Military Ministries

Circle Military Ministries

DSCF9934Circle Sanctuary provides a variety of services free of charge to Wiccan and other Pagan veterans and those presently serving in the United States military. Donations of money and supplies to support these services are welcome and are tax deductible in the USA.



Troops Support




  • Veterans Ridge: honoring deceased Pagan veterans at Circle Sanctuary's national Pagan cemetery
  • Pagan War Dead: remembering those killed in the line of battle

Religious Freedom

  • Veteran Pentacle Quest: story of the successful quest to get the Pentacle included on VA-issued gravestones for deceased Wiccan and Pagan veterans
  • Media Reports: public information work in the media

Circle Sanctuary Military Ministries Team

Rev. Charlotte Bear of California
Alison Cline of Colorado
Lydia "Dia" Crabtree of Georgia
Rev. David Ewing of Virginia
Rev. Jeanet Ewing of Virginia
Rev. Selena Fox of Wisconsin
Rev. James Jufer of New York
Rev. Paul Larson (Chiron) of Illinois
Rev. Debby Morris (Tristan) of Maryland
Rev. Dave Sassman of Indiana
Rev. Judith Quittner Seizys of Illinois