Intended audience: Teens

Rite of Passage into Young Manhood - Part II of III - John Markey, Brad Allen & John Peterson

Late Night Experience: Explore visions of your path as a young man and connect with the Spirit of Tribe and your Ancestors. Learn to navigate the woods at night and hunt with the Pack as you search for your connection to land Spirits and the Horned God. Young Men's Rite of Passage is a 3-day intensive Land Initiation that introduces the seeker to Spirit, Tribe & Family in new ways. YMROP also serves as a bridge to other transformative rituals like Men's Rite of Passage and The Sacred Hunt. We are looking for Boys age 13 to 16, must have Guardians consent. Interested boys are required to attend the Monday Meeting (Young Men and the Importance of Rites of Passage) with a parent or guardian to sign up & get a breakdown of intensive. Please note that we will be asking for Parent or Guardian participation throughout the process.

Intended audience: Teens

Rite of Passage into Young Manhood - Part III of III - John Markey, Brad Allen & John Peterson

This post ritual workshop is for all seekers, their guardians, and any individuals from the community who attended the pre-meeting and discussion. We will discuss the previous night's experience and receive further guidance on how to transition what they have learned back into their day to day lives.

Intended audience: Teens

Rite of Passage into Young Womanhood - Selena Fox & Lisa Markey & Others

This four-day program is to honor maturing young women who have recently started their menses, and welcome them into the larger Community of women. All participants must have recently started their menses (or reasonable proximity) and have a female support person (parent, guardian or family friend) to attend the meeting on Monday and the ritual on Thursday. The program includes: Meeting with candidates and their support people, making special Spirit Bags, receiving wisdom from the Crones of our tribe, a Sweat Lodge, and other activities. The Rite of Passage into Young Womanhood Ritual culminates with the candidates being presented to the Larger Community in a special Final Ceremony. Attendance at all Program functions, as well as attendance of three morning meetings is mandatory for candidates. Please contact Lisa Markey on the PSG Facebook Page for more details and to pre-register. Maximum 7 Candidates.

Intended audience: Teens

Rite of Passage into Young Womanhood Ritual - Selena Fox & Lisa Markey & Others

This ritual is the culminating experience for the young women who go through the Rite of Passage program. Participation in the entire program is mandatory in order to go through the Rite of Passage Ritual.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Ritual Clay Objects - Susan Minyard

Come and make a ritual piece for your altar. You will make an object out of clay, imbuing it with spiritual energy, and fire pit-fire it here at PSG to take home.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sacred Hunt - Post Mortem - Bo & Sacred Hunt Team

This is the debriefing meeting that takes place on the day after the Sacred Hunt Ritual. Here all participants in the Sacred Hunt will be able to share their stories, perceptions, and feelings about the ritual, and more importantly, to process and integrate their experiences. Many participants have expressed that the ritual is not complete until the end of this meeting, which deepens their understanding of what has occurred. All participants in the ritual should plan to attend this meeting.

Intended audience: Adults

Sacred Hunt Orientation Meeting - Bo and Hunt Team

This is the orientation meeting for the Sacred Hunt ritual, during which time Hunters, Villagers, and Drummers will learn more about the specific mysteries associated with their respective roles. THE ORIENTATION IS MANDATORY IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SACRED HUNT RITUAL.

Intended audience: Adults

Sacred Hunt Ritual - Bo & Sacred Hunt Team

This is an ecstatic ritual that utilizes physical exertion and the elements of firelight, a woodland setting, and intense drumming to facilitate consciousness alteration for the purpose of spiritual transformation or awareness. It involves an alchemical melding of the work of the Villagers (Yin element), Hunters (Yang element) and Drummers (Flux). The Hunt can be a personal odyssey to overcome challenges to spiritual evolution, eliminate toxic or unnecessary elements in one's life, or to quest for something integral to personal growth. Participation entails additional attendance at a prior orientation meeting as well as a debriefing meeting the day following.

