In Memoriam

In Memoriam: TJ Collins (1978-2010)

tjTJ Collins of Ohio died on Monday, April 26, 2010. He and his partner Nathan Burnett were members of Circle Sanctuary and the Pagan Spirit Gathering. They co-coordinated the Rainbow Center at PSG 2009.

TJ was born on December 4, 1978 to Howard and Donna (Holt) Collins. He lived in Columbus his entire 31 years of life. TJ graduated from Westland High School and worked for the Ohio Industrial Commission. TJ's passions include reading and theatre. His personal joys were his family and friends who loved his quick wit and charm.

TJ leaves behind his parents; brothers, Joshua (Deirdre) Collins, and Ryan Collins; niece and nephew, Cierra and Chance Collins; grandmothers, Ann (John) Holt-Wood and Janet (Bob) Collins-Keck; uncles, Leonard (Sally) Scowden, James Scowden, Joey Holt, and Bill (Jane) Holt Jr.; and a host of cousins and other relatives. He is also survived by Nathan Burnett and Evan Struble. In TJ's new residence, he will be welcomed by those who have gone before him, his grandfathers William Holt, and Ronald Collins, great-grandparents Taulbee Holt, Francis Davis, Verlie Holt, and Mary Scowden, uncles Joe and Dale Scowden and aunts Dee Dee Baker and Veronica Collins Hicks.

Family will receive friends from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, April 29, 2010 at SCHOEDINGER MIDTOWN CHAPEL, 229 E. State St. A service will be held at the funeral home at 1 p.m. on Friday, April 30, 2010.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that contributions be made to your favorite charity in TJ's name.

