In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Marion Weinstein (1939-2009)

marionMarion Weinstein was a priestess, author, radio host, comedian, teacher, and New York Witch.

Marion died on July 1, 2009 after a long illness. Her family held a private memorial at Marion's family home on August 1 on Long Island, New York. The following day, members of her coven and other close friends held a private memorial at a home in New York City's upper west side. A public ceremony for Marion was held on Saturday, September 26 at Battery Park in New York City as part of the Pagan Pride Day. Mama Donna Hennes and Margot Adler facilitated the ceremony.

Marion, a member and long time supporter of Circle Sanctuary, requested that after her death, there would be a place of remembrance for her at Circle Cemetery, the national Pagan cemetery at Circle Sanctuary land near Barneveld, Wisconsin.

On Saturday morning, October 31, 2009, Selena Fox & other Circle Sanctuary Ministers assisted by Ministers-in-Training and other community members performed a memorial service for Marion as part of the Samhain Festival at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve in Wisconsin.

Tokens of remembrance from friends, family, and fans were interred in the cemetery as part of the memorial. A custom designed granite pentacle marker was placed there and dedicated. Cost of the marker was funded by donations of family, friends, and fans from across the USA.

A video was made of the memorial service by community member Gabe Wollenburg, and can be seen here:


Contribute to Marion's Memorial Fund with proceeds supporting the Circle Cemetery project. Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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Remembering Marion by Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary

mwdec09Marion Weinstein (1939-2009) was a priestess, author, radio host, comedian, teacher, and New York Witch. She was born on May 19, 1939 in Queens, New York and died on July 1, 2009.

Marion was raised in a Jewish family. She began identifying with Witchcraft as a young child and had a lifelong affinity with the Goddess Diana. She graduated from Barnard College with a bachelor's degree in English literature, and also studied acting, dance, film and voice.

In the late 1960's, Marion began practicing Witchcraft as a religion with others, and founded the Earth Magic Dianic tradition. In 1969, Marion began her work in radio, combining her talents and spirituality with her own show, Marion's Cauldron, on WBAI radio in New York City. Her show was the first weekly Pagan radio show in the United States, and it lasted fourteen years. Years later she became one of the first Pagans to have a regular weekly internet radio show, and more recently, she entered the internet video world with a series of You Tube videos.

In 1978, Marion's first book, Positive Magic, was published and it continues to be treasured by many as a practical guide to spiritual theory and practice. Also in 1978, Marion began working professionally as a stand-up comic in nightclubs and used Witchcraft as part of her routines. Over the years, Marion wrote books and articles, made audio and video recordings, presented talks, guided ceremonies, and did media appearances.

Marion was an activist for world peace, religious freedom, and Pagan rights. She hosted and produced an annual Samhain celebration on Halloween night for many years in New York City. Marion loved Nature. During the last part of her life, she lived, wrote, and networked at her family home near Atlantic Beach, Long Island, New York. There, she was active in animal rescue and cared for many cats and dogs. She also enjoyed gardening, feeding swans, swimming, and taking walks along the water.

Marion had a great sense of humor, a loving heart, and a brillant mind. She was one of my dearest friends and I am thankful for our many shared conversations and ceremonies over the years. I also am thankful for her longtime support of Circle Sanctuary and the Lady Liberty League, and for her many contributions to Paganism as well as the greater Circle of Nature of which we are all part. I miss her, but take comfort in knowing that her special magic and wisdom lives on in her books, recordings, videos and other creations and in the many lives she blessed.

Marion: We honor you, we remember you, and we thank you for your bright spirit, your books, your rituals, your recordings, your other creations, and for the positive magic you brought into this world. We take comfort in knowing that you live on in your works and in the many lives you blessed. Blessed Be!

