In Memoriam

Remembering Margot Adler

Margot Adler was multitalented and multifaceted.  She was an American Wiccan priestess, Pagan Elder, and Unitarian Universalist.  She was a radio news journalist, articulate feminist, passionate environmentalist, and progressive social change activist for Free Speech, Civil Rights. Social Justice, and a better world.  She was a loving daughter, wife, and mother who cared deeply about her family.  She was a dynamic singer, eloquent speaker, insightful author, and visionary.  Beloved by thousands across the United States, Canada, Europe, and beyond, Margot informed and inspired people of many walks of life, cultures, and philosophies.

Margot was a longtime, dear friend, and I miss her.  Over the past thirty-six years together, we shared talks, walks, viewpoints, support, and adventures. We enjoyed watching birds and walking in forests, fields, campgrounds, and Central Park. We delighted in swimming in ponds, rivers, pools, lakes, and the ocean. We appreciated good meals and relished chocolate.  We often roomed together during speaking travels to interfaith conferences, Pagan festivals, and conventions. On occasion, we did radio and other media work together.  We sometimes co-facilitated rituals, workshops, and discussions.  We officiated each other's weddings, both of which included jumping the broom.  We were there for each other during times of joy and times of challenge, including the battle with cancer that ended her life.

It is Samhain, one of Margot's favorite times of year.  This ancient Celtic Harvest End festival is also the Wiccan spiritual New Year.  It long has been a special time of honoring Ancestors and Beloved Dead.

Today and tonight, across the nation and around the world, Margot, her life, her legacy, and her inspiring spirit are being remembered, celebrated, and honored in a variety of community and personal ceremonies, meditations, and festivals.  I join you here in words and in spirit today as I conduct a community remembrance for Margot at our church in Wisconsin. We are dedicating a memorial stone for Margot and placing it at our green cemetery, Circle Cemetery, a place that Margot visited and loved.  It includes this tribute:  "Drawing Down the Moon, Inspiring Pagan Voice."

Margot was a wonderful soul who enriched the world. Now and always, let us remember and give thanks for Margot, her brilliant mind, her loving heart, her beautiful voice, her activism, her writings, her reporting and other works, her magic, her bright spirit.  May we take comfort in knowing that she lives on in our memories and in the many people, groups and endeavors she blessed.  Hail and Farewell, Margot.  Blessed Be.

Selena Fox
Circle Sanctuary