In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Eric Erickson (1956-2009)

CIMG6231-smallCircle Sanctuary Community member, Eric Erickson died on Friday, February 27, 2009 at his rural Spring Green, Wisconsin home after a long battle with cancer.

Eric was born on November 27, 1956 in Madison, Wisconsin, and is survived by his wife Bronwyn (Bonnie) and their daughter Bryn. He also is survived by two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage, and by brothers, sisters, his father, and numerous other family members. His mother, Pat Donohue, was also a member of Circle Sanctuary and her cremains are buried at Circle Cemetery.

Eric, a Pagan Marine veteran, was one of the founding members of the Order of the Pentacle. He also assisted with the Veteran Pentacle Quest. His iron sculpture, honoring Pagan military dead, is at Veterans' Ridge of Circle Cemetery.

Eric and his life were honored in a public memorial on March 6 in Spring Green, Wisconsin and will be again honored in July 2009 at a private rite for family and friends at Circle Cemetery near Barneveld, Wisconsin.

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REMEMBERING Eric Erickson on Friday, March 6, 2009

Memorial events honoring Eric Erickson and celebrating his life were held on Friday, March 6 in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

OBITUARY from Eric's family in area newspapers:

CIMG6183-smallEric Rudolph Erickson, our beloved and amazing husband, father, brother and friend, passed away at home on Friday, Feb. 27, 2009, after a long and courageous battle with cancer at the age of 52. He was born on Nov. 27, 1956, in Madison to Rudolph and Patricia (Hunter) Erickson. He graduated from Mount Horeb High School in 1974 after which he joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he served our country honorably for six years. A loving and devoted husband and father of four, Eric was most commonly admired for his compassion for others and his sense of humor which was with him until the end. He is survived by his wife, Bronwyn "Bonnie" Erickson of Spring Green; his stepfather, Neil Donohue of Zephyrhills, Fla.; his sons, Eric Erickson Jr. and Lucas (Sarah) Erickson; his daughters, Amanda (Bill Van Cuyk) Erickson and Bryn Erickson; 6 and 1/2 grandchildren; siblings, Donald (Debi) Donohue, Mark (Mary) Erickson, Liz (Ben) Oldenburg, Karin (Larry) Austin, Cheryal (Kevin) Boles, Greg (Marian) Erickson, Ted (Leslie) Erickson, Dan (Karla) Donohue and Kathy (Mike) McWilliams; 17 nieces and nephews; and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