Memorial Tributes

NameRev. Selena Fox
LocationCircle Sanctuary, Wisconsin
Date2010-04-27 15:54:33
Thank you so much, TJ, for your friendship & your service to the PSG Community. You will continue to live on in my heart and in the many lives you touched & blessed. Condolences & support to your partner Nathan, and to your parents and all your family & friends. Know that we are sending you strength and comfort. Blessings.
NameNataraj Hauser
LocationMadison, WI
Date2010-04-27 15:59:14
TJ, may peace and tranquility (well, not ALL the time) greet you in the Summerland. Your spirit lives on here in our memories. A big remote hug to you, Nathan. Be well.
NameForest Light and Jimmy Butterfly
LocationDayton, OH
Date2010-04-27 16:13:27
Our community has lost a special person. You will be missed, TJ.
NameNicholas Sea
Date2010-04-27 16:15:05
Courage, caring, smiles, and a willingness to be there for others are a few of the things that shone from T.J. in my connections with him. I miss him already, even though it is Pagan Spirit Gathering that encompasses my times with T.J., one week each year. He and Nathan inspire me. Love to them both, and to their family and friends everywhere.
LocationArdmore Ok
Date2010-04-27 16:31:43
T.J. was great person too hang out with and just listen too he always had something positive too say,was great debater an teacher... His wisdom will be greatly missed as will jokes an antic's happy journey T.J... My prayers go out to your loved ones...
NameRev Nora Cedarwind Young
LocationWashington State
Date2010-04-27 16:36:48
Beloved one TJ, blessings to you as you have crossed the threshold to the land of eternal sun and apples...our love still is with you, as your memory and love will always be with us. Our tribe has had a great loss, and we are so sorry such a young and amazing being has left us so soon. May the ancestors welcome and embrace you! Blessings to you for the many, many gifts you shared with me and our tribe - you will be sorely missed, and joyfully welcomed in the Summerland. You will always be in the circle. Always.
NameLiana WW
LocationIowa City, Iowa
Date2010-04-27 16:48:04
I am so very sorry for the loss of dear Circle member TJ Collins. I didn't know TJ personally, but I was grieved to hear the news that he has passed on. The community sends out condolences to TJ's loved ones.
NameJennifer Hall
Date2010-04-27 17:04:35
My condolences to friends & family.
LocationChicago, IL
Date2010-04-27 17:43:06
Family, if only for one week a year. Your smile and laughter will be sorely missed. May you find peace, love and mischief in the Summerlands until we meet again.
NameM. Hitchcock
LocationToledo, Ohio
Date2010-04-27 17:43:53
My heartfelt condolences to your family and loved ones. Be there for each other, take time to grieve, but remember the good times you shared too.
NamePaul Tackmier
LocationGreen Bay, WI
Date2010-04-27 17:45:31
I lost a very dear friend in the passing of TJ. He was truly a one of a kind soul. He was someone we could always talk to, and was absolutely a treasure to camp with at PSG, or even to talk to at other times. I still am having a hard time even expressing what a loss this brings to my heart, and my heart cries for Nathan constantly right now. We've lost someone special the likes of which we may never meet again.
Date2010-04-27 18:22:06
My condolences. I am a Energy Healer for the Sanctary. I never met TJ, but I sent all I had to give him and more. I know that we will see our loved ones again and I hold this in my heart. I want to thank TJ's parents for loving thier son so much that they welcomed his partner to be with him when he needed him. I admire people like you. Dear Nathan, I want to let you know I am here for you if you need anyone to talk to. I will continue to send you and his parents energy. This story has touch my heart. I am sorry for your lose. He looks like he would of help anyone, so I must help you. So my e-mail is here use it. Blessed Be, With love from my heart to all of you. He will always be with all of you. Love Phoenix
LocationGreen Bay, WI
Date2010-04-27 19:02:35
To Nathan and TJ's family, My thoughts and prayers are with you always. May time allow you to heal and realize that TJ is in a much better place. I realize your pain and sorrow and allow yourselves to grieve in whatever way you need as long as it does not cause harm to anyone else. Prior to becoming permanently disabled due to two extremely rare blood disorders, I spent several years in the funeral business as a funeral director and embalmer. If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, feel free to contact me via email. Take care of yourselves and know that I am thinking of you all. Nancy
NameDan Hensel
LocationNeenah, WI
Date2010-04-27 19:17:07
I lost a friend and a spiritual brother on Monday. TJ was a good friend, always had a kind word or friendly advice, and was truly a family member to me and those I camp with. There will always be a hole in my heart, in our camp, and at PSG without him. Bless you on your journey, TJ; may we meet again on the other side.
Date2010-04-27 19:24:35