Memorial Tributes

NameSelena Fox
LocationBarneveld, Wisconsin USA
Date2009-10-19 09:07:31
Marion -- Thanks for the friendship, love, and support we shared over the years! Thanks also for our many conversations, for our many wonderful encounters, and for the many ways we connected with each other. I enjoyed being a guest on your radio shows and our times of crafting meditations and ceremonies together. Thank you for all the positive magic you brought into my life, into the lives of others, and into this and other worlds. I celebrate you, your life, your wit, your wisdom, your bright spirit, and your good works & creations! Much Love & Blessed Be, Selena
NameDiane Champigny
LocationBarre, MA USA
Date2009-10-21 16:29:09
My teacher, and my teacher's teacher were greatly influenced by Marion's book, Positive Magic, and especially her Words of Power techniques. I have been re-reading Positive Magic and can clearly see how much they brought her words and teachings into every day use; passing them along to us in practice, and making her book required reading. I'm very glad to be a part of Marion's work and heritage in that way. I met her back in 1996 at Rowe Camp and Conference Center during a weekend workshop called Three Witches from the Big Apple. It was Marion, Margot Adler and a woman named Eclipse. It was a grand and transformational weekend I shall never forget (Margot may be able to elaborate on this!) I was lucky enough to correspond with her last year when I requested her to inscribe her new book, Words of Power, before she sent it out to me. I will always treasure it. She was extremely gracious with her time and attention and I sincerely hope that someone will preserve her body of work and her legacy by making her books, recordings and products available once again. I feel that Marion would want them to continue to be available to people. She was a true Witch and Priestess in that her greatest concern was to help people help themselves. I will miss Marion so much, but I am grateful for the enumerable gifts and memories she has left us. May she rest in the comfort of the Goddess's arms, and may we meet, know and love her again. Blessed Be, Diane Champigny (Priestess Thea)
NameIsis Night
LocationArgyle, Maine USA
Date2009-10-22 06:43:23
I am deeply saddened by Marion's passing, but do celebrate her transformation to a higher state of consciousness. I was lucky enough to be introducted to Marion through her writing early on in my training on the craft. I will always be greatful for her teachings, as I truly believe that she saved my spiritual life via her lessons on the ethics of magick. Live and fly free and joyously with the stars, Marion. You were a blessing and will always be remembers as one of the great elders of the craft of our times. Heartfelt condolescences to the family, both by birth and by choice. In Love & Light, Isis Night ~)O(~
LocationNew Jersey
Date2009-10-23 07:33:18
Her books were one of the first I read when starting out into this new world. Learn a lot from both books. She will be greatly missed!
NameMatthew Berkshire (Ariestar)
LocationBellingham Washington
Date2009-10-23 14:25:02
Greetings all at Circle Sancuary, I had a brief pen pal relationship with Marion back in the early 90s when I was just beginning to explore the Wiccan Path. Marion was very helpful at providing some very positive infomation concerning the Wiccan movement and this experience was probably one of the key reasons while I am still on the Path. Marion was also one of the first Wiccans to ever shead light on this subject to me. I went on, with Marions advice, and I purchaced and read Positive Magic numorous times and I still have this book in my Wiccan library. What Marion said in Positive Magic set the groundwork for my Wiccan studies. Marion Weinstein gave me Positive Magic personally. I for one will thuroughly miss Marion and why her days on this plane were short we may never know. All that I can guess is that Marion was called to the otherside because her expertise was needed on the next plane. The Goddess works in odd ways sometimes so we must all just go with the flow and work hard to preserve the Wiccan Way on this plane the best that we can until it is our turn to crossover. "May Marion Weinsteins journey through the veil to the other side and the next plane go smoothly and may her body rest in peace with Our Great Mother the Earth." "This is my will with no manipulation or harm to anybody or anything, So Mote It Be." Blessed Be, Ariestar aka Matthew Berkshire
NameLeamond A. Allen
LocationChicago IL USA
Date2009-10-23 17:06:31
Sending my very deepest sympathy and condolences. - Leamond A. Allen
NameHolin Badger
LocationEvansville, WI
Date2009-10-23 19:34:28
I remember meeting Marion over 20 years ago at a talk she gave at one of the early Southern California pagan events held at a small, private college in the San Fernando Valley. What I recall most was her absolute dedication to ethical magic, her warmth, and her great humor. There we sat, many of us in the "standard black" pagan regalia, looking solemn and earnest, yet she had a gift for making us laugh at ourselves while helping us to look seriously at how and why we do magick. She will be missed by many.
LocationSao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date2009-10-24 08:48:33
