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Pagans: Part of the 2009 Parliament of World's Religions

Pagans from a variety of countries and traditions are among those who have gathered in Melbourne, Sylvia Linton with crystalAustralia for the 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions, one of the world's oldest and largest international interfaith gatherings. The Parliament is taking place December 3 - 9. Leaders and practitioners of a wide range of religious and spiritual traditions and from eighty countries around the world are participating. Organizers expect up to 8,000 participants.

Pagans are among the presenters at this year's Parliament. The list of Pagan ceremonies and panels, plus presentations that include Pagan speakers is included in a previous post to this blog.

As at past Parliaments, Circle Sanctuary is among the religious organizations supporting this year's Parliament in a variety of ways.

Circle Sanctuary Community members and ministers at the 2009 Parliament of the World's Men Who Love The Goddess PanelReligions include: Rev. Patrick McCollum of California, Rev. Shel Skau of Wisconsin, CIRCLE Magazine reporters Dave and Sylvia Linton of Wisconsin, and Rev. Drake Spaeth and Angie Buchanan of Illinois. Rev. Angie Buchanan, who is the Director of Gaia's Womb/Earth Traditions, is an Executive Board Member, Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions.

Having attended and been a speaker at previous Parliaments (1993 in Chicago, 1999 in Cape Town, and 2004 in Barcelona), I had hoped to also attend this one, but instead I am participating via cyberspace communications and by spiritual attunement.

My Sacred Solstice Sites and Celebrations ceremony, which was selected to be part of this year's program, will still occur. Patrick, assisted by others, will be taking my place as the ritual leader. Among the ceremonies of different religions included in the Observances track, the rite will be held on Saturday morning, December 5, from 8-9 am (Melbourne time).

As at previous Parliaments, Circle Sanctuary also is supporting this year's Parliament with media coverage. This is taking a variety of forms.

Dave and Sylvia, reporting for CIRCLE Magazine (our in-print quarterly) and Circle Times (our e-bulletin) areD rake Spaeth Presenting among the credentialed journalists in the international press corps covering the Parliament in Melbourne. I also will be reporting on the Parliament through emails and telephone calls with participants and by monitoring religious and secular media coverage on-line.

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Please continue to check back here for updates at this Circle Interfaith News blog: which was recently created by Circle Sanctuary minister Bob Paxton. We invite you to contribute perspectives and other comments.

Please join me in sending well-wishes to the Pagans of many places and many paths who are part of this 2009 Parliament of World's Religions as well as to the Parliament as a whole.

* May there be sharing, caring, respect, understanding, and collaboration among all those who are part of the Parliament.

* May the Parliament be a source of inspiration and a force for positive transformation to bring about more peace and cooperation among humans the world over and more well-being in the greater community of life, the Circle of Nature, of which we are all part.

Blessed Be,
Rev. Selena Fox
Senior Minister, Circle Sanctuary