Annual Reports

Annual Reports

Circle Sanctuary 2019 Annual Report Page 1Circle Sanctuary is pleased to provide our 2019 Annual Report summarizing what we've accomplished, including a financial summary for the previous fiscal year.

These reports are presented to the community at Samhain in our Annual Meeting, as well as online to the wider Circle community.

Please feel free to contact the Circle office with any questions or for more details!

pdf2019 Annual Report (2.3 MB .pdf)

pdf2018 Financial Summary (246 KB .pdf)

pdf2017 Annual Report (2.8 MB .pdf)

pdf2016 Annual Report (5.3 MB .pdf)

pdf2015 Annual Report (4.2 MB .pdf)

pdf2014 Annual Report (3.0 MB .pdf)

pdf2013 Annual Report (1.9 MB .pdf)

pdf2012 Annual Report (2.0 MB .pdf)

pdf2011 Annual Report (3.1 MB .pdf)

pdf2010 Annual Report (1.1 MB .pdf)