In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Pam Kolozsy (1948-2010)

Pam KoloszyPam Kolozsy (1948-2010) of Rolling Meadows, Illinois, died on Sunday, January 31, 2010 after a long battle with cancer. She was surrounded by family and friends, including her lifelong friend Sandy Kucyk (Artistfair). Pam, along with Sandy and others were among the founders of the Crones' Temple of Wisdom of the Pagan Spirit Gathering community in 2006. At Pam's request, the Crones held a memorial for Pam at the 2010 Pagan Spirit Gathering in Missouri.

Memorial Tributes

NameRev. Selena Fox
LocationCircle Sanctuary, near Barneveld, Wisconsin
Date2010-02-01 15:12:59
Pam, thank you for your friendship over the years, for your Crone inspiration and laughter, and for your support of Circle Sanctuary and PSG. As we mourn your passing, we take comfort in knowing that will continue to live on in our memories and in the many lives you blessed. Blessings of support to your loved ones -- to your husband, your children and grandchildren, and to Sandy, Donna, Nancy, Ana, and all the Crones as well as to your other friends in our community. Blessed Be!
NameAna Blechschmidt
LocationSycamore, IL
Date2010-02-01 16:32:49
Red-headed Pam was small of stature but big of heart. I had the honor of teaching her when she began to walk the Path and of being her minister when she was a member of Magickal Wiccan Circle. She took her spiritual education seriously and worked it into her daily life and then walked her talk without excuse or hesitation. She attended the Wheel of the Year Sabbats at Circle Sanctuary when her health allowed. Her family was always her first priority and she leaves her husband, five children and ??? grandchildren. Her wish was that they would be at peace when she passed into the Summerland and whatever they needed to do to say good-bye was what she wanted to happen. May they have all they need in this time. She got to say good-bye to them and to her dearest friend and then left this world quietly. Sandy was her best friend since elementary school. They grew up together, had their children at about the same times, raised their families and celebrated life in love and friendship. Their union was one of the most beautiful examples of true friends that I have had the privilege of watching over the years. I learned a great deal about respect and trust being around these two wonderful women. Pam was a loyal friend, with a soft-heart inside a crusty shell. There are many women in the world; she was one of the delightful ones. Her sharp wit and salty delivery was always a joy to be a part of but you had to stay sharp to keep up with her. You could trust her as she always told the truth, even when it was hard to do so. I've never know her to deliberately be petty or hurtful to any one, man or woman. Her love of children extended beyond her own and those of her loved ones. She celebrated the young who attended PSG with sage advice and not a few times with a little spoiling. Her generous nature showed itself when she and Sandy regularly 'hired' a young person to deliver ice to their campsite every day during PSG for a very lucrative pay. I personally know of one young boy who would contact them very early in the year to apply for that job. He loved to stop by with the ice delivery and join in the conversations. She never talked down to him and always made him feel good about himself. He was disappointed when they weren't able to attend last year and not just because of the money. He spoke of her with warmth and love and will hold Pam in his heart throughout his life. May we all influence the young with such power and grace. Pam lived her life to the fullest in her own way and left this world in the manner she wanted to, so I can't be sad that she isn't here. I can see her right now sitting under a big old tree, espresso in one hand, a cigarette in the other, watching the world walk up and down the lane in front of her tent. I'm sure she is talking a mile-a-minute to some folks who just needed a smile and a place to rest for a few minutes out of the sun and have a good conversation about anything and everything. But I miss my friend. There will be an empty place where Pam was in my heart and life. At least until we're together again. She'll wait.
NameCori Nichols
LocationSand Lake MI
Date2010-02-01 17:06:10
My sincere condolences to Pam's friends and family. may there time of grief be short.