Intended audience: Adults

Sacred Soundscape/Dreamtime - Penny Goody, Hank Knaepple, Susu Jeffrey

With ocean drum, didjeridoo, chimes, bells and cymbals, shruti box, Hapi drum, shakers, bird whistles, singing bowl, thumb piano, voice etc., we’ll create a soundscape for your pleasure. Please bring a chair or matt, and water.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sacred Storytelling – The Power of Myth, Magic and Conjuring Reality - Kro and Adrian

Explore the world of storytelling and how it shapes the reality we weave/live. Delve into the magic of belief: perspective plays a role in shaping our world and flavoring our choices, which determines the types of opportunities we receive. From creation myths, emergence stories, to personal challenges and empowerment, we are the heroes of our stories. In understanding our stories, we learn that magic and power come with belief, and how to conjure the reality we want in our lives.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sage Furlow's Wiccianing/Blessing - Bo Nelson and Kim Furlow

Wiccianing/Blessing of Sage Therin Furlow. We would like to welcome everyone to come and celebrate and help welcome Sage into the PSG family and community!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Sage Program - James Blechschmidt

The Sage Program is for men over 55 years of age who are considering the transformation from adult male to sage, a man who is facing the latter years of life. The five day intensive program examines the opportunities and fears through the sharing of our life's experiences and how we can accept our new role both personnally and within the broader community.

Intended audience: Adults

Saging Ritual - Jim Blechschmidt & Community Sages

The Saging Ritual celebrates the male elders of our community who wish to mark their passage to this important life stage. We honor the time when a man reaches the point in his maturity and experience where he is taking a less active physical part, but is still contributing as a valued teacher, mentor and guide to younger members of the tribe.

Intended audience: Adults

Seekers: A Millennial Meet & Greet - Ashleigh Smiley

Millennials are commonly defined as those who were born between 1980 and the early 2000s, and are roughly aged between 18 and 35. We will focus on what it means to be a millennial and a Seeker and explore what our role can be in the greater Pagan community. Come prepared to talk about your path---even if you're still seeking it! We will also discuss ideas for future rituals and workshops geared at our generation and its needs.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sentinel Grove in Concert - Sentinel Grove

Sentinel Grove is the direct result of what happens when you bring together a nature whispering red head, a sharp-tongued witch, and a tree hugging pirate; no one is sure how or why, but music is created. Their sound is as mixed as their personalities as they incorporate heavy drums along with blues, tribal, Celtic, Native American, and other various influences into their songs. What brings Sentinel Grove together is their passion for spreading the messages they receive from whispers of the unseen.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Shaolin Qi-Gong with Wūyā - Kro and Walker

Cultivate your Chi with this ancient technique developed by Shaolin monks. Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Qi, pronounced chee, is the vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe. Qigong practices can be classified as martial, medical, or spiritual and is a great practice to include with Energy Healing or Reiki practice. Contains moderate exercise and can be practiced by all age groups.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Shining from Within: Leading as an Introvert (PLI) - Rev. Bo J. Nelson

Leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” And the path of leadership, while often times glamorized is not an easy one. Some are natural extroverts and easily open up to the world around them, others lead best from within. Leaders come in all types and lead through many different mediums. This workshop for those who are called to the path of leadership, but are more introverted and are unsure how to let the light within, shine out for others to see.

Intended audience: Adults

Show Us Your Animal - Gail Sassman

Pick a page to color your favorite animal. Then take turns acting out that animal. Provided: Coloring pages of fancy & cute animals, crayons & colored pencils.

Intended audience: Tweens and Children

Singing for Everybody - Celia Farran

Your voice is an amazing instrument. Come & uncover your “consistent instrument” thru play & discovery. Celia has been performing for over 25 years with training in stage speech as well as singing. She currently tours the nation as a singer/songwriter/comedienne & is also a recording artist. Celia will guide the group thru breathing exercises and vocal play that will leave you with a new appreciation for this incredible part of you called your voice. You might even have a fantastic time!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Skin Spirits: Spiritual Work with Hides and Bones - Lupa

For thousands of years people have incorporated hides, bones and other animal remains in spiritual and secular activities alike. How can we in the 21st century do the same in a respectful manner? Join Lupa as she talks about where to source hides and bones, important legal and ethical considerations, ritual practices and more!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

So You Wanna Be a Pagan Author? - Lupa

Do you have articles and books you want to write on a Pagan topic, but aren’t sure where to start? Let Lupa share her expertise in the publishing industry, discussing everything from traditional vs. self-publishing to finding an agent, and more!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

So, You Want to be a Druid! - Jan Gerstner

Modern Druidry offers followers many paths to personal growth and, if you're up for it, service to others. Mostly, it requires an enquiring mind and the refusal to be (mis)guided into a particular path touted as the "only" path. We will explore the many miss-perceptions about Druidry, some sources you can reasonably use to proceed on your own path, and Druidic practices that can help expand your spiritual horizon. Mostly, it will help guide you to answer the question, "Should I be a Druid?"

