In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Peggy Hall (1969-2013)

peggy hallOn Saturday, August 31, 2013, Peggy Hall died suddenly in her sleep at her home in Stevens Point, Wisconsin due to a pulmonary embolism.  Peggy was born on April 21, 1969 in Tomah, Wisconsin.  She and her husband Brian Hall married on April 6, 2005 in Sedona, Arizona. She and her husband both were students at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Peggy was a practicing Pagan for more than a dozen years and became part of the Circle Sanctuary Community in 2011.  Peggy, whose life challenges included birth defects, being diabetic, and some other disabilities, advocated for the rights and well-being of the disabled.  She loved Nature and was an advocate of natural burial.

Peggy's natural burial will be held at Circle Cemetery on Wednesday, September 4, at 3 pm.  A graveside memorial service and interment rite will be conducted by Rev. Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary, assisted by Rev. Bob Paxton and others.  Her husband Brian, along with children Dillon Barker, Kristen Barker, Kaitlin Barker, and Collin Hall will be there.  Family, friends, and community members are welcome to attend.  Those wishing to attend should contact the Circle Sanctuary office as soon as possible for more details: 608-924-2216;


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