NameLady Zephyr
LocationTupelo, Mississipi
Date2010-02-01 17:18:45
Goddess Bless You Pam and may your crossing be a happy one. You are with Her now free of pain. Blessed Be. Lady Zephyr
NameSobeit Bethe
Date2010-02-01 17:28:29
Wisdom ~ There is wisdom Standing there Greeting us Inviting us forward Standing there Patiently On tomorrow's horizon Just in time ~ We see these things We know them We hold them close Very Close And, through that We see ourselves Knowing, as we do That today was just an Illusion ~ Timeless places Held in suspension Those places Yeah ... them We are home ~ Sobeit Bethe 02/01/2010
NameJennifer Snow
LocationMadison, WI
Date2010-02-01 18:21:14
My first & best memory of Pam was at the final group ritual held at the GoddessBrew homestead, Mabon 2007. She was a Sassy ol Crone with a heart of Gold! Wish I had, had the chance to get to know her better. Bright Blessings and Peaceful Transitions to a Sister of the Old Ways! My heart goes out to those who knew her well and loved her well! Wishing you peace and comfort through these difficult times! With Love, Phoenix Jen Snow
NameNancy Halwix
LocationMarengo, Illinois
Date2010-02-01 20:22:01
My dear friend - Setting up crone camp will not be the same without you. I will miss the early morning comments, "don't talk to me - I haven't had my coffee", the late night laughter and wise cracks. I'll miss the aromatherapy advice and your favorite essential oil, Ravensara. You leave behind a family and two faithful beagles who love you and know you love them. My heart grieves with your family but we rejoice knowing we have our memories and you have serenity.
Nameterra gazelle
LocationSpringfield, La.
Date2010-02-01 21:22:30
Magick Realms by Julie Ann In magic realms, There exists a truth, We forever searching, In realms above, Looking for this truth perfect, Our mortal lives to reflect, Upon the past, We must let go, To be re-born in the present, The here and now, Our journey through life, Is all but a dream, A blink of an eye, In the great cosmic scheme, In outer realms, The search for perfection, We will never find, It's only a figment, In our mind, This is the truth, We must all realise, Until we reach inner realms, Where pure love and truth abide, So seek not dear traveller, Through time and space, Accept what has been given, With good grace, For life is a cycle of re-birth, Only hope exists, In our lives on earth. Blessed be Pam, terra
NameJill Medicine Heart
LocationWest Union, OH
Date2010-02-01 22:01:57
I knew Pam as a passing aquaintance at PSG and enjoyed her banter immensely. I guess that the Crones intimidated since I am VERY MUCH still menstral. LOL Pam, your earthly plane journey is over-- have fun in your spiritual plane and I most certainly hope that our paths cross again in another life. Bless you for your wonderful energy and your love for the Crone Community!!! Jill Medicine Heart
LocationRome, Italy
Date2010-02-02 01:01:25
Pam, may your crossing be full of light and Joy, may you rest on Her presence as much as your Soul needs and may you be born again at the same time and in the same place as those you knew and loved in this life. May you know them and love them again. Blessed Be!
Date2010-02-02 05:41:47
Blessings to you Pam on your way, and to all your family and friends.
NameJennifer Hall
Date2010-02-02 05:52:25
MY sincerest condolences to her family and friends.
NameSteven Londe
Date2010-02-02 06:05:17
To Pam's friends and family, I offer my Condolences. I am part of the Pagan Community and am part of the Circle Sanctuary Healing Community.
LocationWaukesha, WI
Date2010-02-02 06:57:58
A few years ago I was camping at PSG by myself and the Crones really took me in. They were such a good group of women. I can only hope to become that kind of women in my later years. She was a good person and a good mother figure. My sincere condolances to the women of the Pagan Community. We have surely lost one of our own. ~Highest Blessings~ We love you.
Date2010-02-02 07:55:24
Blessings to Pam on the next step of her journey and to all who have been touched by her. I look forward to celebrating her earthlife at PSG.
LocationLake Forest, IL
Date2010-02-02 07:56:27
I am grateful to have known Pam through her participation in Gaia's Womb events. Imbolc - when the seed stirs deep in the Earth and we decide how we will bring our dreams to fruition. What perfect timing for a lady to choose to leave these Earthly realms and to bloom in the Other Worlds. I am grateful that Pam was able to make her last wishes known, and that Sandy and Nancy, her requested Sister Crones were able to be with her in her last days to help mid-wife her passage. I send deepest blessings of comfort to them and to her beloved husband and children as they continue to weave their lives in a world without her. Rather than grieve the absence of flame, let us celebrate how brightly it burned. Sweet journeys to Brighids healing realms, Pam. What is remembered lives.
