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Circle Sanctuary Minister Becomes First Pagan VA Chaplain Resident

For Immediate Release
November 10, 2016

Contact: Florence Edwards-Miller, Outreach Coordinator, Circle Sanctuary
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tiffany andesCircle Sanctuary Minister Becomes First Pagan VA Chaplain Resident

Circle Sanctuary, Wisconsin – Circle Sanctuary congratulates Rev. Tiffany Andes (Denora) who this autumn became the first Pagan to begin a VA Chaplaincy Residency at a US Department of Veterans Affairs hospital.  

"Ministry to veterans, active duty service members, and their families has been an important part of Circle Sanctuary's work for more than forty years," said Circle Sanctuary Senior Minister, Rev. Selena Fox.  "We are thankful for Tiffany for her service in the US military, her work with supporting Pagan Circles at military installations, and her residential hospital chaplaincy service to veterans of many beliefs.  Her VA hospital work is moving Paganism forward in the on-going quest for full equality in military and veteran chaplaincy realms." 

Rev. Andes, who graduated in June 2016 from the Iliff School of Theology, is currently doing her residency at a VA hospital in Tennessee, where she serves patients of all faiths.  She was ordained as a Circle Sanctuary Minister at Circle's Pagan Spirit Gathering in June, following completion of the multi-year Circle Sanctuary Minister Training Program.

Within Circle Sanctuary, Rev. Andes serves on the Military Ministries Team.  She is the coordinator for Circle Sanctuary's Pagan Military Circles Program and their leadership at US Military installations across the nation and around the world.  Additionally, Rev. Andes provides assistance to Circle's Lady Liberty League program, through its Military Affairs Task Force.

"As a Pagan and a veteran with the US Air Force, I am pleased to serve both of the communities that have meant so much to my life," said Rev. Andes. "I hope that my work will help further understanding of Pagans within the US Military Services, and also pave the way for other Pagan chaplains in the future."

During Circle Sanctuary’s Samhain Festival Rev. Andes was honored, and her breakthrough VA chaplain residency will be recognized during Circle's upcoming Veterans Day ceremony and observances. 

More information about Circle Sanctuary and its Military Ministries Program can be found online at