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Memorial Tributes

NameRev. Selena Fox
LocationBarneveld, Wisconsin, USA
Date2009-02-28 14:24:13
Thank you for your friendship, your humor, your great storytelling, and your service to America and the world. You live on in our memories and in the many lives you blessed. Semper Fi.
NameVic Wright
LocationMayfield, Kentucky
Date2009-02-28 15:32:56
Eric was a man who never quit. From the beautiful staff carving and woodworking, to metal working, he had many gifts that he was always happy to freely share. I watched him overcome some very difficult challenges with grace and humility. I ask that the Goddess bless his journey and help all those he loved in this time of transition. Blessed Be.
NameSir Blackwolf
LocationChurchville VA
Date2009-02-28 16:59:49
To the House of Erickson, The House of Blackwolf extends our deepest sympathies in your time of loss. I never had the privilege of meeting Sir Eric, however as a USAF Veteran and member of the Order of the Pentacle it is with a deep sense of Kinship that I offer my condolences. If there is any service I may offer however minor, I am at your beck. I am at your service, Sir Blackwolf
NameEdward/Hermes 3*
LocationSouth Florida
Date2009-02-28 18:12:46
Accept my deepest sympathy and condolences for one who fought for our faith community and our country. As a fellow veteran and brother Wiccan , I know that our loss will be felt throughout the community. Blessed be Edward/Hermes 3*
LocationSummerville, SC
Date2009-02-28 19:15:33
May Eric meet his next adventures with the zest and devotion he seems to have done during his time here with his family. To his family, I did not know your husband, dad, brother personally but I know that even while you may know that he has not really gone, there is loss. Allow yourself the liberty of feeling whatever emotions you need to feel. Eric will be there for you all to help you through these hard times. Warmest Blessings, Wendy
LocationHarry Dorman aka PathWalker
Date2009-03-01 00:29:32 My condolences and healing thoughts to all those close to Eric. Though I didn't know Eric well, through Circle I came to appreciate his contributions to the our Community and the larger scope of our Faith, and especially in Pentacle Quest matters. Eric shall live on the hearts of the many who were fortunate enough to know him, and those positively affected by his dedication to paganism, the Wiccan faith and the Greater Web of Life. Blessed Be Such Things. Harry aka PathWalker, Circle Minister.
NameDawn Allen
LocationDundee, NY
Date2009-03-01 06:41:48
My condolences to all of Eric's friends and family. I'm sending healing energy to all.
NamePatrick McCollum
LocationMoraga, CA. USA
Date2009-03-01 06:50:56
My deepest condolences to Eric's family. He will be much missed by our community. Blessings and support, Patrick McCollum
NameDave Sassman
Date2009-03-01 08:15:24
Brother, Although we have not met we have fought the good fight together under the sam flowing colors of our beloved flag. May the Goddess and God bring you the comfort you so deserve and the rest you have earned. Bright Blessing, In Her Service. Dave Sassman Indianapolis
NameLady Lunar Whisper
LocationP.B.G. Fl, USA
Date2009-03-01 08:39:48
To Eric " Safe Home ". To the family of Eric, To have a loved one leave from our mundane world to the other is very hard to cope with ( I lost my 25 year young Son Josh 4 years and 4 days ago. To me, that is a pain that NO parent should ever have to accept, nor deal with ). So, I know. The one thing you can hold onto, is the knowing he is in the arms of Our Great Mother, and his pain is now gone. If we as people ALWAYS remember, they are NEVER gone. People come and go in our lives, BUT very few can leave footprints on our hearts, as I know deep inside to the core Eric did. Feel Blessed that he was even in your lives, as you were Blessed. That is Priceless. Goddess Bless and help you heal. Lady Lunarwhisper Light Of Stars
NameJill Medicine Heart Combs
LocationCincinnati, OH
Date2009-03-01 09:18:55
I only the pleasure of meeting Eric just only once up at Circle's cemetary. That is when he brought his sculpture to be added to Veteran's Ridge. I was awed by his creativity! May he now rest in the arms of the Great Mother and may his family know that there is healing love being sent to them.
NameKheparthu Nyteshade
LocationPittsburgh, Pa, USA
Date2009-03-01 09:21:10
My sincerest condolences to Eric's family in their time of need and loss. May the Goddess wrap him in her arms until they join him in the Summerland, And he may always ride on the backs of the Dragons. It saddens me to know that another Brother in Arms has moved on...may we all continue the fight for hte other Pagan Veterans' Rights! HOOOAH!
NameErnie Edge
LocationRosharon, TX
Date2009-03-01 09:21:17
My deepest condolences at the loss of Eric. However, as death is part of the Circle of Life, I am sure that we can find comfort in knowing Eric has just moved on to the next phase of his being. His physical presence will be missed, but his spirit is here, represented by his works done in this world. Semper Fi Brother. Ernie Edge Lieutentant Colonel, US Army
NameKay Hatlen
LocationEvansville, WI
Date2009-03-01 11:06:56
I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Eric at Circle. He was a very nice man to talk with and made me feel at home and accepted at a time when I did not know alot of people there. He made me feel special. What a man of courage to talk so openly about his life and struggles with cancer. He is an inspiration to us all. My sincere condolences to his family. His memory will always be with us!
NameChristopher Hagen
LocationLancaster, CA, USA
Date2009-03-01 11:56:26
Although I never had a chance to meet Eric, I admirer him greetly. We all awe a debt of graditude for all the work he's done. While I'm I'm sad for his passing but happy that he's on the other side, safe in the arms of whatever Gods he choose to follow. Blessings Always to him and his family Christopher Hagen
Date2009-03-01 20:56:16
Eric is amazing. Truly. During his illness and the conversations that we shared, he never ceased to amaze me with his candor and above all, his gratitude. He truly lived in the moment. He didn't sweat the small stuff. Thank you (deeply), Eric, for your presence, perspective and wise words. In Light, Basia
