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Help LLL Address Issues at NRTC in Great Lakes, IL

lll great lakesHelp LLL address Religious Freedom issues impacting Pagans & Others 
at Naval Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois

Lady Liberty League and its Military Affairs Task Force is seeking help in its work on addressing and correcting the religious freedom problems for Pagans and those of some other religious groups that were stopped from providing services last month at the Naval Recruit Training Command.


Help Needed

Please contact us if you can help or know of someone who might be able to help -- we seek:

  • US Navy Contacts - at Great Lakes Naval Station and in US Navy administration - who may be willing to give us information and/or other support.
  • Pagan Churches & Organizations doing Pagan military support ministries - who may be willing to partner with us in communications to US Navy administration.
  • Religious Freedom Organizations that may be willing to partner with Lady Liberty League in problem solving on this situation
  • Suggestions, Ideas, Other Help



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Call us: (608) 924-2216


Stay Informed:

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LLL Special: Religious Freedom issues at Great Lakes Naval Recruit Training Command in Illinois, May 5, 2015 on Circle Talk (90 minute podcast)
Some members of the Lady Liberty League Military Affairs Task Force talk about religious freedom issues for Naval recruits and interview one of the leaders of the Earth-Centered group that had been providing weekly services until it and several other groups were shut down last month.

Religious Freedom & Serving in the US Military, May 6, 2015 (blogpost)
In her blog, Walking the Path: My Interfaith Journey, Denora talks about importance of accommodating religious freedom for those serving in the US Military.

Cancelled services at Navy boot camp spark outrage, Navy Times, April 22, 2015
Media report on cancelled services at Great Lakes Naval Recruit Training Command in Illinois.

Boot camp officials stand by decision to bar some religious services, Navy Times, May 6, 2015

Navy Boot Camp Accused of 'Repugnant & Illicit Behavior' Over Recent Rule Change that Impacts Religious Minorities, The Blaze, April 23, 2015

'The Navy Went Too Far': Military Move that's being Dubbed a 'Major' Constitutional Violation Just Spawned the Most Stunning Alliance, The Blaze, May 4, 2015