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Solstice Morning Ceremony - Selena Fox

Celebrate Summer Solstice Day with an honoring of the Sacred Sun with invocations, chants, meditation, and sacred rhythms around the Sacred Fire. If you wish, bring a rhythm instrument to play and dried herbs or other offerings to cast into the fire. The ceremony will also include blessings for planetary well-being

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Solstice Sun Catchers - Catnip

In honor of the Summer Solstice, which marks the longest day of the year, we are going to make our own sun catchers. We will also be talking about what summer means to you and discuss in the various deities associated with this Sabbat.

Intended audience: Tweens and Children

Solstice Yoga - Lance Hoagland

Come and practice the ancient art of Yoga each morning with fellow family and friends. Our practice will be centered on the Summer Solstice - incorporating Sun Salutations and other poses to open up the body for this event. No yoga experience required and all levels are welcome. (Please let the instructor know of any physical limitations you may have.) Bring your yoga mat (blanket or beach towel will work), a towel, and water. Loose fitting clothes or sky clad and bare feet are best.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Spiral Rhythm Chant Share - PJ

Join us with a song in your heart to share with others. Drums and recording devices welcome. Come be a member of Spiral Rhythm.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Spiral Rhythm in Concert - Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm was born when a group of friends translated the energy they felt all around many pagan community fires into a deep and abiding spiritual harmony. Over the years the faces have changed, members have come and gone, but all have left their indelible spiritual footprint on the group. Of the original group three still share their energy -- Kiki Harrington, Ric Nyer, and Kerri Hirsch-Upton. Madison Cansler, Laurel Eris and PJ Seale joined later and added their own unique stamp to the group's dynamics. Every community fire, festival gathering and concert audience have helped us to achieve a unique acapella and percussive blend that is a multi-layered, deeply spiritual celebration of the Divine power all around us. The group has released eight CD's: I Am, Live at Turning of the Year 2002, PSG Live 2004 and 2005, Roll of Thunder, Spiral Rhythm Drums, We are Light, and Rise Up. They have performed several times for Musiphysical Productions in Atlanta as well as Chattanooga, Jacksonville, Greenville, Spartanburg, PSG, FPG, Phoenix Phyre, Dragon Hills, Gryphon's Nest and many more throughout the southeast. Their inspiring music has been featured on Witchvox, Fellowship of the Earth, Circle of Souls, and Goddess Internet radio.

Intended audience: All Audiences

The Star of Venus in Ritual, Working with the Pentagram - Anne Marie Chastain

At least 4,000 years old, the symbol of the Pentagram is known by many names, including the Morning Star, the Evening Star, and the Star of Venus. Associated with the magic energy of goddesses such as Innana, Ishtar and Aphrodite, this class will explore the feminine aspects and powers of this well-known symbol. Together, we will practice working with the energy of the pentagram and explore ways we can call on her power to aid our magical working.

Intended audience: Adults

STAR-Finding the Rainbow Inside (PLI) - Regina Stovall and Rev. David C. Sassman

As Pagan leaders, one of the great tools we have available to us to counsel others and help them to overcome life’s challenges is the chakra system. The STAR program is an earth based spiritual program based on the chakra system, used to help others to understand that life's challenges are simply opportunities to learn and grow. By looking at the chakra system and working with them, one can obtain the understanding and strength to overcome life's challenges and to connect with the divine.

Intended audience: Adults

Starlight Shopping Spree - All Merchants

Merchants - shine your light! Villagers shop at booths that are staying open late in the night! Watch for special sales offered by some merchants! Perhaps our musicians will be roving the streets singing and selling CD's! Come out and join the community fun while shopping under the stars and support our wonderful merchants!

Intended audience: All Audiences

Sumble ritual, history and practice - Wade Mueller

The sumble ritual is one of the oldest in the Northern Tradition and consists of three rounds of raising a horn with mead in it toasting and honoring Gods ancestors and other things. This ritual will first be a presentation on the history and structure of a sumble followed by the sumble itself. All are welcome to learn about and practice this ancient ritual.

Intended audience: Adults

Sunprints from Nature - Arden Goewert

Capture the power of the sun to make a a remembrance of PSG. Come and make pictures using found materials and the sun. We will gather things from all around use and create a print. This is safe and non-toxic. Suitable for all ages, and pre-school children will need someone older to help.