NameMari Powers
LocationCambridge WI
Date2009-03-01 20:59:44
I talked at length to Eric one of the last times I was at the sanctuary. I have not been able to make it out as often as I have wanted to in the last couple of years, so am glad we were there at the same time. I always liked him. He was quiet, yet friendly. He was sharing and open, yet humble, and he was very artistic. He was a kind soul and will be missed in the Circle Community. My heart goes out to his family and closest friends. I am sending a ray of golden light to them as I write for healing and in rememberance of his bright spirit. I will remember him always, and thank him now, {though he be in the spirit world}, for his contributions to Circle, and for just kicking back and having good conversations with me. I beleive he can hear us all and appreciates our memories of him. Rev. Mari Powers
Date2009-03-01 22:33:43
I am very sorry to hear of Eric's passing and send my condolences to his family! I only recall meeting Eric once, when his striking sculpture was dedicated at Veteran's Ridge. That sculpture speaks volumes of the man Eric was. May the Goddess bring comfort to all who mourn his passing! Blessed Be!
Nameerica claus-numsali
Locationmisawa ab, japan
Date2009-03-02 04:37:53
When i read about eric's passing, that made me sad. i wish i got the chance to meet him to thank him for helping start 'circle sanctuary'. my name is erica claus-numsali, and i am a wiccan in the USAF (active duty). i have been with the air force for almost 17 years now, but didn't experience the 'new' religion until 2004. i wish to send my condolences to his family and friends. when i read that he was born in madison, WI, that got me thinking about my relatives, who live in Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and Kenosha. small world huh? bb erica (twinriver)
LocationLake Forest, IL
Date2009-03-02 05:55:45
Brother, Rather than mourn the loss of this flame we will celebrate how brightly it burned. The warmth of a smile that reached your eyes; the compassionate warrior spirit that kept us safe, the sharing of heart and art that moved us..these things we will remember. Well done! Go gently. Love, love, nothing but love. ~Angie & Drake
NameLinda (Blue Heron)
LocationSouth Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Date2009-03-02 06:57:39
I wish comfort and blessings to Eric's family and friends. May he sleep in the arms of the Goddess.
NameDenise Ericksson
LocationFlanders, NJ
Date2009-03-02 10:37:50
Just sending my condolences to his family. He's at peace now, in the summer land of his ancestors. Blessings to you all!
NameRev Nora Cedarwind Young
LocationChimacum, WA USA
Date2009-03-02 13:32:59
Beloved one, your devotion and love will be sorely gave lots of good energy to Circle for many years. May your journey to the Summerland be all we know it can be...enjoy, and see you on the other side! Love and blessings to your family and loved ones too..holding you in the loving embrace of Isis.
NameCarol Duchesneau
LocationMountain View, CA
Date2009-03-03 23:20:00
My deepest condolances and sympathies to the family, though from the posts I see, he lived his life as he saw life. May his future journies be just as fulfilling. Brighest Blessings, Carol D.
NameJosh Holder
LocationMadison, WI, USA
Date2009-03-04 08:53:22
My sympathies go out to his family. Thank you Eric. You were my friend, my brother, my mentor. You lead me from the solitary darkness and showed me the way home. My only regret is that we could not spend that winter day at circle sanctuary together. I truly believe we will make that walk up the hill together some day, but for now rest my brother. Enjoy the comfort of our great mother's arms and remember that I will find you again.
NameDeirdre Hebert
LocationDover, NH USA
Date2009-03-04 16:13:10
Dear Eric, Like you, I served in this country's military, and like you, when I served, there was no recognition of a pagan faith. Like you, I've watched the times change, and I recognize that they have done so, in part, because of you. Our nation was founded on the principle of freedom of religion. And after your military service, you further served me and all other veterans by the work you did to insure that freedom of religion meant freedom of religion for ALL. Your work with Selena and with the Order of the Pentacle have given me further inspiration to live my life in such a way as to make a difference. So, thank you for your service to our country, as a Marine, and as one dedicated to religious freedom. One day, when I too sail into the West, I hope to meet you, take your hand, and thank you in person.
NameLee Rankin
LocationDaly City, CA USA
Date2009-03-06 16:04:08
My deepest sympathy go out to the Eric's family.
Namejohn satran
Locationfitchburg wis. usa
Date2009-03-11 13:24:35
Eric was a real inspiration to me by always being so happy and trying to always cheer other people up that were a little down. He always had a smile and a open hand or shoulder that anyone could use for a problem of any kind. I will miss him very much because of his overall kindness and warmth.
Namejoy satran
Locationfitchburg, wi, usa
Date2009-03-11 13:52:59
Eric, so missing you. Knowing you are in a better place. If I cry too long I am being selfish. Selfish is not what Eric was. Man of compassion, comfort. He was always there for others. Would give the shirt off his back if someone else needed it. A true man. I look forward when we can meet again for a longer time. Even though you and I didn't meet for long here on Earth you touched my soul and my being. You taught me things about me, life and people. You truly were/are a kind spirit. I know you are still around I feel your presences. I wait till we meet again at another time and place. Your friend Joy Condolences to his family far and near.
NameRev. Selena Fox
LocationBarneveld, Wisconsin, USA
Date2009-07-01 08:47:18
Eric - we honor and remember you, your life, and your service to family, friends, country, and community as we dedicate your pentacle gravestone issued by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Special thanks to you for being a founding member of the Order of the Pentacle and a supporter of the Veteran Pentacle Quest. In Liberty!