In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Joel D. "Wolfhawk" Gainer (1948-2009)

Saturday, May 30, 2009
Afternoon: 2 - 5 pm
Circle Cemetery
Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
Barneveld, Wisconsin

Join family & friends in remembering and celebrating the life of Joel Gainer, also known as David the Thirsty (SCA) & Wolfhawk.

All are welcome to take part in this Green Funeral/Memorial Service and Ceremony of Remembrance conducted by Selena Fox, senior minister of Circle Sanctuary. The ceremony will include the natural burial and scattering of some of Joel's ashes and the dedication of his US Department of Veterans Affairs-issued Pentacle gravestone.

Joel was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 26, 1948 and he died in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on March 25, 2009. In 1977, Joel met Lady Cybele (Carol Olson). They were handfasted in 1978 and married in 1979. In their life together, they were active in the Society for Creative Anachronism and its Dark Horde, in Science Fiction Fandom, and in Circle Sanctuary, including its Pagan Spirit Gathering. From 1967-1969, Joel served on active duty in the US Army and later in life was part of several veterans organizations. He was among the founding members of the Order of the Pentacle, a national Pagan veterans organization sponsored by Circle Sanctuary. Joel was preceded in death by his son David Gainer, his father Walter Gainer, and his mother Ruth Webber Gainer.

Joel was a steadfast man, true to his ideals, loyal and protective of his loved ones, with a love of nature and a sparkle in his eye. The guy could fix just about anything, and had a tool for just about any job, as well. He went by the moniker "Captain Gizmo" at Science Fiction conventions, and relished the opportunity to demonstrate- at length- his latest gadgets. He was irascible, quick witted, fun, and to those that really got to know him, beloved. He will be missed.

Donations in Joel's memory can be made to Circle Cemetery/Circle Sanctuary and are tax deductible