Intended audience: Tweens and Children

Sweat Lodge - Colleen & Dan

Lodges are intense ritual experiences. Attention is paid to appropriate preparation and manner of attendance for a successful outcome for all participants. Prayer and singing help keep the flow moving in the lodge as well as discipline and self control during the ritual. Some heat tolerance is necessary, but the heat in the lodge is well controlled and not unduly uncomfortable. Open discussion and question and answer periods will be held before and after the lodges.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Sweat Lodge Workshop for Participants - Colleen & Dan

This workshop is for anyone interested in participating in Sweat Lodges at PSG. An overview of the Sweat Lodge Ritual will be presented. We will discuss what is expected of participants, the preparation process and more, including a question and answer period. Anyone with an interest in learning about Sweat Lodges is encouraged to attend. Anyone with an interest in learning or assisting with Firetending or otherwise serving the Sweat Lodge Community should contact the facilitators afterwards.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Tai Chi with JJ - Jeffrey T James

Daily Tai Chi Practice- We Will learn and practice the Lee Modified version of the Yang form of Tai Chi including breathing and movements. Participants will learn at lest the first section over the course of the week, which can be done as a stand alone form. We can also go over silk reeling and push hands if time allows. Class content will be adjusted depending on the progression and the experience of the participants. If you cannot make it everyday feel free to stop by when you can.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Teen Center Party - Teen Center Coordinators

An alternative party for teens (age 13+) while adults attend Pan's Ball.

Intended audience: Teens

Teen Meet and Greet - Teen Center Coordinators

Come meet the other teens at PSG! And come and meet the new Teen Coordinators! Parents are encouraged to come as well. This meet and greet allows us to reconnect with those returning and to meet the new teens and parents. We will talk about all the new ideas we have for this years Teen Center and look for feedback from last years experiences.

Intended audience: Teens

Temple of the Sun God Closing Ritual - Dan

Men, join us as we close our sacred space after the week is through, as well as say your farewells to your brethren.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Temple of the Sun God Opening Ritual - Dan

Men, join us as we open the Temple for the week with a ritual creating our masculine sacred space for the week. After the opening ritual, Paul and Dan will give an introduction, as well as any other pertinent information needed during the week. If you wish to bring an item for the altar, please do so at this time. (Not bringing the item, however, does not mean you can't bring it later.)

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Therianthrope Meet &Greet - Lupa Luna

Therianthropy is the feeling or belief that your special connection to a species other than Human is more than mere admiration. Come meet other Therians and share thoughts and stories about how our Inner Animals affect our daily lives. Bring something to sit on.

Intended audience: Adults

Trance Meditation - Live Sound Healing and Gong Wash Cleanse - Shaman Jay & The Thundersirens

This energetic guided meditation can facilitate an expansion of consciousness and deep introspective thoughts. Be transported by the sacred sounds of bells, flute, singing bowls, drums, throat singing and gong. Be transformed through the vibrations that can facilitate a cleansing and energizing effect. The powerful gong serves as a facilitator to break up emotional, physiological, energetic and spiritual blockages while stimulating emotional balance and heightening intuitive connection.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Tuatha Dea in Concert - Tuatha Dea

Celtic Tribal Gypsy Rock! Tuatha Dea is pure primal energy with a Celtic and World twist. The bands eclectic sound blends the tribal vibe of primitive drums with conventional and non conventional instruments such as guitar, bass, modern and Native American flutes, Didgeridoo and more as well as a myriad of vocal styles to create a truly unique sound. Born of a family drum circle, the group delivers an authentic tribal and clannish feel that not only draws the audience into the music but into the moment and family as well. Their rhythmic groove naturally inspires audience participation which has become a staple of their performances.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Tween Center Meet and Greet - Shannon

Parents and tweens, come to the Tween Center and meet this part of the community. After working as a team to make the rules and planning some activities for the week, we will go for a walk and meet the rest of the community. Remember, we will need our sunscreen, water bottles, and hard-soled shoes for the walk.

Intended audience: Tweens

Tween Party - Shannon

The Tween party is for Tweens ages 6-12. There will be games and prizes and a lot of fun! There will be the a Pinata and other surprises. Parents, please feel free to bring your children to the party and sign them in and pick them up when the fun is done.

