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Nature Folk with Selena Fox: first hour

Wicca Journeys in July on Nature Folk

July 3:  Lady Liberty, Goddess of Freedom
Encore presentation where Selena discussed ancient Pagan Goddesses of Freedom, Libertas, and Her emergence in public art and popular culture.

July 10:  Wicca Journeys - Circle Wicca
Learn about the path of Circle Wicca also known as the Circle Craft Tradition, its origins and development, its influences, symbols, practices, and similarities and differences with other types of Wicca.

July 17:  Wicca Journeys - Divine Ones 
Explore some Wicca approaches to honoring, invoking, and working with Goddesses, Gods, Ancestors, Elementals, Power Animals, Plant Spirits, Fairy Folk, Virtues, and other Sacred Forces.

July 24:  Wicca Journeys - Rituals
Learn about different types of Wicca rituals, including those for celebrating the seasons, marking life passages, attuning to lunar cycles, purification, healing, protection, divination, home blessing, and spiritual development.

July 31:  Lammas Magic
Celebration of Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, with chants, guided meditations, lore, and ritual. 


CIRCLE TALK: second hour

July 3:  EnCHANTment Camp at PSG
Encore presentation where Circle Minister Debra Rose welcomed River Higgintotham and Jasmine as they discussed the EnCHANTment Camp at Pagan Spirit Gathering.

July 10:  Social Justice at PSG 2018
Hosted by Circle Ministers Jeanet and David Ewing who welcome Jake Bradley and Circle Minister in Training Nate Metrrick for a discussion on the Social Justice activities at this year's Pagan Spirit Gathering and throughout the year.

July 17:  TBD
Keep checking here for details on Circle Talk's program.

July 24:  TBD
Keep checking here for details on Circle Talk's program.

July 31:  TBD
Keep checking here for details on Circle Talk's program.