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Hosted by Circle Sanctuary Ministers Selena Fox, David & Jeanet Ewing, Debra Rose
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Nature Folk with Selena Fox: first hour

Celebrate Summer series on Nature Folk

June 5:  Pagan Spirit Community Rituals
Encore presentation exploring ritual making and community building with Pagans of many paths and places, including the Pagan Spirit Gathering.

June 12:  Sun Gods and Goddesses
Encore presentation where Selena discussed Sun Divinities from many cultures.

June 19:  Celebrating Summer Solstice
Encore presentation where Selena was live from PSG 2013 discussing Summer Solstice rituals, meditations, chants, sacred sites, and traditions across time and cultures.

June 26:  Summertime Delights
Encore presentation where Selena discussed personal and group altars, chants, meditations, celebrations, and rituals for enjoying Summer.

July 3:  Lady Liberty, Goddess of Freedom
Encore presentation where Selena discussed ancient Pagan Goddesses of Freedom, Libertas, and Her emergence in public art and popular culture.


CIRCLE TALK: second hour

June 5:  PSG Community - Daughters of the Dark Moon
Encore presentation where Circle Minister Debra Rose welcomed Pandora and Celeste Coleman-Jeske for a discussion about the Daughters of the Dark Moon at Pagan Spirit Gathering.

June 12:  Music of PSG - Spiral Rhythm
Hosted by Circle Ministers Jeanet and David Ewing who welcome members of Spiral Rhythm to discuss their history and impact on Pagan Spirit Gathering.

June 19:  Author Jane Sibley
Hosted by Circle Minister Debra Rose who welcomes Jane Sibley for a discussion on traditional Norse and Norwegian healing and herbalism

June 26:  Sun Magic
Hosted by Circle Ministers Jeanet & David Ewing who lead a discussion on Sun Magic.

July 3:  TBD
Encore presentation of Pagan Warrior Radio honoring our deceased Military Pagans.