Memorial Tributes

NameRev. Selena Fox
LocationCircle Sanctuary, Barneveld, Wisconsin
Date2009-03-25 12:44:36
Wolfhawk/Joel/DT -- Thank you for your friendship and support over the years. I am glad that we were able to say farewell to each other on Monday. I will cherish memories of the good times we shared at Circle Sanctuary festivals as well as SCA and SF events. So Long & Blessed Be!
NamePrisilka ("Pete")
LocationShorewood, WI
Date2009-03-25 14:27:31
I knew Joel through the SCA as David the Thirsty. My late husband Solomon and I were in the Great Dark Horde with him and his wife Cybele. As they moved up north and Solomon became more ill, we had less contact unless Cybele came to a Boars Head or othr SCA event. He was the proverbial "darn nice guy" and it's a shame he is gone. My sympathies as a fellow widow go out to Cybele.
NameStephanie Fox
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Date2009-03-25 14:30:38
I am so sorry to hear of Wolfhawk's passing. I remember sitting around evening bonfire's with him, discussing weighty topics or, more often, less than weighty topics. My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.
NameMichael Elisabeth Wilding
LocationLouisville, KY
Date2009-03-25 14:31:09
Imagine the beauty of it - That moment when the soul of a loved one returns to the stars, the voices each whispering "I remember you" I don't know who wrote these words, but they've always spoken to me when someone I've loved has passed on to the next leg of their Great Adventure. My thoughts are with you, and a candle is lit that Wolfhawk may easily find his way. May your love and your memories grant you peace. Blessings to you ...
NameDavid Redwicke Laime
Date2009-03-25 14:31:29
NameLee Allen (Earth Shadow)
LocationChicago, IL
Date2009-03-25 14:54:55
Just wanted to pay my deepest respect and send my condolences after hearing the news of Wolfhawk's passing. Lee
NameDavid Cummings
LocationJacksonville, FL USA
Date2009-03-25 15:05:28
Please accept my condolences on Joel's passing. He walks with the Gods.
Date2009-03-25 15:24:06
I never had the honor of knowing Joel but I wanted to send my heartful thoughts to his friends and family. (((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))
NameNan Actipes
LocationChicago Area IL.
Date2009-03-25 16:00:51
So sorry for your loss. Just wanted to send condolences to the family and friends of Wolfhawk. Am lighting a candle for him.
NameEalasaid Drumheller
LocationBunker Hill, WV US
Date2009-03-25 16:14:01
May your memory be forever blessed. Lie at peace on the winds.
NameRev. Aieowyn
LocationBaltimore MD USA
Date2009-03-25 16:37:09
Please accept my condolences on your loss. May the Goddess be with you through this difficult time. With permission I will send healing energy to all of you to help you through the grieving process. Many Blessings, Rev. Aieowyn
NameRaven Wildfire HazelSage
LocationAvenel, NJ USA
Date2009-03-25 17:14:04
Many Blessings to Lady Cybele & everyone that Wolfhawk has touched in his wonderful Journey here. May you find peace within and feel him always in your heart! May prayers to all for healing... Blessed Be~!RWHS
NamePatrick Mccollum
LocationMoraga, CA. USA
Date2009-03-25 17:17:48
Wolfhawk, May brightness greet your spirit and may the Lady support and care for you and those you whom you love. Lady Cybele, You have my condolences and support through this difficult time. If you need some one to talk to, give me a call, anytime. Patrick McCollum Wiccan Chaplain (925) 631-0945
LocationGermantown, MD
Date2009-03-25 17:17:56
Blessings to Joel for a safe journey to the next world, and much love a blessings to those who are left to mourn his passing. He will not be far away.
LocationLexington SC
Date2009-03-25 18:11:49
My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends at this difficult time. Goddess bless you with fond memories. Always remember that Love transcends the veil. Hazel
Date2009-03-25 18:17:29
With your permission, sending prayers and energies to Wolfhawk's family and friends as you heal from your loss. Love, hugs, and support, Judy (FreeOak)
NameAmy Woolard
LocationChicago, IL USA
Date2009-03-25 18:22:16
Of the names he was known by, I believe that Wolfhawk was his favorite. He was a wonderful,caring friend. I had the privilege of being his friend for over 40 years. When he met and married Lady Cybele, I felt that he would have a happy and fulfilling life. And this has turned out to be very true. I have so many stories I could share, however,I would rather say that I will miss you greatly, Joel, and may Cybele and your family be truly blessed by having you in their lives for the years you were on the Planet. May your spirit fly free. Your friend, Amy
NameRev Debbie Lippitt
LocationCollingdale, PA USA
Date2009-03-25 18:28:24
All of us at the Temple of Gaia offer our deepest sympathy to WolfHawk's friends and family. We are purely saddened by his passing. Stay strong Lady Cybele, you are not alone. May his journey be safe to the Goddesses arms. Sincerely, Rev Debbie Lippitt Temple of Gaia Incorporated
NameSue (Shava)
LocationMadison, wi
Date2009-03-25 18:48:23
Safe passage, old friend. Cyb--let us know if you ever need anything.
Date2009-03-25 20:02:51
I never had the honor of knowing Joel but I wanted to send my condolence to his friends and family.
NameToxic Jules
LocationBlackstone, MA USA
Date2009-03-25 20:27:11
I never met Wolfhawk, but am a member of the Healing Circle. Just wanted to send love and light to Lady Cybele and their family and that I'm sorry for your loss. Blessed Be Wolfhawk!
LocationMadison, Wisconsin
Date2009-03-25 20:37:33
