In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Lily O'Hearn (d. 2012)

lohearnLily O'Hearn of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin died on Sunday, March 4, 2012 after a long battle with liver cancer. Lily was part of the Circle Sanctuary Community and its Full Moon Circle for several years. She was a gentle and caring person who loved Nature.


Memorial Tributes

NameSelena Fox
LocationCircle Sanctuary near Barneveld, Wisconsin
Date2012-03-11 18:39:42
Lily, I remember you & celebrate you, your beautiful smile and your bright spirit. I am glad that we were able to welcome in 2012 together at the Hogmanay celebration at my home & cherish the memories of our times together at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve. Blessed Be.
NameRichard Whitnable
Date2012-03-11 19:08:29
It has been about a year since I last saw Lily. My only contact with her was at Full Moon Circles. I remember that she worked at Menards. From a guy point of view, any woman that worked at lumber yard and do it yourself store is my kind of woman and therefor very memorable. ;-) She was soft spoken and easy to talk to. I remember we talked about death and the pagan view of the afterlife. That was just about when the Circle Cemetery was getting going, talk of death was de rigueur.. She said she didn’t know where we go after death, but thinks there is a big infinite life force that we all belong to. In that case, there is a little bit of Lily in me as I remember her and our conversation. Perhaps that is her immortality, what little part I can see.
NameJune Whalen-Gonzalez
LocationMyerstown, Pa
Date2012-03-11 20:31:39
Know that you are loved, will be missed by many - and that we wish you well on this next step of your journey .......
LocationMadison, WI
Date2012-03-12 07:18:29
Lily - your serine, joyful energy was a blessing to every circle and festival I had the pleasure of attending with you. As a newcomer to the community you made me not only feel welcome but at home. Your courage in the face of your illness was truly marvelous, and I just wish I'd had more time to learn from you. I wish you blessings and joy as you pass on into the next life, and peace and healing to those you love and who love you. -Florence
Locationmt horeb
Date2012-03-12 17:36:02
I'm glad to have been able to help out by going to her fundraiser in january and to talk to her at that time. I'm sure that Lily is walking with the Nature elementals as I know she loved being outside.
NameGinger Strivelli
LocationJupiter, NC
Date2012-03-12 08:29:26
May the Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors comfort her loved ones here and her beyond.
NameGeri Schrab
LocationDe Forest, WI
Date2012-03-12 09:15:12
I only had the pleasure to meet Lily once. The word that comes to mind is Gentle. Blessings to her Spirit.
LocationVerona, WI
Date2012-03-12 09:53:23
Goodbye Lily. You were so kind and gentle. I really enjoyed the times I talked with you. I am grateful to have known you if only for a little while. You will be missed. May your journey be blessed.
Date2012-03-12 11:30:27
I remember speaking with her many times. I am sad for her family. I am thankful that she is no longer in pain. Blessings to her new adventure.
NameAedrien Wynn
LocationNW IL
Date2012-03-12 14:49:03
~*~ Sending my deepest condolences to Lily's loved ones. I've attended circles and classes with Lily. "Gentle" seems to describe her perfectly. She was always so very kind. Wishing her a smooth transition, and comfort for those she leaves behind now. ~Brightest blessings, Aedrien
NameMary O'Hearn Kataura
Date2012-03-12 18:30:25
Your kind expressions of sympathy and memories of Lily fill me with a deep appreciation for the friendship she found in the Circle Sanctuary Community. She often spoke of the celebrations she shared with you, and it was clear to me that she had found her spiritual home. Thank you.
NameMeghan Doran
Date2012-03-13 12:46:16
Lily was so very sweet and kind, her gentle spirit and friendly smile will be missed.
Locationmt horeb
Date2012-03-13 13:15:19
It was an honor to spend time with you Lily, whether we were in ritual at Circle or planting prairie at Stewart. You were one of the most peaceful yet fiery and courageous people I have known. May your spirit find a new place, free of pain. I will see you in the blooming flowers you helped to plant in Stewart. Continue on your good journeys. I will miss you here!
LocationMt. Horeb
Date2012-03-29 00:25:50
I was pleased to know Lily and her beloved Toyota for several years. She was one of my first customers when I started my business. I enjoyed many conversations with her as I tinkered on her car. She was a hoot and will be missed. I hope you have found peace in your new journey Lily...and dont worry...I will keep your ol' girl running as smooth as ever for your old friends and new owners! Anytime I see a little red Toyota Tercel I will always think of you Lily!