Intended audience: Tweens

Warrior Blessing Ritual - Rev. Dave Sassman & Gail Sassman

The Warrior Blessing Ritual is celebration to Honor All who have served in the Military. Reaching into the past to bring the forefront memories of those who have served, are serving in the military. We also celebrate those who are 1st Responders. During the ritual the Pagan Military Service Ribbon (PMSR) will be awarded to military veterans and active duty.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Warrior Reveille - Rev. Dawnwalker and The Chess Ninja

Join fellow Warriors and First Responders Mon-Fri at 8 am for coffee, morning snacks, fellowship, devotionals, and of course storytelling. Gather each morning to study and share your experiences with the Warrior Archetype. All community members are welcome.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Wine and Grain, Hymn and Honey: Sacrifice as a Joyful Pagan Practice - Michelle

Sacrifice, the act of devoting things of value and meaning to a God, is a practice central to ancient and contemporary Paganism. It is propitiation, relationship, and devotion. Explore the theory and practice of giving offerings, and worshiping the Gods in relationship and general reciprocity. This is a historically informed, but not reconstructionist, approach to making sacrifices and offerings in a modern Pagan context.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Wire wrapping; make your own gemstone pentagram - Yvonne Williams & David Kennedy

Come learn how to wire wrap your own gemstone pentagram! All tools and materials are provided, though you are encouraged to bring your own drilled beads(6mm round or larger) if you would like.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Wire wrapping; Spirals for beginners and beyond - Yvonne Williams & David Kennedy

Come learn with me while I share a few of my favorite techniques for making spirals out of wire; perfect for use on jewelry, spiritual adornment of body, home, and nature, as well as significant gifts for friends!

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Women and the God - Kathryn

For many women in modern Paganism, the God is a problem—or at least a puzzle. After escaping centuries of patriarchal religion and embracing the Goddess, how do we now relate to the male aspect of Deity? Or do we? How important is the God to Pagan women? This workshop is a place to explore and discuss such questions and related gender issues in modern Pagan life.

Intended audience: Adults and Teens

Women's Ritual - Georgette Paxton

Under a jeweled sky, feet rooted upon sacred land, we come together hand to hand. In reverence and grace we celebrate our nature as women to gather in sisterhood and support as we honor the unique journeys we each make, standing strong with our women kin as we all find our wings. Long has our journey been; long is our path still to come -- but perspective is found as we take flight and are borne aloft, together. All Women of the Tribe are welcome with open heart and open arms.

Intended audience: All Audiences

Working with the Tarot for Teens - Anne Marie Chastain

What is the Tarot and how can it be used as a tool for helping us in developing our magical identity? In this introductory workshop teens will gain an overview understanding of the Major Arcana, connect with their individual Personality, Soul and Teacher archetype cards and explore ways these cards can help them in their magical growth and journey. They will also learn how to prepare for and read a basic three card spread. This class is an introductory class for beginning students.

Intended audience: Teens

Working with Young People in the Pagan Community (PLI) - Rev. Vic (Mama Vic)

An interactive workshop with role playing on how to help young people get more involved in the Pagan community. Teaching them community leadership and responsibility using both conventional and unconventional methods. We will also cover interactive listening so we can hear what they are trying to tell us in a safe and non-assertive way. These young people are our future and we need to talk about how to help them learn what they are interested in using the tools we have available.

Intended audience: Adults

Workshop in Sending and Receiving Blessings - Anne Marie Chastain

The Witch’s power to Bless is one of her most beautiful powers. In this workshop we will talk about the tradition of sending blessings, we will explore different types of blessings that we can send, and we will practice techniques for sending blessings to loved ones and also to each other. This is an introductory level and hands on class.

Intended audience: Adults

You Are Beautiful Skyclad Ritual - Tegan

This ritual is for those who are interested in trying out going skyclad but want a safe, welcoming environment in which to do so. Everyone shows up as clothed as they wish, and at an appointed time all participants will remove their garments and go skyclad. It can be for a few minutes or for the remainder of the ritual, depending on your comfort level. This ritual creates and celebrates a powerful moment of courage and freedom, and we honor the strength and beauty within each of us!

Intended audience: Adults

psg 2015 small

June 18, 2015 Statement Update: 

Three days after the flash flood at Stonehouse Farm, the Pagan Spirit Gathering supply truck rolled out of the gate and our volunteers are on their way home.  Circle Sanctuary extends deep and profound gratitude for all of those volunteers who went above and beyond to push stuck vehicles, help one another pack, and ensure that every PSG participant was able to head home safely.   We also thank all of those around the world who have been sending support, energy, and encouragement.  The theme of this year's Pagan Spirit Gathering was 'Celebrating Community,' and we could not have a clearer illustration of all we have celebrate than the response -- from near and far -- to this disaster.