I first got to know Wolfhawk back in 1980 when I was one of the passengers in the travelling Mongol Hilton when we went to Pan Pagan. Since then, there are many memories. I'll never forget the Battle of the Lytherian Woods and how Wolfhawk and Cybele came 'loaded for bear'. It was with great sadness that I learned over a year ago that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As Wolfhawk said, it was real bummer; of all the cancers to have, it had to be that. When the clock stopped while I was talking on the phone with Cybele more than a year ago now, I knew then what the sad outcome would be. I will miss Wolfhawk and his gift of gab, but I am relieved that his suffering is finally ended. I am sorry that my work commitments made it impossible to be there with Cybele this week, but Cybele, if you need anything or just want to talk, give me a call! Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.
NameBruce&Roxane Gonseth
LocationHog Valley, Florida
Date2009-03-25 21:39:04
We send our condolences. We are frequent pagans to PSG and we, as pagan ministers and very much into the pagan/wiccan community feel a lost ourselves when we lose a fellow family member of the comminuity. We wish you and the family all blessing of love and light. Blessed Be and Peace Bruce&Roxane Gonseth
NameMichael Jensen (Haakon Redbeard)
LocationChicago, IL
Date2009-03-25 22:46:02
Just before the new moon, the time for new beginnings and new cycles--Hey, D.T. ahead of the curve as usual. Joel was my friend in the old SCA days, he came into my ken through my now ex, Jocelyn, and will always be remembered in connection with my wooing and early marriage. He came to the first Thanksgiving dinner I ever cooked, was at my wedding, knew my children as babies. Always a decent man, always real, helpful, honest, but always ready to party, always ready with at least as bad a pun as I had (Do you have a 1L+1L?) So go now, brother, though I'll feel you tonight as I salute the moon, join the glad circle elsewhere, I hope you can save me a space, I won't be long in the scheme of things. My condolences to his lady and his sister. Save me a hit, brother.
LocationMechanicsville, VA
Date2009-03-25 23:16:26
My most heartfelt condolences to the family. Although I did not know your loved one, my thoughts are with you during your time of grief. My hope is that you experience peace knowing that your loved one will be with you always in spirit. Brightest Blessings! Selene
NameSue Moser
LocationChicago, IL
Date2009-03-26 04:56:33
I too did not have the pleasure of meeting Wolfhawk or his lovely bride but only stopped by to offer my condolences for your loss. He is off in Summerland doing great things there as well. Joel is one of the good guys! Blessings.
NameThomas Joy
LocationAlexandria, VA
Date2009-03-26 05:14:16
Now Joel walks the paths of our ancestors and his memory will be with us for the remainder of our lives.
LocationHarrisburg, PA
Date2009-03-26 07:19:49
Sending greetings between the realms to Wolfhawk. Thank you for all that you have done and are to the Community. I pray for your Spirit peace and Light and Love of the Goddess and the God and Spirit. 'An it harm none, Blessed Be. Sending prayers to Wolfhawk's Family. I send prayers of Spirit of the Goddess and the God and Spirit to you all for healing, for Light, for Love and for whatever else you might need or want in these transition times, 'An it harm none, Blessed Be. ToniAynia NightFish Djhrck....
NameJim and Ana Blechschmidt
LocationSycamore, Illinois
Date2009-03-26 10:03:13
Wolfhawk, may you stand in the Great Circle in perfect love and perfect trust, welcomed into the fellowship of the honored warriors. Lady Cybele, may you be wrapped in the love and respect of all who hold you in their hearts at this time of transition. The Circle is never broken. Blessed be.
NameDaear Llais
LocationSan Luis Opispo
Date2009-03-26 10:39:41
Now you are truely united with the universe and the divine spirit of creation. Ave natura. Take comfort. Now Wolfhalk lives in another dimension. Reborn.
LocationColumbia, MO USA
Date2009-03-26 12:10:40
May his family left behind have the strength they need to celebrate his life and continue on their path. My condolences on this great loss to not only his family, but to the pagan community at large. Blessed Be.
Namegail vye
Locationrockford il
Date2009-03-26 12:40:40
Blessings on your journey Joel, Rose
LocationSpringfield, TN, USA
Date2009-03-26 13:17:44
Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope his passing was easy and that he was comfortable in his last days. I am sending comforting energies your way.
LocationTurtle Island
Date2009-03-26 13:52:09
Chanku Wakan wowashteh oganaye / Walk the Spirit Road in a good way.
NameMarie Aversa
LocationAtlanta , Ga, United States
Date2009-03-26 14:53:49
My prayers are with you and your family in this time of grief. He is in Summerland now and the Goddess will take care of him.
NameKathleen Rouleau
Date2009-03-27 05:03:08
May you find comfort and solace in the hope and faith of tomorrow.
NameAlice of Kent
LocationBrookfield, WI
Date2009-03-26 17:43:42
I didn't know DT well - just liked him. I know Cybele better, care about her and send out warm feelings towards her as a fellow widow. May you endure through this and come out strong. Alice
NameLee Rankin(Raven)
LocationDaly City, CA USA
Date2009-03-27 05:25:06
I would like to express my sorrow for your loss. May the Goddess be with you and your family during this time. Brightest Blessings.
Date2009-03-27 10:07:40
May he have a safe and fast journey. Blessed Be.
NameAnthony Sadlon
LocationRipon, WI
Date2009-03-27 11:25:04
Wolfhawk, i hope your passage is safe. You are an inspiration to everyone. You have lived a full life. My deepest condolences to Lady Cybele. You and Wolfhawk were and still are in my thoughts. blessed be anthony
