Directions to Circle Sanctuary during October 2017

Click To EnlargeDuring October, County K is being resurfaced and an alternate route must be used to Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve.

Travel from Madison direction on US 14: 
Continue on HWY14 through Arena (beware 45 mph speed trap there).  A short distance past Arena, turn left on Highway H.  Go a few miles and turn left on Highway HH.  Continue on HH for several miles and turn left on Pinnacle Road.  Follow this to Meadowvale Rd and turn right.  Continue on Meadowvale to 5354.

Travel from Spring Green direction on US 14:
Turn right on Highway H and follow directions above.

Travel on Highway K from Barneveld (US 18/151):
Turn left on Highway HH.  Continue on HH for a couple of miles and turn right on Ridgeview Rd.  Continue on Ridgeview Rd to intersection with Meadowvale Rd and turn left.  Continue on Meadowvale Rd to 5354.