LLL Work

August 26, 2013 update: Anti-Witchcraft Pages on Facebook

ladylibThe Lady Liberty League is currently working with partners to address the re-appearance of a Facebook page advocating violence.  We are working to do further problem solving with Facebook about this.

What you can do to help: 

  1. DO continue to report problematic pages on Facebook using Facebook's own automated system, identifying the page as advocating a "credible threat of violence".
  2. DO send any contact information you have for any Facebook staff you think might be able to help with this situation to the Lady Liberty League at liberty@circlesanctuary.org, including name, position at FB, phone number and/or email address as well as your own contact information.
  3. DO send energy and support to this process and for a cessation of religiously motivated violence around the world.
  4. DO *NOT* directly engage with the people on this page.  Posts to the page can be counterproductive, by reinforcing the notion that they are engaging in a spiritual battle.
  5. DO channel your energy to support organizations that are working to directly combat anti-witchcraft violence around the world including the Witchcraft & Human Rights Information Network (www.whrin.org) and the South African Pagan Rights Alliance (www.paganrightsalliance.org/advocacy).

We thank the community for your continued support and vigilance.