While PSG 2015 is over at Stonehouse Farm, the clean-up and recovery process continues.  This Saturday, June 20, Circle invites volunteers to come help our tired PSG take-down crew to unpack the PSG truck and to help clean, repair and sort all of the gear that is needed for the festival.  To RSVP, please see the Facebook invitation here.

Even once the last tent is dry and stowed, there is still a great deal yet to be done.  Circle Sanctuary will work to answer post-PSG questions and concerns, however it will likely take some time for us to gather all the information we will need to make decisions and offer accurate information.  We hope to reopen the Circle Sanctuary office for normal business by July 1st.  Until then we ask that questions be directed to  We will respond as information becomes available, and we thank the community for your ongoing patience and support.  The energy and well wishes have truly been felt, and we are humbled and awed by the strength of our community and all others lending their support.


June 16, 2015 Statement:

On Monday afternoon Stonehouse Farm, the campground in northern Illinois where Pagan Spirit Gathering is being held, experienced a flash flood.  PSG staff were monitoring the weather situation, and the Gathering activated emergency procedures.  What followed over the course of the next several hours was an amazing display of community unity and strength.  Numerous attendees joined the PSG community Guardians and volunteers in relocating all of the people and most campsites that were in low lying areas, or places where the roads could become impassable.  As a result of the coordination and community effort, no one was injured.  

While PSG has endured severe weather before, including a near-miss by a tornado at a different campground, this is the largest scale emergency in the festival's 35 year history.  Some tents and personal property were lost or became sodden and a small number of vehicles and campers were not able to be moved out of the flooded areas.  One unoccupied camper left in the flooded zone was destroyed by a fallen tree.  The vast majority of campsites and vehicles, as well as all of the people, were safely evacuated before the flood waters reached them.  

In the wake of the emergency, the community rallied to support those displaced and the PSG volunteers and Safety team.  Offers of spare tents, bedding, and food flowed in and people opened their hearts and campsites to friends and strangers alike.  Guest musician Wendy Rule performed for those displaced and waiting. This year's PSG theme is 'Celebrating Community,' and the community rose to the challenge.

In the morning it was concluded that the site conditions and weather expected later in the week were such that they could not safely and comfortably support the whole gathering of nearly one thousand people for the rest of the week.  A community ritual of healing and farewell was led by PSG founder Selena Fox on Tuesday morning.  Gathering participants are now leaving the site in stages, with those camped on less sodden ground helping those who were most affected by the flooding to depart first.  The whole gathering will depart over the coming days.

PSG and Circle Sanctuary plan to release further information later in the week, but for now the focus is on helping those affected and organizing a safe early departure from the site.  Circle Sanctuary thanks the PSG community for a truly awe inspiring display of strength and mutual support, and asks for continued understanding as together we work to get everyone home safely and respond to the ongoing situation.



Friday, 26 June 2015 05:36


Written by

Pagan Spirit Gathering 2015 Guidelines

Each adult must read and accept this waiver as a condition of registration.

SITE: Camp, park, build fires, and stay within designated areas. No hunting, plant foraging or wood cutting. Don't litter - keep your site clean. Bring bags/containers for recycling. Don't bring pets, animal friends, people not pre-registered, firearms, illegal drugs, alcohol not intended for personal consumption. Swimming and wading are at your own risk.

MINORS: May attend with a parent/legal guardian or other adult caretaker designated by their parent/legal guardian. Caretaker MUST request, complete & return a Caretaker Registration form (.pdf) prior to event. Parent/Legal Guardian/Caretaker is responsible for supervision of minor(s) and for ensuring the minor(s) complies with all provisions of the Gathering Guidelines. When minor(s) is not in Childcare/Tweens Center or Young Elders Center, the parent/legal guardian/caretaker should retain control over and supervision of the minor(s). Neither Circle Sanctuary nor Stonehouse Farm staff will be responsible for your children at the Gathering. Use of the Childcare/Tweens/Young Elders Centers for minor(s) in your care is at your own risk and discretion.

PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS that may require medication and/or periodical medical attention must be described in the comment section of the registration form. Bring an ample supply of any needed medications - there is no nearby pharmacy. A doctor's permission will be required for persons with health conditions that require ongoing support from First Aid and/or Psyche's Grotto.

ALCOHOL/TOBACCO use is limited to adults. Alcohol must be used in moderation. No sale of alcohol is permitted. No alcohol is allowed in Amethyst Circle or Sweatlodge area. If you smoke, be considerate of non-smokers: make sure butts are extinguished and deposited in an appropriate receptacle and not placed on ground.