I do not know TJ personally as I am just a member(and not an active one!).My condolences to his friends & family.May he be at peace and remembered always.
NameJack Benge
LocationLouisville, KY.
Date2010-04-27 20:09:29
Your Spirit has forever touched those you leave behind and we will continue to walk the path of Life's Journey with your Spirit guiding us. We move forward and as we feel the touch of the wind upon our face ... we know you are near and therefor you will always be in our Memories and thoughts.
Date2010-04-27 20:18:26
Taken But Restored ~ Things Given Loaned Items Those Things All Eventually Returned Restored Nature's Harmony Timeless Circles Radiating Circles Touching All Influencing Tomorrow ~ Sobeit 04-27-2010 May Tranquility Find Acceptance Waiting With Unlimited Patience
NamePatrick McCollum
LocationMoraga, CA
Date2010-04-27 20:49:54
TJ was a lovely person. We had some great conversations and he will be very much missed. My heart goes out to you Nathan and to others close to him. Blessings to you all, Patrick McCollum
NameMickie Mueller
Date2010-04-27 20:57:06
My condolences and healing energy to TJ's family friends and loved ones. Blessed Be, Mickie
LocationSt. Louis
Date2010-04-27 21:01:16
We will miss you TJ. You were always a bright smile and always had a kind word. PSG will not be the same without you. You have touched many lives. We were the better for it. Condolences to Nathan and the rest of your family. Goddess Speed.
NameDrake and Angie
LocationLake Forest, IL
Date2010-04-27 21:27:29
TJ, may your journey be blessed with our love and gratitude for you. Nathan, though our hearts are heavy, I hope you feel the love and ready shoulders we have for you and your family.
LocationLondon, AR
Date2010-04-27 23:13:41
His smiles and laughter will be truely missed. His compassion and joy of life was an inspiration to all who knew. The Goddess blessed me on the day I talk with this young man at PSG. I will miss him this year. Nathan my heart, thought and energy goes out to you.
LocationYorkshire, England, UK
Date2010-04-28 02:13:42
Although far away in physical terms, our thoughts and blessings are with both TJ and Nathan and their families at this time. 'We are shaped and fashioned by what and who we love.' And that love forever remains.
LocationWashington, DC
Date2010-04-28 06:45:06
You're all in my thoughts, meditations, prayers, candles, and cauldrons.
Date2010-04-28 07:50:19
A hole has been ripped in the spirit of PSG. TJ, you will be missed on this plane, but your spirit will be felt throught out the PSG family.
NameRev. Nicole Boucher
LocationBaltimore MD
Date2010-04-28 08:45:18
I just wanted to send my condolences to TJ's partner Nathan and all of his family and friends. I am lighting candles and sending healing energies for everyone. May the blessings and healing energies of the God and Goddess be upon you now as you need them most. In Love and Light, Rev. Nikki Boucher The Sacred Flame Temple Baltimore MD USA
NameCody Dunn
LocationBooneville, MS
Date2010-04-28 09:36:05
Ive never been to the Festival or met TJ. But when I got the email about him being in the hospitle i prayed to the Goddess to help him. Im sorry for your lost. as i said before i didnt know him but felt a connection. the way i look at it is this journey is over and hes back in Summerland awaiting his rebirth to be back on this Earth. hope this helps and he will be in my memories. Blessed Be cody
LocationClarksville, TN
Date2010-04-28 09:58:28
I did not have the pleasure of knowing TJ personally but it is obvious that his passing over has been a great loss to his friends, family and the entire Pagan community. You are all in my prayers for strength and healing of your spirits.
NameWendy Eidman
LocationMilton, WI
Date2010-04-28 10:56:56
Dear Nathan, I cannot even imagine what you and the rest of TJ's family are going through right now. Even though we've never met, we're part of the same spiritual community, and my heart is aching for you. I wanted to convey my condolences to you, and let you know that I continue to hold both you and TJ, as well as your extended family, in my thoughts and prayers during this time of transition. Wendy
Date2010-04-28 11:06:33
May your memories be filled with love & laughter. Many blessings of healing and thoughtful prayers to you (Nathan) and family members. I did not know TJ; but you have my deepest condolences for your special loved one; TJ.
LocationMadison, WI
Date2010-04-28 11:14:53
I am sorry to learn of TJ's sudden and unexpected passing. Many healing blessings and much love to Nathan and the rest of TJ's family and friends during this difficult time.
NameBetsy Schaack
LocationChicago, IL
Date2010-04-28 11:32:49
Unfortunately, I did not know TJ; however, I am always heartbroken to see one of our community pass on to the Summerland. TJ was so young and tragically taken from his family and loved ones way too early. Blessing to all who loved TJ during this difficult time. Love and light, Betsy
Date2010-04-28 12:57:44
Tj, Go with the Lady and the Lord into the Light that we all seek now and at the end. Merry Meet Again for TJ's family, May peace and comfort find you in your grief. Life is a circle, now complete...