NameRobin Mahonen
LocationWheeling, West Virginia
Date2010-02-02 09:52:04
Pam- As you walk in the Summerlands, please know you made a big impact on many women, me among them. You and my other Crone sisters talked with us, laughed with us and cried with us as we made the journey into the Crone World. It was an honor to have known you...
NameChris Gasso
LocationAurora, Il
Date2010-02-02 11:02:00
Pam was like a second mother to me while growing up, there's alot of memories with Pam and my mother (Sandy) from doing my sleep over birthday parties at the camper and yelling at the boys for scaring us, to my mother & Pam laying in the ditch laughing their asses off after locking us in the bathrooms and throwing rocks at the window and shaking the door like someone was trying to get us and lets not forget walking back in the dark with a flash light from the bathrooms back to our camp site and a poor little dog was walking down the road minding his own business but scared us that we all screamed so load that the poor little thing fell over, Pam was laughing so hard she fell to the ground and let me not forget when my mom & Pam would go out and would come home in the morning telling my dad how they were woking up in the morning on the side of the road by the police, or if we were all in the car together and someone cut my moms car off they chased him down both juming out of the car like crazy woman kicking and screaming at the guy. She yelled at me like I was one of her own. Pams laugh is one that will never be forgotten and lets not forget how she liked her was like drinking tar and if you commented on her coffee she had no problem with saying "then don't F'in drink it" or shut the F' up... Pam had away with making her point and putting you in place. Pam you will be very much missed and I know my mother will truly miss her. But Pam is at peace now and no more pain and that we are all relieved and grateful for, but it won't take away the loss that we all feel. Pam will remain in our hearts and always in our memories. I love you Pam
Date2010-02-02 12:05:58
I didn't really know her very well, but I am sorry to see her go.
Date2010-02-02 12:17:52
Many blessings to Pam's family during their time of sorrow. May light surround and keep you. Blessed Be, Mary
LocationSt. Louis, Mo.
Date2010-02-02 12:21:08
I didn't know Pam in real life, bt from what I've heard and read, she was an amazing person. Im sorry that she left this world as this world is a little less beautiful without her. My condolences to her friends and family. May she rest in peace.
Date2010-02-02 12:27:40
I believe she was happy when she passed and lived a truly blessed life. She was surrounded by her loved ones, so her final moments were those of happy ones. A loving, and great woman.
NameJoan & Fran
LocationTomahawk WI
Date2010-02-02 13:41:11
Pam-- A wisp, a waif, yet her strength shone through, a pure joy to be around, savoring life to the fullest, enjoying the moment. A cherished light that now illuminates us only in our memories.
NameBella Mahri, SkyCat, Sun Kat
LocationLima, OH
Date2010-02-02 17:39:59
We will miss her smile and laughter at PSG. Love, energies and support to all who knew and loved her! Many Healing Blessings, Bella
LocationCoosBay, Oregon
Date2010-02-02 18:01:30
This has been a sad year already with many deaths to morn. My deepest reguards to Pam's family and to all that is mourning a loss.
NameSandy (artistfair)
LocationSt. Charles, Ill
Date2010-02-02 18:55:51
A soul sister for sure, a friend since youth that has left a hole that will never be filled for the duration of the time I have left here. I cherish the memories of our lives together and hold her spirit close. We shared a relationship of joy, secrets, lots of fun, tons of laughter and at times sorrow. She was a woman of strength who spoke her mind to anyone who entered her space and one of the few who with her sarcasm and wit would have you rolling with laughter. I love her, I miss her and nothing will be the same without her. I am honored that I was at her side with her family and able to comfort and hold her while she peacefully crossed over. I know when my turn comes she will be waiting for me, cigarette in one hand, chocolate martini in the other asking, "Where the F..k have you been. Come on I've found this great place where they party all the time, have male strippers and serve 142 different martinis." Yep that's my Pam.
NameRev. Ginny Vigrass
LocationLakewood, Ohio
Date2010-02-02 23:59:09
NameJeanine P.