RESPECT & RESPONSIBILITY: You are responsible for your welfare and the welfare of any minor(s) in your care, your personal property and the personal property of any minor(s) in your care. You and any minor(s) in your care shall:

  • Respect all participants, including those whose spiritual tradition, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, race & other ways differ from yours.
  • Be quiet in designated quiet areas and ritual spaces & at designated times.
  • Be honest, trustworthy & considerate in dealing with others including Circle Staff, PSG Staff & Stonehouse Farm Staff.
  • Respect the site, plants, animals, and all the Nature Spirits that dwell there.
  • Abide by PSG's privacy policy and photo guidelines as posted on the website.

All adults are required to sign up for & complete 4 hours of volunteer work during the Gathering.

Agreement & Waiver

  • I have read the guidelines above, and agree to comply fully with them.
  • I will not sell or barter goods or services at PSG, unless I am a registered Merchant.
  • I agree to sign up for and perform at least 4 hours of work tasks during the week.
  • I will not bring anyone not preregistered/identified on this or some other waiver form. All minors under my care at this Gathering are identified by name elsewhere on this registration.
  • I assume full responsibility for my personal welfare, personal property, and any minors who are under my care at the Gathering under all circumstances.
  • I assume full responsibility for my conduct related to the gathering site environment, including its protection and conservation.
  • I understand that the Gathering is being held in a primitive camping area, and that I need to exercise caution to maintain the health and safety of myself and any minors under my care.
  • I understand that any medical, childcare, and other services at the Gathering I choose to use for myself and/or minors in my care is totally at my own risk.
  • I understand that if I and/or the minors in my care choose not to comply with the Gathering Guidelines, I will be required to leave without refund and I agree to comply.
  • I agree to hold harmless Circle Sanctuary, Inc., its directors, staff, volunteers and associates, Stonehouse Farm, its owners, staff, volunteers and associates, for any personal injury or loss occurring to me or any minors under my care as a result of my participation in or connection with the Gathering under any circumstances.
  • I agree to abide by the privacy policy and photo guidelines of PSG as outlined on the website.
  • By entering my information below, I attest that I understand and am in full agreement with the terms of this WAIVER.


psg 2015 smallJune 18, 2015 Statement Update: 

Three days after the flash flood at Stonehouse Farm, the Pagan Spirit Gathering supply truck rolled out of the gate and our volunteers are on their way home.  Circle Sanctuary extends deep and profound gratitude for all of those volunteers who went above and beyond to push stuck vehicles, help one another pack, and ensure that every PSG participant was able to head home safely.   We also thank all of those around the world who have been sending support, energy, and encouragement.  The theme of this year's Pagan Spirit Gathering was 'Celebrating Community,' and we could not have a clearer illustration of all we have celebrate than the response -- from near and far -- to this disaster.

Monday, 01 June 2015 16:22

In Memoriam

Written by

Pagan Spirit Gathering Community Beloved Dead

Email any updates/corrections to this list:

Margot Adler of New York (1946-2014)

De-Anna Alba (Wendy White) of California (1952-2012)

James Bademian of California

Dori Beyer  (Serenity de Namaste) of Wisconsin (1940-2004)

Isaac Bonewits of New Jersey (1949-2010)

Angelo Calderado (Lo Head) of Michigan (1967-2010)

Loren Caswick (Kyril Oakwind) of Wisconsin

Grey Cat of Tennesse (1940-2012)

Aileen Cheng of Illinois (1987-2012)

TJ Collins of  Ohio (1978-2010)

Duanne Colvin

Brigit Cook of Missouri (2000-2014)

Joanne M. Doak of Wisconsin (1949-2005)

Richard Harris Eney (Diccon Frankborn) of Maryland (1937- 2006)

Glenn Alan Fischer

Wade Jeffery Forshee of Michigan (1955-2007)

Joel Gainer (Wolfhawk) of Wisconsin (1948-2009)

Neta Gilbertsen of Wisconsin (1932-2014)

Wally Gilbertsen of Wisconsin (1928-2001)

Mike Gleason of Massachusetts (1951-2012)

Roxane Gonseth of Florida (1956-2015)

Pedro Gonzalez, Jr. of Pennsylvania (1944-2010)

Dave Grega of Texas (1984-2012)

Alison Harlow of California (1934-2004)

Bill Hassel of Washington (d. 1998)

Jennifer (Jenny) Jo Head of Alabama (1973-2011)

James Hershberger (Garanhir) of Texas

Karen Jackson of Illinois (d. 2007)