LocationColumbus OH
Date2010-04-28 13:04:09
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to both friends and family.
NameAriestar James
LocationBellingham WA
Date2010-04-28 14:30:38
Greetings Nathen, T.J. is in a good place now and his pain and suffering are far behind him. Now T.J. is beginning a new life somewhere in a brand new body to continue his journey up the ladder that never ends. It is time that you need to celebrate T.J.s life and all that he meant to you. T.J. wishes for you to continue on your path and T.J. does not want you to look back and lose sleep over his passing. Now is the time that you go on and experience life and let T.J. go on to his new life. Even though I do not know you or T.J. at all I can say that I send to you my condolences and hope that you can mourn healthily. But after you have mourned completely it will be time for you to go on with your life and experience your life without T.J. My thoughts are with you. Blessed Be, Ariestar James
NameTereesa Daul
LocationDe Pere, WI
Date2010-04-28 14:37:25
Words cannot describe the emptiness I feel having lost someone so dear to me. The world got a whole lot dimmer on Monday. TJ was a member of my family, a cherished friend, and someone I truly respected. My heart goes out to Nathan and to TJ's family, for as sorrowful as I am, I know it is nothing compared to the pain they are now enduring. Yet I know you are now at peace, and we will celebrate your life and the joy you brought us, till next our journeys cross paths.
NameBeltana Spellsinger
LocationOzarks, MO, USA
Date2010-04-28 19:49:46
I remember TJ as a kind and gentle soul... generous and loving and freindly and dear. It is a trajic loss for all of us, and I especially wanted to send very warm blessings and love and hugs to TJ's family and to Nathan... in hopes that you can still see (and sense) the hope and support that shines forth from the lives that continue to surround you. If there is anything I or my family can do... Much Love, Beltana
NameDawn Murray
LocationGreen Bay, WI
Date2010-04-28 20:06:00
TJ was a dear friend who I've had the blessing to be able to share a number of conversations with and shared camp with at PSG. My heart is heavy with his loss and aches for Nathan and both their families as they go through this time of transition. TJ will live on for me in my memories of him and in my heart.
Date2010-04-28 20:47:12
Drumbeats across the stars to you TJ as your new journey begins. Healing energy to your heart Nathan for your loss.
LocationBrooklyn, WI
Date2010-04-29 05:34:26
Ah, TJ and Nathan. My heart smiles whenever I think of them. What a pair! TJ - my heart is heavy with sadness at losing you not only as part of community but as my friend. Nathan - please know how much we love and support you. My sympathy to you and to TJ's family. Sending healing energy to you all and to our community as we mourn. TJ my friend, blessings on your journey.
NameRev. Robert E.Boldman Wolf
LocationSpringfield Ohio
Date2010-04-29 06:37:34
Just Know there are alot of people like me. Who are sending white light to you & your famly. And know that he is in Summerland. and is sending Love back to all of you .
NameCaitlin Tackmier
LocationGreen Bay, WI
Date2010-04-30 14:04:57
TJ was a very dear friend; he was one of the few people I could have entire conversations with without speaking. Words cannot describe this loss to me, the PSG community, and the world. A candle was extinguished that can never be relit or replaced. My heart is breaking for Nathan and for TJ's family. We'll meet again some day, my friend.
NameBella Mahri & SkyCat
Date2010-05-02 04:03:43
We send our blessings and sympathy to the family and friends of TJ and especially to his partner, Nathan! TJ will be missed.
NameGary and Robyn Coy
LocationYellow Springs, Ohio
Date2010-05-03 06:35:34
We didn't know TJ very well but remember him from each PSG. TJ, you will be missed. May your journey to Summerland be blessed with the love of of those you left behind and those who are welcoming you on the other side. Nathan, our thoughts and prayers are with you in this tragic time.
NameSandy (artistfair)
LocationSt Charles, Ill
Date2010-05-04 15:29:23
I did not know TJ but after losing a lifelong friend/sister earlier this year, a heart of sorrow is felt for his loss. Healing energy is sent to his family and friends and a light to guide TJ in his after life journey. Blessed Be.
NameMichael Frederick
LocationColumbus, Ohio
Date2010-05-06 22:21:07
"Kind but not nice." TJ was fond of saying that. He taught me that is truly the way to be through the way he lived, loved, talked, didn't talk, etc. Thank you for that TJ. I miss you my friend and I will always love you. You were a gift to all who knew you and we were blessed.
LocationThe Netherlands
Date2010-05-10 06:00:46
Dear family and friends of TJ, I didn't know TJ face to face but we had some email contacts several years ago. Even on the printed messages his love for life and laughter came tru. Please know that a candle is burning for you all. HaviksVrouwe The Netherlands