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Visiting Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve

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Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve is spread over 200 acres in beautiful southwestern Wisconsin, in gently-rolling terrain called the Driftless Area which was spared from the last glacial period.  The Preserve features rock outcroppings, prairies, forests, oak savannas, wetlands, springs and a stream.



For the foreseeable future, Circle Sanctuary is CLOSED to all visitors and Circle community members.  This extends to all in-person festivals, full moons, rituals, and Circle Cemetery.  

Only core staff are allowed on Circle grounds, to perform office operations and ongoing land & building maintenance.  As we cannot ensure safety or sanitation that might bring risk to an acceptably low level, we must draw this boundary.

We understand the place that Circle land holds in the heart of its community members, and look forward to the day that we may reopen the gate.  For now, we urge adherence to the most current guidelines on reducing spread of this disease.