Marion, dear one Now you rest in the Mother's arms and your soul is among the great Witches' souls. You won't be forget, Sister Witch, but we'll miss you a lot! Many blessings from the Goddess to you, brave Wommon. In Sisterhood, Love and Peace
NameDiana L. Paxson
Date2009-10-24 12:42:37
When I got started in paganism, sensible, well-written books were few and far between. POSITIVE MAGIC was one of the first and best I found, and I have continued to recommend it. Marion's work will live after her. May the Goddess shelter her in Her arms.
NameLeah Jones
LocationQueensland, Australia
Date2009-10-24 15:40:45
I had read OF Marion on another site, but had not heard of her until very recently. Sadly, I thought I'd write and thank her for the book I had read of hers. She changed my life in about four pages of the book. Utterly and irrevocably. The book was "Positive Magic" - and pinpointed the knowledge I needed to feel safe and secure in these beliefs I'm just coming to. So, for this very brief time, she was my teacher, erudite, articulate and down to earth. I wish I had known her - it would have been a truly worthwhile experience, and I just KNOW this. With great sympathy for a great loss. Brightest Blessings - Leah.
NameBlue Lightning
LocationLincoln NE USA
Date2009-10-24 19:14:10
Ms.Wienstiens book,Positive Magic,was my first craft book. Iwas impressed at how she could get her point across and could tell she truely cared for her students. Fly free beautiful lady fly free!
Date2009-10-25 15:13:13
Marion, thank you for the books, and teachings that I now pass along to those I mentor. And thank you for your Podcasts! They are just so joyful. You are an Ancestor now ! I will miss your wisdom and humor. Belle
NameBeckie Wagner
LocationBloomington, Indiana
Date2009-10-26 19:05:19
I never had the pleasure of meeting Marion but her books have had a profound impact on my life. Positive Magic was one of the first books I read as I started on this path some 20 years ago. I have recommended it countless times to folks wondering about this pagan path. So, my gratitude is deep and I have felt the loss of her leavetaking. My deepest condolances to her immediate family and to all of us who have been influenced by her writings. Beckie Wagner
NameConnie Jo Wolf
LocationErie, PA USA
Date2009-10-26 23:30:17
I read "Earth Magic" years ago, and it's always been one of my favourite works on Wicca (though I follow an Eclectic Pagan path, personally). Her house cleansing ritual has been used by me many times, as have the consecrations she gives. May she rest in peace, until she's ready for her next incarnation. To those she leaves behind, I offer my condolences.
NameTerra Dragon Star
LocationLaval, Quebec, Canada
Date2009-10-27 16:06:41
Marion's book "Positive Magic" was one of the first books that I read. When I lost my way and needed to get back on my path, it was her book "Earth Magic" that helped me find my way back. She will be missed. May her family be spared further sorrows. Bright Blessings Terra DragonStar
NameJennifer Porzio
LocationCulver City, CA
Date2009-10-31 12:56:42
Thanks to Marion for the knowledge she shared. POSITIVE MAGIC was one of my first when I discovered the craft, and her explanation of reading tarot cards gave me the confidence to know it was within myself, not outside. Blessings to your soul on its journey, Marion. <3
NameMo Batchelor
LocationLondon UK
Date2009-11-01 05:20:36
Marion was a Witch who influenced me greatly, and gave me a lot of help and support over the years through her published work. She was kooky and funny and flip, and light heartedly entirely serious about her religion and practice. And there was plenty of perceptive subtlety in her work for anyone that wanted to take the time to follow her thought. Clarity and subtlety was a hallmark of her work. Marion laid out her beliefs simply, and had a real belief in Witchcraft as a positive way of serving our local and global communities. She'll be remembered by a lot of people for her book "Positive Magic", and was a great advocate of ethical, inner directed spirituality. She'll sure be missed, but her legacy will I think be as sane, helpful and benevolent as ever. Farewell to a really unique and valuable character on the Pagan and Witchcraft scene. Blessed be
NamePaulette and family
LocationNew York
Date2009-11-26 08:30:07
Your kindness will always be with us. Until we meet again .... We love and miss you Marion, Our Wonderful Friend.
Date2009-12-20 01:31:19
I never knew Marion but I recieved an email from her once. I was raised in a staunch Mormon family and community which left me with lots of existential questions not mention a very low self esteem. Her book positive magic has been the most beneficial positive influence of my entire life. I wish Marion could have visited nature as I experienced it as a young boy in the mountains & deserts of North East Utah. Those hills were my escape after being constantly ridiculed and beaten up at school and yes- church. The smell of wet sage brush after a rain storm was always my most spiritual experience even when I was a Mormon kid who knew nothing of The Old Religion. Ironically, my kindred affinity toward a nature religion was revealed to my by none other than a New York City Witch! Thank you Marion, Sylvon Chad Hall