LocationJacksonville, FL
Date2010-02-03 06:50:01
Pammie, We miss you already. We still held out faith that you would come back to Florida this week and inspire us to hold our heads up again. You were my Mom's friend first, but through your visits, you became our friend too. You always remembered to include my husband, son, and even our dog in your visits. You touched all their hearts. Even our 14y.o. son is saddened that we won't hear your Pammie laugh again. Thank you for being such a good friend to my mom when she was battling her cancer. I wish I could have done the same for you. Mom had alot of friends, but none that put their lives on hold for months to help her like you did. You were a true friend, and I hope you and Mom are talking nonstop now and getting into trouble.
NameEd Kolozsy
LocationRolling Meadows
Date2010-02-03 09:59:08
I was married to Pammy for almost 38 years, she was not only my wife but, my best friend, there will be a hole in my life for the rest of my days. In 38 years of marriage we had our ups and downs but, you could always count on Pam to keep you hopping and loving you in her own way. I miss her dearly. I want to thank all members of the PSG family for your kind words toward Pam; I can assure you some of her best times were spent at PSG functions. Special thanks to two members who were there until the end, your support and kindness to our family will never be forgotten.
NameRev Debra Lippitt
LocationPA USA
Date2010-02-03 13:44:31
Temple of Gaia Incorporated, Collingdale, PA, sends good thoughts and energies to all family and friends of Pam. May she have a good journey through the veil and live happily in Summerland. Our deepest condolences to Pam's family and friends. May she rest in peace in the Goddesses arms. Blessings, Reverend's Debra and Cal Lippitt Temple of Gaia Incorporated
NameWendy Benay Watson
Date2010-02-04 04:28:27
Merry Meet, I may not have known you in this physical life but we share a life together. Hope to meet you, Blessed Be Wendy
NameRobert Z
Date2010-02-04 14:04:30
Pam knew me long before i knew her. she has always been a part of my life! Some of the best childhood memories involve Pam. Always a smile and crazy fun! She was always up for anything and nothing was to crazy for her. she could always bring a smile to my face and could laugh like no one i know. she was the crazy aunt you couldnt help but love. I will miss her dearly.
LocationWinfield, IL
Date2010-02-04 15:46:47
Pam was such a firecracker! She and Sandy were truly connected as "sisters". My heart goes out to all of Pam's family and friends. May the wonderful memories of Pam soften your grief.
NameKathy Golden-Burns
LocationRolling Meadows,IL.
Date2010-02-08 06:10:59
Thirty years of memories. I will miss my dear friend. From sharing the experience of having twins to My first Grandchild being born on Pam's birthday. I want to share one memory with you and hope it makes you smile.We decided to take a few days and go camping. It took us about six hours to set up the tent. After that we went out had dinner and a few drinks. The next day we just goofed around and talked. Come dinner time went out again to do the same thing. We get back and this couple camping next to us asked us why we did not cookout while we were camping. We both laughed. So that next day we went to the store to buy smores stuff. After a long day dinner and drinks. We got back started a fire and were making smores. WELL all of a sudden a whole family of raccoons crashed the picnic table stole the smores right from Pams hand. We screamed like a bunch of kids. Pam had a few choice words for those raccoons !!!!! Woke up our neighbors who proceeded to tell us we should not cook that late at night, also a few choice words for them! Well, that was our last attempt at cooking while camping. The rest of the night we stayed in the tent giggling like a bunch of kids. The raccoons ate outside our tent all night long. P.S. ONLY PAM could find someone to deliver coffee in the a.m. to our campsite. I will Forever Miss you Pam. Just be nice to Mike and make sure you save me a place. Love you Buddy!
LocationSouth Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date2010-02-08 11:46:14
I was Croned at PSG last summer and I was looking forward to seeing Pam at a future PSG, though not PSG 2010 as my family will not be going this year. Pam and I were both born the same year, 1948. I love this photo of her for this memorial page; she looks so vibrant and youthful.
Date2010-02-09 13:38:54
Blessings don't seem adequate as you are at home and at peace in the Other World. You lived life on this Earthly realm with warmth and love. Spreading fun and joy, communicating full with us all as None were strangers to you....including many other of natures creatures. Our few short conversations will always be carried with me until I too can share them with the young at heart. It was an honor to celebrate life with you.