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Circle Radio Podcasts & Changes:  The Pagans Tonight Radio Network which has been hosting our podcasts is undergoing transitions and plans to stop broadcasting in December.  Our Circle Radio team is exploring options and will post the news about where to continue to connect with our podcasts via this page, Twitter, Facebook, and other methods.  Our December programming will continue through the Global Wicca network also hosted by the Witch's School International.
Please stay tuned!

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Hosted by Circle Sanctuary Ministers Selena Fox, David & Jeanet Ewing, Debra Rose
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Ways to Listen

  • All shows before December 2018 can be found on the Pagans Tonight Radio Network website.
  • The December 2018 programs can be found on the Global Wicca Summit site or click on the episode title below.
  • Listen Live by telephone: Call (929) 477-3560 at the start of the show. 
  • Listen Later as archived podcasts by clicking on show title weblinks.


Nature Folk with Selena Fox: First hour

December on Nature Folk

December 4:  Magic of Santa Claus
Join Rev. Selena Fox for a conversation exploring multicultural and mythic dimensions of Santa Claus as Shaman, Pagan God, Christian Saint, and Yuletide Spirit.

December 11:  Yuletide
Join Rev. Selena Fox as she discusses some relaxing, healing, and joyous meditations, chants, customs, and rituals for celebrating the Happy Holidays time of Winter Solstice, Christmas, Solan, and Calendar Year.

December 18:  Winter Solstice Ritual
Encore presentation with Rev. Selena Fox welcoming Winter and the New Solar Year with Yuletide candle-lighting ceremony that includes chanting, guided meditations, and spiritual workings for Peace on Earth and Peace Within.

December 25:  Pagan Roots of Christmas
Encore presentation with Rev. Selena Fox exploring the Pagan origins of Christmas symbols and customs around the world.  Celebrating cultural and religious diversity at Yuletide. 


Circle Talk: second hour

December 4:  Celia Farran
Join Circle Minister Debra Rose as she welcomes Celia Farran to discuss her latest music, her latest adventures, and her Yuletide celebrations.

December 11:  Byron Ballard 
CJoin Circle Ministers Jeanet & David Ewing as they welcome Byron Ballard to discuss her latest book, Earthworks: Ceremonies in Tower Time.

December 18:  TBD 
watch for updates on the topic for tonight's episode.

December 25:  TBD
Please watch for updates on the topic for tonight's episode.