NameSir Blackwolf
LocationChurchville VA
Date2009-03-28 07:18:37
The House of Blackwolf extends our Sincerest Condolences, may Sir Wolfhawk find the Peace and Reward he so richly deserves within the Halls of the Summerlands. We offer our prayers unto his Family and Friends. We are at your service, Sir Blackwolf & Dame Dagrny
NameMichael Peterson
LocationLoves Park, IL, USA
Date2009-03-28 14:10:11
I remember Joel, David the Thirsty from my early days in the SCA. I thought him a good, generous person, strong in his convictions. My thoughts and blessings to his family.
NameMari Powers
LocationCambridge, WI, US
Date2009-03-28 14:11:26
To Wolfhawk's family, I send you heart felt love energy to do with what you will. Should you need any assistance in the coming weeks, call on me. I live fairly close to where you are and could help. Cybele, you have always been one of my heroines, for your stories of Spring and of Samhain, for your wonderful songs, and your reclaiming of songs. And also,for your communion with the weather and your willingness to teach and share. If I can give any of that energy back, I will. Sending simple Reiki healing to you and your family now. Mari
NamePedro & June Gonzalez
LocationMyerstown, Pa., USA
Date2009-03-28 16:08:01
Unto Lady Cybele we offer our shoulder at this time for strength and comfort. For her mate Wolfhawk has gone to join with the Ancestors, and become a part of the legends told by Bards. Knowing the horrific limits Wolfhawk was facing, I know the ancestors thought it best that his time had come. Be well and know that while he is parted from us - he is always a part of us. Lord Pedro de Castilla (aka "Pedro") Lady Mairghreicc Ruadh inghen ui Faolain (aka "June")
NameAlana Morgana
LocationRio de Janeiro- Brasil
Date2009-03-29 17:57:54
Minhas condolencias! Que a Grande Deusa e o Deus o recebam em seu seio. Blessed be! Alana Morgana
NameRev. Scott "tjukka" Kirklland
LocationChicago, IL USA
Date2009-03-29 22:57:36
TO me, he was David the Thirsty, brother vet, sword brother. We had many adventures, many parties. Joel(Known to me as DT) was a very good friend... and I loved him... as we used to say, "Keep choppin', DT!" Tjukka
NameJune Whalen Gonzalez & Pedro Gonzalez, Jr.
LocationMyerstown, Pennsylvania USA
Date2009-03-30 13:53:39
Although I am unsure if we were ever formally introduced, we walked the same paths. Candles have been lit - for the supportnof those left behind, and to light the way on Joels' journey. He has fought the valient fight He has become part of the legends and tales of the Bards His story will endure and be an inspiraton. We will all raise a cup of cheer when we next meet again(wherever that may be and in whatever Rhelm that may be!
NameJocelyn Jensen-Worthington
LocationMarket Haroborough, Leicestershire, England
Date2009-03-31 15:06:00
My ex, Michael Jensen has said already most of the things I would have in remmbrance of our time with and experiences of WolfHawk. My children called him "uncle Joel", and my eldest daughter as an infant couldn't get enough of playing with his beard, as it differed so much from her dad's. Mundane events became special when he showed up. And what I'd like to say in lieu of The Parting Glass is... Teach 'em up there in the Summerland how to truly party, Bro! Blessed Be, and Gods and Goddesses Speed!
NameRowan ViviAnna
LocationHuntsville, AL
Date2009-04-02 14:03:38
The Journey is long, but the path is wide. We will all met on your return trip. Safe passage Blessing upon Joel's family and friends.
NameNicholas Sea
LocationWestern Kentucky
Date2009-04-03 06:34:02
Sweet journey to you Wolfhawk, and kind regards to your friends and family...
NameFalcon River
LocationHollandale WI
Date2009-04-03 11:14:50
Sending deep peace to Wolfhawk, Cybele, and their family. An elder has passed, may the living honor his memory with a deepening commitment to honoring, preserving and protecting our world. Personally, I will remember Wolfhawk for his welcoming kindness when I wandered mistakenly into the Horde camp at Poor Man, many years ago. lady Cybele, I send you love and strength, If I can be of any help, please call. 608-220-6176
NameDaniel Moeller
LocationNekoosa Wisconsin
Date2009-04-12 13:11:10
Goodbye Wolfhawk See you on the the other side or the next time around. Oakbear
NameKatie Buller Kintner
LocationWinneconne WI
Date2009-05-27 13:49:26
Joel's passing comes as a sad shock. I was part of a little folk group that Lady Cybele also participated in years ago. I remember Joel as being kind and very funny. My sincerest wishes for the well-being of his family.
NameJoseph Merlin Nichter
LocationVisalia, CA
Date2009-05-27 17:32:50
Thank you for you service, thank you for your commitment. Thank you for your contribution. Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for leaving this world a little better than you found it. Thank you. Consaluto Exonero. WHAT IS REMEMBERED LIVES.
NameDarren Krumwiede
LocationSan Angelo, TX US
Date2009-05-27 21:24:00
For every veteran, service is its own reward. I thank you for your the country, the community, and the gods. May your journey around the circle be filled with happiness and a speedy return!
NameJohn Robertson
LocationRIchardson,Tx USA
Date2009-05-28 12:01:40
Although I never met Joel personally, it was his work that inspired me to join the Order of the Pentacle. I had heard a great deal of good things about Joel and his work with Circle Sanctuary. Live well brother on Fiddlers Green. John Robertson
NameLy. Seonag Sorensdatter
LocationTomah, WI
Date2009-05-28 12:44:47
My heart goes out to you, Cybele. Please pull whatever strength, etc. you need. My circuits are open to you. Seonag