Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Circle's Strategic Planning Committee was formed in July of 2010 in an effort to move Circle Sanctuary as an organization into a sustainable model which will ensure its healthy growth for many decades to come.  

This Committee meets regularly, and acts as an advisory board as well as a solid working group on many initiatives.  

Select accomplishments

  • Annual Reports: presented every Samhain starting in 2010. These Annual Reports contain an overview of Circle Sanctuary highlights throughout the year, as well as a summary financial statement.
  • Fundraising: the Committee has developed a fundraising strategy focusing on direct solicitation of recurring monthly donations.
  • Financial Management: Committee members helped facilitate moving Circle's financial records into Quickbooks, implemented a recurring donation facility and PayPal, made available current and recent back issues of CIRCLE Magazine in electronic form, and moved Circle to a lower-cost credit card processor.
  • Surveys: The Committee surveyed several thousand Circle Community members about their values and how they perceive Circle, and derived planning priorities from the results.
  • Mission and Vision Statements: The Committee crafted new Mission and Vision Statements in 2012, as guideposts for Circle Sanctuary's identity and values.
  • Prioritization: Six major fields of endeavor were identified as priority project areas, and sub-committees are under development to plan the next 12-18 months' course of action.  Those areas:
    • Fundraising
    • Facilities Development
    • Cemetery Development
    • Nature Preserve Planning and Conservation
    • Event / Volunteer Coordination
    • Youth Program Development

The Strategic Planning Committee consists of Circle Community members who are local to the Madison area, to facilitate regular in-person meetings.  Since initiating the Committee, these members have become a highly-functional core of volunteers.  

Committee Members

Rev. Selena Fox

Dr. Dennis Carpenter

Chip Brown

Rev. Joey Bunbury

Florence Edwards-Miller

Paul Herrick (Truly)

Rev. Georgette Paxton

Rev. Robert Paxton

Jen Snow

Bill Staver

Dan Stewart

Sharon Stewart



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