Steve Jackson (Ravenwolf) of  Illinois (1957-2014)

Kris Jensen of Wisconsin (1953-2014)

Jeane Blue Crow Julian of Virginia

Hilary Karnda of Wisconsin (1941-2005)

Pam Kolozsy of Illinois (1948-2010)

Jeff Koslow of Ohio (1949-2003)

Donald Michael Kraig of California (1951-2014)

Sandra Kuckla of Illinois (1955-1999)

Christopher Lannin of Wisconsin

Lado Stetak of Ohio (d. 2010)

Emily Lingen of Minnesota (1979-1999)

Sidney Malloch (Crow Wind) of Wisconsin (1938-2010)

Fran McIntosh (Lady Isis) of Arkansas (d. 2011)

Barbara Moss of Wisconsin (1969-2015)

George Moyer of Colorado (1952-2011)

Donald Mulligan (Laughing Starheart) of Michigan (d. 2008) 

Ronald Lee Naanes (Rainbow Man) of Indiana (1939-2007)

Wayne Ochs of Missouri (1944-2001)

Bruce Parsons of Wisconsin (1947-2010)

Amy Paul (Blessing Bird) of Maryland (d. 2011)

Gwydion Penderrwen of California (1946-1982)

Gordon Pepin of Wisconsin (1951-2012)

Leianne Pepper of Kentucky (d. 2011)

Henry Petrucci (Tree) of Michigan

Eva Phillips

Owain Phyfe of Michigan (1949-2012)

Grayce Porter of Iowa

James Porter of Iowa

Dennis Presser of Wisconsin (1958-2013)

Michael Ragan of Georgia (1931-2014)

Richard Ravish of Massachusetts (1952-2012)

Stevie Reynolds of Kentucky (1953-2012)

Jeff Rosenbaum of Ohio  (1955-2014)

Jim Runnels  (Moon/Mad Dog) of Minnesota (1941-2004)

Al Saddoris of Illinois (1950-2000)

Lisa Circe Santaniello (Antigone) of Texas (1954-2014)

Paula Schultz (d. 2014)

Peter Bruner Soderberg (Sparky T. Rabbit) of Illinois (1954-2014)

Sarah Ellen Taylor of Illinois (1983-2015) 

Paul Tuitean of Minnesota (1954-2001)

Carl Vaumen

Charlene Elizabeth Vierke (LoreSeeker) (d. 2007)

Gloria Villanueva of Wisconsin (1938-2008)

Wade Vorshee

Julie Wichman of Wisconsin (1963-2012)

Christine Elizabeth Wright of Indiana (1973-2014)

Morning Glory Zell of California (1948-2014)


Saturday, 30 May 2015 08:11

Pagan Spirit Gathering Themes

Written by

Private Land near Sparta, Wisconsin

  • 1980: Celebrating Summer Solstice (prototype PSG)
  • 1981: Growth & Survival of Paganism in the Years Ahead

Private Land near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

  • 1982: Healing the Planet, Healing Ourselves
  • 1983: Pagan Music & Culture

Eagle Cave in Wisconsin

  • 1984: Shamanism for the New Age
  • 1985: Pagan Life Around Mother Earth
  • 1986: Celebrating Mother Earth, Solstice Sun & Magick Moon
  • 1987: Honoring Mother Nature & Midsummer Sun
  • 1988: Magic Music & Sacred Dance
  • 1989: Ecomagic
  • 1990: Heal this Planet!
  • 1991: Pagan Paths
  • 1992: Nature Peoples
  • 1993: Sacred Circles
  • 1994: Earth & Sky
  • 1995: Nature Communion
  • 1996: Culture and Community

Wisteria in Ohio

  • 1997: Sun, Moon, & Land
  • 1998: Pagan Towne
  • 1999: Sacred Mound
  • 2000: Magick in Nature
  • 2001: Horizons
  • 2002: Tree of Life
  • 2003: Family & Community
  • 2004: Wheel of the Year
  • 2005: Enchanted Celebration
  • 2006: Sun Magic
  • 2007: Celebrating Lights of Liberty
  • 2008: Bring Your Spirit Home

Camp Zoe in Missouri

  • 2009: Old Traditions, New Beginnings
  • 2010: Spirals of Spirit & Light

Stonehouse Farm in Illinois

  • 2011: Solstice Magic
  • 2012: Tribe and Spirit through the Ages
  • 2013: Connections
  • 2014: Heart and Harmony
  • 2015: Celebrating Community


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