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LLL Support for Kyrja Withers

DSC01399-smallKyrja and Randy WithersLady Liberty League and other Pagan organizations have been providing support to Pagan childrens' book author Kyrja Withers (and family) of New Port Richey, FL.  Over the past few months, harassment at her home has escalated to property damage, threatening her family's safety.  

Read more on efforts to help the Withers family below:

4/30/13 LLL Update: Pagan Community helps Kyrja Winters

4/29/13 Press Release re: Harassment of Author in New Port Richey, FL


Podcast interviews on the Illuminati Network:

First interview with Kyrja (4/4/13)

Interview with Kyrja and Selena (4/18/13)


DSC01394-smallLLL Security Specialist Peter DybingOther Media:

WFTS television ABC Action News, Tampa, Florida -- http://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/region_pasco/pagan-witch-says-her-home-was-targeted

New Fort Richey Patch (4/2/13) -- Shots Fired at Local Author's Windows

New Fort Richey Patch (4/22/13) -- Attacks at Pagan Author's Home Raise Concerns