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April 29, 2013 Press Release


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For Immediate Release, April 29, 2013


New Port Richey Author Seeks Increased Security and Professional Advice as Harassment Continues

New Port Richey Florida - Local children’s author, Kyrja Withers, has been the target of a series of attacks at her family home in New Port Richey, Florida.  Over time, the harassment has turned violent, causing property damage and threatening the family’s health and safety.

The harassment and other attacks appear to be based on misunderstanding about Paganism, Kyrja’s religion.  While the New Port Richey Police Department continues its extensive investigation, Kyrja also has enlisted the help of a national civil rights organization, Lady Liberty League, and one of its security specialists.  

Lady Liberty League (LLL), headquartered in Wisconsin, is a national organization that assists Pagans when their religious freedom and civil rights are in jeopardy.  Over the past week, the Lady Liberty League’s private security specialist conducted a surveillance operation in order to determine and implement the most effective security measures.   

“We are assisting law enforcement in helping protect Kyrja, her family, and home," said Rev. Selena Fox, Executive Director of Lady Liberty League.  Many of LLL’s recommendations for the Withers have now been put into effect.  The organization will continue to assist law enforcement and work with Kyrja and her family to ensure their safety as the situation unfolds. 

The cooperation with local law enforcement has been outstanding.  Their proactive involvement already has contributed to a reduction in the incidents of harassment.  In addition, the police have spoken directly with Lady Liberty League staff and are providing additional security assets as needed during the investigation.  


About Lady Liberty League:  Founded in 1985 Lady Liberty League (LLL) is a Pagan religious freedom and civil rights support organization sponsored by Circle Sanctuary, one of America’s oldest and largest Nature religion churches.  LLL provides information and networking assistance to individuals and organizations concerned with religious freedom issues pertaining to Wicca, Paganism, and other forms of Nature religions.  LLL includes volunteer specialists in a variety of focus areas, including public relations, employment, child custody, military affairs, law enforcement, legal affairs, interfaith relations, and others.